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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

instead of oswald pining after cute boys i want cute boys to pine after oswald

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Have you ever drawn Ushijima or Semi

 i have now!!

Okay, seeing Isak go from this to “HVA FAEN”, makes me understand that he does have quite the temper and could become so jealous that he could actually punch someone… but something must’ve provoked him, like in this clip, so that’s still a huge ?????

BS Medical Tropes that Need to Die, 2/? : Making People Unconscious

For Part 1 of the BS Medical Tropes series, click here!

So I got an ask the other night about a character choosing not to kill people, but knocks them out with blows to the head instead. And it’s not an unreasonable thing for writers to think is legitimate. In fact, in fiction, there are dozens of ways to produce unconsciousness! A sharp hit to the head; a sedative drug injected right into the neck, bro!, or even Darkly Dreaming Dexter with his special horse paralytic.

Hell, on Person of Interest the main characters routinely produce unconscious enemy combatants by shooting them in the @$#RY)G!@#% knees

Here’s the thing: Every single one of those is complete bullshit.

Poppycock. Nincompoopery. Asscrap. And you’d realize that it’s a crock of crap if you thought about it this way for even half a minute:

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okay, so I know we’re all here for Even sticking up for Isak and like, same, but the boys, all of them, sticking up for Even? right? like, for example, can you believe that yesterday evening, all of them were at a house party that Even invited them to, Mahdi slightly too drunk after what could not have been more than two beers, Magnus slightly too excited about getting to party with some of Even’s friends, Jonas slightly too smug about catching Isak and Even fighting over whether or not a certain pair of jeans looked good on Isak, just before they were leaving the apartment, and hearing him say Even, not all of us have such great butts as you do, okay, I’m putting on something else.

and the four of them are just chilling at this party, sticking close together in a corner because sure they have big mouths and big dreams, but when it comes down to it, they’re simply not that great at mingling, and so they hang back, watch Even steal the show instead. charming this boy and that boy, reaching out to grab a shy girl by the hands to twirl her around the room, taking a second in the middle of this choreography that has the girl throwing her head back and laughing gleefully, to wink at Isak, then grin at him in such a way that it makes the rest of the guys awkwardly look at their shoes.

and they’re just enjoying the show, feeling so glad he’s part of their little crew now, hurricane Even in all his glory, when they hear it behind them. a guy whispering something like, how about this dude, right? and another answering with, if she only knew what he’s been up to over the years, both voices so thick with jealousy, with contempt, it makes Isak’s hair stand on end. and he’s waiting for Jonas to grab his arm, so familiar, for Mahdi to try and lighten the tension by softly telling him, let’s try and not get in any more fights at parties, shall we, like, who knows what rumors will start circulating now, they might start thinking you’re into girls again. but they’re all quiet, instead, when they turn around to look these guys up, four pairs of arms crossed over chests as Magnus swirls around his drink in his glass, looks beside him to tell Mahdi, if only she knew right? and Mahdi nods, if only she knew. a beat then, yeah, she’d probably like him even more, from Jonas as he shrugs, not that he has a lot of competition. shame you don’t have the guts to go out there and charm her yourself. and it’s fitting that Isak hears Even’s loud, gorgeous, beautiful laugh in the background when he steps forward slightly, backed up by his boys to deliver the final blow, tells the two guys now staring awkwardly at something in the distance, but don’t worry, pal, like, in a parallel universe you probably did get out of this corner to get with her real good! and that’s that, no one fucks with Even on the boys’s watch anymore. 

So I’m dying. I ordered these adorable little fellas from a seller on Etsy a couple of weeks ago and they just came in today. The seller has taken down the listing for now since she is in school and busy at the moment but I’ll keep checking back and post it (with her permission) as soon as I see it back up because you better believe I’ll be getting all the characters she offers.

jared: hey
connor: in case you haven’t noticed, i’m weird. i’m a weirdo. i don’t “fit in,” and i don’t wanna fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid jacket on? that’s weird.

honestly? i have no idea what the fuck peoples’ damage is with the term “allosexual”. it’s like they think it was created specifically to insult them, like it has the implication of shaming people for having sex (they like to imply it shames gay people specifically), when in reality i have never seen a single a-spec person use it in a derogatory way. the only people who use it detogatorily are… aphobes, in order to mock and vilify a-spec ppl.

because it just means? “non-ace”? that’s literally what it means?? ive heard aphobes say “as soon as you say allo this discussion is over lmao” like wtf??? can u imagine “as soon as u utter the phrase ‘non-ace ppl’ in this discussion about asexuality the convo is over bye u fucking homophobe” bc that’s. that’s what you just said

the really funny part is i’ve been in ace communities long enough to remember when allo started catching on, before that it was just “sexual”. asexual v sexual, not asexual v allosexual. and then ppl started (rightly) pointing out how just saying “sexual people” could sound shaming and insulting, which is why “allosexual” was fucking coined in the first place. we need a word for this? it had the exact same meaning as “non-ace” before aphobes started trying to twist it into some sort of slur. ive seen on a byf “don’t follow me if you say allo unironically” - could you imagine seeing “don’t follow me if you say cis unironically”?

except that isn’t even really the best analogy, bc it could be taken to imply that allos have “allo privilege” over a-specs the way cis ppl do over trans ppl, which, let’s get this out of the way, has never been the case and no one who’s educated on the matter has ever made that claim. but lateral aggression is very much a fucking thing, so maybe a better analogy is “binary” vs “nonbinary”, as in binary trans person vs nb person. ( and before anyone jumps on me for this, yes i am trans and nonbinary and i have a right to bring this into the discussion.)

cld you imagine if. all of a sudden everyone was saying “you can’t say binary, it’s a transphobic slur”, “lmao 'binary’?? you fucking transphobe”, “don’t follow me if you call trans men/women binary”, “are you saying they have privilege over you for being 'binary’???”, “look this asshole thinks trans men/women are oppressing NBs by being trans”.

but no, “binary” and “nonbinary” are terms that exist because they are useful and necessary for intracommunity discussions, because each group faces different challenges and experiences, and it’s language we need to talk about those experiences and engage in dialogue.

not to shame anyone or imply anything about someone’s privilege.

that’s why allosexual(/alloromantic) exists. why is this a problem to anyone.

oh, yeah, that’s right, to demonize a-spec ppl and paint them all as homophobes in a nonsensical smear campaign.

i’m tired.

TAZ drunk headcanons

-Magnus is a hyper rambunctious drunk surprising no one

-his “training” gets more intense. Now he’s jumping out screaming his name and tripping over his own feet and landing on his face

-Taako is a sleepy drunk

-when he’s tipsy he’s down to party but once he’s good and drunk he starts dozing off and has to be shaken awake

-Lup on the other hand wakes the fuck up and gets lit

-theyve had to extinguish a lot of fires

-Merle is a soulful drunk. He starts talking a lot about god and the afterlife and what matters

-Lucretia is a quiet giggly drunk

- you can’t tell she’s drunk except for when you say something that isn’t even really that funny and she just giggles

-Barry is a “FIGHT ME” drunk

-Lup laughs so hard holding him back from fighting Magnus

-no one can tell when Avi is drunk. He might be drunk right now.

-no one remembers Angus’s first drink cause they all got fucked up but Angus said he’d prefer not to drink again. He did however have fun solving the mystery of what they did last night and how Taako ended up in fantasy jail

-Killian DOES NOT get drunk she has HELLA TOLERANCE

-Carey giggles more than Lucretia does and does little sleight of hand pickpocketing tricks

The Phantom Thieves of Legend - Intros

This is just a short little story that I couldn’t resist writing it’s mostly dialogue tho. It’s basically an AU where the Personas are human, and they’re alive during the same time period (around the 18th or 19th century). They’re basically like the Phantom Thieves we all know and love, and they get into all sorts of shenanigans. *A* I hope you like it!

Note: Part 2 is here!

“How long must we continue waiting, Lupin? You did give them the correct address, yes?” Captain Kidd huffed, impatiently tapping his foot as he gulped down a portion of coffee, the sour taste eliciting a disapproving scowl. The hushed shuffling of newspaper pages followed as he restlessly skimmed through it, feebly attempting to divert his attention.

He had rendezvoused with Arsène in France regarding an unspecified, confidential matter, and loitering on land for more than a few hours caused him great distress due to his notorious reputation as a ‘pirate’. The petite cafe they currently lounged in failed to do much in stilling his nerves, although the familiar company of Arsène was exceptionally cathartic to him.

Arsène absentmindedly raked his fingers through his wispy, raven hair, which somehow always remained swept back from his face. “Hm, did I? I wonder…” 

Upon noticing Kidd’s disdainful glare, Arsène elevated a pair of snowy, gloved hands in surrender. “Patience, dear friend. I am certain they will arrive shortly. In the meantime, would you kindly make yourself more presentable? That stubble upon your face along with your mangy hair adds many unfortunate years to you, I’m afraid.”

Kidd displayed no expression as he scratched the back of his chocolaty head, his shoulder-length hair presently tied in a small, messy bun. “Aye, I’ll be sure to gussy up nice and proper for the guards when they ship me off to be hanged. Perhaps I’ll wear a nice shade of lip color to match their red coats.”

Arsène folded his hands on the table as he smiled cheerfully, his brow and cheek slightly squeezing the monocle that rested in front of his right eye. He simply adored banter, and he would never deign to reject an opportunity to pursue it, for if there was one thing Arsène greatly delighted in, it was the temptation of a challenge. “Might I suggest a charming rose instead? It would look lovely with your eyes.”

“And a bullet would look lovely between yours,” the former privateer threatened halfheartedly; he had grown accustomed to Arsène’s quirky and playful nature, and he even deemed him a younger brother; although oftentimes he desired nothing more than to consign any and all custody of said ‘brother’ directly to the authorities. 

“I’m flattered; however, although I do look dashing in most everything, a bullet is something I’d rather not try-”


“Right, my mistake… I look dashing in positively anything and every-”

A vitriolic sigh slipped past Kidd’s lips, in addition to a thick Scottish accent. “Quit flappin’ your lips and pay attention, lad. It seems we’ve got company.”

Kidd’s observation was correct; a striking woman of magnificent allure had plastered her cyan gaze on the two men, and her loose, curly hair curtained over her shoulders like an onyx waterfall. She sported a lavish off-the-shoulder crimson dress, adorned with copious frills and ruffles, and she approached their table with an enthusiastic grin.

“Bonjour! How are my two favorite gentleman doing?” the gypsy inquired, eagerly perching herself in the chair Arsène had pulled out for her.

The thief pressed a delicate kiss on the back of her hand prior to seating himself once more. “Absolutely divine now that you’re here, mademoiselle Carmen.”

“Watch yourself, Lupin. She wants something,” Kidd warned, taking another swig of his coffee and quelling a wince. Although coffee was much too bitter for his palate, he couldn’t deny the rush of energy it provided, and he was certainly going to need it.

Carmen furrowed her brows and fashioned her ruby lips into a pout. “William, don’t be rude. Can’t a lady pay compliments without having an ulterior motive?”

“Aye, but you’re not the average lady,” Kidd countered pointedly.

The gypsy clicked her tongue scornfully as she crossed her arms. “Men and their baseless accusations… how is a poor woman like me to survive?”

“You’ll manage,” the pirate claimed smugly before continuing. “And besides, the only thing that’s poor about you is your confounding obsession with sweets, yet even that costs a hefty sum. I’m surprised you’re not wearing that gaudy necklace of yours.”

Carmen appeared indignant for a moment until a questioning expression shadowed over her face. “Pardon? I could have sworn I walked out the door with it…”

“Are you perchance searching for this?” Arsène promptly chimed, dangling a lavish string of gems from his index finger. The other hand was cradling his chin, and a goading smile danced on his lips.

Carmen’s hand shot up to her collar bone with a sharp gasp, only to grip naught but air. “When did you…?”

Arsène uplifted himself from his seat and strolled behind her, securing the jewelry around her neck as he chided mockingly, “You really ought to keep a closer eye on your belongings, dear; you never know when some sneaky thief might try to snatch them away.”

As Arsène returned to his former position, a smile as sweet as honey manifested on Carmen’s face, and her shy blue eyes glinted with malice. “Then perhaps the thief should like to repay me with a necklace composed solely of their grubby, scavenging fingers.”

Arsène innocently twiddled his gloved thumbs, but a smirk remained on his lips. “Then the only culprit here would be our dear William, as I’m certain he’s failed to wash his hands, and himself, for days on end now.”

“The only washing water I require is that of the open sea,” Kidd responded wistfully, then he narrowed his eyes at Arsène while drumming his fingertips on the marble tabletop. “Speaking of which, I’m running short on time, Lupin. What is this business you mentioned?”

Carmen rested her elbows on the table and interlaced her fingers as she inquisitively glanced at the thief. “Yes, I was curious about that as well. Do explain yourself, Arsène.”

He emitted a disappointed sigh as his inky eyes flitted to the cafe’s entrance. “I suppose it can’t be helped; the others are bound to be late considering their distance.” 

Arsène slowly leaned back into his chair and placed his hands in his lap, ambition twinkling in his eyes like stars. “I assure you, I have not called either one of you here for casual conversation. You see, using the information accumulated from our resources, I have discovered what will inevitably prove to be our most extravagent heist yet…”

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does katie klanced smoke weed?

i have asthma

Daily #1,625! This is why I generally don’t watch TV. Once you start, you can’t stop!

(And since I know someone will ask, I watched Adam Ruins Everything and we finished Castlevania.) 

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Winterhawk. Mafia AU

“Are you fucking kidding me with this shit, Lang?” Bucky exclaims, stalking down the main staircase into the mansion’s foyer to keep Scott from leading the sloppily dressed blond any further inside. “Walking a goddamn nark right through the fucking front door?”

“What? No!” Scott’s hands spring up as he steps to the side leaving a good gap between him and his new friend, which is only to be expected, really. Guy’s seen exactly what Bucky can do, all up close and personal, like. “Steve said to get the guy, this is the guy!”

“Steve said to get the fucking nark guy?”

“The guy from the bar!” Scott hastens to explain. “The darts guy! You know, Luis heard about him from his cousin Gabriel, who got the intel from that busty bartender, who saw it–”

Bucky flings his arm out into the wall, his metal prosthetic leaving a sizable dent in the plaster. “Cut the shit, Lang! He’s a fucking nark!”

Which is of course when Stevie decides to join the party, leaning over the second floor banister to shout down at them, “The hell’s going on now?” Scott spins around to plead his case to the man on high, meanwhile his nark buddy is shoving his hand in his hoodie pocket and pulling something out, so naturally, Bucky whips his gun out of his shoulder holster and advances without issuing a warning, ‘cause that’s the gun’s job.

But the nark moves quick as anything, spinning in under Bucky’s guard and flipping his gun out of his grip, slapping his other hand down across the forearm of his prosthetic. There’s the subtle whir of the metal plates realigning as Bucky moves to punch the guy in his fool head, but with a sizzling pop, the arm refuses to respond to what his brain’s telling it all of the sudden.

Bucky’s still blinking down in befuddlement at the little silver disk stuck to his arm when the nark pivots again, catching Scott in the chest with a roundhouse and throwing a damned knife Stevie’s way where he’s barreling down the stairs before the guy has Bucky in a chokehold, holding him up as a meat shield with his own gun shoved up against his temple.

Bucky sees Steve flinch back, curling in over his hand as he drops his gun, the knife following after it, but he doesn’t really process it. He’s still stuck on who the flying fuck just waltzed up in here and pulled the damned Winter Soldier closer to himself while looking to threaten Bucky’s Captain.

“Assassin, actually,” the guy mutters–purrs more like, his words ghosting over the skin of Bucky’s neck. “But you’re in luck! I’m for hire. Pierce ain’t paying me near enough to take out someone as pretty as you.”

BTS REACTION : their friend sitting on their lap to tease them

Please request more smut reactions, cause I literally have none (except this one) and I really enjoy doing them, even though I’m not really good at writing them ahah

You were going to watch a movie with the rest of bangtan at the dorm. You were in charge of making the popcorn for the boys so you’ll have something to snack on while watching the movie. When you arrive in the living room, the boys had already picked their seats and you noticed Jin was sitting alone on an armchair. You go towards him, placing the popcorn on the coffee table. You gave him a small smirk before sitting on his lap, making sure to sit exactly on top of his crotch. You felt his bulge growing and you didn’t hesitate to slowly move your hips back and forth. You loved teasing him, even though he was JUST your friend. You noticed his breathing got heavier and he moved his lips closer to your ear to whisper something to you.

“y/n, what are you doing ? I don’t think this is a good idea”


You were sitting on the couch, next to Yoongi, watching the maknae line playing video games. Namjoon suddenly came in the living room. As he was going towards the couch where you were sitting, you got up and sat on Yoongi’s lap to give Namjoon some space. You sit right on his crotch and you wiggle a little bit (on purpose ofc). He doesn’t react, or at least he doesn’t show his reaction. You feel something growing in his pants, but he sure knows how to keep his poker face.

“You alright there ?”


You loved teasing Hoseok, especially when the others were around cause he didn’t know how to react because you were supposed to be JUST FRIENDS. Once you sat on his lap, he just glared at you, his heart was beating faster, his breathing got heavier, and of course you felt something underneath you… He then whispered into your ear :

“I don’t think you should be doing that y/n… Not with me…” 


Namjoon would secretly love it but he didn’t say anything.. You were sitting on his lap, watching TV together. You were on top of him and he had his hands delicately placed on your hips. You knew something was going on inside his pants, but you loved it. You didn’t move and he did the same, secretly loving the position you were in. Both of you were just friends, but that sort of skinship for sure didn’t bother him.


You had been sitting on his lap for a couple minutes now and he didn’t say anything so decided to spice things up. You start to slowly move your hips back and forth and you noticed some sounds were escaping his lips, like small grunts. You get up, on purpose just to tease him and he gives you a smirk (gif).

“What are you doing ? You don’t want to continue sitting on my lap ?”


You were at a party and it was honestly quite boring. You want to have a little bit of fun so you decide to tease Taehyung. The two of you were just friends but you always flirted and you could honestly see yourself be more than friends with him. You sit on his lap and start to slowly dance to the music that was playing. You felt his bulge getting bigger and you turn around to give him a smirk.

“Oh I see what you’re doing. Keep going, I like it”


Out of all the boys, Jungkook was one of your favorite to tease because of his reaction. He was so shy whenever you did “sexy” stuff around him, it was like a game to you. Jungkook always had a crush on you and did not know how to act when he was embarrassed around you. When you entered the living room, you saw him sitting on the couch, not too far from Hoseok, and you decided to go tease him. You expected him to be his usual awkward self, but his reaction totally surprised you. Once you sat on his lap, he spread his legs a little bit more so you could feel his crotch a bit better. He placed one of his hands on the inside of your thigh and started slowly rubbing it.

“You really want to play this game y/n ? You know I’m going to win…”