except not a hipster

things i’d like to see in future seasons of skam, pt 1:

  • a girl love interest - so far the love interests has only been boys. 
  • someone who’s lesbian, representation matters.
  • and while on that topic - someone who’s asexual. they’re way under represented in general, everywhere! 
  • someone struggling with money - is everyone rich? like honestly. (i know isak stuggled paying his rent but then he just got more money from his dad.) maybe this is the upper class? 
  • someone wearing glasses. does everyone have great eyesight?! are there not any hipsters (except jonas & even) at hartvig nissen?
  • also i’d like to see the freaking trailer for season 4, thank you. 

somebody bless me with a lil fic where bitty keeps talking about this coachella thing and saying beyonce is going to be there and Jack is like I have no clue what this is but we’ll go and he asks someone in Falcs PR or something to buy him the tickets and so then Jack surprises bitty by flying him out to LAX and they are driving and bitty sees the coachella valley sign that bey and nicki were next to in the feeling myself video and bitty is like !!!!!!!are we going to coachella!!!!!! I didn’t pack the right outfits!!!!!!! And Jack is like ?? Is there a dress code? And they go shopping and basically this is just me wanting to see/read about Jack and Bitty in coachella/music festival apparel all covered in paint and body glitter in suede and shirtless except for a vest and their hipster sunglasses and accessories

anonymous asked:

Hi! If you're still doing the date/friend thing: I'm 16, pansexual, INFP, girl, 5 feet tall and a little chubby. I have a brownish pixie cut and golden brown eyes. I love any music but rap with exceptions. My style alternates between punk, goth and hipster. I love books, talking, every kind of art and giving/receiving love. I don't have a never type of date, but I prefer small dates like stay-at-home, small bistros, walks in town to big dates like restaurants. I'm in a lot of fandoms! Hufflepuff

Baby yes I love it
-Mod Lex

A Fun Meme Thing :3

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Name: Nathan

Nickname: Nathy, Bear (had that one since 1995 :3), That l0ser

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 5′0″-5′1″, depending on how generous the doctor’s office is

Orientation: Anyone good at snuggles <3, except hipsters, no hipsters allowed

Ethnicity: Slavic

Favorite fruit: Watermelon <33333

Favorite season: that part of fall where it stops being too hot but wind isn’t strong enough to literally choke on

Favorite book series: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is my JAM but I’m waaayyy behind there’s too many now

Favorite flower: Sunflower seeds taste pretty good…

Favorite scent: The smell after you blow out birthday candles c:

Favorite color: sea foam green :3

Favorite animal: It’s a threeway tie between bunnies, maltese puppies, and red pandas

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: caffe mocha from Starbucks is kinda a mix of coffee & hot cocoa, right? ooh but does sweet tea count? Gosh heck I love sweet tea

Average sleep hours: 10 at night, with a nap or two about 2-3 hours, so 12-13?

Cat or dog person: Puppies!!

Favorite fictional character: Cinnamoroll! Also Miles Edgeworth… and Gill my first HM husband… and just about any Pokemon guy I’ve thirsted over ever…

Number of blankets you sleep in: 2~!

Dream trip: I’d like to move to Osaka, Japan, but for just a short trip I say NYC to see Book of Mormon whenever it’s playing

Blog created: last fall iirc

Number of followers: 145 honey bunnies <3 p sure I blocked all the porn blogs by now. porn blogs are NOT honey bunnies

Sorry gosh heck I talk too much ^^; I’m not very skilled at tagging peeps so anyone interested feel free to do the thing :3


30 day background challenge, day 2 and day three
couldnt upload day 2 yesterday cause tumblr was ass, its witches/wizards room. wanted to make it like modern day but now it looks just like a hipster room except with magic bottle stuff :”)
day 3 is an “uninhabited” planet. i getcha quotation marks, i getcha
didnt have too many ideas for that one tho so here u go with that thing :?