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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 2 225
summary : Reader and Kai are dating. One day she passes out and nothing Kai tries heals her / wake her up so he brings her to Jo.
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Kai met her shortly after he got out of 1994 when he went to Whitmore to visit his sister Liv. Y/N was nice to him , a stranger who wouldn’t shut up while waiting for the Whitmore bar to clear out. She had been there studying all alone , then Kai noticed her and the only reason he had was because at one point she had turned around , scolding a group of boys for talking too loud while she was trying to study.

   "Would you SHUT UP!?“ she had said. “Some of us are actually trying to study for the exams and don’t plan on flunking.”
  “Woooo !! Who cares ?!” the guys have replied at which point she had gotten up , taken their drinks and nearly poured them over their heads … until Kai had stopped her.
  “Now , now … that’s no way to talk to a beautiful girl like her is it ?" 

The rest of the day until she had to go back to her dorm , they spent together. Weirdly Y/N somehow didn’t mind his constant talking and he found himself telling her his life story. The next day he went looking for her , and the next …and the next. Kai could rarely find someone willing to stand his obnoxious self and Y/N had peeked his interest. After the merge his desire to be around her only grew stronger , he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Every time they were together he wanted to touch her to kiss her and one night as they were walking back to her dorm room after a party , he had actually kissed her. Eventually they started dating and she told him her secret. Y/N was a witch.

   "Oh , that explains why you believed me that first day we met ! I thought you were just pretending…” said Kai , poking her playfully in the stomach. “I should’ve figured it out… but you , you kept me distracted.” he said smiling , leaning in to kiss her gently , biting her lower lip. “Now I love you even more.”
   "You love me ?“
   "Yes ! … I love you Y/N. I never thought I’d love someone but I do and I am so happy it’s YOU that I love.” he said brushing his fingers through her hair.
 Y/N smiled nervously for a moment , gazing into his blue eyes sparkling.
“I love you too.”

* three months after * 

It had been almost two weeks since they had officially moved in together. Waking up to Kai every morning , knowing she’d see him right after classes without having to leave early to go study in her dorm room was the best. He was the perfect boyfriend and even though they had their fights from time to time , both of them pretty much always made up the same day , sometimes an hour after the fight but they never went to bed upset with one another. They loved each other that much. Neither of them could stand causing the other pain or watching the other in pain.
It was the end of term , summer’s approach could be felt in the air and the skies were blue every day. Y/N sat on the couch that afternoon , books spilled all around her , her hair pulled in a pony tail. Last exam for the year was happening tomorrow and she was trying to refresh her memory last minute … and her brain was filled to the brim.
“Where are you going ?” Y/N asked jumping up from the couch and into Kai’s arms. “I wanna go with you.”
Kai smiled and tapped her nose. “To the store. It seems like we ran out of milk… and ice cream …and those pretzels you like and a couple of other things.”
“OH that reminds me - can we get donuts ? The pink ones with the white sprinkles and the creamy filling inside ?” she asked excitedly making Kai laugh.
“What is it with you lately? I am starting to get worried…”
“Nothing’s up. I am just hungry.” Y/N pressed her lips against his before he swept her off her feet carrying her towards the door , both of them laughing.

About an hour later when they got home it turned out Y/N had had a lot other things on her mind other than the donuts. They cooked dinner together and later sat on the couch cuddling while watching some TV show none of them were paying attention to. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes off her and Y/N had the same problem.
“The day we met was the happiest day in my life.” said Kai suddenly , pulling her closer to him. He kept doing that even when there was no way for her to get closer to him. “Well , except the day you told me you love me.”
Y/N traced his jawline with her fingers before kissing him gently.
“Mine too.” she smiled , her gaze falling on the clock on the wall. “I am going to get ready for bed.” Y/N said getting up. “The exam is first thing in the morning…”
Kai watched her go into the bathroom , smiling to himself trying to figure out how after all he had done , he was lucky enough to fall in love with her and to have her love him back.
About 5 minutes later there was a loud noise coming from the bathroom and Kai ran there to find Y/N on the ground unconscious. He lifted her up bringing her to their shared bed , caressing her face.
“Y/N? Can you hear me ?” he said softly. Kai tried a spell after spell , none of which seemed to heal whatever it was that had caused her to faint so suddenly. About 15 minutes passed and she was still out. Kai started to panic and he called Jo , asking her to wait for them at the hospital. Reluctantly his sister had agreed , only because it was Y/N’s life on the line.
Kai carried her to the car and ran a couple of red lights on the way to the hospital. He didn’t like this feeling - worry. It was tearing him apart on the inside. He couldn’t imagine his life without Y/N anymore , that life no longer existed for him and if something happened to her…
No. he shook his head pushing the thought away.
Jo was waiting for them at the hospital entrance with a nurse and a medical gurney. Kai lifted Y/N’s body onto it and along with his sister and the nurse went into her office. 

“Would you stop pacing like that ? It’s distracting …and annoying.” said Jo , holding a needle about to stick in Y/N’s arm for a blood sample.
Kai stopped pacing and glared at his sister. “Well I am sorry sis. The girl I love is laying unconscious and my magic couldn’t heal her. So excuse me if I feel anxious…”
Jo closed the vial turning towards her brother. “I understand you are worried , but pacing is not going to wake her up.” she said calmly. “I’ll be back as soon as the blood test is done , it should tell us whats wrong.”
“T-thank you.” Kai said.
Jo nodded and walked out.
Kai sighed , pulling a chair towards Y/N’s bed. He took her hand in his , placing a gentle kiss before stroking her cheek with his fingers.
“Please wake up.” he murmured. “I need you to wake up… I’d do anything.”
A half hour passed and slowly Y/N started regaining consciousness. She squeezed her eyes for a moment , her eyelids fluttering open . Y/N turned her head around only to find Kai starring at her with a smile and a relieved look on his face. It took her a moment to realise where they were.
“Hey … How are you feeling ?” he said softly , kissing her forehead. He could tell she was confused as to why she was in a hospital. Her eyes widened for a moment asking a silent question. Kai knew Y/N didn’t like hospitals or doctors at all and when she started to get up , he placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back onto the bed gently. “Shh calm down. You fainted , I couldn’t wake you up so I brought you to Jo. She um … ” he hesitated for a moment , worried if he told her they took a blood sample she might faint again or something. “… she should be back any moment now with the results.”
Y/N stared at the ceiling. “Ugh .. I hate hospitals … and blood tests.” she muttered.
Kai laughed under his breath , sitting onto the bed next to her lightly putting his hand on her stomach for a moment.  "I know you do sweetheart , but it’s OK. I’ll protect you if they try to kidnap you or anything…“ he winked at her.
"Shut up.” she laughed , punching playfully his shoulder.

Jo opened the door and both of them turned towards her in unison. Kai stood up taking a step towards his sister. Her expression was unreadable which made him even more worried. Now for sure he knew that’s the feeling he hated the most - worry.
“Glad to see you are awake.” Jo smiled at her. “Kai , you may want to sit down for this one. I know I need to.”
Kai sat on the bed holding Y/N’s hand while Jo sat on the chair next to them.
“How bad is it ?” he asked terrified of the answer. Kai hated the fact his magic hadn’t been able to help her and whatever it was , he feared he might lose her.
“Not bad at all actually.” said Jo with a small smile turning towards Y/N. “Congratulations. You are pregnant.”
“What ?” both of them asked in unison.
Y/N looked at her boyfriend’s sister , her mouth hanging open then looked at Kai who was looking at her with the same shocked expression. She was at a loss for words. Now it all made sense - her weird food cravings which she had dismissed as stress eating for the exams. Y/N hadn’t even realised her period was late because of how wrapped up with classes and exams she had been.
“I guess my future niece is a siphoner just like his father. That’s what caused Y/N to faint. The baby had probably been siphoning for a while now , it just hadn’t been this strong.” smiled Jo.
Kai placed his hand on Y/N’s stomach again smiling nervously. “I am going to be a dad ?” he looked up at the love of his life , a smile spreading across her face as she sat up in the bed. “Oh my God..!” He pulled Y/N into a hug and a passionate kiss , then he jumped up and hugged Jo in a surprise attack.
“Oh…!” she said awkwardly hugging her brother. “That’s new.” she laughed nervously. “You can take her home. I’ll try and find something that will keep those accidents from happening again.”
Jo turned around , leaving them to have their moment.
“Jo ?” Kai called out after his sister. “C-could you not tell .. father? I don’t want him … to know about … her or the baby.”
“Wasn’t planing on telling him about either..” she smiled at him , walking out of the room.

Y/N got up from the hospital bed taking a step towards her boyfriend.
“I changed my mind.” he said turning around with a serious expression on his face. “THIS is the happiest day of my life.” he smiled.
Kai shortened the distance between them in a second , his smile never leaving his face. He pulled her into a hug , lifting her off the ground and spinning her around.
“Kai ? I’m getting a little dizzy …” she laughed.
“Sorry.” he said letting her feet back on the ground. “You OK ?”
“Never better.” she said with a smile and pressed her lips against his. “We are going to be a family , Kai. I can’t believe it. This is -”
Kai shut her up with a kiss. He had never known such happiness existed let alone that it would happen to him. He knelt down in front of her lifting her shirt up and pressed his lips on her stomach while placing his hand on it. “Hello little one. I’m your dad…and I … I already love you.”
Y/N couldn’t help but smile. The scary leader of the Gemini coven was melting right under her eyes. Who would’ve thought ?
“Kai ?”
“Yes , sweetheart?” he pulled himself up until they were face to face. Y/N couldn’t find the right words to say. They were going to be a family and that was the pregnancy was the happiest thing that could’ve happened. Y/N snaked her hands around his neck pulling him closer to her (as if that was possible seeing how he had pressed his body against hers) and kissed him.
“I love you.” she said simply.
Kai lifted her up twirling her in the air. “I love you too.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017


- But we can’t know if a child wants to be born, who it will be or what kind of life it will have.
- I guess not.
You just… show them the way.