except nico maybe

  • Nico: I want to kill everyone in this room.
  • Will: . . .
  • Nico: Except maybe Will.
  • Hazel: Brother?
  • Nico: And my sister, duh.
  • Nico: And her boyfriend.
  • Nico: And Piper's really cool, and Jason's a pretty chill dude, so Team Jasper's gonna live too.
  • Nico: And Annabeth's a badass queen, so I'll need her for the apocalypse. Reyna too.
  • Nico: And Percy would be useful, probably.
  • Leo: I think you'd forgotten someone.
  • Nico: I don't think so.
Uta and the clowns part three: Uta’s personality

Yay! Part three is here! I’ll be talking about Uta’s personality and some things in the manga pointing to him being not-such-a-bag-of-horseshit-after-all.

First, I want to analyze his personality with his bloodtype. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, in Japan, blood types are quite important. No, not because there are a lot of vampires. Your personality and blood type are related. In Japan, there is even an option on social media that let’s you fill in your bloodtype, so that people can know more about your personality (It’s convenient for organ thieves as well, a win-win situation). Well, Uta has blood type B, which is associated with the following:

Best traits: Passionate, active, doer, creative, strong
Worst traits: irresponsible, unforgiving, “going own way”, Happy-go-lucky and masters of breaking rules, unpredictable

WOW… I didn’t think it would fit this well. About this, there’s actually just one thing that I’d like to point out: him being unforgiving. It would make perfect sense for him to not give up until he has beaten Arima, if he couldn’t forgive him. This is also the reason I mentioned it in part one, and I promised to make it up to you, if you didn’t know what I was talking about then, so here you go:

an image Yomo, resembling centipede Kaneki (only the head) It’s just because of the beak though (Chapter 113):

And here’s Uta just being awesome and saying cool things d(*⌒▽⌒*)b (chapter 112):

That was a little bit about his personality, but it doesn’t say much about him being evil or not. Luckily, Sui Ishida left some other clues for us.

When I was rereading the part where Uta tells Kaneki about his and Yomo’s past, I noticed checkers in the background (chapter 112):

No big deal? VERY big deal! It got me thinking about the meaning of checkers in the manga as a whole, it’s used a lot. I read some cool theories on this subject here and here. What if we look at the colors alone. Black and white. We have seen hair change color, representing personality, so this can also relate to Uta. Black standing for his kind side, while the white stands for his cruel, sadistic side. 

And if were talking about hair, I’ll just point out the obvious: Uta’s hair changed from white to black. It’s not really interesting how it happened, he probably dyed it, but it’s nice and symbolic. It could mean that he became a kinder person than he was in the panel above. It also means he is capable of caring for another person. I think Yomo caused it. After Yomo lost to Arima and Yoshimura took him, Uta started to realize that Yomo was important to him and that he could never forgive the person who hurt him and killed his sister. 

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, there’s more black and white. It’s all in the pants, the zebra-pants. (chapter 17)

Though the jacket is more grey and white, the pants he’s wearing are totally black and white. Again, symbolizing his his good and bad side.

But what about the rest of the clowns? As I mentioned previously, I don’t think all of the clowns are in on it. There’s the obvious reason, that they seem very sadistic and didn’t seem to care when they heard Kaneki was dead (except for Nico, maybe). However, something else about Uta doesn’t fit in with the rest of the clowns. His mask. All the masks of the clowns resemble, well, clowns, but Uta’s doesn’t. It actually doesn’t resemble anything at all, hence the name no-face. (chapter 112)

This mask could mean a lot of things. First of all, it suggests that he doesn’t feel like he belongs with the clowns, disregarding the fact that he’s (probably) leading them. He’s not the same. He isn’t doing it just or sadistic pleasure. You could say that the mask is in black and white, but I’m not really sure if that is what it should be representing. Finally, it could also mean he’s ‘neutral’ in the ‘war’ between humans and ghouls. Maybe he doesn’t especially feel hatred towards humans, except fo when they terrorize his ward. He has shown that he cares fo Kaneki, right? Or he just wants to be creepy. Who knows?

This mask is already quite creepy, but in my opinion, it’s nothing compared to his next mask in Tokyo Ghoul:re (chapter 17):

With no-face it was clear that it wasn’t supposed to resemble anything, but WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Is it a mythological creature? A bird? A monster? I mean, it has four holes for eyes. There’s only one thing I know for sure: I don’t want to meet it. EVER. Please, if you have any ideas, let me know.

Okay, okay, let’s put aside the question of what it resembles. It does tell us a few things. Again, it’s not a clown’s mask. If we weren’t sure before, we now can definitely say that Uta doesn’t like clown’s masks. Who could blame him? Clowns are hella creepy. And, aside from that, if no-face was to represent some kind of neutrality he had, it’s gone now. Did something happen in the time between Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re? Does Kaneki have anything to do with it? Or Yomo? Arima? Someone else entirely? *sigh* Uta, you’re so mysterious.

Well, this is everything I have found about Uta (^_^) He’s not entirely evil, unlike some of the clowns. (I’m looking at you, Roma). He won’t forgive Arima and won’t rest until he’s dead. He may be the king of unsettling masks, but deep down, he does have a heart.

I hope you enjoyed it! This part took a bit longer for me to finish than I expected, so thank you for bearing with the wait! I’d love to hear what you guys think, so don’t hold back! Did I miss anything?