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Secrets (trans!peter)

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“Crap crap crap crap crap.”

Peter, in full Spider Man costume, dropped onto a roof and ducked behind an AC unit, holding his right arm tight to his chest.

It hurt, oh man it hurt and he could hardly draw a breath between the pain and his binder was too tight today and honestly he thought he might pass out if he couldn’t get laying down somewhere safe. But on this side of the city he was minimum twenty minutes of swinging, and close to an hour taxi ride from the safety of Aunt Mays apartment.

Too far.

He dropped his head back against the AC unit and tried to suck in a deep breath, tried not to scream when everything seized up. His arm, his chest…this was a horrible day.

And he was late for his injection, which made everything worse. He was supposed to take it last night, and had passed out exhausted before he remembered and then had ran out the door late to school and now here he was several hours later.

“What’s up, Spidey?” A deep voice startled him, but not as much as the red and black masked face that poked around the corner. “I’m sensing a damsel in distress.”

“Go away, Deadpool.” Peter flinched behind his mask at the ‘damsel’ comment. “I’m fine.”

Liar!” Deadpool crowed and moved to kneel in front of him. “Who knew our friendly neighborhood Spider Man lied like a fat kid stealing cake?”

“Please.” Peter bit out. “Please. Leave.”

“Hey.” Deadpool’s voice dropped, softened. “You’re not alright, alright? Plus you’re like twelve, and I just can’t leave a twelve year old superhero alone and hurting on the roof somewhere. Where’s your dad?”


“The Iron Giant.” Deadpool said impatiently. “I heard he looks out for you.”

“Don’t want him to know.” Peter was starting to feel a little lightheaded, lack of oxygen and the pain radiating up his arm making him dizzy. “And I’m not twelve.”

“Well you certainly aren’t eighteen.” Deadpool looked around, then seemed to come to a decision. “Well, I live close by, want to come to my place? We can get you patched up and–”

No!” Peter blurted. “I mean, no. No thank you.”

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a happy shelby family post (7/???)

That’s one reason I hate this damn weather- it’s up-down-up-down constantly and my body hates it. I feel like winter’s humping summer, but I’m the one who’s getting fucked the hardest.
—  @theklingerkollection (While talking about weather related flares.)

Everytime I remember that Daenerys and Jon are aunt and nephew and that they are going to bang my brain immediately thinks of Aunt May and Peter Parker banging and this image is so horrible I want to scratch it out of my brain

Southern Names: Folks From My Town Edition

Here’s a few more names for your inspiration. These are inspired by actual people, living or deceased, in my town.

Boone: a nickname for my cousin Daniel who works in construction in a town more than half an hour away.

Bertram: My grandfather, a cattle farmer’s, name. 

Annette: My grandmother, has extremely thick and long hair. 

Pinky: A nickname for my great-aunt Mary, because there are too many people with that name.

Libby:  A woman in her 90s that goes to church with my grandmother and always sends cards out on the holidays.

Carlton: Libby’s husband, also in his 90s, never in a bad mood. 

Laverne: A woman in her 70s who keeps her hair dyed bright red. 

Aleta: The woman who runs a hair salon out of her house, but not legally.

Brandi: A trashy young mother of three who cheats on her husband when he’s deployed by the military, and everyone knows about it except him.

Deborah: My step-aunt, runs an impromptu child care center for almost every family in town. 

Janna: Resident young-adult meth head, has wrecked two cars in 6 months. 

Tammy: The most horrible woman you will ever meet, plays organ for the church.

Twyla (Twylita): A bit intimidating but secretly very kind, leads the church choir and volunteers for the high school marching band. 

Connie and Kaye: Twins who look nothing alike, but all of their kids look alike. 

Harrison: The redheaded twenty something that almost every girl had a crush on in their childhood. 

Presley: Harrison’s younger brother, literally might be the devil.

Jedd: A young man who used to work for my grandfather when he was a teenager.

Lonnie: My great-grandfathers name. 

Verse: Pronounced “Ver-see”, my great-grandmother, Lonnie’s wife. 

“I’ll see you again.” (part 20)

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Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader)

Note: This is the 20th part to this imagine so make sure you check out the others! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy!

Date published: March 12, 2017

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle

Year: December- 1926

Part: twenty of ?



You walked down the streets. The snow was pushed to the sides of the sidewalk and it was dark and wet and cold. You wrapped your coat tightly around you, trying to break the wind blowing against your body. Your face was frozen as tears fell down it. Your eyes were burning from the wind. You were miserable. But the biggest discomfort was that Credence was out there someone, in this awful weather with no coat. The reason he was out here was you, and you couldn’t live with yourself.

You were frantic.
You didn’t know where he could be, or if he could find his way back. So many thoughts were running through your head at the same time.

After what felt like hours of searching, you decided to turn back home.
You got to your front door and stumbled in from the cold weather. Your mother rushed to you when you came in. “I c-couldn’t find him.” You cried. You hadn’t stopped crying since you left.
“Let’s get you warm.” You mother said, practically carrying you to the living room.

She sat you down on the couch, in front of the fireplace. She wrapped a blanket around you and rubbed your arms, trying to get you warm.
“It’s all my fault.” You said a while later. You stared into the fire as tears ran down your cheeks. “If I hadn’t gone, he never would have ran away. How could I have been so selfish?” You burst into tears, leaning into your mothers arms. “Shhhhh.” She said, running her fingers through your hair. “He’ll come back. I know he will.”
“But what if he can’t find his way back?” Your voice was muffled from her hug. “Everything is going to be alright.” She told you, as you continued to sob into your her as the fire lit the room.

“I’m going to head up to bed, you should do the same.” Your mother said, after your crying slowed down. “I’m going to stay up.” You said, adjusting yourself on the couch. “Honey-” “Mom, I have to be there if- when he comes back.” You cut in. She nodded, leaning over to kiss your forehead. “Good night.” She said as she walked out of the room.
Without meaning to you dosed off on the couch after she went upstairs.

You woke up to the sound of the door being shut. It was so quiet, but you slept so lightly, not wanting to miss when he came back. You quickly rushed toward the front door, but nothing was there. Your heart sank and you bowed your head, feeling tears form in your eyes. You suddenly heard a creak on the stairs. You rushed over to the bottom of the steps. There he was, slowly making his way up the stairs. “Credence.” You said, worriedly through your tears. “What are you doing?” You said as you took a step up. “I’m going to bed.” He turned to face you. You could tell he was really upset. It broke your heart to know you hurt him. “I was out looking for you.” You started. “I’m so sorry, Credence. So sorry.” You trailed off, bowing your head. Little did you know, Credence saw you out looking for him. He hadn’t gone far from the house because he was scared he couldn’t find his way back. But he hid, not wanting to talk to you.

You looked back up to see him in his hunched position. “Can we talk?” You whispered. With his head still bowed, he turned it a little, resting it on his shoulder. “Please?” You said, reaching out your hand. He began to walk down the stairs, not taking your hand. He passed you, your hand still extended. Your heart broke into a million pieces. He never refused your touch.

You walked into the living room and sat on the couch. He sat so uncomfortably, like he sat when he came to your house for the first time. You stared at your hands in your lap. “I’m so sorry.” You whispered. “I never should have left you. It was stupid and selfish and I’m sorry.” The words went out into the deafening silence. You both sat there, quiet for a while. “I understand why you’re upset.” You said after a minute later. “I don’t blame you. It’s all my fault.” You started to cry again.

So much was weighing on Credence. All of these feelings and emotions bottled up inside of him. “Remember that night when we- when we d-danced in the kitchen?” He started. The sound of his voice caught you off guard. Your head shot up at him speaking. “Yeah.” You whispered. “I said, ‘don’t leave me.’ And you said 'never.’” He mumbled out. “You told me I didn’t have to worry.” His voice started to shake from his emotions. Your heart sank. “I’m no better than Graves.” You sobbed, ashamed of what you had done. You pulled your legs against your chest, trying to comfort yourself. You rested your head on your knees and sobbed uncontrollably.

Credence sat uncomfortably beside you. He wanted so badly to comfort you, but he didn’t know how. He was still upset with you, but he knew he could never stay mad. He watched you as you cried to yourself. “You were starting to get back into the world.” You started, after getting yourself together a bit. “You were making progress, healing. And I totally ruined everything.” You held back the tears as best you could. “If you don’t want me anymore, I understand.” The words stung as they left your mouth. Credence’s heart fell at what you had just said.

“Aunt Florence said I was weighing you down. She said you’ll never have a normal life with me around.” He said, staring at his hands in his lap. “Credence, no.” You lifted your head to look at him. You scooted closer to him, hoping he wouldn’t back away. “You are not weighing me down. You have helped me in ways you don’t understand.” You paused, gathering the words. “Back in high school, Will and I were close, really close.” Credence’s heart stung at the mention of the name. “I’ve wanted to live in New York for as long as I can remember. And the night before I was going to leave, Will came to the door. He asked me to stay here, with him. He was pretty much asking me to marry him.” You took a second to breathe. “I told him that it was my dream to live in New York, but he didn’t seem to care. I got mad and broke it off. It wouldn’t have worked anyway because he was still in Maine.” You continued to tell him the story. “I, of course was heart broken. I still had feelings for him and it hurt to leave, but I knew what I wanted. He was always in my head and I got lonely being all alone in New York. Then I met you, and everything changed.” You looked up at him. You saw his lips slightly curve in a smile. “I started thinking of Will less and less. Then you completely took over my thoughts.” You told him. “Then you started to live with me and everything was perfect. Then we came here and you met my family and everything was going well, except for my aunt.” You chuckled a little.

“Then this morning when I got the flowers and the note.” Credence’s head fell lower. “And I guess the past came rushing back all at once. I was flattered and I was excited. I wasn’t thinking of you.” Your voice trailed off. “But tonight when I got back. I told Will that I didn’t have feelings for him.” You paused. “He asked me if you were the reason, if I loved you. I told him that I loved you more than anything.” Your heart pounded in your chest. “And I realized that since the second I walked out that door, I hadn’t stopped thinking of you. Even at the party, seeing old schoolmates. The only person I wanted to see was you.” The silence took over. You both sat there, soaking in the words. “I’m so sorry, Credence. I can’t say it enough.”
He suddenly lean into you. Your stomach flipped at his action. You quickly wrapped your arms around him, nuzzling your head into his neck. “I love you more than anything.” You said to him. It was quiet for a while, then Credence said, “I love you forever.” You melted into him, feeling all of the stress leave your body.

After a very long hug, you both let go. “It’s really late.” You said, tucking your hair behind your ear. “We should head to bed.” You stood up, straightening your dress. “Are you warm now?” You asked. “Yes.” He whispered. “Will you?-” He started, nervously. “Sure.” You smiled. He extended out his hand in front of you. You placed your hand in his and walked to the stairs.

You both laid on your backs in your bed, thinking about all that had happened that day. “Good night, Credence.” You said, turning over on your side, away from him. “Good night.” He said quietly. He turned on the same side as you, staring at the back of you. He shyly placed his hand on your waist. The touch startled you, but you put your fingers in between his and pulled his arm around you. He scooted closer to you, his face resting against your hair. His breath was warm on the back of your neck. “Don’t leave me again.” You said, into the silence. “Only if you won’t leave me.” He whispered. You smiled, scooting closer against him. “Never again.”

To be continued….


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My weekend consisted of: being home with my family (cat included); taking a bath bomb bath; seeing my cousin and meeting his wife and their baby; going to my uncle’s wedding; drinking and dancing a lot; playing video games with my brother; getting nice pictures; eating great food

Just completely weird bits in beloved books, example B: Pride and Prejudice

“And then, what do you think we did? We dressed up Chamberlayne in woman’s clothes on purpose to pass for a lady, only think what fun! Not a soul knew of it, but Colonel and Mrs Forster, and Kitty and me, except my aunt, for we were forced to borrow one of her gowns; and you cannot imagine how well he looked! When Denny, and Wickham, and Pratt, and two or three more of the men came in, they did not know him in the least. Lord! how I laughed! and so did Mrs Forster. I thought I should have died. And that made the men suspect something…”
- Pride and Prejudice,
Jane Austen

So. Kitty and Lydia make a guy crossdress … and hang out with a bunch of soldiers. So many questions. The main ones being:

1) Why does nobody ever talk about the CROSSDRESSING SCENE in Pride and Prejudice

2) Who the fuck is Chamberlayne

Period-fueled salty rant

So you all know I’ve been promoting the hell out of my books that are being published tomorrow. I really don’t use Facebook, it annoys me, but I’ve been posting about my books on there. My mom (who regularly uses FB) has shared all my book posts. The two of us are super side-eyeing the rest of our family, who has said NOTHING about it. No likes, no comments, no shares from anyone except my older brother. My aunts and uncles, my cousins, my grandmother - all of whom had SUCH strong opinions on my disability and how I could improve if I JUST exercised and meditated and drank more water etc - they have said NOTHING about me writing and publishing actual books. I’m not just kinda pissed, I’m also disappointed. Really lets me know where I stand in this family. They don’t give a shit about me and what I’m doing.

Van Der Zee family wedding rings, Kingston, New York, 1895. Photo courtesy of Edward C. Jones. 

My great-parents, Bertha and Thomas Van Der Zee, were married in Kingston, NY in 1895. Thomas, who was a junk dealer, was born in 1870 and was an uncle to the famous black photographer of the “Harlem Renaissance,” James Van Der Zee.  My great-grandmother, Bertha Almira Means, who was part Narrangansett Indian, was born in 1874 and was from Providence. They lived just over the railroad tracks in an integrated community where everyone interacted with one another.  They had 7 children: Thomas, Jr., William Forrest, Helen, my grandmother, Louise, Cecilia, Isabel and Alfred.  All of their children, at some point, lived in that little house on South Pine Street, as all of them, with the exception of my Aunt Ceil, came back to live out the remainder of their lives there.

The house held so much memorabilia and items from every family member who had lived there. When my last remaining uncle passed away in 2006, my mother and sisters and I went to Kingston, to the little house, to clean it out and prepare to sell it.  As we went through the many items, it occurred to me just how remarkable they all were.  

As we handled many of these items from lives lived long past, I came across the wedding rings from the great-grandparents I never knew. They were nestled in a little jewelry box, with the name of the jeweler and Kingston, NY stamped on the inside. My great-grandmother passed away in 1945 and her husband, in 1953. They had been married for 50 years and lived to see their grandchildren have children. Those tarnished rings meant a lot to me – I took them as one of my personal keepsakes from that house with so many memories. To me, they represent the perseverance of a family and what lasting love can mean. Though I would never know them, those rings allow me to reflect on them, and what it meant to be black in the North during that time. Someone put those two rings together in that jewelry box, so that the commitment they made back in 1895 would allow them to continue to be together.

Story from Angela Barnes 

You have her eyes, you have my father’s name

ninjafirefox  asked:

the trolls movie looks so cute! I had a troll doll as a kid, i don't remember thinking it was exactly "cute" but I like it's hair (it and the gem were purple) and I wish I kept it through the years. Fairly certain I gave it to the pre-school my friend's mom worked at though, so at least they get the troll :3

i love trolls dolls!! i think the gems are really cute i was going to give my trollsona one :D i never had trolls as a kid, though! thats nice you gave it to the school!!!!

hashbrowncatsandketchup  asked:

Hi i love your parents and im so so glad they treat you well❤️ i just recently escaped my abusive mother and lost all of my family except my aunt (and we arent even blood related) in the process, so its?? Really nice to see parents who are good to their children?? You're fantastic and your family is fantastic i hope you're having a wonderful day

I’m sorry that you have garbage parents, and I am 100% officially your big sister now so you have more family than you think!

You deserve better and you are SO brave for getting away from the people who do you harm!

it’s a really nice feeling when nobody cares about your birthday. like fucking always.
my dad isn’t even coming here today. cause hockey is more important. and that means that my mom isn’t coming either. and Linda isn’t coming but her reason I totally understand. but my parents like are you fucking kidding me? my mom booked some fucking makeup get together at her house on my birthday because she didn’t remember that it was my birthday and I didn’t even see my dad yesterday at all so today is the day when I’m celebrating and now nobody is even coming. except my aunt. I’m not sure about my grandma cause you never know with her.

now I’m crying and my parents are coming to bring the cake here any minute and I don’t want them to see that I’m crying and olfksadlfgsoedkgäösdöäödaöäölöö.
like this is literally the reason why I always say that nobody comes to anything I put together cause even my own parents don’t fucking care.

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I'd like to hear about your aunt's cool cat

She’s a black ball of fluff named Mina and she is very regal and spoiled, plus she doesn’t like to interact with humans, well everyone except for my aunt and me. She’s very picky and only likes to be scratched one place: inside her ears. I became the only human that would do this for her for an extended period of time. So she liked me. And then when my aunt went to climb the Grand Canyon and go gamble in Vegas for her birthday, I got to chill at her condo and take care of Mina for nearly a month. She was in cat heaven.

After my aunt came back and I went home, she texted me to let me know that Mina was pining after me. Bless that cat.