except maybe the heels

reading this made me laugh so i’m going to share it with you. i wrote this maybe two? years ago, after I watched Sleepless in Seattle to avoid studying. It doesn’t feel like my writing or me at all lol.

It’s called “Wandering in WolverHampton” lol and this is all that I wrote (I would end it the way I did and never start back up lmao) 


“Hello this is The Sound of London, you are live with Dr. Zee Javaad. What’s your name?”

“Lia Karen.”

Zayn stares at the mic for a moment, hesitating before he readjusts his head set to hear better. “Hello there, Lia. You sound much younger than our normal callers. How old are you?”

“Eight,” Lia says without skipping a beat.

Zayn bites his tongue around a ‘I’m not Santa, kid.’ He’s been doing this gig part-time for about three years now, and he’s not sure he’s ever gotten a phone from anyone under the age of forty. “Well, Lia. What’s your Christmas wish this year?”

“It’s not for me, Dr. Zee. It’s for my Papa. My wish is that he finds a wife.”

“A wife?” Zayn repeats. He bites around a smile, hoping to hide the fact that his words kind of came out as an amused chuckle more so than anything else. “D’you not like the one he has?”

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The SMH team takes a pole dancing class

 You know Bitty’s gonna be the most graceful from all the figure skating routines he’s done also he has the flexibility.

Jack would take it really seriously, and like take it as a challenge they say that pole dancing takes a lot of strength and control. But he would not be graceful at all

Ransom and Holster and Shitty would show up in the tiniest shorts and nothing else. Except maybe heels??

Nursey  would injure himself like almost immediately

Dex would be so embarassed and red the entire time.  The only reason he’s here is because he was forced

Chowder would be up there with Bitty because he’s like insanely flexible

Lardo would probably film the entire thing