except luffy is going to be the pirate king

Sabo's Introduction in Chapter 744
  • rebecca: who was the first lucy? and who are you?
  • sabo: the first lucy? he’s only the man that will become pirate king someday and hes got a really high bounty and hes super strong and im so proud of him and hes monkey d luffy and god isnt he the best hes still a crybaby though but thats alright because i know hell pull through in the end and hes my little brother and hes the best little brother
  • sabo: by the way im a revolutionary nice to meet you
  • rebecca:
  • sabo: but seriously though luffy isnt he great hes such a good guy and GOD am i proud of him and he hasnt changed a bit which im so happy about because he was the cutest little brother ever and hes going to become the strongest pirate ever and pirate king have you seen his bounty? 400 million at 19 thats goddamn insane hahahaha hes almost like ace except ace is dead and luffys not and im not so we’ll be not dead together