except lee

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Team Gai rule: If you lose the day’s practice match, you have to pay for the post-training meal, but you do get to pick the restaurant.

Good application of the Team Gai rule: Gai has to call a ninja ambulance every time Rock Lee loses a match. Tenten and Rock Lee capitalize on Neji’s food.


Team 9 is the ninja hypesquad

Also my sister’s chopstick game is so weak she holds them near the bottom like Rock Lee haha


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Yeoreum: [barges into the room] Eunseo, I need to ask you-

Eunseo: [lying awkwardly on her bed, flustered, coughing] Erm, yes, what?

Yeoreum: … Is Cheng Xiao under the bed?

Cheng Xiao: [muffled] no…

Thank goodness for Bill and his basic reading comprehension! Guess what the replies and other comments had in store though? 🙃 It’s common knowledge how much this shit pisses me off, but y’all have to see this level of incompetence…

“Roles that literally any adult character in the series could’ve done.”
Yet only her and Shikamaru were capable of officially ranking Jonin among their generation (Rookie 9)? 🤔

Oh, and hardly “anyone” could have excelled at mastering an S-rank jutsu and its relating techniques in record-breaking time – thus, subsequently awakening said jutsu and exercising that skill & strength in the events briefly explained by Bill.

Not to mention that all of the shinobi within her (overall) generation (including Team Guy & the Sand Siblings) were of prestigious descent, with the exception of Lee, Tenten and Sakura. Yet despite having no birth-right privileges or opportunities (unlike all but two others), Sakura was the only ninja – apart from the duel-protagonists – to reach Kage level (in the surpassing of her master).
“…literally any adult character in the series could’ve done” what she did, huh? Then it’s funny how, despite those characters’ born advantages, they weren’t able to exceed or replicate Sakura’s status or triumphs. But hey, I’m sure that those Chunin – who weren’t able to utilise the benefits of their heritage and succeed over a civilian-born kunoichi – could totally take over her role.

(No offence to the other ninja! I’m just proving how ridiculous this guy’s argument is.)

Hinata… A Chunin, with zero ability in the required techniques mentioned… Could have accomplished that which Sakura, a Jonin/Neo-Sannin, has mastered? 🙄

“Chaaa”? Excuse you, “Shannaro” > “N-Naruto-kun”.

Yeah, the “2 things she did” in the whole series:
 Saved. It.
Side note: The fact she says “anime” (not manga) says it all, am I right?

Btw, Bill mentioned two of her numerous feats (i.e. evidence of her “use”) because that is what an example is, honey. 😑 Context…

“Shit jutsu” (apparently) = S-rank techniques that literally save lives, known to and mastered only by (an apparent) two other shinobi in history? Sure, Jan. 😴

When people think that Sakura is useless because they can’t comprehend a manga for 13 year olds and are oblivious to the official databooks by the actual mangaka himself – both of which depicting, stating and confirming her skill, strength & “use”… Ha, the joke. 🤗

What does this even have to- 😒 Ugh. No, please fuck off.

Or… The ones actually calling her “useless” are manga illiterate, anime-only watchers. Ergo, biased AF, Pierrot-brainwashed, delusional fools. Who, btw, are additionally ignorant to Kishi’s canon databooks – the last of which affirming that she surpassed Tsunade, formerly the top kunoichi… 🐸☕️ (Source: Jin no Sho.)

They’d literally both be dead if it wasn’t for her… 😐

Hinata is (still) a Chunin, who literally tripped on a rock, whilst Sakura – a (now) Jonin – manually pumped Naruto’s heart with her hand and performed medical ninjutsu & CPR with the same level of low/practically no chakra as the aforementioned pebble biter. Step off. 😂

Sometime during “The Last”

Naruto: “Ok guys, we’re all gonna try and have our kids all be the same age for shts and giggles or for some new spin off series, I dunno, and no, I don’t care if “you’re not ready” for kids, that is the talk of a quitter, and we aren’t quitters! Right guys!? >:D

SasuSaku, InoSai, ShikaTema, ChouKarui, LeexWife: NO!! >:O

Naruto: What are we!!? >:U

All: Fighting Dreamers!!!! >:0

Naruto: All right, let’s all rent that resort and do it, Ttebayo!!! >:V

Orochimaru: I’ll join :P