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Did You Know: The Tamrielic Calendar has varied drastically? In Arena and Daggerfall, all months were thirty days long. In Morrowind, there were only eleven months. Oblivion and Skyrim closely follow the Gregorian Calendar, except for leap years.
Additionally, Hearthfire, Midyear, and Frostfall are the only months that are a single word, but they are occasionally written in the more common two word style for the other months (Hearth Fire, Mid Year, and Frost Fall).


How George Washington was born on both February 11th, 1731 and February 22nd, 1732,

One interesting quirk about George Washington is the fact that he had two birthdays. As shown on his family bible, his birthday is noted as being Feb.11th, 31/Feb 22nd 32. Of course Washington wasn’t born on two different days, but the explanation of this quirk is quite interesting. It all starts with how we measure time and organize our calendar.

A tropical year is the time it take for the Earth to rotate around the sun. Since ancient times mankind has developed methods to measure and track the tropical year, dividing the year into 365 days that are 24 hours long. This calendar system is simple, but there is one problem. A tropical year isn’t really 365 days long, it’s 365.25 days long, something the Ancient Greeks began to accurately measure. That extra .25 days may not seem like much, but as the years pass by this lost time can add up (with the calendar falling behind one day every four years), causing dramatic shifts in the calendar compared to the tropical year. Imagine celebrating Christmas sometime in summer because the calendar no longer aligns with the tropical year. The Ancient Romans were having that kind of problem when the Roman general and dictator Julius Caesar decided to do something about it on the year 45 BC. Called the Julian calendar, he reformed the old Roman calendar by adding an extra day to the calendar every four years. The extra day was called a leap day, and years which had a leap day were called leap years. 

The Julian calendar was adopted by the Roman Empire, and as a result was the common calendar used by Europeans long after the fall of Rome. The Julian calendar was a good idea, but there is one big problem. You see a year isn’t actually 365.25 days long, its actually around 365.242 days long. While the difference between the Julian calendar and the tropical isn’t much, over the centuries that extra time can add up, causing the calendar to progress forward when compared to the tropical year. For example, the Orthodox Christian Church still uses the Julian calendar, hence why Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas this year on January 7th.

To solve this problem, in 1552 Pope Gregory XIII commissioned the creation of the Gregorian calendar. The Catholic Church loved to keep precise track of their holy days, and the Julian calendar just wasn’t up to snuff because of the problem of it drifting forward compared to the tropical year. Thus Gregory XIII had some monks create a calendar which made up for the extra time created by the Julian calendar. This was done by eliminating 3 leap years every four centuries. Years that would be divisible by 4 would be leap years, except for years that are divisible by 100. Finally the Gregorian calendar set New Years on January 1st, before the Gregorian calendar most countries celebrated New Years on March 25th as part of the Feast of the Annunciation. 

The Gregorian calendar fixed the Julian calendar, but there was a problem, countries which were predominantly Protestant rejected the Gregorian calendar because it was a Catholic creation. Protestant nations also continued to have New Years on March 25th regardless of the fact that they weren’t celebrating a Catholic Feast Day. While Protestant countries thumbed their noses at the Gregorian calendar because of it’s Catholic origins, it would only be a matter of time before most European countries would be forced to adopt the Gregorian calendar, or face having really screwed up calendars. 

George Washington was born on February 11th, 1731, before the British Empire adopted the Julian Calendar. In 1752, the British Empire officially adopted the Gregorian Calendar. A few adjustments were made. First 11 days were removed from the month of September. People in Britain and her colonies went to bed on the night of Sept. 2nd, and woke up on the morning of Sept. 14th.

Second, New Years was moved from March 25th to January 1st. With the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar, Washington chose to retroactively move his birthday from February 11th, 1731 to February 22nd, 1732. He moved his birthday ahead 11 days to make up for the 11 days lost when the calendar was switched, and moved his birth year to 1732 to make up for switching New Years to January 1st. His birthday according to the tropical year was the same, it still happened on the same day, Washington merely changed his birthday on the calendar to accurately represent his real age according to the tropical year. 

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Well now I have to ask, which ones do you hate? Btw, completely agree with your love list except Leap Year, which just didn't do it for me despite my love of Amy Adams and Ireland. You've Got Mail/Shop Around the Corner always gets me!! :)

Oh good, I was hoping someone would ask!  And hey, I getcha about Leap Year, I don’t have any logical reasons why I like it.  I just do.

The Ugly Truth.  I hate this movie.  I DESPISE this movie.  Y’know, everyone gave Katherine Heigl shit for “Knocked Up” (which I would argue is not as sexist as everyone thinks), but how the fuck did this one slide through?  This movie is literally the worst.  It basically justifies toxic masculinity and tells women to “get over it”.  Even the end, which tries to balance it all out, still sucks.  The message is essentially “if it is okay for women to be high strung and have standards (which, since Katherine Heigl is passionate about her career and has high standards for the guys she dates, makes her completely irrational) then it is okay for men to behave like assholes to them.”  Seriously, fuck this movie.  

Made of Honor.  I used to like this movie before I realized how stupid it was.  Patrick Dempsey behaves like an entitled moron throughout the course of the film, interrupts his best friend’s wedding to a handsome Scottish nobleman, and somehow still gets the girl.  What the hell?  You know what this movie was?  My Best Friend’s Wedding, and MBFW did it waaay better.  Because at the end of MBFW, Julia Roberts realizes how cruel she’s being and is supportive of her best friend.  Which is how it should go.  The male entitlement of this film infuriates me.  Also a guy ordering for his girlfriend and shaming her for getting something fried will pretty much make me hate him with the passion of a thousand suns.  Fuck you, Patrick Dempsey, I will eat the fried dumplings if I want to eat the fried dumplings.  

Good Luck Chuck.  Does anyone remember the Dane Cook mania of 06-08?  This movie is horrible and gross and I have no idea why I liked or bought it.  

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  I hate any film that has the “cool girl” archetype.  Read “Gone Girl” for what makes up the “cool girl”.  This film is so insulting to any female that isn’t a “cool girl”.  If you are feminine and romantic and get carried away sometimes, you are stupid and naive and it is your fault your boyfriend left you.  It tries to redeem itself of this mentality in the ending with the best friend’s subplot, but it still kind of fails.  Hate hate hate.

Sweet Home Alabama.  I know a lot of people really enjoyable but I could not STAND the protagonist.  And trust me, I have watched every single Katherine Heigl rom com in existence and this protagonist STILL got on my nerves.  Everyone else was fine.  But Reese Witherspoon was such an insufferable snob and honestly, it didn’t seem like she had changed that much by the end of it.  I personally believe the film should have ended with Patrick Dempsey falling love with Reese Witherspoon’s husband and those two living happily ever after.  They seem like a good couple.     

Honorable Mention - When Harry Met Sally.  Okay, I don’t really hate this movie–I can’t hate anything with Meg Ryan.  And it is too quippy and enjoyable for me to honestly loathe.  But the premise “men and women can’t be friends because the sex always gets in the way” irritates the shit out of me and I just wanted to point it out.

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:) I got a prompt! How about Oliver surprising Felicity and they get to celebrate chrismukkah together (Along The Way) universe pleaseeee i would like a glimpse of what their long distance relationship is like

I had multiple people asking for a first Chrismukkah in the “Along the Way” verse so I decided to split it up into three parts/days. here’s part one… enjoy!

Felicity buttoned up her coat and tightened her scarf to prepare for her walk across the snowy campus. On her way, her phone started to buzz in her pocket and she slipped it out to answer it.

“Hey Oliver,” she greeted him, a smile on her face as she heard the distinct sounds of his busy kitchen behind him and knew he was at the restaurant that bore her namesake.

“Hi Felicity. How are finals going?” he asked.

“Just stepped out of my last one actually.” She swerved a patch of ice on the sidewalk. “I feel pretty confident that they all went well. So now I just have to pack and I’ll be ready to get picked up tomorrow morning.”

“Perfect. I can’t wait to see you.”

“I’m excited too. And you’re sure that it’s okay with your family for the jet to pick me up?”

“Yeah. Thea’s been over on the East Coast visiting some friends this past week, so it’s just going to make a quick stop in Massachusetts and bring the two of you to Starling.”

She sighed gratefully, “Thank you.”

“Of course. With your luck, if you flew commercial you’d probably get stranded somewhere and have a romantic adventure with a ruggedly handsome, small-town guy. And we can’t have that,” he teased, eliciting a laugh from her.

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