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Takara knew what the girls wanted. They only watched the Braves for the handsome robots. Why can't Hasbro give us more fan service??

Well, I wouldn’t say they’re completely devoid…

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Do you think Kataang might have worked better if it had happened earlier and had time to get complicated? It probably would have annoyed people who wanted to get on with the plot but it might have avoided the "hero gets the girl" final episode business.

Well, it was introduced in the pilot episode, so…

No, it was its scripting in Book 3 where I find it impossible to track.

Like, to me it felt as though Zutara was the foregone conclusion for the series when Book 2 was airing, and it made sense to me, albeit it was a tropey assumption. Then “Crossroads” hit and we had that amazing subversion of Zuko’s redemption arc (maybe my favorite moment in TV history), and also Aang “giving up” Katara with the chakras and all, so I had no clue what to think. I didn’t care enough about shipping to ponder it deeply, but it was like Aang was on this jedi-path, and I couldn’t imagine a situation where Katara could work through her feelings of betrayal with Zuko within one season. Which is still something I cling to. I could see ATLA ending on a trajectory headed for a Zutara romance, but I think as presented it still wouldn’t have been the best writing in the world.

Clearly they intentionally countered the whole “heroes cannot love” thing (Iroh tells Aang he was smart to choose love, though the Rock of Chakra Convenience is still just an atrocious way to go about it. Korra found the inner strength to open hers…), and I’m happy for it. But how Bryke went about scripting the romance in Book 3 is nothing short of a headscratcher for me.

Ya know what, I’m putting this below a jump-cut. Here’s the full account of why I’m personally struggling to really feel compelled by this pairing, even though I adore the complications of their adult lives and family, and would never trade Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin for anything. I hope we can all be friends after this? If you enjoy it, power to ya, and I’m happy you found this aspect of ATLA fulfilling.

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also when soos was teasing stan (about his sweater) and FORD INSTANTLY DEFENDS HIM




You can actually see the exact moment the exhausted little hamster powering Ronnie’s brain falls off its squeaking spinny-wheel in utter confusion during horrible Edwin’s (possibly incredibly prophetic) Nancy Reagan sloganed NHS policy discussion.

(And I’m now picturing a crossover with series 4 of The Thick of It where a now grown-up horrible Edwin has just been appointed Health Minister by JB…)

Monster [Fanfic]

Chapter two: here
Read on asian fanfics: here

Chapter three: Subjects

White walls. Always white, so you don’t get distracted with anything. White mosaics, easy to clean and cold enough to cool rooms. Lights, neon lights everywhere, dazzling anyone who isn’t used to them, anyone who had just woken up or isn’t in their five senses. That’s how their facilities always were, those buildings no one would dare to go; the kind of place one doesn’t come back form.
How many hours had she stayed in that cold room? There was no way of knowing, but despite the white walls, thoughts flooded her head. When was she going to die? She knew she was, or else why would they bring her here? She scanned the room the best she could; her body was numb, and only her head could move. The only sound she could hear was the one the lights made when they flickered, not even the screen in front of her emitted any sound. Was it even a screen or was it just a mirror? Maybe someone was watching from the other side, it was very likely. Her eyes travelled to her arm, something was injected in her vein. She couldn’t see what it was, but it made her skin look quite pale and her veins seemed bluer, dark blue was it. This isn’t normal, why haven’t I died?
And it hit her, frustration, despair. Things one wouldn’t normally feel in this world, where emotions were controlled. Her heart was beating too fast, her left arm was beginning to hurt, her mind went blank and the lights seemed to shine more intensely. She was having a heart attack, or so she thought.

Subject number twenty seven, experimental phase number one. Completed

“Wait! Where are you taking me… Sehun? I have to tell my mother… and Bella…” Balie couldn’t see where she was going, Sehun made sure her eyes were closed before they all stood together in the middle of the classroom, holding each other’s hands.
“She can’t be here. No one can know where we are”. Jongin’s voice broke the silence while Balie tried to guess what they were all doing. “Now stand still or you’ll get dizzy”. Even in the year they were, where technology was highly advanced, no one had managed to develop human transportation. When Balie opened her eyes, she didn’t see the classroom where just a few minutes ago they were in, instead the four were in what it seemed an abandoned tunnel, with no lights to see.
–The tunnels- Balie thought. As for what she knew, the place didn’t exist anymore. It was just a rumour, a myth. It was referred as the place where the “mistakes” were sent to die. But no one had heard of them in quite some time; the government gave the impression of being perfect and all errors or mistakes were eradicated. Or so they all believed, but Balie knew for certain it wasn’t true. Entire families like hers were constituted by these so called “errors”, hiding and acting their whole lives as if they were part of this utopian world. But they were far from perfection, from equity.
What are we doing here? Here’s where…. The outcasts ‘live’- “I know what you are thinking” Sehun said. “But you’d be surprised of what those people managed to do, and we are with them, and you. We came here to save the ‘different’”.
It was cold, Balie was shaking. Either was the humid but cold place or that she was scared of how her life had changed in a few minutes. She wasn’t sure what she was doing with Sehun; the three boys now seemed taller and stronger, scarier and powerful and she couldn’t quite understand what made them look that way.
“You guys don’t get it, she is like me”
The three boys were confused, clueless to what she meant. Looking at each other, the three questioned Balie, demanding some sort of explanation.
“You think I would have managed to survive twenty years by my own? You have to go back and bring my best friend here.”
“So… she is like you?” Kyungsoo asked. Balie could have sworn some kind of panic crossed his yes. “She is… an exception?”
“What are you guys talking about? She is like me okay? She feels and thinks. We aren’t the robots the other people are, and if I’m gone, they are going to find out and take her” If Balie hadn’t started to cry out of frustration, they wouldn’t have believed her. They’ve seen tears before, they weren’t affected by them anymore; but seeing a human reacting to waves of frustration and fear, was something else. Almost in all the known worlds, those feelings were suppressed, because they brought chaos and rebellion and stood in the way of ‘freedom’.
“So…. She is like us.” Sehun clarified, as if Balie could understand whatever they were talking about.
“Like.. us? What are we?”
They call us Monsters. But we are known in our world as the Lucky ones”

Pets || ((closed rp))

One of us and one of them.

That’s how it worked. James knew he was no exception. He wasn’t that special. He was the last of his kind, yes, but also just one of many monsters walking the earth. Humans didn’t like creatures like him.

There was a time when non-human creatures were tolerated, but then Vampires and ghouls had started to murder each other, humans and other living beings, so they had been put down. As have been all other more dangerous kinds.

James was a kitsune. Long story short, he could turn into a fox or appear mostly human, only his ears and tail were always a little more difficult to hide. He could, yes, but not for too long.

Right now, he was in a facility that bred and trained creatures like him. He’d been found as a toddler after his pack had been slaughtered and he was taken in and grew up in a cell. Therefore, he wasn’t too comfortable around humans, or other people at all. Shy, quiet and untrusting, scaring easily.

Luckily, nobody wanted to mix a kitsune with another race, so at least he wasn’t forced to breed with someone else. Kitsune were still feared to some point, given the fact, they couldbecome very powerful. If they had the right blood line, which James had, though only he knew and he made sure to keep his powers hidden.

“You’ve finally been chosen, fox.”, came one of the wardens and James couldn’t help but feel anxious. He’d be teamed up with a hunter that decided to take him with him and that hunter would expect him to well, hunt with him…Problem was just that the hunter’d own him as soon as he got the key to his collar and hoshi no tama and would own every fiber of his being, being able to command him and force him to do whatever he wanted. He’d heard of other creature who’d been sent back that it’s much better in those cells than outside with your master and James couldn’t help but start shiver uncontrollably. One of his trembling hands curled around the collar he’d worn since he could remember, tail wagging behind him anxiously.

“There he is.”, the warden told someone, pointing towards James’ cage, in which a very frightened 28-year-old male kitsune sat, clutching his tail to his chest and rocking back and forth, as he often did, given the fact he hardly ever saw the outside of the concrete cell. 

Emergency commissions/donations

Hey guys. So my family is in a really bad situation money wise. My dad got fired October 1st and he hasnt been able to find any job since then even though he’s applied to well over 100 jobs. We’re running out of money and quick…and I cant get a job because im moving out in six months and even then i have no experience so they wouldnt hire me. My mom isnt a citizen and hasnt worked since she was 24 so she wouldn’t be able to get hired either.

We’re going to be out of money by the 1st of November and we wont be able to pay anything. We’ll have money for food but then our electricity, gas, and water will get shut off. We’re going to probably get evicted too if we don’t pay rent on time because the owners are very strict.

I dont know what else to do, which is why im asking for help…and even if you can’t help can you please spread the word??

You can either donate or i will be selling drabbles for $5 a piece. I can write any ship and practically anything you want with the exception of things like pedophilia, watersports, that kind of thing. (Yes i will write incest and noncon or gore. All that fun stuff but there may be a charge of an extra dollar or two if it requires really big detailing.)

For $10 I can write a detailed backstory for your OC or a longer type of story that you’d request. Again ill write anything except pedophilia/watersports/scat. (Yes i will write incest and noncon or gore. All that fun stuff but there may be a charge of an extra dollar or two if it requires really big detailing.)

Please contact me via tumblr IM for my paypal so you can donate or have a commission done. I’ll be showing progress on commissions but will require payment before I give you the story.

Thoughts on MM

Ok… I have said this before but I see alot of talk about MM today so I am going to say it again… 

I think MM has been seen with Sam. Yes the blonde at the winery, and the baseball game was MM. But before you go nuts on me hear me out… 

I think she was placed either by Sams people or by TPTB to be a “sheep hustler” (her words) for the fandom… think about this with me for a minute… 

Where did the rumors about her originate?? LA right? Guns and Roses.  A Concert where Sam may or may not have attended.  But the rumor was he was seen with “a short haired blonde” well MM doesn’t have short hair, Cody does but that’s beside the point.  This concert was just after Sam returned from a long press tour where he was VERY careful to bring his BFF Luke along.  So he meets MM and all of a sudden… BOOM he is in a relationship with this woman. Nevermind she had in the very recent past been attached… anyway I digress. So the rumor starts… TPTB say hey… let’s roll with this, even though perhaps if she was there all they were doing was networking.  

That moves us to Scotland. Purv says she is spotted on the same vacation with him, even though Sam (very private very sneaky Sam) publicly posts about being on Skye and wow… look at that so does MM! Except what kinds of things does MM post about?? Sheep. TWICE. Well yes there are lots of sheep in Scotland I’m sure but she posts about them twice, and even uses emoji’s for them? And also calls herself a “sheep hustler”?  I don’t think that is any old coincidence.  By this point she knows that Purv is digging… so why not play into it?? People are sheep… follow the crowd… what do they want the crowd to think? That they (SC) are not together… 

Now this brings us back to LA… just happens to be where the stalkers live right? So… again… why not play into them.. flush them out so to speak… give them what they want which in turn GIVES SAM AND CAIT THE PRIVACY THEY ARE CRAVING… call me a conspiracy theorist or a Super Shipper or whatever you like but I just REALLY REALLY have had the feeling all along that MM has been playing decoy for Sam and Cait.  That was backed up to me by the winery sighting… YES I do believe that was MM at the winery.  The purse just happened to match the purse she had publicly posted on her IG… and so did the dress.  It was her.  But am I concerned about that in the least?? NOPE and here is why… that picture of VERY private Sam who can hide that big old 6′3″ ginger body of his all over town just so happens to show up in a questionably romantic “pose” with MM POSTED BY A STARZ PRODUCER.  A STARZ producer folks.  Yes that is important.  They were not photographed with ANY fans at said winery… or if they were they were asked not to post them… no one finds that the least bit odd?? I believe that MM was there AGAIN to run decoy for Sam and Cait.  Yes I do believe Cait was there, and maybe that makes me crazy but I don’t care.  Cait was very quiet on SM when Sam was popping up places… notice that pattern?? ONE Of them is always “HERE I AM” and the other is quiet…. unless they are working.  VERY VERY rarely do we see Cait in LA and Sam is in xyz location publically on their social media UNLESS they are working.  What does that pattern tell you?? That they are trying to hide something.  How better to hide something than having decoy boyfriends (ahem… old friend Tony) and girlfriends (MM), and even Shatner pissing people off left and right… (Remember how they ended up at the Deadline party and no one knew about it until the day after??? Because Shatner was spouting his venom and distracting that night).  It just makes sense to me.  And that was all backed up by the baseball game. 

Now the baseball game… we have one FAN picture from that…. ONE. There are thousands and thousands of people at that game, and there is only one fan who asked for his picture?? Anyway that is beside the point.  One fan posts.  Purv sends her lackeys to track them down… did they purposely do this to flush out the stalkers? I don’t know… again call me crazy but I think it is all too convenient that video we did get.  And then there is the TOTALLY UNBIASED IG pic that shows Sam (don’t argue with me about that not being Sam, cause I can’t help you if you think there are 10 Sam doppelgangers in the same area of Dodger stadium on the same night in the same clothes with the same hair… I can’t help you if you don’t think that was Sam) Sam with a brunette.  Now… I have no idea if that was Cait or not.  I think it is quite likely but I don’t know… and I don’t care honestly… it doesn’t matter.  What DOES matter is there is NO BLONDE in that picture. That UNBIASED picture. That picture that did not come from one of Purv’s sources…. completely unbiased, unphotoshopped, unEVERYTHING picture.  We have the picture with NO BLONDE  AND evidence that MM’s BFF was at the game that night… in a different section. SO again here is what I think happened… thanks for sticking with me this long… I know I am sounding like a total conspiracy theorist here but I have such a gut feeling about this I had to write it out… 

AGAIN MM is playing decoy for Sam and Cait. Perhaps Sam and Cait went to the game, sat quietly in the section in which they were unbiasedly photographed… but then Sam when he went to buy a hat or go to the bathroom was spotted and photographed with a fan… he knew that privacy was lost… so they call down MM from the seats with her friend, say, “come be seen with me for the last inning” and MYSTERY is created, privacy is gained… so even if Cait WAS at the game they can say, oh no look Sam was with the blonde! Done and done. Hiding in  plain sight. 

Question is WHY do they need to do this… they aren’t A-listers, they aren’t that famous… BUT they do feel a responsibility to the show and to the fans who think they will ruin it if they are together… so they feel like they need to hide.  I think this was the real reason for IFH and why they are now hiding. 

Thanks for sticking with me thru this diatribe… you are welcome to disagree with me but this is the FIRST time in a very long time in this fandom that everything seems to make sense to me and I just thought I’d share my thoughts. The less credible MM is (not because of her, I think she seems like a lovely person) the more I suspect we will see the return of Tony… notice how we haven’t seen him in awhile… 

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There's an article about Harry and Louis in some real estate type magazine.

Yes there is…except it’s kind of random, it has nothing to do with real estate - it’s literally talking about Larry moments from the recent concert.

Fess up - which one of you works for Realty Today? ;)


I’m a doofus and deleted the ask, so anon here it is.

40. Exes meeting again after not speaking for years au

Gail was picking up her lunch at the sandwich place she frequented when she first saw her, she seemed familiar but Gail didn’t put too much on it. She is a police officer after all so she saw a lot of faces. She’d mostly likely pulled this beautiful woman over for a speeding ticket, right? But as she ate she found herself watching the brunette. No this was different, she knew this woman. The brunette looked up when the guy behind the counter called for a Dr. Stewart. It couldn’t be Lunchbox could it? Taking a better look at the brunette as she stood to grab her food Gail could just make out the scar that Lunchbox had gotten while on a hike. 

Gail and Steve had been sent to different camps, their parents didn’t have time for all day care so they shipped them to camp in Vancouver. They said it was so they could travel, get some clean air, learn about the outdoors and start making potential contacts. Gail knew the real reason though. She wasn’t too upset though, she got a month and a half away from her parents. But she wasn’t looking forward to all of the outdoors and being away from her brother, as they were going to different camps.

It didn’t take long to find someone to tolerate, his name was Chris. He reminded Gail of a puppy, he would follow her around and do anything she told him to. Chris was ok. And he was the one to introduce her to Holly. Holly was the odd one out, she was always nose deep in a book or finding bugs, she spoke differently than all of the other kids. And she always had a first aid kit filled with bandages and snacks with her. So Gail aptly named her Lunchbox and the two became fast friends. Gail would kick anyone’s ass who made fun of her friend and Holly gave her snacks as she cleaned the blondes scrapes, they made a great team.

The blonde wasn’t sure how she got there but she was. Maybe it was a dare or challenge of some sort. What ever it was lead Gail to standing at the base of a big oak tree, the lake to her right and Chris leaning against the tree trunk. Kids started to sing/hum ‘here comes the bride’ as Holly slowly walked down the aisle made out of sticks toward her. That was both of the girls first kiss, it might have been a quick peck but it made history for both. 

Gail smiled at the memory. You aren’t going to be able to stop thinking about her until you find out so just go ask, Gail thought to herself. Taking a deep breath she stood, suddenly getting nervous. Peck’s don’t get nervous. As she reached the woman’s table she noticed she was wearing glasses on top of her head, keeping her gorgeous dark hair out of her squinting eyes.
“It might be easier to read if you wore your glasses in front of your eyes instead of on top of your head.” Gail quipped. The woman looked up startled by the blonde.

“You’re probably right.” she blushed and pulled the glasses down to illuminating her brown eyes. Gail smiled, which is something she didn’t truly do often. “Um, can I help you officer?”

Gail was confused for a half a second on how this woman knew she was an officer, until she remembered she was still in uniform. “This is going to be weird if it’s not you so just go with it because it’s bugging the crap out of me.” the brunette nodded, a lopsided grin playing at her lips. It was definitely her, Gail would knew that smile anywhere.

So she continued more confidently, “have you cheated on me Lunchbox?”
She watched as the tan face in front of her changed from full on confusion, to remembrance, to realization. Gail couldn’t help the goofy grin from spreading all the way through her body, thank god it’s her cuz that would have been awkward.

“Oh my god, Gail” Holly shouted and stood from her seat to pull the blonde in for a hug. Another thing Gail didn’t usually do, but Holly had always been an exception.

“And to answer your question, yes I have. Kind of. I really don’t think a wedding for two 8 year olds at camp, officiated by a kid who picked his boogers is binding.” Holly laughed.

Gail faked being hurt with a scoff and a hand over her heart, “I thought it was beautiful. I mean it was right by the water and Chris waited until after they threw the flowers to pick his nose, nothing says romantic like that does.”
Holly laughed, “it was very pretty, especially you with your 'lip stick’, pigtails and pipe cleaner ring.”

“Well at least you still try to flirt with your wife after all these years.” she winked.

“Gotta keep the old flame alive right?” Holly smirked with a blush. “Grab your lunch and join me.”

“Still so demanding.” Gail stuck her tongue out and walked to do as she was told.

The two reminisced for the rest of Gail’s lunch hour, actually a bit over making her late and in trouble. She didn’t mind though. It seemed Holly was able to get away with everything Gail stood against. Hugs, smiles, stealing food, making her late, making her feel things. Warm pleasant fuzzy things. She might not have realized it yet but she knew she was screwed.

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XD my professor started talking about Korean culture for sociology, and I showed a few videos that you guys did (from the fapfap and the wtf videos) and everyone LOVES them! A few of my friends even did the ramen hacks and were so mind blown how useful it is (XD except we're kind of intimidated by putting ranch dressing in our ramen)

Ha!  Yes, the adding of Ranch is specifically a Simon thing :D

For @ftfanfics’ challenge “Speechless”

Zenosyne: the sense that time keeps going faster.

Pairing: gratsu

Word count: 1.3K

— — — — —

Gray watched as a family of three strolled through the park. They all had dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. They looked like his family before his parents had died. The young boy could even have passed as his brother if they stood side by side.

It felt odd… or rather, didn’t feel like anything. It didn’t hurt any more when he thought about them. The ache that echoed in the empty void his loved ones had left slowly disappeared.

When had that happened? One century ago? Two? He had no idea. The process of healing was so slow he couldn’t even pinpoint where he had gotten strong enough to stop being consumed by grief.

Maybe strong wasn’t the right word. Maybe cold better described the kind of person he had become.

It made sense. Being immortal was bound to wear on even the best of people, so why should Gray escape it? He had gotten used to his life of solitude and had even grown to be immune to the way people flitted in and out of his life as their lifetimes came and went in what was really beginning to feel like the blink of an eye.

At least that was the case until he came along.

Natsu Dragneel had barged into his life without so much as a warning for the kind of disruption he’d bring. Okay, disruption was a harsh word. But the man had stolen Gray’s fucking heart when he clearly didn’t want to give it away to anyone ever again. He learned his lesson when everyone he had ever cared about died one by one. He had gotten used that, adapted and learned to cope. The last thing he needed was some bright eyed man with overwhelming warmth in his soul making his heart flutter.

Gray sighed. He shouldn’t be so bitter. He should be thankful to finally feel something after all these years. And he was. He was grateful.

Natsu was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Him and his bright smiles, his soft touches, his contagious laughter, and his enormous heart. He had demonstrated his unconditional love and his unfaltering loyalty in the 4 years they had been together, and Gray had a growing sense of dread. He loved Natsu with everything he had, and he didn’t see himself letting the man go for the rest of his short lifetime. And therein the problem lay. Natsu’s lifetime would feel so short for someone as cursed as he was.

Life expectancy had grown since Gray was a child. People lived into their late seventies and early eighties, some even growing to be 90, or less heard of, 100. Which would have been fine had Gray met Natsu when he had turned 20. Time felt like it dragged on then, and he could have fooled himself into thinking Natsu’s life would stretch on longer than it was going to.

Except Gray wasn’t 20. Physically, yes, mentally, kind of. But Gray had lived more than a handful of lifespans, each one moving faster than the last to the point that they were starting to blur together.

The only thing that kept him grounded in the here and now was Natsu. He sighed. He had been through this several times, and he always came to the same conclusion: losing Natsu would hurt more than anything else he had ever experienced. But he was worth it. Gray was going to make the best of the situation and try to give him the best life possible.

As if to confirm his thoughts, his boyfriend sat himself down on the bench beside him and threaded his warm fingers through his. It did that ridiculous thing to Gray’s chest that it always did. The pure affection he found in those eyes did a number on his stomach, sending it into a series of flip flops and putting one thought into his mind.

Soul mate.

Fate had made him wait hundreds of years. He was definitely making the most of this. There was no way he was going to let Natsu pass him by, no matter how much it hurt him in the end.

He reached into his pocket and grasped the small, velvet box inside. There was only one thing he had to do before asking Natsu to marry him. Tell him about the curse placed upon him.

Natsu’s reaction wasn’t what he expected. The man laughed so hard he spit out his morning coffee all over the dining room table. As he saw that Gray was serious, he fired off multiple questions, demanded evidence. The best Gray could do was show him old photos and let him look at his original birth certificate, both of which were things that came about long after he should have died.

Then he blew up. Gray had never seen Natsu so angry. Quite the feat considering his short fuse. What made him so livid was the fact that Gray hid his darkest secret from him for 5 whole years. It certainly wasn’t what he expected him to be upset about. He sat in guilty silence, mulling over his stupidity the entire 7 hours Natsu was gone from their shared apartment.

Then Natsu came home. Gray had never been so relieved to see his face. Until he saw the remorseful expression he wore. Natsu opened his mouth to ask for forgiveness, but he wasn’t given a chance. Gray grabbed him and pulled him into his arms so hard it knocked the wind out of him. Before Natsu knew what was going on, Gray was on one knee with a small, black box in his hands.

As if the idiot even had to ask.

It took some convincing, but Natsu quit his job. Gray was adamant on showing Natsu the world, on providing him with the best experiences he could.

A small, legal ceremony was all they bothered with before they packed their bags and took off. Natsu wondered what the rush was. He was only 25. They had the rest of their lives together. Gray would never tell him, but to him that meant they were already running out of time.

He took Natsu everywhere. Brought him to see every wonder of the world, took him to his favourite places, took him places he knew would become Natsu’s favourites. He indulged him in whatever he wanted; dancing, making love on the beach, romantic walks in beautiful cities, skydiving even when he was afraid of heights.

Natsu saw more than he had ever imagined, experienced more than most people ever did in their lifetime. He laughed, cried, and smiled his fair share and then some. 60 long, happy years with Gray. 60 years that Gray insisted were far too short.

At least that’s what Gray kept repeating as he held Natsu’s hand on his deathbed, kissed his face, and cried into his silver hair. Natsu smiled and squeezed his hand. The man pulled back, eyes still filled with tears, so Natsu could look at the man he loved one last time.

Gray truly hadn’t aged a day since Natsu had first laid eyes on him. He was beautiful, resilient, and strong. That’s what Natsu told him as he encouraged him to move on and find someone to love again.

Gray agreed simply to give him some sense of peace as he passed. But as Gray listened to his dying breath, he knew it was a lie. He would never love again. Life would never be the same. If he felt cursed before… That was nothing compared to how he felt now. The only word that described it was despair. He could keep his chin up for Natsu’s sake, though. He would live on if only for his memory.

The love he felt for him would be more than enough to get him through the rest of his days. He could only hope they would go by as fast as Natsu’s lifetime had.