except its sunday

so today i got up early to do a segway tour to which the people didnt show up but i got paid my wage anyway, then i lazed around for a bit, and then i went to my best friend’s to play dragon age for hours straight until he cooked us dinner and we watched a movie and now i am home and cuddled into bed

all in all a good sunday

Just the lone picture because it turns out that if I try to wait for me to draw all of the things I wanna draw I’ll never post anything ever. :/  It’s not the best and my twin didn’t even want me to post it. XD I might take it down later, but I had to draw it because crossovers and Danny and ice powers and male Elsa hair. Mweeheeheehee! >w<

Its great that whenever you see Tales of Zestiria trending, you just know that the episode had a whole lot of Sorey x Mikleo moments

randomthunk  asked:

Anything that involves the line "Theta Sigma, you're in too deep".

I have this on a post-it note somewhere WHY HAVE I NOT WRITTEN THIS YET.

Aka: this line has been a running joke between Kat and me for months but we’re just now getting to it because I am a giant poop.

1282 words; post-Last Christmas; contains much shippy things; please assume Clara and Twelve have been travelling together for a while without actually being all that physical


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Kylux Fic Recs

In light of recent discussion of fic rec lists, I thought I’d put together a list of my favorite fics that I have not seen on other fic rec lists, for one reason or another. These are all wonderful fics, very much deserving of attention and appreciation, and I hope you all enjoy them even half as much as I did! Without further ado, here’s the list as it stands, taken from my bookmarks on AO3:

In a Dawn So Very Dark by aknightfornawt

This one is a medieval/fairy tale AU involving Emperor Hux, Knight Ren, and a truly terrifying forest. It reads like the best sort of myth and had me totally engrossed the whole time I read it. If you like slow-burn romance, horror, and incredible descriptive tone, read this fic immediately. This author’s other works are also excellent (including a spooky Gothic novel AU!), but I chose just the one for this list.

Status Quo Ante by ValiantBarnes

Okay, I’m very biased because this was my gift fic in the Kylux Exchange, but seriously. This fic blew me away and deserves all the kudos in the world. It focuses on academy-age Hux and Ren, who is kidnapped as a child and given to Hux to train. The author writes a gritty yet realistic academy environment, and the complex relationship between Hux and young Ren is fleshed out beautifully. Go give this fic all your love.

Many Cuckoos in the Nest, and the Original Nestling Clipped in a Gilded Cage by 5ofspades

I first found this fic through the beautiful art the author had drawn to accompany it and got totally drawn in by the premise of the story. In this fic, Ben Solo was kidnapped by Snoke and cloned to make an army of Kylo Rens. Once Hux becomes emperor, he finds the original Ben Solo and takes him in. If you like hurt/comfort, gorgeous art, compelling writing, and some good ol’ Stockholm Syndrome, give this fic a read. 

Blue Milk by zamwessell (greencarnation)

One of my favorite Kylux high school AUs. Hux is weird and probably dangerous, Kylo is in over his head with some shady characters, and things get dark. Fast. It’s awesome. If you like The Heathers, terrible teenagers having feelings, and meta-references to Star Wars, check this fic out.

Till Escrow Do Us Part by acaramelmacchiato

Hands down, one of the funniest Kylux fics I have ever read. Works as a great balance to all the darkfic I just recced, too. I can’t stop imagining Hux and Ren as bickering house renovators thanks to this author. Comedic timing and characterization is flawless. If you like impressively detailed descriptions of the house-flipping process, angrily married couples, guest appearances by the Light Side Trio, and Millicent, this fic is for you.

Drive (California Never Felt Like Home) by miss_furniss

This one is a WIP, but it deserves a place on here due to being one of my favorite AUs ever. Hux is a militant separatist who, on Snoke’s orders, picks up Kylo Ren, the psychic son of the senator Leia Organa. The trip to Snoke does not go without its hitches, of course. This fic reminds me of an indie film (with touches of Tarantino) in the best possible way, and I live in the hope that it will update someday. If you’re into well-written mentally ill characters, road trip fun times, and fascinating plot, you’re in for a treat with this fic.

Do Droids Dream of Electric Sheep? by nookienostradamus

I fell head over heels for this fic as soon as I saw it was a Blade Runner AU. The whole cast features in this one, with Kylo as a Blade Runner and Hux as an advanced replicant created by Snoke. It’s brilliantly written and manages to weave the Star Wars cast perfectly into the sci-fi plot. If you like classic sci-fi movies, slow burn romance, and AI/robot Hux, head over to AO3 and check this one out.

Margin Walker by fluorescentgrey

This fic is one of my all-time favorites; I remember being unable to tear myself away from it in my earlier days getting into this fandom. It’s a punk AU taking place in Seattle, with so much detailed worldbuilding that I’m convinced the author is a punk fan themselves. Ben Solo is a small-time musician creating weird experimental music under the stage name Kylo Ren. Hux is the lead man in a mediocre punk band known as the First Order. They meet writing music in a coffee shop, and things take off from there, though not always in the way you’d expect. I have so much respect for this author and everything they write- they truly deserve all the appreciation in the world. If you love music, messy, ugly romance, and darker endings, read this fic immediately.

rise, higher still, endless thrill by aimelle

This one’s a bit shorter, but still an absolute gem. I’m such a sucker for fics where Hux meets Kylo as a younger man, and this fic captures their characterization so well. The author’s writing style is distinctive and gorgeous. It’s one of my earliest discoveries and still a favorite. If you like weirdly religious descriptions of Ren, emotional whirlwinds, and tearjerker endings, go read this author’s amazing work.

That’s all for now, though I’ll almost definitely be adding on to this later. Just as an aside- this is not at all meant to be a slight to more popular authors whose fics appear on rec lists frequently! I love their work just as much as I love the fics here, and it’s important to show our appreciation for their writing as well. At the same time, it’s equally important not to forget about lesser-known authors who still slave away to create writing for the enjoyment of others. Let’s support all the writers and creators in this fandom, without tearing anyone down!