except its marker

The thing (that isn’t  train a child from the age of four in the use of a fantastically lethal weapon) about the Jedi that makes them vaguely abhorrent, in comparison to the Buddhist Sect (Zen. With the militaristic tendencies of a Sengoku temple), is that Buddhist monks chose to give up their worldly accoutrements, and secular lives to enter the cenobiarchial community. As in this was an informed decision, generally made as an adult to give up secular life, after having experience therein. Not that in the real world children weren’t given to temples but. 

 In most real world religions it tends to be the adult members of the ecclesiastical community who are the most subject to dress code. The Jedi Order? It’s the Padawans- i.e the novitiates who are permitted to interact to a degree with the outside world- who are obliged to (if possible) cut and maintain their hair in a distinctive, probably well documented, and appallingly unflattering style, which is likely incredibly hard to disguise even without the braid. And is mandatory. During your teens. 

 The point of the above musing is twofold. Firstly the Order insists in the depersonalisation of those still in the process of being indoctrinated (there is a line between ‘braid under right ear’ and ‘haircut that takes years to grow out (see; the mullet in ep.2) and flatters no-one’ ). This is not a ‘right of passage’ unless the entirety of the teaching period is intended to exist as a liminal zone (which is concerning really. Because people in the liminal zone aren’t really members of the community and therefore NOT accorded the same rights). Secondly, the Padawan haircut, recognisable at a distance, and well known on Coruscant deters runaways like hell. Which means the only way out is via expulsion; luck(to avoid any who might, at best drag you back); or levels of cunning, savvy, and determination (and also luck) to find some way to survive when any and all proof of your first decade of existence is tied up in and by the Temple. When all you had to do in the Middle Ages, was steal food and new clothes, and run for it.