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Shape of You (19)

ONE CHAPTER LEFT GUYS. That’s it. Then this part of Nessian has told it’s tale. I can’t wait to share the epilogue, I think you’ll shed a tear. Anyways First Time again is getting longer and longer. So Hopefully you all are excited for that journey to continue!

Chapter six will be up sometime today!


Chapter 19

Feyre and I healed more together at the lake. One weekend turned into us deciding to stay for a full week. Each of us took off and decided we needed this time together after what we had been through. My sister and I needed it the most. Our bodies healed faster than our minds. She took a little longer, her leg giving her problems every so often while it healed. Both Rhys and Cassian were still mother hens.

They were pains in the asses, Rhys still acting as if Feyre couldn’t walk on her own even though she had been off crutches for a while now. Cassian was sweet but he pushed me more than he did when we were alone. I knew it was because he was afraid I would let the horrible memories of this place take over. So he did what he could to try and keep those memories away.

And he was pretty good at distracting me.

After we celebrated Tomas being caught, Cassian and I spent most evenings in our room, catching up for lost time. I learned more about my actual boyfriend while we were wrapped up in the sheets. We found a lot of excuses to be alone, but then again so did my sister and her husband.

I rolled over, Cassian was drifting off beside me. It wasn’t quiet nighttime yet and when I looked out the window, I heard my sister laughing. Az and Elain were out by the lake, their feet in the water. It wasn’t warm enough to swim anymore, but it was warm enough to be out there. I was wearing Cassian’s shirt, his fingers had stopped tickling my back a few minutes ago.

“Let’s go join them,” I whispered to his sleeping body. He mumbled something and buried his nose in the pillow. I sighed and grabbed my pants. I got dressed, still wearing his shirt, and then kissed his cheek before walking down the stairs.

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anonymous asked:

The fact that TUE even exists is interesting. Like.... how did it even get approved?! It's so dark?! I guess the phandom likes it for how dark it is, but at the same time other than crossover and Dan things, I haven't really seen many fic about it?! It's so odd. The ideas in TUE haven't been explored much, except select ideas like Danny going over the edge when his family dies. I feel like people explore his every day stuggles more, despite the popularity of TUE.

Apparently, Butch got funding for both it and Reign Storm by promising the studio that they’d be a hit. I’m guessing he was trying to make things more edgy to gain a larger audience. There was a huge team working on TUE in particular, so they must’ve been banking a lot on that one.

Unfortunately, the episodes didn’t do as well as they’d hoped, and that’s (evidently) what led to the show being cancelled so early.

The episodes on their own were good, but I feel like the team missed what makes dark episodes and such in kids’ cartoons work. It’s not the dark stuff itself, but the character interactions and established story that gets the audience invested.

But that’s not what your ask’s mostly about.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. People have latched onto a very small number of things in TUE, but there’s a lot more that could be explored. What about all the other ghosts? What happened to the other human characters? What happened to Dash? I doubt Dan let him off easy. Where’s Aunt Alicia in all of this? How does she feel about it? Are there other ghost children who grew up with this aside from Box Lunch? Heck, it’s been 10 years. There are probably plenty of children in general who know nothing but this. Are there families still surviving outside of Amity Park, hiding among the rubble? Is Amity Park considered a refuge? Do people try to journey there for safety, all out of fear of one ghost?

Did Danny’s human half even get a funeral?

There are so many questions, and not only does the show never address them, but the phandom hardly does, either.

It’s a future that affects literally every character in some way. It deserves to be explored more.


Happy birthday to Kim Sanggyun. Let him never forget how loved he is, how valuable and precious he is to us all. Let him know that every part of him, even the parts he might think are flawed, are a part of him and therefore, we love them so much, just like we do the rest of him.

We wouldn’t want him without his gentleness. You can see how much he craves peace and respect and love in everything he does. He has an aura that promotes positivity, that promotes camraderie because he wants it so badly, and could you really ever deny him something he wants so much? He is light-hearted and needs to make people happy, in that way the rest of us need to sleep, he needs to be the source of others’ happiness.
And that’s a beautiful thing that we couldn’t really do without.

We wouldn’t want him without his hands, without the way they clutch microphones like a spider’s web wraps around its prey except so much more beautiful and forgiving because this is Kim Sanggyun’s web we’re talking about. As if we didn’t expect to be captivated and entranced by every syllable that falls from his lips. As if we didn’t beg and hope that we could one day be caught in his weavings of words. 

We wouldn’t want him if he didn’t rap like it’s everything he wants to do, like it’s leisurely and calm and the equivalent of some mindless destressing mechanism. Don’t get me wrong–I love an intense rapper as much as the next guy, but there’s a quality to Sanggyun’s rapping that you can’t deny the charm of. As opposed to anger, or sadness, or pain, he spreads this idea of hope and peace just from the way he moves when he raps. His entire being is so hopelessly, amazingly positive.

I wouldn’t want Kim Sanggyun without him being the model human being he is. In my entire life, I’ve met one, maybe two, people that I believe exemplify what it is to be a human. And the one I recall most– Sanggyun–is so kind, so modest and forgiving, so talented and adaptable, so fluid, so beautiful in every possible way. How else would you want our species to go down in history?

I wouldn’t want him if he hadn’t taught me so much about what it means to really love humanity. Because it’s not about agreeing with everything, it’s not about supporting every little decision mankind makes, is it? It’s about promoting what you think is best for the world, about spreading every beautiful part of yourself to every place you can reach and hoping it can meet someone else’s innate beauty. Sanggyun taught me that loving the world doesn’t have to be some monumental, spiritual thing. Sometimes, it’s just a fact, something you say when you introduce yourself.

I wouldn’t want Sanggyun without him teaching me how to love him the way he loves all of us. I’m not sure if I’ve quite got it down, but I’m definitely on my way.

But I’ve lied, because what I really wouldn’t want is a world without Sanggyun, and I count my blessings everyday that somehow I was given the opportunity to be alive at the same time as him, and how lucky is that?

It’s amazingly lucky. And for all of the future fans, I wish Sanggyun a thousand more birthdays, so he can touch more lives, and make more people love him, because you know if he only has enough time he could get the entire world behind him.

I love him so much. Happy 23rd birthday, Kim Sanggyun. This year, your fans will find themselves blinded by your light again, and again, we’ll hope to god we have the power to keep your light from flickering.

Continue being you Sanggyun. We’ll take it from there. 

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What's the silliest au idea you decided not to post? Only if you want of course, but you talk about writing stuff only to delete it all the time and im so curious now

The Lads as street magicians with actual magic. They busk on the streets of Los Santos, flashy tricks and slight of hand, enough to draw little crowds and get a couple of dollars from the few generous people in their hellhole city. Enough to distract from the way they’re robbing the less kind-hearted souls blind right before their eyes.

Its a neat trick, hiding their abilities in plain sight, enduring some sneers and shoves and attempts to work them out in return for a tidy profit. They don’t take too much, don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves, can’t risk getting caught out; you never know who’s a big name in this town. Never know who’s armed and dangerous, and the fear of pissing off one gang or another is all too real.

So they don’t make bank but they’re doing ok, they’ve gone from the streets to their own apartment; a shitty one-bedroom hole-in-the-wall but it’s not nothing. They’ve always got enough to eat, they get to play with their powers in broad daylight and they’ve got each other; who could ask for more?

But then, of course, come the Gents. The Gents who all trained their magic through the proper channels, came from families or communities where the existence of their abilities was an open secret, but have gone rogue for their own enrichment, joined up to take the mundane criminal world by storm. So when they walk past a couple of kids performing with real magic they notice, when the kids try to relieve them of their wealth they notice, and the Lads? The lads scatter.

It’s not a response they all agree with, flight over fight will never sit well on Michael or Jeremy, but it’s smarter. It’s what they’d agreed on, in the face of police or gangs or any kind of threat, get out, get safe and regroup. Undignified maybe, but better to keep their powers hidden and live on to fight another day.

But the Gents are no normal civilian adversaries, they have no problem keeping up, so when the Lads find themselves unnaturally corralled and cornered in a secluded alley they have themselves a little showdown anyway. The Gents think its cute at first, little baby sparks with their pretty, harmless powers trying to come up against 3 high level professionals, alright good luck kids. It’s not like the Gents are looking for a fight anyway, are curious more than anything, and waiting for the boys to exhaust themselves should be a piece of cake.  

Except the lads haven’t made it out here on their own for this long without perfecting some mighty strong attacks and repellents, have been practising on each other every day, and the only motivator better than fear for yourself is fear for those you love. They’re vicious, dirty untrained magic, wildly instinctual and impossible to predict, a maelstrom of impenetrable chaos. It’s impressive, unusual and creative and inherently difficult to combat, and hello hello the Gents could absolutely use that kind of edge in their endeavour.

(this is where some actual substance would go but instead i gave up and threw it out..)

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not to be a downer, but a lot of what you say when you're rping OP with regards to his and El's relationship is kinda.....icky. I mean take one of the newest ones "Elita doesnt get jealous of other femmes bc i dont ever spend time with them except for work, and even only short moments" is downright horrifyingly similar to what i hear every day from abuse victims. no, i'm not joking. it's almost verbatim. i love you guys but it's scary to see abusive mindsets passed off as okay or cute.

hey nonny!

maybe what i wrote could of been done differently, so im sorry it came off as that way. after re reading that ask maybe i could of specified more that its more like elita doesn’t get jealous/ and neither does he because they know how the other feels and vice versa? being bonded and all, they trust each other, and its just? he just prefers being with her, and its not an issue of her NOT letting him be around other femmes at all. if thats what you were thinking it seemed like. again, sorry if it came out as that way, i know I have difficulty writing things as him sometimes (some asks dont get answered because im having A LOT of trouble answering them) and im still learning as a writer playing op even if I have been playing him for like 5+ years.

in the end, i phrased it weird and im sorry, its not the feeling that was intended.

Candlelit Dinners and Hand-holding

Fandom: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 

Pairing: Karma x Gakushuu

Word count: 4k

Notes: minor manga spoilers. 

on the AO3

It starts with the cake.

Actually, no, that’s inaccurate. It actually starts with the principal not knowing when to leave his fifteen year old son to stew in his own rage and comes up, lays a pseudo-understanding hand on his shoulder, and says with a voice oozing false sympathy, “Asano-kun? Is something the matter?”

As if he didn’t know. The cake -a spectacle of bright pinks and whites, and the most insulting thing was that it looked pretty good- was sitting right there, effortlessly mocking in the middle of the dining table.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Gakushuu mumbles from his face-plant into the desk.

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anonymous asked:

i know you stopped watching spn (not accusing because you almost never post negativity & i thank you for that) but i'm honestly curious why so many fans have turned negative because the show has always been like that??? it's the same as it was ten years ago but people were ok with it then & now everyones suddenly complaining about no representation & stuff but it was the same thing we signed up for in season 1? i just don't get it?

Hi! :) 

But err… Yes and no. :p I think that’s exactly the point; the show hasn’t changed much in ten years, but the world has, and to adjust to that, so has TV as a whole. 

To keep this as non-wanky as possible: Not every TV show can have representation for everything. In an ideal world, it would, but this is planet earth, not Utopia. 

I’m not saying that writers should be doing some kind of “representation bingo” before every episode that they release. But times have changed, and the things that we were forced to accept ten years ago, we no longer have to accept them now. Back then, if we’d been like; ‘screw this SPN bullshit, I’ll go look for another show that DOES offer me this representation that I’m looking for’, we’d probably be crawling back not soon after, because TV was different back then. It was so much harder to find a TV show with decent queer representation, decent POC representation, a show where women were treated the same as men, etc. There were a few exceptions, but it wasn’t like you had that many options, if any at all.

You didn’t have that luxury of saying; ‘SCREW YOU, I’M OUT’, because these things you were looking for, they often couldn’t be found on regular shows, unless the show was specifically ‘about that particular subject’, if you get what I mean. Every show -old or new- has its problematic aspects of course, but these days, it’s becoming more and more obvious that some shows try, while others simply don’t. 

A show that I really liked when I was younger, was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now the relationship with Tara/Willow on there, for that time, it was really ground breaking to have a queer relationship for one of the main characters, on a show that wasn’t ‘about that’. And that was fifteen years ago. SPN started like three years after BtVS ended, but that show was ahead of its time in some ways, and so SPN didn’t stick out like a sore thumb back in 2005 when it started, because TV was mostly still like that. 

But nowadays, when a lack of representation (for anything) irks us and we start looking around, there are plenty of other shows waiting in the wings, flirting with us, and tempting us. Saying “Hey… That thing you’re looking for? I have that.” 

Shows like How to Get Away with Murder, The 100, and Sense 8, they’re saying; you, hey you… You shouldn’t have to feel spoiled or obnoxious for demanding some simple POC/Queer/Female representation, we’ll just GIVE it to you, you don’t have to beg for it for years (and often without result). 

Bisexual main characters are thrown at us left and right all of a sudden (for example), and we’re shown that it isn’t ‘that hard’ to work this into a show without the show being ‘about that’. We know that with a decent team of writers, it doesn’t have to be an issue at all.

Ten years ago, we didn’t have other examples, nothing to compare, we just went with what everyone told us was ‘normal’ when it came to TV in general. Right now, countless shows are no longer afraid to give us a more realistic and diverse view on the world as it is, which is why SPN is slowly turning into that one kid who’s still stuck in high school while all of its friends have left for college and are moving on with their lives. 

So yes, SPN IS still the same as it was ten years ago… But even though the show hasn’t changed, the expectations in the year 2015 have changed, mainly because of the ever growing number of other TV shows doing all the things that SPN can’t be arsed to do. :p 

stevebucki  asked:

finnpoe + modern gross adorable domestic au maybe ?


  • they met on a roommate add. finn’s roommates ditched him so he needed someone to pay the rent. enter poe dameron, astronaut-in-training, professional Nice Person (he rescues cats from trees?????) and all around Hottest-Guy-Finn-Has-Ever-Seen-What-The-Fuck. they conduct the whole “okay i’ll be your roommate” business online, so the first time he sees poe is when he opens his door to see this hot guy holding a plant?????? and then promptly closes it to hyperventilate. poor finn. [cue knocking on the door “is this the right apartment i was supposed to move in today i’m poe??”]
  • rey is a mechanical engineering / philosophy student which is the Weirdest Ever Combination but she was the one who showed finn around on her first day (transfer student) so he stuck to her like glue. poe is like 6 yrs older than either of them. rey ends up dating his friend jess after a Long Misunderstanding that involved finn thinking poe was dating jess, jess thinking rey was dating finn, and rey flirting as hard as she could at jess with zero results. this has nothing to do with finnpoe but i put it in bc im a sucker for Rey The Huge Lesbian.
  • they kiss all the time. making dinner? time to kiss while the pasta cooks (and almost burns). finn is trying to do homework? poe is Really Distracting. hanging out with rey? time to kiss until she complains. watching tv? more like kissing while the tv is on. (except when funny commercials come on bc finn stops kissing to laugh at the commercial. hes just a small nerd leave him be)
  • finn makes a chore chart. complete with gold stickers. poe likes to take the stickers and put them on finns forehead. “you’re the prize,” he says. “shut up and do the dishes, it’s your turn,” finn says, but he’s blushing SUPER HARD. 
  • finn is new to the city so poe likes to take him to a different place every couple of days and sometimes its just a cool shop or park but other times it’s something like a really cool history museum or something and they have such a good time and hold hands and its rly cute!!!!!!!

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

I got this at work the other day (like 4 days ago). That day was the first of 6days in a row (which where I work “Every day low prices”) is rare. Usually its 5 in a row at most, though on occasion people get 6-7 days in a row (I’ve never seen more than that). Anyway, despite how nice 6 days in a row, all except one being an 7 to 8 hour shift AFTER my hour lunch is subtracted (the only one that wasnt was a 1 to 5:30 right in the middle) but yea that will all be on one paycheck and that is going to look really nice when i get money for it. But despite how nice itll look when i get paid for it, I was not looking forward to 6 days straight. I was in college until i graduated about a month ago, so my availability did not allow for me to work more than 4 days straight, so I never even worked 5 days in a row before. Half hour into my shift on day one of this stretch and my immediate manager walks up to me while im pricing some things and calls my name from the end of the aisle. Shes really nice (most of my managers are tbh) so I dont think anything TOO bad is about to happen but at the same time, i was pricing things that she had told me to price because it had been done incorrectly before so i was worried that she had come back to me that quickly. then she read this to me word for word, and handed it to me with a packet of fruit gummies (like the candy i mean) and the pin (in the pic) attached and it literally just made my day. i told my coworkers (several of them, including some of the managers) that if i started crying, thats how happy this made me. I think one of the best parts about it is that it’s handwritten (and signed but when i took the pic i cut off managers name for obvious reasons) instead of just a template that they fill in the name and reason for. This made my entire day better (literally nothing could or did ruin that day) and honestly made me less worried/upset about 6 days straight. I’m not the only person who got one of these that day (idk who else did, i just know my manager had a small stack of them to pass out) but it was wonderful and stuff like this makes the job worth it, knowing that you are appreciated at your job. and im still happy and this note is in my locker at work so from now on if im having a bad day at work im going to read it and hopefully remember that at least where i work, the employees are appreciated.

as a side note, i have yet to meet a manager there that doesnt know at least 90% of the workers by first name withOUT having to look at our name tags first. usually by the end of the employees first week, most of management knows them by name. our managers at my store are very nice, and its true they occasionally have a bad day but theyve never been outright mean/horrible to anyone that works there (least not that ive seen)