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100 Ways To Say I Love You

Dean x Reader

#12. Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.

#80. Is your seat belt on?

A/N: Fic moved from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

You didn’t want to talk to him, you really didn’t, and hoped that the crossed arms and set jaw would be enough to communicate this much.

Glancing at him as your feet scrunched the mat of multicolored leaves, it became evident that he had received the message, loud and clear. He wasn’t joking to break the tension, he wasn’t complaining, or doing anything that wasn’t walking quietly at your side, having probably made peace with the idea that you would be angry for a while.

When you sat in the car, your body language didn’t change, and the plan was to keep it this way, at least till you had found a good reason to make up and move on.

Only a few seconds had passed when Dean turned the key in the ignition and, even without looking his way, you knew, being familiar with his habits, especially the stupid ones. Would it kill him to put the damn thing on by his own initiative just once?

You tried to resist because he deserved the silent treatment for a few more hours, and you repeated this to yourself, once, twice, three times. Then you gave in.

“Is your seat belt on?”

“Oh, you’re talking to me? So soon?” He inquired with sarcasm.

Your eyes, previously busy looking at the leafless trees at the side of the road, were now turned to glare at him, as you reiterated, “Put it on.”

“No, thank you,” he replied, like a child that couldn’t let you win.

“Just do it.”

Dean put both hands on the steering wheel and looked in front of him, letting out a long sigh. “You don’t even wanna talk to me. Why d’you care?”

“You pissed me off, it doesn’t mean I don’t care. I just need a few hours to get over it. Now can you put it on?”

He gave you a quick glance while the sides of his lips slightly turned up, and he finally obliged.

The drive was long but silent, the only exception the stereo that sang Dean’s favorites on repeat, but more quietly than other days when you two had been in better moods and interested in singing along.

“Still mad?” Dean asked halfway through the drive, without looking your way.

“Yeah, I’ll let you know when I’m not.”

He gave you a nod and nothing else. If he sighed, you didn’t notice.

When you got to your destination, he stopped at the side of the road, the Impala’s engine warm and running, contrasting the temperature outside, that became known once you opened the car door, a chilly breeze making its way through the street and automatically making you move your arms closer to your body.

Then, before you could get out, Dean took off his jacket and handed it to you, “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

“No, thank you.”

Having recognized the tone you had just used, he scoffed silently, and pushed the jacket into your hands, “Just take it. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

You listened to him this time and let the jacket hug your shoulders as you went out, providing warmth and surrounding you with a smell that was all Dean. You wished they would bottle this one, to have it around you all the times.

He was waiting for you to get inside the building, so he frowned when you slid back in the seat. “Forgot somethin’?”

You quickly kissed his cheek and gave him a smile, “Not angry anymore.”

Then you ran out of the car and into the building as Dean drove away, his smile matching yours.

It’s been six years today since @tallestsilver and I started officially being a couple.
I don’t know what there really is to say other than she’s the best thing to ever happen to me, and a day spent with her is a day I wouldn’t trade for anything. Except maybe two days with her. But that may fall under the wishing for more wishes thing.

I feel like this is best kept short and sweet, or I’ll never stop typing, but Silv I love you and it’s the greatest gift I’ve ever been given that you love me in return. 🖤🥀

@amandaj718 replied to your post:-

This has to happen to move the story forward. I don’t know why people are stressing. Its been out there for a good two weeks now. *shrug* It will be fine in the end.

Bingo, I guess because this spoiler has come out later than the others? its just piling more stuff on…

I mean her interactions with robert annoy the hell out of me (tbf her interactions with basically the entire cast annoy me these days) and i doubt i will enjoy them (except with some sense of morbid curiosity) but…

  1. we don’t even know how the conversation comes about (it could be in passing and literally be like 1 sentence) + by this point the 2 will be on better terms (whether we like it or not + its for the plot everything is for the plot whether it makes sense or not)…
  2. her ‘playing nice’ fits with moving the baby plot forward…she knew aaron couldn’t cope BUT she also wants them to be dads together…like??? + with the aaron spoilers (where he is going to reject rob) she is basically setting Robert up to fail (intentionally or not)…aka it will draw Rob further towards the baby (and the whites/ssw/the end of this plot)

however annoying (the wording) of these spoilers are…we were always going to get 1s like this! sooner we get this stage of the story done, the better!

Zootopia One Shot #5: The Vulpecular Valentine

Or, Better Titled: In Which A Writer Attempts to Create a Valentines Day One Shot that Contains No Romance Between a Duo that’s Shipped More than UPS

Want to know something interesting about me?

I can write really long stories by accident.

So what was meant to be no more than 9,000 words is now over 25,000 words.

It can be pain to write (not that I could do any shorter… I’m lousy at short stories.), but I’m told that most people are glad for the length. You’re welcome, people. I’m glad I can give you a solid novel to read the day away…

So here you go. 25,000 words of me attempting to write a Valentine’s Day fic that includes exactly no romance. Unless you call vomiting in the backroom of a club romantic.


Judy knew that when she moved to the City things would be different.

The Bunny Burrows had been her home for so long, and she loved everything that they were. Crowded, chaotic, scenic, hands-on. It was somewhere you lived if you weren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty. Judy hadn’t left because she couldn’t. She left because she was the one who wanted to clean them.

And so she’d gone to the city to become a cop. And from the moment she’d stepped onto soil that wasn’t soil at all she had felt completely at home. It was chaotic, it was crowded, it was scenic and it was hands on. Except instead of farms there were skyscrapers. And instead of two hundred plus relatives, it was eight million unknown bodies occupying the same space.

All in all, it was oh so different, but oh so very much the same.

And Judy had loved it…

Sort of…

It did have its moments. Moments where bias was cruel and predators were everywhere and friends were scant and the working world was demeaning. There were days where her landlord was awful (more so than her last one, and that had been a nightmare in of itself) and her small apartment was broken down and cold and leaking and days where she missed the early mornings of the Burrows where there was nothing but the sunrise to wake you. Now her mornings were alarms and air conditioners and creaking radiators and picture frames of her family and far away calls from her parents.

But it wasn’t all bad.

It wasn't…

And then, like a light switch flicking down, it was February. And suddenly not-so-bad turned to not-so-good which turned into not-at-all.

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Parents To Be (Dean Winchester)

can u do a dean X reader pregnant one?

You didn't put in any specific details in the request, so i went my own way with it

As you stared out your window pane watching droplets of water race each other down the glass, your phone half way across the motel room started to buzz. You got up off of the wooden chair you had put in front of the window, to try and take your mind off the confusion and fear you were feeling. You walked towards the vibrating cell, and picked it up to instantly have an ear full of worried yelling coming from Dean, the man who’s calls you had been avoiding for days.
-“y/n? Where the hell are you?!”- Dean shouted through your mobile
“I’m in Lawrence” you said, your voice shaky from not being used in two days with the exception to booking a motel room.
“I just needed to clear my head” you spoke surprisingly calmly, more so than you thought.
-“I’m coming to get you what’s the motel called?”-
“I don’t know” you sighed looking around the room for some indication to the name of this place, as the sign out side was missing most of its letters.
-“turn your GPS on”-
“Ok” you hung up the phone then slowly dragged your feet over to the barley standing wooden bed and plunked yourself down on it. You dropped your phone beside you, put your hands over your eyes in an attempt to hold in tears that you knew we’re going to come flooding out in a moment. You fell back on to the bed and lay there for longer than intended as you only moved when you heard someone opening the door. You shot up off the bed, ready to fight but once you realized it was Dean you relaxed a little bit.. He stormed over to you and didn’t say a word, just pulled you in to him and wrapped his arms around you tightly. He had been worried sick, which were exact words you listened to on a voice mail he left.
2 days ago you found out that you were pregnant with Dean’s baby. You didn’t know what to do, so you panicked and you ran. You had no-one to go to and no car, so you took a taxi to where ever the small amount of money you had in your pocket at that time would take you, which happened to be Lawrence. You paid by credit card to book a motel room, you put up all of the angel wardings and devils traps with a sharpie then salted the door and Windows and locked yourself in this room for two days.
Tears rolled down your cheeks as Dean held you, and were soaked up by his t-shirt that your face was against. He didn’t have a clue what was going on, all he knew was you had fled. Dean never talked about children, but it came up once in conversation and he made it clear he didn’t want any whilst he was hunting, and he didn’t think he would ever stop.
Running from the bunker probably wasn’t the best idea, but you didn’t know what else to do. Once the two lines flashed up on the pregnancy test that told you you were with child, you knew you were in the biggest problem of your life. You and Dean were always careful when having sex, so you had no idea how this happened.
Dean pushed you away slightly so he could look into your eyes, but he kept a grip on your arms, placing you directly in front of him.
“What’s going on? You had Sam and I worried sick, Cas has been looking all over!” He said loudly, but not out of anger or annoyance just pure worry
“I, uh put up warding” you said with barley enough volume for yourself to hear. You had to tell Dean now, but you had no clue what his reactions would be.
“You scared the crap out of all three of us, why did you go off like that?”
You inhaled deeply, building up confidence to tell your boyfriend the news. “I’m pregnant” you synced your lips to what you were saying in your head, but you weren’t even sure if sound came out. Choking up those words made you want to scream. Dean’s reaction told you that he had indeed understood what you were trying to say.
His eyes widened suddenly out of shock and his hands dropped from your arms, one of them raised to his head and he took a loose grip on his hair as his lips moved up and down whilst he was searching for words to say.
“You’re- you’re- pregnant?” He stuttered. You nodded your head slowly.
“Well why didn’t you tell me” he said, his voice almost shouting as his hand dropped from his head.
“I don’t know, I just ran. I thought you would be pissed, you don’t want a baby, I dont either……but I don’t know, I needed to clear my head”
“Two days this has been running around your head?”
You nodded again. He walked back over to you and bent down so his arms were tightly around your waist and his face was buried in your neck. You hands slid from his biceps, over the rough material of his coat to his neck. You lifted up his face and kissed him on the lips, extremely relieved at his reaction. You were expecting him to be the one to flee this time. He pulled away from you and put both his hand on your hips, with his eyes locked on yours as he spoke.
“You should have told me. We can live in the bunker permanently, its safe. You can decorate it, make it like a home. Sammy can hunt or not but at the end of the day nothing can follow him home. We can turn a room into a nursery….and we can be a family” Dean smiled as he turned around, and took your wrist as he walked towards the dirty motel door, eager to go wherever he was going/
“Where are we going Dean?” You asked before loosening his grip on you and picking up your bag from the bottom of the bed.
“A furniture store, the sooner you get the place looking like a family could live here the better”
“You’re so happy” you smiled at his excitement, he turned around from the door to face you directly
“I wasn’t expecting this, and kids weren’t on my agenda. But I’m trying to make the best out of a bad situation”
“I’m surprised, that’s not your usual approach on things” you raised your eyebrows.
“Things have got to be different, right? We’re going to be parents” he said, and at the word parents, the grin faded from his face and he looked frightened. You put your rucksack on your shoulders and walked over to him an took him by the hand
“Don’t worry Dean. If your half as good at parenting as you are at everything else you do you’ll be a mighty fine dad”
The smile returned to his lips and he walked you out the door to his impala, to go shopping. This was not the behavior you were expecting from him, but you were glad that Dean wasn’t pissed or angry. He didn’t usually take news well and kids were never on his mind, but you knew that you guys would be good parents, and Sam and Cas could be a brilliant uncles, you guys could all be a family living like families should, free of demons, monsters and ghosts.

anonymous asked:

i've never cared for sm artists to be completely honest and after listening to lee hi's song i honestly became so surprised by how sweet and healing the song/words are and i'm so happy it was an idol like jonghyun who wrote them? it's truly made me a fan. i've been on your blog for two days and now haha, and i'm so amazed by him, he's sooo talented. i was wondering what are some hobbies he does outside of his singing and writing? he seems like such a sweet and kind guy. ;_;

ah, this is really nice to hear! i’m glad that he’s drawing in some new fans. other than singing and writing, he doesn’t do too much with the exception of his radio show, so i’d suggest to check out the blue night radio tag to get a bit more insight on his personality, etc. he also wrote a book that released late last year. it hasn’t been translated in full but you can find snippets of it here. but yeah! hobby wise …, like said: he seems pretty focused on composing / writing lyrics, writing in general, his radio show and, well, shinee. otherwise, some of his other interests / things important to him that he’s mentioned: candles (he collects them because he’s sensitive to smell), roo (his dachshund), his mom and older sister, reading, etc. translations from the blue night tag or reading some of his interviews will probably help you get to know him the best. (it’s also fun to scroll through his sns posts: instagram + twitter, though he hasn’t been super active on either over the last few months, or even the compositions tag if you want more insight on his writing.) i’d also suggest checking out his solo songs if you haven’t because they’re really similar to the one that he wrote for lee hi; as are a lot of his songs that he’s written for shinee. hopefully this helps a little!