except it would just be a taylor swift cd

When you are already feeling sad, angry, and frustrated because it seems like with the exception of you, basically everyone and their brother was invited to one of the Rep fan events the past few weeks. Then, BAM, your phone blows up with friends telling you to get to a specific Target in your city because Taylor Alison Swift is there buying her new cd and meeting fans. You have literally just pulled up in your driveway from work and it would take at least an hour in this traffic to get back to that Target. Never mind this is the Target you shop at most. In fact, you were just there the day before and you were there release day buying merch and taking photos. Swift leaves Target ten minutes after my phone blowing up with notifications. This is the story of my life. I can’t make this stuff up. I have had more near misses with possibly meeting Swift over these almost eleven years than Gerber has baby food. Another chance bites the dust. I will say this: I hope with a passion Tay has left the city already. I can’t take these pop up appearances. A person could have a heart attack rounding a corner of the music department at Target and literally running into Shifty Swifty in the flesh.