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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

  • Suzaku: I didn't want it...to be you... [free-falling during Lelouch's grand introduction speech, as if everybody there didn't already know all his titles and roles] I should have arrested you when I had the chance!
  • Lelouch: You knew it was me?
  • Suzaku: I wasn't sure at first, so I convinced myself that it wasn't true. I REALLY wanted to believe in you. But you were lying to us -- to ME!
  • Lelouch: Yes, and now--
  • Suzaku: All those clues, and I just looked the other way. Because I LOVED you!
  • Lelouch: [loses his cool and panics for first time] Wait, past tense?!
  • Suzaku: The late nights, the strange phone calls, the way you always seemed too informed...
  • Lelouch: Seriously, Suzaku, did you STOP loving me?!
  • Suzaku: The same dramatic gestures and poses, the same burning hatred for Britannia, the same noodle body type...
  • Lelouch: You're not answering--!
  • Suzaku: ...the way that your height plus the costume high heels equals Zero's height...
  • Suzaku: ...the way your eyes snap to attention during math class whenever we're talking about Absolute Zero...
  • Suzaku: ...the Zero cape I found in your laundry basket, the Zero mask under your loose floorboards where we keep THOSE supplies, the sent text message from when you borrowed my phone to contact a "gambling acquaintance" and automatically signed it "-Zero"...
  • Suzaku: ...the collage of flattering pictures you have of Zero on your bedroom wall with the headline "I AM AMAZING!"...
  • Lelouch: Because I *AM* amazing. Let's not forget the important details. [dramatic pose with swishing cape]
  • Suzaku: ...the way you talk in your sleep and confess your identity as Zero into my neck as we spoon...
  • Lelouch: COMPLETELY unintentional, that one.
  • Suzaku: I honestly don't know how I didn't see this coming, Lelouch.
  • Lelouch: Not even my genius can explain your idiocy, Suzaku. Now, do you still love me or not?!
  • Suzaku: [blinks] Of course I love you! How is that even a QUESTION, Lelouch?
  • Lelouch: Well, you hate Zero...and I've been lying to you this whole time...about being Zero...
  • Suzaku: No, no, you misunderstood. You weren't completely lying. You were TRYING to tell me in your own way. Well, lots of ways. I see that now, looking back.
  • Lelouch: Yeah, so maybe the lying part isn't so cut-and-dry, but I'm still Zero.
  • Suzaku: You've always been, right? So nothing's really different.
  • Lelouch: Except you know for sure that it's my attractive face behind the mask.
  • Suzaku: I think a part of me always knew. Deep inside. And I kept going back to you then, so I don't see a reason to change that now.
  • Lelouch: Good. You're not that mad anymore.
  • Suzaku: Oh, I'm still furious. You're sleeping on the couch, Lelouch. And don't think I really threw away that sexy cat costume Milly picked out.
  • Lelouch: You are a master of cruel and unusual punishment, Suzaku. I'd almost rather be dragged before my father and stripped of my dignity. ALMOST.

cannotevenodd  asked:

ok so the thing is.... u draw the characters to look like the actors EXCEPT u change the skin tones to be lighter? am I missing something? how is this not white-washing..? this isn't supposed to be hate I'm just genuinely confused

1. My Hamilton has a different nose,a different hairstyle,longer and lighter hair and really sensitive skin.

2. My Laurens has more puffy face,he’s asian and i was even thinking about giving him blue eyes,like the real one

3. I can’t draw Washington or Burr so they are out :”D

4. Jefferson and Lafayette have different hair and skin tones. Laf’s hair are even shorter!

5. Philip has the same sensitive skin of his father (he’s a fuckboy too) and his hair are like Angelica,so he’s like her aunt

I can continue if you want,really

I started drawing this two nights ago as a combination of needing to draw fucked-up Jean and wanting to draw Droplets fanart. By a complete coincidence rainbowd00dles drew the exact same scene except 500% better, though, so now I just feel silly posting this, haha. ;;;

Oh well. Can never have too many fucked up Jeans on your dash. P:

Watching the Bottle Turn

This is the high school au spin the bottle prompt for the one anon :) I apologize for any mistakes, it’s unbeta’d and almost 3 am.

Summary: Carmilla is roped into playing spin the bottle by her brother, and the results are more than Carmilla could have hoped for. Hollstein galore. 

Rating: I’m not sure, slight M? I went as smutty as I could but it still wasn’t too much. But dominant Laura is everything.


Music, with way too much bass for Carmilla’s liking, flooded out of the house when the front door opened. She pushed her way into the house, ignoring the beefcake that had opened the door. Normally, she wouldn’t even make an appearance at a juvenile party like this, but she was popular—in spite of her attitude—and got a lot of invitations. She liked to pop in to parties here and there just to see what was happening. It was rare that she went to any party thrown by someone on the football team, because they were often too annoying and loud, but Carmilla made an exception tonight because she had heard, quite annoyingly, from her brother that a certain short, overly enthusiastic, but completely endearing, girl was going to be in attendance.

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anonymous asked:

sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and realizes that harry potter isn't my godfather and it still upsets me

I feel this way too, except I get terribly upset that Harry Potter isn’t my son and I can’t cuddle him in blankets and make him tea and tell him how incredible and special he is and throw him the biggest goddamn birthday parties on the block, just to see his face light up with a shy, surprised smile when he sees all his friends and loved ones there to support him

But Harry really would be such an incredible godfather to Teddy! Not only would he be determined to surround this little boy with as much love and family as possible, he’d use his influence to help push through laws that would eradicate the prejudice that Teddy’s father suffered from his entire life. Harry would never let Teddy feel like he was less, and if anyone dared to make a comment about Teddy’s heritage or jerked away from him in fear, well, Harry would not stand for that. And of course Teddy’s family would include the Weasleys, who would love him completely and absolutely, George helping him explore the limits of his Metamorphmagus abilities, Ginny taking him flying, Ron teaching him how to play chess, Molly sending him batches of his favorite cookies at Hogwarts, Arthur showing him Sirius’ old motorbike and easily getting swayed into helping him fix it up. And I think Harry would encourage Andromeda and Narcissa to put aside old differences and come together too, helping Teddy have all of his family. And Narcissa and Draco would be so protective of this little boy, and Harry would get all lightheaded and flustered watching Draco scoop Teddy up and twirl him around, Draco’s face alight with laughter, looking so young and carefree that Harry almost doesn’t recognize him

Just Teddy bringing everyone together and helping them move on to a brighter future together :)

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SO a boy is coming to my house tonight and he really likes me and I like him BUT this is the first time we've hung out alone since we've admitted our feelings. Which isn't a problem, except I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and the left side of my face by my jaw is all swollen. I'm going to ask him to prom, I need mental support!!