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How would the Battleborn react to getting sick?

Ghalt: Attempts to work through his illness and refuses to stop unless he is barfing constantly. Even then he tries to at least do something.

Montana: He starts to whine about how bad he feels and goes to lay down. He doesn’t want anybody else to get sick so he confines himself in his room until he feels better.

Oscar Mike: Would still do everything he does when he feels healthy, except he needs to take a few breaks here and there and ends up slowing everything down. Is basically forced to go back up to the ship to fully recover.

Benedict: Whines twice as much as Montana about it and writhes in his bed for a few days. When he feels better he tries to find the source of the virus he got and blast it into a million pieces.

Galilea: While Sustained individuals are unable to get sick through a virus, they are not immune to food poisoning. A bad meal in the mess leaves her staying behind on missions so as not to slow people down. Will only confide herself to her room if she begins to vomit profusely.

Reyna: While she stays on the ship for the entirety of the illness, she still tells her team what to do through their comm-links. Refuses to believe that she is sick until somebody confronts her about it.

Whiskey Foxtrot: Doesn’t even let on that he’s sick for the entirety of it. Still goes on missions and kicks ass. If somebody asks him if he’s feeling bad he laughs and pats their shoulder. No reason to make people worry:

Shayne: Makes Aurox fetch things for her like tissues and magazines to read while she’s bedridden. Toby suggested sending Aurox down to fulfill missions for her, but she refused. She wants him to tend to her night and day until she’s better.

Orendi: Uses this to her advantage in a fight. Acts like she is going to sneeze on an enemy, but then attacks them mid-sneeze with a chaotic smile. Actually does sneeze afterwards.

Toby: Decides to keep going in a fight, but carries tissues and cough medicine with him. Once the mission is over he curls up in a blanket with a nice book and some good food to make himself feel better.

Pendles: He does let people know that he’s sick but also lets them know that he is still going to work through his condition. After all, a professional never quits on a count of a mere head cold!

Phoebe: Has Marquis tend to her and locks herself away in her room away from everything that could make her more sick. She may not know how she got this or who she got it from, but she decides to keep hand sanitizer with her afterwards.

Kleese: Whines more than anybody else has ever whined before. Grossly blows his nose and wraps a large blanket around himself in his chair. Happily stays on the ship and does not leave a few days after he feels better.

El Dragón: Tries his best to keep up his act, but with all of the activity he puts himself through he ends up exerting his limits and feels as if he will collapse. Stays in bed after that and does not try to fight until he is better.

Mellka: Doesn’t stop fighting. Period. Keeps doing what she does best and if anybody makes fun of her stuffy nose and weird sounding voice, she coughs on them so that they can feel her pain.

Thorn: Knows that she is useless like this, so she stays at the very highest point in the map and snipes people from there. That way there’s not a lot of physical strain and she still can contribute.

Boldur: Will sneeze on his foes and laughs loudly at their disgust. Takes them out while they are wiping the snot off of them, saying how “Boldur can never be stopped!”

Alani: Recognizes the signs that she is getting ill. Treats herself with a few tricks that she learned back in Akopos. Is back in her feet in no time at all!

Rath: Regrets eating that soup from last night and stays on the ship, though he still trains with his swords. Sees no point in getting out of practice.

Deande: Recognizes food poisoning when she feels it but still goes on missions, sticking to the shadows so as not to be seen.

Ambra: Does not allow herself to feel bad. She feels herself immediately and continues with her schedule normally. No reason to let this stop her.

Caldarius: Still fights and acts normally, not letting anybody know that he feels so terrible. Locks himself away in his quarters as soon as he is done, though.

Attikus: Has been sick a few times before so he knows what to do to heal himself, but still goes to the med-bay to get an actual treatment for it. Is ordered to stay in bed and is very grouchy about it, he wishes he could help more

You’re A Slytherin, Harry.

The students and staffs who are gathered tonight in the Great Hall have their hands busied grabbing those glorious food that are laid before them and piling them up in their own plates while their mouths are preoccupied with the feeding and the gossiping with their friends and neighbours at the long tables.

Since his mother doesn’t casually cook 20 different dishes every night, Harry takes this opportunity to fill his plate with a bit of each and every food that is within his reach except the mint humbugs and starts to feast upon them one by one.

“That does look good.”

Harry hears someone (or something) speaks underneath the table, and before Harry could bring his head under the table, a pearly-white transparent figure flies up through the table, causing the first-year students at the Slytherin table to gasp loudly and shriek; and the shriek gets louder once they get a proper look at the ghost. The ghost has a gaunt face with blank staring eyes, wearing robes that are stained with what appears to be silver fluid.

The ghost floats right above the Slytherin table, enviously observing at the students below who are enjoying the roast beef and pork chops and roast potatoes, ignoring the fact that a ghost are watching them from atop.

“What do you want, Bloody Baron?” asks Pierce Pennywhistle, the current Head Boy of Slytherin sitting not far from Harry and Draco.

“Those roast beefs do look delicious this year.”

“You are a bloody ghost, Bloody Baron. Stop trying to act like you’re still alive,” says the boy next to Pierce, causing a few snickers at the table.

The Bloody Baron does not take the insult gracefully. He takes out his sword and begins to brandish it at the Slytherins’ plates; the first-year girls start screaming, the seniors on the other hand keep on eating despite their heads are being cut off violently by the swinging sword.

After he had his revenge, the Bloody Baron glides and lands at the empty seat besides Draco, who obviously loathes the idea of a ghost in a bloody garment sitting right next to him.

“Can’t you find another seat you filthy spirit!” Draco hisses angrily at the ghost.

The Bloody Baron glances at Draco sideways and scoffs. “Let me guess,” he replies, “You’re a Malfoy aren’t you boy?”

Draco’s lips curl into a smirk. “Yes. I am from the Malfoy Family.”

“Figures. You have your father’s look: the pale blond hair and the smug face. I wonder if you inherit his good-for-nothing personality as well.”

Harry chokes on his trifle (the Slytherin table has now been replaced with assortment of desserts, including variety flavours of puddings and ice-creams, treacle tarts, apple pies, trifle, and strawberries) upon hearing Bloody Baron’s remark about Draco’s old man. After a few coughs, Harry throws his head back to burst out laughing.

“Good one there Bloody Baron!” Harry pays a compliment to the ghost. The ghost, however, stares at Harry with an eerie look.

“And let me guess. You are… James Potter’s son,” asks Bloody Baron.

Harry nods with a grin plastered across his face. The Bloody Baron is still staring at Harry curiously.

“Your father has a terrible reputation here in Slytherin house.”

“So I’ve heard.” Harry is still smiling at the pearly ghost.

The Bloody Baron pauses, then he smirks wickedly. “I bet you’re here now to beat your old man’s reputation?”

“I believe that is the only thing I can do here at Slytherin,” Harry answers with a smirk as well.

“Very well,” says Bloody Baron before he floats away into the wall at the end of the Hall.

“Are you on a mission or something?” Harry shifts his eyes from the wall to Draco who is now glowering at him. Harry frowns. “What? What did I do now?” he asks, looking unamused at his pale scrawny friend.

“Is it your mission to make friend with almost everyone you’ve met? Perhaps you would love to make fast friend with the troll?” Draco sneers, which Harry responds with another smirk, but only shrewder than before.

“Don’t tell me you already know the troll, Draco?” Harry lets out a feign gasp. “You do have a very wide connection with the Pure Bloods. I am envious.” He continues to taunt Draco by feigning a jaw drop, and succeed in doing so since now Draco is frowning deeply at him back while his hand flies across Harry’s chest.

Rude,” he says, causing Harry to laugh at the reply.

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Sorry if this is common knowledge but what are Logan's feelings on Aunt Tanya? and how does Kathy feel about her son dating her enemy's nephew?

Logan is terrified of Aunt Tanya. It’s better now that she knows about him and Chad, but he used to have nightmares where Aunt Tanya ran him over with her hummer. It’s going to take a while for them to get used to each other, but eventually they’ll get closer and not be super awkward all the time. The same goes for Chad and Kathy, except Chad isn’t afraid of her, he just thinks she’s tacky.

At some point in my life there was probably something I cared about more than The Feast/Crimson Diplomacy, but right now I can’t think of what that was??

I’ve read, and maybe it’s true, that Liam O’Brien plays Vax recklessly because it’s something he would never do in real life. His is probably my favorite playstyle of the group except Grog, because the recklessness is always in character, he’s willing to stick to his guns and deal with the consequences of fucking up, and even when the recklessness is disruptive it’s always productive (see: Trial of the Take): he works in character building and social conflict while progressing the plot (contrast: Tiberius’s item questing, which is 200% in-character but does slow the pace). I am such an easy sucker for “rogue with social baggage who swears lots and flirts with everyone” that loving Vax almost feels redundant, too predictable, too much my thing, but he’s so good I just can’t help it.

But my actual favorite player to watch is Taliesin Jaffe, in part because I love the gunslinger archetype bouncing off the high fantasy setting, but mostly because he is So Invested and So In Character; the anticipation with which he approached his character arc and the unbroken intensity with which he’s reacted to it so far has been captivating. During the battle with the Broker, most of the group is destressing on easier opponents and feeling out the dynamic with their visiting guest, both in and out of character; but Percy just does not have time for this and Taliesin never loses that focus. I find it functions both as audience stand-in and guide, a counterbalance to Sam/Scanlan as tension-breaker: this is how real this can be, if we allow it, and we should. 

This arc has had such an excess of two of my favorite things that it is actively hurting my heart to contain it all.

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Hi! How would the performance unit tease you during the dirty?

Jun: Now I personally think Jun is a dirty talker. A little shit that never shuts the fuck up. Intercourse (hehe) would be no different. He sort of make sure you feel slightly embarrassed about everything going on. Like he’s not making you feel ashamed for having sex or anything. Just slightly embarrassed, something that just makes you very aware of what is actually going on. He makes sure to highlight every touch, every action. So you’re just hyperaware of them and him. 

Hoshi: Boy doesn’t need anything except his body. Because while the whole team knows every movement of their bodies and have complete control over every muscle. But Hoshi takes complete advantage of this. Every single movement is calculated to drive you nuts. Every touch even every single breath for some reason. This boy has one focus, one goal, and he’s using his body as a weapon to get there. Does he experiment with the tempo of his hips. Yes. And he make sure to change the speed when you least expect it. His hips and he is fucking savage and sorry to say. But you have no way of defending yourself. Prepare to be driven to insanity. 

the8: One word or well on bodypart. Just fingers. Like damn boy is he good with them. We have all seen the weird fingertrick/dance thing he does. And we have all been curious and slightly aroused by imagining what else he can do with them (or well I hadn’t before starting writing this but like now it’s all I can think about). Like just imagine his sinfull fingers just drumming on your thighs or simply stroking down your spine. Soft teasingly touches. Something that certainly would drive me crazy. 

I’m really sorry I can’t do Dino. He’s the same age as my baby brother. I just feel like a perv and a pedophile or something when I try.

Admin E

Look how many generations have passed away. Did they take their wealth with them? Did they take their palaces and their high status? Were they buried with their gold and silver? Did they take their cars and planes with them to the hereafter?
They were stripped even of their clothing, and placed in their graves in their shrouds, then each of them was asked: “Who is your Lord?, who is your Prophet?, what is your religion? So prepare yourself for that day; do not grieve or despair about any worldly comforts for they are cheap and transient. Nothing will abide except righteous deeds.
Allah, the Exalted says:

مَنْ عَمِلَ صَٰلِحًا مِّن ذَكَرٍ أَوْ أُنثَىٰ وَهُوَ مُؤْمِنٌ فَلَنُحْيِيَنَّهُۥ حَيَوٰةً طَيِّبَةً ۖ وَلَنَجْزِيَنَّهُمْ أَجْرَهُم بِأَحْسَنِ مَا كَانُوا۟ يَعْمَلُونَ
Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer - We will surely cause him to live a good life, and We will surely give them their reward [in the Hereafter] according to the best of what they used to do. Quran (16:97)
~You can be the happiest women in the world.

also truth abt me: It does take a while for me to be pushed over the edge But if u do push me over the edge U will wish U never lived!!!!!!!!! It’s never happened really except for once I went in on this White girl and fucked up ha Whole scalp but usually it doesn’t happen. I have a very shy passive version of myself that avoids confrontation and then another side that emerges when I feel like my boundaries have been crossed with too much flagrancy that screams “Wassup bitch what’s really Good”. I’m a nice ass bitch like a really sweet angelic girl Fr but if someone tries playing games I ! COME ! FOR ! THEIR ! LIFE !!!

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But Sastiel Torchwood AU! Sam has an exceptional gift for finding trouble and investigates strange occurences - aliens - on his own, hiding when Torchwood arrives. He's not sure if they're the good guys, honestly. They notice him, too, and bring him in. Castiel takes a liking to him and does his best to show Sam the ropes while also warding off Jack's flirting attempts. Jack does eventually catch on to Sam and Cas' glances and assigns them on an easy mission together, which ends in

the alien being caught expertly, although brought in slightly later than strictly needed because Sam and Cas were busy making out. Jack probably winks at them when they walk in with their hair ruffled from the other’s fingers. They’re a good team.

oh I forgot to sign that torchwood au. It’s your Sastiel Love Week anon.

Oh yes anon! I had never thought of that before. When Sam and Castiel do end up together Jack struts around proclaiming that he is a master matchmaker, Ianto rolls his eyes at Jack’s ego and even though Castiel has threatened Jack with bodily harm if he doesn’t stop flirting with Sam Jack sends him a flirty wink and keeps right on flirting with Sam. 

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I don't think anyone's every brought this up but I think stydia's child would have some mental health problems. It might be wrong but with Lydia's banshee powers and Stiles panic attacks etc their child would possibly need help. They'd be seen as more liable to be put into a mental health facility considering Lydia's and Stiles eichen house stays. If stiles and Lydia still had nightmares it'd affect the child + the supernatural stuff would be overwhelming. Am I wrong to be thinking this?

That’s an interesting idea. I think it’s just up to what you want to believe about it. 

I could see Lydia’s banshee powers taking effect on their child, although I think the powers might just lay dormant like Lydia’s did. And while family history does play some role in panic disorders, let’s not forget that Stiles grew up in exceptional circumstances where he had to watch his mom get sick and die right in front of him. And she also physically hurt him when he was a child because she didn’t have control of herself. 

The ADHD, however, will probably absolutely be a thing that Stiles’ kid would have to deal with. And as for nightmares, I think Stiles and Lydia would keep that private between the two of them. Not that I think they’d have a kid, but if they did, then I feel like they would make sure they were mentally healthy enough to raise the kid without the burden of Stiles constantly having 3b-esque night terrors. 

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(idk if this counts as a headcanon but its been on mymind lately ^^; )kageyama gets braces and sometime later so does hinata and hinata gets crazy colors while kage tries to be serious and everyone (except for like suga, asahi, daichi etc) make fun of them for it but hinata loves taking selfies andsmiling super big and tries to get kageyama to show themoff too

oh my gosh, yes!! 

and by everyone i think u mean tsukki lol

but image hinata getting orange and black bands and kags thinking it’s the most ridiculous and embarrassing thing ever, but hinata still convinces him to get them when they play their next official match :___)

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In the stoner world what does it mean to "shotgun"?

passing smoke to another person bt theres a lot of ways u cn do it (here who ever has the joint takes the smoke into their mouth n passes it to the other while kissing) (FYI: i am not a smoker. i don’t smoke anything, except my haters in some bball maybe.™)

I don’t take my phone dog walking because my dog does not care that I have pokemon to catch she has things to smell. But this morning before she got up I did a double circuit around my block and it’s about 2k. I did three of those today, I usually do two but I’m building.

I don’t wanna go to the pool alone so I am going to make walking worth while… and find something to do with my arms….

Citizenship in a functional nation-state is the one safe meal ticket in the contemporary world. But such citizenship is now a privilege of the very few. The Enlightenment assimilation of citizenship to the necessary and “natural” political condition of all human beings has been reversed. Citizenship was once upon a time a privilege within nations. It is now a privilege to most persons in some nations. Citizenship is today the very exceptional privilege of the inhabitants of flourishing capitalist nation-states, while the majority of the world’s population cannot even begin to aspire to the civic condition, and has also lost the relative security of pre-state (tribe, kinship) protection.

The scission of citizenship and sub-political humanity is now complete, the work of Enlightenment irretrievably lost. Post-fascism does not need to put non-citizens into freight trains to take them into death; instead, it need only prevent the new non-citizens from boarding any trains that might take them into the happy world of overflowing rubbish bins that could feed them. Post-fascist movements everywhere, but especially in Europe, are anti-immigration movements, grounded in the “homogeneous” world-view of productive usefulness. They are not simply protecting racial and class privileges within the nation-state (although they are doing that, too) but protecting universal citizenship within the rich nation-state against the virtual-universal citizenship of all human beings, regardless of geography, language, race, denomination, and habits. The current notion of “human rights” might defend people from the lawlessness of tyrants, but it is no defense against the lawlessness of no rule.

—  G.M. Tamas, Post-fascism 

dimpledharry replied to your post “so ruth’s confirmation was enough for yall but all the boys promises…”

anyone can do stuff except harry :) harries can’t have fun :)

like, i’ll be the first to admit for a while i was not for harry doing solo stuff but if you look at it i think that’s influenced by the giant influx of people in the fandom saying that if harry does solo projects then the band is over! no more 1d! no matter what they’ve said time and time again? people take the word of these articles that say this that and the other only when they say harry is going solo, but when it’s anything else its a constant bashing about how fake they are? bc they are! they all are! the media isn’t in the know about everything! nobody truly knows jack shit until it’s told to us from the artist! 

but like, tbh, i wanna hear my fav rock it for a full fucking album or albums and i’m gonna support the boys together or apart but they very obviously have every intention of getting back together or they wouldn’t have made a big deal about saying “its only a break”, they would have stopped making music and just eventually signed solo. they wouldn’t make promises they didn’t intend to keep. like, its just a lot of stuff the old team instilled in people so i can’t be like super mad that it gets that way but if solo careers were what they wanted in the long run, it would be sad, but they don’t owe us staying together either. they’re, ultimately, people who have just so happened to have made careers in the industry and deserve doing what’s best for them.

but anyways i can’t wait to hear niall, louis, harry, and liam’s solo albums and then eventually a new 1d album :)  

Among the Many Hardest Problems in Computer Science Are Such Things As...

There’s a saying that the two hardest problems in computer science are caching, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

I think there’s just one hard problem: asynchronously shared state. The others are all instances of it.

Race conditions can only happen when processing happens in multiple places, and they become even more complicated when information is updated by multiple actors and stored in multiple places.

You read a thing from disk, do some stuff to it, write back the result. Except, while you’re doing stuff to the information, some other process reads the same file, does some different stuff to it, and writes its result back. Whoever takes the longest wins, the other’s write is gone.

Where this is more complicated is when the processing is done in human brains, which are notoriously hard to observe, operate in massively parallel fashion, and have extremely distributed and unreliable data storage capabilities.

What do we call this thing? Is it a cache, or a copy? A read-through cache? How often should it be purged? If it’s a copy, is it authoritative? When does it get synced back? The problem is not just that words have meaning, but that they have so many meanings.

A word like “specification” can mean “hard and fast set of rules which explicitly limit the scope of work” to one person, and “the beginning of a conversation which points at the intent of a feature” to someone else. They’re probably going to have some unproductive arguments about whether a thing “satisfies the spec” or not.

And that’s just when we’re talking about simple things like programming. Start getting into conflict or culture or strategy, and holy moly, it’s so much harder.

It’s tempting to say that the solution is “more communication”, but more bad communication can make the situation worse, and even good communication has a cost. “So write it down!” I say to myself in my internal argument, wherein I attempt to reconcile the state I share among the many processes across my brain. Ok, but write what down? Where? How often do you read it back again? Does anyone know where it’s written? Is it authoritative or suggestive? How does one edit it when the situation changes?

Turns out hard things are hard. My past self often assumed that something would not be so hard, and my current self now has to reconcile the new experience of hardness with the cached value of expected ease.

Shared state. It’s one hell of a fucker. The only easy thing is solipsism, but then it’s hard to get much done on your own, isn’t it?

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