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I'm sad got anything cheer me up

Don’t be sad! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ I got some ereri for you!

Eren let out probably the 50th sigh that day.

He looked at his phone and determined that 30 minutes passed already since he was last told to go wait outside.

It all started with Mikasa barging into his room and demanded that they go shopping. For what exactly, Eren doesn’t know as he was dragged into every single store in the mall.

After what would seem like hours, Mikasa instructed him to wait outside while she goes into Victoria Secret to buy some things.

Needless to say, Eren hightailed outta there.

Eren tapped his foot impatiently before deciding to sit down on the curb as he waited. His feet were tired and his arms were getting stiff from holding all those bags.

Placing the bags down gently (he doesn’t want to face Mikasa’s wrath if he ruined anything), he sat down ungracefully-

-only to leap up when he felt as though he sat on something.

Trying to pat down his behind and also trying to figure out what he sat on, he saw a car nearby and decided to go check if he ripped his pants or not.

He approached the black, sleek car with tinted windows and turned his back to check for any damages. Using the window’s reflection, he saw that he didn’t rip his pants or obtained a new stain and let out a sigh of relief.

But let out a yelp when he saw the car window rolled down to reveal a handsome face.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,’ Eren thought while his face turn red as the stranger gave him an amused look.

“Can I help you?” the man purred, smirking when Eren gave him a panicked look.

“Oh, uh, nothing! I was just using the windows because, ah, uh, I thought I sat on something and I wanted to check if my butt was okay,” Eren tried to explain, turning even more red once he realized what he was saying to the handsome stranger.

The man tilted his head and raised a perfect eyebrow before giving him another smirk. “Well, believe me when I say that your butt is more than okay.”

Ohhhhh lordy. Eren couldn’t even hold in the squeak that left his mouth as the stranger chuckled.

“My apologies, I haven’t introduced myself properly. I’m Levi,” he said, reaching his arm out the window to shake Eren’s hand.

“Oh, um, I’m Eren,” the brunet replied as the man took a firm grip on his hand.

Staring at the Levi’s silver eyes, Eren didn’t realize that he was still holding onto his hand until the man shifted his attention to somewhere in the car and let go of the brunet’s hand, but not without dragging his fingers over Eren’s palm.

Eren shuddered from the contact and almost didn’t hear what the man was saying until a business card was placed in his hand.

“Well then, Eren-” the way he said Eren’s name should be illegal. “-if you would like me to take a closer inspection of your butt to see if it’s perfectly okay, feel free to contact me.”

The man gave him a wink before rolling up the window and driving off.

Eren didn’t know how long he was standing there for, but Mikasa found him still as a statue at the corner of the sidewalk.

“Eren, are you okay?” Mikasa asked.

Snapping out of his reverie, he quickly pocketed the card and grabbed the bags off the ground. “I’m fine, let’s get out of here,” he said as he walked to their car.

It wasn’t until later that day that Eren heard the man’s voice again and agreed to meet up for coffee to check the status of his butt.