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You're a horrible artist and you only have W2H which is the only reason people follow you

Welp, I guess this is it then. You heard ‘em, folks, show’s over. Pack up your bags and unfollow me. All 31k of you.

As for you, anon, meet me at the Hollywood sign tomorrow morning and say that to my face. You think I’m fuckin’ around but I’ll be there dude, I dare you. Come fight me on top of the Hollywood sign tomorrow. Let’s do this.

Some of the LOTR cast reunited (from Orlando Bloom’s instagram story).

Team Dominican Republic is the highest concentration of coolness in any given area


I’m really never gonna settle on a version of him I draw consistently

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Your werewolf mike thing is the cutest and poly burners and super heroes and burner swap and aaaa. i am not okay this is great.

Werewolf Mike is one of my fav. parts of that document.  I understand why a lot of the anthro I see in peoples’ tags are bunny Mike, it’s the hair and the NEED FOR SPEED, but I mean

That right there is a Dog Person.

I have a lot of love for werewolf Mike 

Alexi is wonderful, but she doesn’t know her own strength. When she gets excited and suddenly remembers something she wants to tell me, she claps her hand on my shoulder.

Quite vigorously.

As in, I lurch forward and yelp in slight pain and surprise… it’s like being buds with an affable cartoon bodybuilder, except she’s my size and a geek.


It’s like a chorus line of people that didn’t actually read what I said.

and while I wouldn’t call it “sexy,”

I’m not ignoring it, I’m specifically disagreeing with it. The terms are not interchangeable.

Look, I don’t agree with what the dude said in the original manslator post. I don’t agree with any of what these guys are saying, and I don’t agree with any of their ideology. I just don’t think taunting them is going to do anything to get rid of them, and if anything, it starts drama and could result in somebody getting targeted by one of the shitlords in those quotes.

Manslation: You, the owner of a blog with a well-known premise, with whom I tried to start a mad silly argument, and upon whose post I blurted my entire life story for no reason whatsoever, are the one who is trying to start drama. That’s what I call it whenever a lady says a thing. I am the real hero here because I am enlightened enough to be willing to find capable women attractive. I will accept my hero certificate in PDF format or hard copy by post.