except i ship them

  • Me: I don't think I like That Ship™.
  • Artists: *draws cute art of That Ship™*
  • Me: This just in, I was wrong.

Shiro keeping a watchful eye (and wishing the dreams would stop chasing him so he could sleep too)

for the lovely, badass @kenjiandcompany cus she was hankering for a sleepy OT3 pile w/ a dash of feels

Breaking News: Local Troubled Teen™ Sprains His Ankle, Then Is Carried By Fellow Troubled Teen™ And They Both Hate It

Me at the gates of Heaven

God: Sorry, it looks like you can’t enter.

Me: Okay but why??

God: Well, there are some questionable “ships”, and also some fanfictions you read..

Me: I see


Me: I’ll just let myself out

There are two types of people in this world

People who say “I’m so BrenDONE with you”

And people who say “I’m so Josh DUN with you”

Which side of history will you be on?

ricstar commission done by the wonderful @ericamchan! i just wanted domestic downtime chilling because they never seem to get enough of that in canon. ‘star is way more into video games than he thought he’d be.

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Maybe Le Equius or Nepeta cuddle with whoever

i had to shrink the photo a lil bit ri p,, but i think?? this is what you meant :0

“Pfft, her soul wasn’t even in the lantern to begin with.”

“Wait, really? Haha, what a loser.”

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I used to love Todae too but then realized they're prob not very close off camera. :( Top was the only member who never went to support any of Dae's solo concerts even though he was free and was also in Japan at the time. But he was able to go to GD's concert twice during the same period. Top and Dae are also never spotted hanging out together when it's not for work related stuff.

Awww man. That’s really upsetting about T.O.P not going to Dae’s solo concerts. I had no idea (I’ve only been a huge fan for about a year aha). I suspected that it was only really an on-camera thing, but I guess we’ll never know.

  • Yann: I will now drink eight glasses of milk in three minutes.
  • Rose: No, no, you won't, because if you do that, you will die.

Okay so I had a sudden epiphany about Voltron: LD and…I don’t like it.

So in the 80s original version, Sven goes missing and then ends up joining Romelle, and then Keith and Allura get together. A link to VLD is Shiro, Sven’s counterpart went missing at the end of season 2!!. Shiro went missing, like Sven. That leaves room for Keith and Allura to bond and grow closer over the fact that they both lost Shiro. That means that Kallura might happen. It’s a long shot, and I’m terrified it might happen.

Keith and Allura already had that really weird scene where Keith held Allura in his arms before she leapt out of his hold and fUCKING BLUSHED!!!! Maybe, just maybe, it was because she’s never really been touched by a male that way before…but then I think back to when Lance held her. She didn’t blush then. I can understand that maybe it was purely because she felt threatened because she didn’t know them at all…so that point pretty much = 0.

Look at their hands. She’s reaching for his out of comfort and it just suggests that something is happening or is going to happen between the two of them. I want answer @Dreamworks !!!

But no!!!! She fucking burrows her head into his neck and hugs him!!!! I don’t recall her hugging anyone else in the show… I don’t even think she’s hugged Shiro. This has got to suggest towards Keith and Allura following in their 80s counterpart’s footsteps.

If Dreamworks gives us Kallura, which has no deep connections, feelings and emotions tied to it, we’ll be missing out on some other ships. Other ships that have the mutual bond needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Perhaps a rivalry that actually isn’t a rivalry at all, but a budding relationship that started out on the wrong foot!

Or maybe a brotherly relationship that turns into more??

It could even be the Meme Team™ duo that we’ve loved since forever!

The lesbian ship that we’ve all pined for and that has so much potential…

Probably the most obvious ship - tied with Klance - that literally everybody ships! *sobs a little from the amount of potential that could be wasted*

Our beautiful, pure Hance. Legitimately nothing is wrong with this ship. It’s so amazing and Hunk would treat Keith like the queen he is.

Even this strange ship which I’ve only heard about recently! Seriously though, a little strange but hey - still better than Kallura.

Dreamworks better not screw this show up by making two obviously not infatuated people enter a romantic relationship.

I respect the writers and animators, but something like this? Unforgivable.

I personally ship Klance mainly, but also Pance/Lidge and Shallura from time to time. Although I’m not all too fond of the other ships, I understand why people would ship them together. Except Kallura. Never understood Kallura, never will.

Feel free to add on if you’d like! Sorry for such a long post!!!

I love when anti’s religiously reference the brother quote to shut down Sheith people as if one line against them being romantic is gonna get us to stop loving and appreciating the most well written and complex bond between two characters on the show

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Aside from Sara, who in the dctv universe do you think len would be attracted to/consider pursuing something with?

That’s really hard to say? 

And attraction is very different from genuinely considering pursuing something. Who he’s attracted to could be any number of characters and we’d never really know, because most people don’t act on every (or even most) passing attraction(s)?

So I’m approaching this from the angle of “who would he genuinely consider pursuing or try to pursue” and my answer is coming up pretty short (sticking to canon, that is, because I can ship a lot in fandom).

Because with Sara, a few preconditions (after basic attraction) were also met? She’s single, she’s a badass who can hold her own in a fight, she’s more morally grey than most of the heroes he’s met so far, and she has her own checkered past and demons that she wrestles with. They’re working together closely and he knows he can trust her to have his back and that she has a huge loyalty to all of the team. She demonstrates (in S1) great emotional insight into others and cuts right through (his) bullshit but she’s typically non-judgemental about it. She doesn’t try to change him but she does expect him to be authentic and a better version of himself.

Aside from shipping coldwave (which I think is super canon-plausible), I can’t really see him pursuing anyone else on the Legends voyage. Jax is too young and too much like a younger brother (or son, given their ages…), Stein is married and their personalities would clash, Len and Rip are too at odds and Len doesn’t trust him, same with Ray tbh?, and Kendra seems pretty uninterested in Len and Mick and sees them as the dangerous criminals on the team. I think Len would find her too sweet for him? And he’d fine Nate too frustrating/annoying. 

Of all the Legends, I can see him maybe having a thing for Amaya, to be honest, once he got to know her. Once she showed her (moral) flexibility a bit and they found a way to joke with each other. But I think he’d find her a bit strict? And maybe not easy to connect with or open up to.

For Arrow…it would be hard to me to see him with any of the Arrow ladies. Thea is too young and he would not at all be her type. Felicity is too… earnest? And would need more from him emotionally than he’s ready to give. Laurel comes the closest, but her moral compass and her being a DA make me think they might not actually get along much. 

For the men… haha, I can’t decide if it would work perfect or be a complete and utter trainwreck to have him and Oliver together. I feel like they are too similar in certain regards, which would leave them often at odds and in competition. And by another token, Oliver has done a lot of killing (low-level) criminals and I think Len would see him as a deadly agent of justice and it would take a while to get around that reputation. And Digg wouldn’t put up with Len’s shit in the slightest (plus Digg is [was?] with Lyla) so… idk. 

Which leaves us with Flash characters. Caitlin is an immediate ‘no’ because she wouldn’t be attracted to a guy like him at all. She likes guys who work out and who compliment and spoil her a little, guys that make her feel safe and protected and talk softly to her and she wouldn’t be comfortable with Len and his coldness. (And yes I ship her and Mick…). Iris seems unlikely because she was pretty scathing of him, and she needs honesty in a relationship, like a lot (with Eddie and now with Barry) and I don’t see that as something Len could really provide her with, and he’d be exhausted even trying to. I can see her lecturing him a lot and him not having any of it.

I can see Len being compatible with either Barry or Cisco though, to be honest. Not that he’d ever genuinely pursue anything with either of them, based on canon. Barry is his enemy, but he’s got most of the same checklist as Sara does: badass, surprisingly morally grey and has plenty of personal demons, has worked with Len and can see through and cut through his bullshit but does so while having rapport instead of being preachy. With Cisco… Len’s straight up admitted he likes Cisco, and he loved the alias Cisco gave him. Cisco is badass, clever, gorgeous, and has his own moral greys that crop up sometimes. He’s also funny and I think Len would really enjoy having him around. I can’t say if it would ever end up in flirting and romance territory, but I can just see them hitting it off.

But yeah, sorry dude, if we’re sticking hard to canon, the answer is pretty much that he wouldn’t genuinely try to pursue any of them (except Mick, who is already his husband).

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Hello:D Could you draw more Bendy with Boris? Your draw are so great and this couple is so cute!

While I usually don’t accept requests, I’ll make it an exception because 1. I love this ship and I haven’t done enough of them and 2. I JUST NOTICED I REACHED 800 FOLLOWERS THANK YOU GUYS!!

So here you go, Anon! <3

Boris is aware that someone might be seeing them, Bendy doesn’t care because he likes to listen to the wolf’s heartbeats.

I really like that HC of Bendy being fascinated with his bf’s heartbeats OK…. OK.