except i ship them

Shiro keeping a watchful eye (and wishing the dreams would stop chasing him so he could sleep too)

for the lovely, badass @kenjiandcompany cus she was hankering for a sleepy OT3 pile w/ a dash of feels

Rhythm of Love

An AU where Danny’s a singer and Jack is a drummer, and they just happen to be in the same band. Also, in love. What can you do, though?

None of these pictures are mine (except the screenshots lmao) and credit goes to the rightful owners.

The Hammer of Thor: *tries to make us ship Hearth with another character who isn’t Blitz*

Me: NOOOOOFJGNTUGRTAWKEK *dies* Blitzstone is best ship!

The Hammer of Thor: *proves it did this only to annoy us by having more Blitzstone moments later in the book*

Me: … *glares* I’ll be watching you… *retreats into dark cave* *then turns on reading light*

Bucky Barnes aka Badass (or love is eternal)

You know what I loved about Civil War?

Despite hundred of (amazing) different fics trying to imagine the Bucky/Steve reunion, none of us imagined what we got.

We (the collective fandom) tried to imagine a broken Bucky struggling to reconciles his recovered memories and his past as the Winter Soldier, having dramatic PTSD. Or simply trying to even just remember who he feels likes he should be (while suffering dramatic PTSD). And of course, Steve, knight in shining armor that he is, is supposed to be there along the way, helping during every moments of the Journey to Recovery.

Very few fic took the opposite direction: Bucky remembers who he used to be, but decides it’s not him anymore and therefore he doesn’t care about Steve no more because Steve belongs to past-Bucky. (Of course, until he’s exposed to Steve again, and realised the error of his ways because- true love.)

Instead, Bucky remembers his WW2 period and his Soldier period, assimilates both, has no trouble forging a current identity out of this mess while still liking Steve, is aware of his partial non-responsability in his crimes while still being very aware he’s the one who committed them, and is hiding to a) protect Steve, the population and himself from being used this way again b) recovery tiiime in his own time (the man know his needs and limits).

Phew! Man…

I’m blown away.

1) Talk about mental, moral and general resiliency. He probably has PTSD and and a terrrible time; but for all the horrors that happened to him, he got his shit seriously together.

2) I love how this outcome was a total evidence for both of them. The dialogue in Bucky’s appartement was like:

“-Come one, you know I’m here as a friendly. You saved my ass back there, so you know we’re friends. Don’t even front.

-La, la, la. I can’t hear you!

Buckyyy, stop it! Yes, you do hear me!

(Sulllen face. Internal dialogue: “Stevie, why you can’t play pretend for five fucking minutes. I swear! It’s OK to suck at this when we were five but you got seventy years to practice. How are you still so bad at it?!?!”)

Armed forces breaks in.

Steve and Bucky fight in tandem like WW2 was just yesterday.

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And (here’s my favorite part) Bucky has no trouble or a second of hesitation to use Steve’s body as a weight to throw off his opponent!

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He’s 100% sure Steve will:

-not fight him

-get what he’s trying to do

-follow throught

-be strong enought to still come out on top.

And Steve goes throught it because he’s that confident in Bucky right back.

In short: 2 partial deaths, 70 years of sleep, murders & atrocities, one epic fight and fucking showdown, one near drowning + rescue, plus some years incommunicado later, Bucky and Steve still trust each other like it’s day one!

It’s fucking amazing and I love it!!!!

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True love is forever!

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(Yes, thank you Disney for Unrealistic Expectations. That asides, it’s such a nice, cool story! Friendship for the win!!!)

(I love them like rlb)

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peppersandcats  asked:

Hartmon or Barrisco (you pick).

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains: barry, “because you’re too short and you keep hitting my head”. he never brings an umbrella anywhere, though, that’s always cisco. “you can’t save the city if you get pneumonia, barry”
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning: always cisco. He always stays up until like 2 in the morning tinkering with something or reading or whatever. on bad insomnia nights he’s up later, so he is a grump in the morning. barry treads lightly and brings him coffee and pastries from jitters.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: barry, because when cisco gets hurt it’s always with high stakes and he doesn’t bounce back very quickly
  • who plays pranks on the other: both of them. barry likes to jump-scare cisco by speeding across the room/around corners/ etc. cisco isn’t allowed to play pranks anymore since the couch incident. 
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa: cisco, especially when he’s sad or when barry’s sad. whenever barry’s freaking out about something cisco forces him to calm down
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other: cisco likes to tease him by calling him rejected superhero names. like “the streak”, “crimson comet”, “scarlet speedster”, and his personal favorite because of how much barry dislikes it, “the blur”.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep: barry does, he’s a heavy sleeper. cisco never mentions it.
  • who says ‘I love you’ first: probably cisco, because barry’s super nervous about the relationship at first and cisco is trying to assure him that he isn’t going anywhere

send me a ship


Alright so I am really not down for Nesta and Cassian to be mates.
Not just because I don’t personally like them as a couple, but because I think we need more realistic relationships in this series.
Don’t get me wrong I love the crazy and intense mate shit we get from couples like rowaelin and feysand but does everyone need to be paired off and mated?
And please don’t shoot me for saying this, but I also think they (like Manorian) don’t have very much sexual chemistry. From what I’ve gathered, they play well together. To me, that doesn’t mean they are destined to complete each other in every way.
If they do fall in love, can’t it be natural and slower burning?
Can’t love be a conscious decision not some design of fate?
I also feel this way for Elide and Lorcan (except I actually do ship them).

frick.  heck.  shoot.  i’m doomed.  i know i’m in a ship too deep when i want other people to write it for me.


Giant Maid Post!

Pics 1-6 + Anon Ask: I wouldn’t say it’s weird, because they are the best together. I guess it’d be the same as shipping Sancest or Papcest, except I kinda see them as seperate people so no??? Idk, I just love these girls, but they are all my personal brotp <3

Pic 7 + Person who is running away from their problems’ ask: There’s no canon appearance for maid-chan, because it’s a self insert!! She’s however you want her to look, whether that be your OC, you, or something else completely! However, I do have a vision of the maid myself, and that’s a ginger.

Pic 8: A lovely pic of a bunch of cute maids sharing their dreams. MC wants to live as Cinderella, USMC wants to live as Snow White, and UFMC wants to live as Aurora.

I’d love to do more with these lovely ladies, maybe I’ll make a GBMC and a SFMC to match?

basically i really love the-dane-of-my-existence ‘s wedding aesthetics of hetalia characters and wanted to draw my favourite girlfriends first.

also bonus basch/vash(?):


in a galaxy far, far away challenge

day 4: favorite relationshipanakin & padme (anidala)

“you love me? i thought we had decided not to fall in love. that we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives.”

“i think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. i truly… deeply… love you and before we die i want you to know.”

Peridot Harem AU

AU where Peridot is roommates with the Crystal Gems in an apartment building but then she realizes she’s gay and they’re gay everyone’s gay and Peridot ends up with three girlfriends subconciously competing for her affections
and then Jasper and Lapis move a few doors down and they both fall in love with Peri and it’s just one huge battle for Peri’s heart and Peri’s super flustered but secretly loving it

anonymous asked:

is it bad that i ship bellarke in more of a platonic relationship than a romantic relationship? like i dont mind bellarke and i'd be fine with it if they ever became canon and idk if this makes any sense. i mean basically i see them as platonic rather than romantic but i wouldn't throw a hissy fit if they ever became canon if that clarifies it.

My dude it literally does not matter to me in what way you ship bellarke like the heart wants what the heart wants people may ship what they like

anonymous asked:

hey Kat, just curious here, but are there any canon Harry Potter parings that you don't like? And what pairings do you like (canon or non-canon)?

Hmm, not really? I’m not overly invested in any of them except Ron/Hermione (which I shipped so hard right from the moment I started reading HP). 

As far as pairings go, I do like non-canon ships - pretty much any, but I’ve got a particular fondness for Drarry and Pansmione. Also Blaise/Draco and Ginny/Luna. 

i cleaned up some of my doodles for posting, mostly of Huan o/

rightmost doodle is Huan checking himself out in Opal’s dress circa book 3 because genderqueer headcanons are important. \o/ for the record she was wholly supportive.

p.s. who do i have to pay to get some Huan fanfic? will you take fanart as payment?? just wondering