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gmw band au album information + we are mad dogs (band picks)

t r i v i a // mad dogs’ first compilation album. released a year after their final tour and official break-up, the album serves as a surprise to fans for sticking with them and enjoying their music. the concept was pitched by zay before they left on their last world tour, and completed upon returning home. each band member selected the five tracks of all their songs that meant the most to them and then offered commentary / trivia in pre-tracks for a richer, more intriguing listening experience. it serves as the last “band chat” i.e., all the bandmates talking to the fans together through an album.

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l u c a s ’ s  p i c k s  +  c o m m e n t a r y:

“choose you”mad dogs. lyrics by lucas friar and riley matthews.

LF: “So, this is … a little weird just because I feel like you all are probably wondering why we’re already on Mad Dogs and I haven’t like, spoken yet. So, first of all, hi, I guess. I hope you’re enjoying yourselves. Drink some water. They say you need eight cups a day. Anyway, the reason I haven’t shown up until now is because I didn’t pick any songs from Semi-Formal or Game Night. It’s not because I didn’t like those albums, and I certainly put out my fair share of effort on them considering how many songs I wrote for both. I just sort of felt like all those songs were kind of a different part of me, like a completely different phase of my life, so I don’t really feel as connected to them anymore as I do the later albums. I mean, I’m definitely proud of them, and the sheer volume that I wrote in such a short amount of time kind of speaks louder than words about where I was with my songwriting at that point. I can remember I cranked out about … three of the Game Night songs in one night. It was a really creative time, but it wasn’t as personal and free-spirited as our later albums. It wasn’t until Mad Dogs that I think we all felt like we were making music that we liked. I know Farkle felt that way, at least. [ Laughs ]. So, okay, I normally don’t talk all that much but I am just rambling and wasting so much time. Choose You. Okay. So I don’t think it surprises anybody that this is one of my top choices just considering how important it is to me as far as a milestone in my life. Things were kind of uncertain and off-kilter at this point when this song was being written, because we hadn’t decided if we were officially going to do another album or just bite the dust, and everything was kind of up in the air. Literally everything. And this was probably, if I’m remembering correctly, the first song that was completed for the new album. Because at that point, we’d decided we were going to do it. Things were turning around, in all aspects. And … of course, as you guys probably know, I wrote this with Riley. It was the first song we wrote together, and it wouldn’t exist if Maya, Farkle, and Zay didn’t force us together to work on it. We were at a weird place at that point and sort of avoiding one another because there was … confusion, let’s say. But they forced us together and in that process we were able to figure everything out and well, the song was born. And everything worked out for the best. And I think it goes without saying, those of you who are Maya Hart fans especially should know, but Riley is an amazing songwriter. She’s just amazing. Like honestly, everything good about this song, everything you love about it, it’s probably because of her. Just all of it. Listen to it, you’ll see what I mean.”

“nothing”flaws. lyrics by lucas friar and farkle minkus.

LF: “This was a tough one to write, and to be honest it’s probably going to be a tough one to talk about, too. To really get into it I first have to sort of paint a picture of the way the band was at this point in time, during the Flaws album production. I mean, the group of us was still solid, still going strong. There wasn’t really a time I can think of where we, the guys, were ever falling apart. Like even if everything else had gone to shit – oh, fuck, are we cursing on this? Oh, fuck. I mean – fuck! OKAY WAIT A MINUTE! [ Pause ]. Well, if I wasn’t supposed to do that I’m sure Zay will just bleep me out or whatever. Okay. Anyway. Even if everything else was going badly, the four of us were always there for one another and always strong, and I really feel like that’s the only reason we survived. I’m really grateful for these guys, I don’t think I could ever eloquently express that enough. So even though we were all okay as a unit, at the time that we were working on Flaws, everything else was just … I mean, just awful. Our interactions with fans had gotten strained, especially some of the more rowdy ones. The music was starting to weigh us down in a way it hadn’t before, and we were really fed up with the industry and the media and the continual hoops we kept having to jump through. Farkle was lashing out at reporters, critics weren’t digging whatever we put out, it really just felt like a no-win situation. And it sort of coincided with this build up of negative energy for both me and Farkle, we were both going through this thing where all of the anxiety and tension and stress of the last few years was catching up to us. Being in the media so often had really taken a toll on me mentally, it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t even look at pictures or video of myself without feeling disturbed. I was drumming a lot more late into the night, but not in a good, therapeutic way and more in a relentless, self-destructive way because I didn’t know how else to deal with it. I just felt terrible, all the time, and when Riley and Smackle both helped Farkle and I try to tackle it we realized that we were going through some of the same things. It was Farkle, really, who came up with the crux of the song and kind of encapsulated exactly what we were both feeling. It was this draining feeling of like … no matter how much we did, or who we managed to please, it would never really be enough. There would always be something else to prove. And even though we had all these fans and all this following and arguably successful careers, at our cores we still both just felt empty. We felt nothing. It was very much a mental health issue, and I’m glad to be able to talk about it now having gotten to a better place and figured out a way to handle it. And please, if you’re ever feeling that way, if you find yourself feeling like nothing, talk to someone who cares about you that you trust. Because you can find your way out of the rabbit hole, but you have to realize you’re trapped in it first. It’s worth it to claw your way out, I promise. Anyway, without further ado.”

“forget about her (i will never)”flaws. lyrics by lucas friar.

LF: “As I mentioned with Nothing, the album Flaws was a really tough era of time for us as a band. Farkle and I had our whole mental health jam, but another huge factor was how ridiculously strained our relationship with fans had become. Now before I lament over it for a few minutes here, I do wanna clarify that I, of course, am not referring to every Mad Dogs fan out there when I rehash this experience. It says a lot that for every negative encounter I had with an alleged fan, there are three or four great memories I can recount that make up for it. There are so many of you that are kind, and enthusiastic, and it’s you guys that we love sharing music with and sharing the experiences with. So thank you, to those fans and those of you who are probably listening to this album right now, loyal as you are. You guys are what make it worthwhile. But this other type of fan … it was a rough time. People were being intrusive, people were being rude – there’s something about a social media presence that gives you a faux sense of superiority. I mean, people on the internet are just vicious. It’s like the screen gives them 500 EXP and suddenly they’ve leveled up and they’re this God awful monster, but if they met us in person I’m sure they wouldn’t say half of the mean-spirited stuff they put out on the internet. Anyway, social media was bad at that point, and the press tended to echo whatever popular sentiment was being thrown around within the fan circles. Fandom. Fandom? That’s the term, right? In regards to this track in particular, a rather big tabloid had put out a short column on the band and our relationships. They had chosen to echo the then misguided, rude, but popular sentiment that I could do better than Riley. There was all sorts of weird stuff being said about our relationship: that she was just bouncing back and forth between band members, that I was secretly in love with Maya and shouldn’t drag her along, that I could simply do better because I had more star power and shouldn’t waste it. There was all of this advising going on about how I should handle my love life, and it was kind of like … who asked? When did I ask? And I remember I was angry enough to put out some harsh tweets on her behalf – rare, as I don’t really like using social media – but I was just so fed up with it. No one knew, or knows, how my relationship is with Riley except for me. No one has the authority to tell me, or any of the band for that matter, who we should or should not be with. Especially when they have no idea the impact that she’s had on me. That’s what spurred this song. Because everyone was telling me to drop her, to do better, to forget about her … and I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Never. The sentiment hasn’t changed. I’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Riley Matthews. And I don’t have any intention of doing so any time soon.”

“coincidence”legacy. lyrics by lucas friar.

LF: “This was a super fun song to write and record, and it makes sense considering we’re well into Legacy now. Legacy was such a great album. We knew it was going to be the last one, and I think that colored a lot of the atmosphere in the studio. Things just worked out. The music jammed. We were all in good places. It was sad to think about the band coming to an end and not having these jam sessions every day, but it also was such a relief to think about the amount of freedom we were going to get in a few months. Like, we could leave Los Angeles for a while to travel, we could relax, we could kind of do whatever we wanted to do after we finished this one last thing. And we all also knew that no matter what happened with the capital-B band, we still had one another. That was never going to change. The song itself sort of has this upbeat, rock sound that was a lot like what we sounded like on Game Night, it was almost like an homage to that part of our careers. Very reflective, and it makes sense because Coincidence came out of me sort of reflecting upon everything that had happened in the last few years. We knew things were ending, and I was kind of having this whiplash in remembering how we’d gotten to where we were in the first place. Because for me, I can still vividly remember sitting in my garage while Zay sang covers, and encouraging him to follow his dream if he really wanted it. No matter how ridiculous I thought it was on the inside. Like, coming out here and starting a band seemed crazy – was crazy – but I knew if anyone on this Earth could pull it off, it would be Zay Babineaux. And when he asked me to go along with him, well, it felt a little bit like I didn’t deserve it considering I sort of found the whole notion insane, but I’m glad I went. I’m glad I came along. I have learned so much from this experience and these people, about myself and music and the world, that I would not trade this for anything. Despite all the bad and because of the good. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, so everything that I’ve experienced and gone through with the boys and Riley and you all, I don’t intend to forget about it any time soon. I’m always going to carry it with me. So, thank you.”

“faith in me (feat. riley matthews)”legacy. lyrics by lucas friar.

LF: “I’m going to try my very hardest not to ramble and not to be too sappy in this last one here, like I’m really going to try my best. I didn’t make it easy for myself with my song selection, but it’s whatever. So, Faith In Me. Obviously, this is a really special song for me, but I like to think it was for the rest of the band too. It was the first time we were featuring someone who wasn’t like, a known entity. Like, Maya Hart was a powerhouse in her own right as far as the music scene, and while Riley had written a ton of songs, she’d yet to sing on one. I don’t think she was entirely sold on the idea when I first pitched it to her, but she agreed because she knew how important the concept was to me and she’d read the lyrics so she knew where I was coming from and what the song was about. That, she never had any doubt about. So the band put in this very concerted effort to make the studio as comfortable as possible, keep it low pressure and good vibes, because Riley had hung out many times in-studio with us before but never had she been at the instruments herself. She was admittedly super nervous, despite how often she’d sang it around the apartment in the couple of weeks leading up to the production day. It was really cute, honestly, she’d sing it all the time – while working, in the shower, cleaning up after dinner – and she’d also kind of look to me for approval when she finished, because she always knew I was listening. And I never had any complaints, she does such a great job with it, but she was still very anxious when the actual day to record came around so I’m grateful to the guys for being so accommodating and calming. They’re her friends too, of course, so they knew how to handle the situation. So she did a couple of takes and it was great, I mean, every take was, but Zay could tell her nerves were holding her back and that we hadn’t reached the best version yet. After the fourth take, I sort of pulled her aside and asked her how she was feeling, you know, what could we do to make it more comfortable, etc. But Riley’s not one to complain even when she has every right, so it was hard to get a read on exactly how she was feeling. The only thing I figured I could offer was myself, me as a like, familiar presence so that’s what I told her. I told her if it helped, she should just forget about the rest of the studio and focus on me. Like we were hanging out at the apartment, like she was singing while cleaning up the dishes. And I don’t know if that worked or what but she did one more take, the fifth take, and it was perfect. And she looked at me the same way she did after every time she finished the song, that same look she’d throw me over her shoulder while working on her photo spreads, waiting for approval. I didn’t have any complaints. Zay told her she was going to put him out of a job. This song is my favorite not only because she was involved in the track and it’s all my favorite people coming together to create music, but also because the sentiment behind it is incredibly true. It’s that expression of relief on her face after I assure her that she sang it perfectly well – that knowledge that someone else out there believes in you, and so maybe you can believe in yourself, too.”

Something Good- Cassian Andor

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Warnings: None!

Request: Some angst, some fluff, some desire for physical contact from our hero :)

Originally posted by kyloshipsreylo

I woke with a start, sheets tangled around my legs and a damp sweat clinging to my skin. My heart was pounding, tendrils of sleep clutching me and attempting to drag me back into the hazy nightmare. I sat up, burying my face into my hands. My palms pressed hard into my eyes, as if maybe if I pressed hard enough, I could block the nightmare out entirely. Make it go away, as if it had never been there at all. 

I couldn’t even fully recall what it had been about. Mostly colorless and filled with shadows. It was the feeling it had left behind, the cold, clamminess inside and out, that had assured me that whatever it was, it had been bad. I sat quietly in the darkness for a long minute, waiting for my pulse to return to normal. Although I already knew going back to sleep was not an option. It never was after a nightmare…I had been hoping maybe it was getting better. I hadn’t had one in so long.

The small, dark room felt like it was closing in on me, the need for space and fresh air overwhelming. I rolled out of bed and got dressed, pulling on the wrinkled clothing I’d left on the floor and shoving my feet into my boots. The door to my room slid open with the push of a button, but I hovered for a second inside the doorway. Waiting to hear voices or footsteps. Despite the late hour, I knew I wasn’t the only one awake. The base was never fully asleep, not when there were so many things to plan. Not when there were soldiers struggling to find respite from all the things they had done. 

When I was sure the hall was empty, I slipped out quietly and headed for the loading bay a few floors below. Just as I had been expecting, the silence ended as soon as I made it to the ground floor. People always seemed to be coming and going, never stopping. No one paid me any mind as I walked through the cavernous room and ducked outside, into the darkness. Not for the first time, I was thankful Yavin 4 was on its nighttime cycle. Several days of darkness meant I was less noticeable to curious eyes. The air was cool and I wrapped my arms around myself, walking around the side of the base until I was alone. I leaned back against the rough, stone wall and stared out at the jungle. More afraid of what was in my own head than what was out there. 

For years, the things I’d done in the name of peace had haunted me. All the killing. All the blood on my hands. It just seemed to get worse as time went on. And the fact that I could now do it so easily? Without so much as a second thought? That scared me more than I wanted to admit.

I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. I didn’t move as a shadowy form came around the side of the building, walking straight for the tree line. They stopped a few feet away from where the wild began, just standing there. Staring into the darkness the same as I was, with heavy, slumped shoulders. They turned and my pulse thudded, though I had known who it was the minute he’d appeared. There was only one other person who turned up here same as me, night after night. One other person who looked just as haunted as I felt.

“Cassian.” I said in a quiet voice. With the lights of the landing bay casting a glow around the side of the building, I could perfectly make out the lines and angles of his face, the dark scruff of his beard, and dark eyes I knew were the perfect shade of brown. Like chocolate or the mud puddles I’d carelessly played in as a child.

One side of his mouth pulled into a small smile, though it didn’t quite reach the weariness in his eyes. “Another nightmare?” He asked.

I nodded, casting my eyes to the ground. “What else?”

“Me too.” I heard him say after moment. There was the sound of his footsteps coming closer before I felt him next to me. The heat of his arm brushed against mine, once again causing a foolish spike in my pulse.

He sank to the ground and I hesitated before sitting down next to him. His legs were stretched out in front of him, but I kept mine tucked against me, wrapping my arms around my bent knees and pulling them into my chest.

“Are we the only ones like this, Cassian? Who feel the way we do?” I asked, breaking the silence.

He sucked in a breath before letting out. “I sure as hell hope not. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. I don’t know what kind of people we would be if we slept well every night. With everything we’ve done.” He paused a moment before continuing. “Maybe that’s the difference between good people and bad people.” 

It was conversation we’d had time and time again, ever since we’d first started running into one another during our nightly escapes for fresh air. At first, I’d been surprised. Cassian Andor was renowned throughout the rebellion…brave and fearless, strong, level-headed, and the type of soldier everyone aspired to be. Except I’d slowly learned that that was only a very small part of the Cassian Andor sitting next to me. A facade he put on every single day, only he pulled it off much better than I did.

“Is there really such a thing?” I murmured. “I don’t know if people can be purely good or bad. Seems too complicated.”

“Maybe you’re right.” He mused. “Maybe we start off good, but no one ever stays that way. Not with the the world the way it is right now.”

He sighed again and I cast him a look, watching as he pushed a hand through his hair. Sometimes when I looked at him, I could see visions of the type of man he might have been had the war never happened. He would’ve been the type of person who laughed and smiled a lot. Maybe even the type of man who loved carelessly, without abandon. Maybe I would’ve been that way too.

It was a game I sometimes played by myself, even though it brought more pain than happiness. And while I liked to think that if the world had been different, I could’ve leaned over and kissed him, told him how he made me feel, it was because the world was the way it was that he was even here sitting next to me at all. 

“Maybe, maybe not.” I answered, angling my body toward him. I placed my palm against his cheek, his beard tickling my skin. “Unfortunately, I think that’s all a part of what it’s like to be alive.” 

His dark eyes met mine for a moment, and I recognized the warmth in their depths. Something I was sure he kept hidden more often than not. I pushed some of his dark hair behind his ear and he closed his eyes at the feeling of my nails raking gently against his scalp, leaning into my touch. 

“If there was more of this, I might be okay with it.” He grunted, and one side of my mouth lifted as a sense of warmth washed over me. 

When my hand fell back, he caught it, sliding his fingers in-between my own. His palm was rough against mine, for some reason always a feeling I took comfort in. I squeezed his hand once and he squeezed back. A wordless signal that to me meant ‘it’s alright we’re not alright’. This was the only time and place it felt okay to admit it. 

Cassian had become my safe place, and while he never said it, I was certain I was his. The words and touches we shared never left our corner of the building. In fact, besides the occasional lingering looks or brushing of hands as we passed in corridors, we never spoke. No one would have ever guessed we were two strangers meeting in the dead of night to take solace in one another’s comfort for no other reason than we needed it. I needed him.

I stretched out my fingers as a content silence began to blanket us, comparing the sizes of our two hands. His was so much larger than mine, the tips of my fingers barely reaching the joints in his. I could feel his eyes on our hands as well, watching as I studied the differences while noting it was with these hands we’d pulled triggers that had ended lives. He seemed to know what I was thinking, grasping my fingers in his suddenly and lifting my hand to his mouth. He kissed my knuckles, sending a thrill through me before letting go and stretching his arm around my shoulders, pulling me into him. 

I scooted closer and let my head fall onto his shoulder, curling into his side. I breathed him in and closed my eyes, letting his familiar smell slowly chase away the remnants of my nightmare. Soap and leather. A scent I wished I could’ve taken with me everywhere. His own head dropped onto mine, his cheek resting against the top of my head.

“Tell me something good, Cass.”

He silently snorted, his shoulders shaking, which made a genuine smile creep onto my face. A small one, but there all the same.

“Today K2 didn’t recite the exact probability of my reckless flying getting us killed. And as an added bonus, he told me I looked horridly tired but that it somehow worked in my benefit.”

“How is that something good?” I asked, my smile growing and making me feel warm all over. I loved how he could do that to me. I could’ve listened to him talk for hours if it meant keeping that feeling forever. 

“Good is relative, remember?” He teased gently.

“Right, of course.”

His thumb traced circles against the outside of my shoulder and he suddenly turned his head, pressing his lips to my hair. The feeling sent chill racing up and down my spine. I melted, wondering not for the first time what it would be like to feel his lips against my skin, maybe even against my own.

“You already know the truth anyways.” He murmured against my hair.

My heart swelled, and the nightmare felt like a fading memory. 

“You are my something good.”

Lost and Found (Her Way To Him)

This post is so scary to me, you really can’t imagine.

Why? Because this is gonna be a giant rant about Bellarke and if that does not terrifies you, than you are not fangirling right.

Just so we are clear: I’m a Bellarke shipper, yes. Am I interested in non-shipper opinions on why my ship is wrong, non existent, dumb, etc.?


Don’t come in this post and attack me because of the ship, it’s really not needed, if you want to discuss it (with respect for each other, thank you very much) you can either send me an ask or wait for the post I’m preparing about all the reasons why, to me, shipping Bellarke is not only comprehensible but also makes sense.

Yeah, I know, I’m gonna get anons if anyone ever reads that, but I’m ready for it.

I tag: gusenitsagirl and divinginalake because you wonderful creatures were interested (I hope it doesn’t bother you that I did, it’s just because I would feel rude to not but sorry anyway!)

Ok, I’m done with the warnings, let’s jump into it!

In another post I said about Bellamy that for Clarke he is her compass, the one person she relies on to give her direction, to not be alone, to make her feel strong, her anchor” .

This is something that I always thought and yet never saw being addressed in the fandom.

So, here I am.

It’s kind of easy to just focus on how Bellamy is positively influenced by Clarke. We are never tired to remember that she is the one that pushed him to face his mistakes, that gave him forgiveness, trust and credits for all the good he did.

Bellamy was so clearly lost when he landed on the Ground that we all followed easily his journey to find himself back again.

But what about Clarke?

I remember the girl who exited the dropship: she was full of resentment for her best friend (Wells I fucking miss you, my beautiful angel), grief for his father and so full of herself, so ready to call all The Hundred “criminals”.

She would go almost alone in the woods, with only the poor Wells stubbornly following to help, she let herself be so easily charmed by Finn (despite her first reaction of being enough to herself). 

She was not a leader, she was a spoiled child of the upper classes that felt better and more that any other of the Hundred and wouldn’t stop a second to think that maybe there was another way but her own.

I loved Clarke, because she was such an interesting character but being on the Ground I would have probably hated her just a bit, you know.

Than, there was a moment when she started to change that. A moment when she finally saw it: she was not always right, sometime she didn’t knew better.

When was that? One word.


(Did I pick this gifs on porpose? Of course I did. Now, I’m gonna let you crash and cry over cuteness and Bellamy for a second. Thank me later.)

This little girl that destroyed a lot of our ingenuity about this show was the breaking point for Clarke (in my opinion of course).

After she killed Wells, when Murphy’s knife was found and Clarke immediately -you could say understandably- condamned him, we have the moment when what I tried to explain about Clarke was portrayed in the show.

Clarke wants to accuse Murphy in pubblic because “people deserve to know”. 

She has her own idea of justice (this is something I always rant about, justice, just ignore me) and right & wrong in general and has no doubt that this idea is the one. The rest of the world’s ideas? Well, if it’s different from hers, must be wrong, end of the story.

Diplomacy, at his purest, right?

What happens, though, except for Clarke being stubburn? 

Bellamy tries to stop, he asks her to think about this: people are dangerous, they are a force to be feared when they turn into Crowd, a mass of rage and fear that is easy to act brutally to protect themselves.

He knows this, because the fear of this kids, the rage, tha thirst for power -even the power to destroy one of them- is his own. He shared it, growing up and still feels it.

He needs the crowd to protect his sister (at this point of the show she is his only priority) and he knows that to use it he has to distract it: that’s why he makes them work on the camp. 

Does Clarke listen to him?

Of course not: she is Clarke Griffin, her parents are educated and respected scientists, she has values that some criminals cannot understand, and the criminal-chief? He is the last person she would ever listen to: does he have principles? Does he even know what justice is? He is just using this people for his benefits -who cares that what he is trying to do will actually save everybody in the camp.

Do I need to tell you what happens after this?

Yea, don’t think so.

But in this moment Clarke is starting to crack: she sees what she has done and she turns to Bellamy, desperate, almost crying because of the frustation and the fear the situation inspires in her and she screams: “Do something, They’ll listen to you!

Better late than never, but in this moment Bellamy is not yet a full leader and he needs to feed the Crowd’s hunger for chaos and power…so he just lets it happen but not without telling Clarke the fucking true: he may be the one that let it happen but she is the one that put it all in motion.

She started it because she couldn’t listen.

We always think about how Bellamy let Murphy alone to die but who is the one who set him to be sacrificed? Clarke did.

She was just as lost as all of them.

And when you are lost, a compass can be useful, I’m told.

Clarke doesn’t undestand why her morality, her mind-set it’s not shared by the kids because she was so used to be at the top of the chain she can’t imagine how the bottom makes you. 

If I can find a flaw to this show is how they did not explain the structure of the ark, both physical and social structure. In fact we cannot forget that Clarke was really a Princess on the ark.

She had the best food, cloathing and quarters. She was practically royalty.

She fucking watched TV with the chancellor.

Now, she comes on the Ground and finds hereself surrounded by lower classes kids, criminals too. She judges them -deep down even if rationally she may thinks they are all equals- she wants to take the lead because she gives for granted that she can do better than them.

She knows nothing about hunger, not like Octavia does, nothing like fear, not like Bellamy does, nothing like loneliness, not like Murphy does.

She was quick to push away even Wells (and yes, I agree she had reasons, but she was not only cold or angry, she was cruel to him…and sorry guys, but cruelty has no justification. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have done the same, but I will not justify Clarke as I would not ask for justification if I ever did something like that).

To conclude: Clarke wasn’t listening to Bellamy not because she was thinking of the best for the Hundred, she didn’t bother listening because not even for a second she considered that the person in front of her was worth a second of her time when speaking of justice, opportunity and greater good.

She gave him no credit both morally and intellectually.

He asked her to be smart. She didn’t think he knew a thing about it.

[Of course I say this well aweare that we have had the “Atom scene” and there was already a start of respect for each other but we can’t be naive: Clarke understood that Bellamy’s was not an heartless killer and Bellamy that Clarke was strong when it was needed. That’s it, for now.]

[Bob puppy-look doesn’t help my case, but you know I’m right!]

We know what happens next, Charlotte confesses and the situation spirals down (I will not stop and talk about how cruel Clarke is to the girl, despite everything. Do you remember Finn’s words? She is just a child. Clarke won’t consider this, blinded by her pain and her principles).

At the end, Charlotte, to protect Clarke [fangirl moment because Bellamy’s look when Murphy had Clarke was IT, he was screaming don’t you dare touch her with his whole body and I’m trash] jumps down the cliff.

This little girl took a life and saved another. Killer and victim. Powerful message.

But except for this, this is the moment Clarke breaks down.

She lost: her ways, all her words were not enough.

She stops Bellamy from beating up Murphy and after that, when Bellamy’s rage explodes again she screams, in tears:

“We make the rules, for now”

Do you see it?


A couple houres before she was “Get the hell out of my way, Bellamy” and now they are standing side by side, in front of the fire and explaining to their people the first decision they took togheter for the good of the camp.

It’s also the first time everybody really listens to Clarke, because for the first time she is looking at them as equals and she is standing next to Bellamy with respect.

They, Bellamy and Clarke, feel close now, because they are both grieving.

(But don’t fool yourself: the one that really is in pain it’s Bellamy. He cared for the girl, and Clarke did too but…yea, you know what I mean.)

Back at Clarke…

This is the moment she accepts that she can’t do this on her own, because she doesn’t undestand this kids. The reason she didn’t forcast their reaction is because they think in a way that is unknown to her, because their life till now have been nothing alike.

This is the moment Bellamy becames her compass: he is somewhere in the middle.

She doesn’t undestand why but they have an undestanding, despite the fact that they belong to two different worlds, they get to each other and they get each other.

Sometimes it happens, you meet a spirit akin to yours and a connection is created inspite of the circumstances.

From now on we have multiple situations in which Clarke uses Bellamy’s view to widen her picture. His words, his opinion are now important and she cannot ignore him. She reaches to him and wants to find a middle path between her pricipals and Bellamy’s realism.

(Honestly this is the moment I was sold to the ship for good. Game over, I lost. Bellarke won.)

We have countless of this moments and some of them are my favourites in the whole show.

What I mean:The (first) time Lincoln gets tortured.

The whole episode is a perfect example of what I mean: Bellamy is making a difficult decision that pushes him over a border that he will not be able to uncross. Clarke is hesitant for many reasons but in the end she caves. 

Now, regardless of the whole torture thing (guys, I study law, I despise torture, just to be clear) the point is: Clarke does it Bellamy’s way. 

Better: she is starting to see as he does.

This is not who we are.

It is now.

That moment when Bellamy is whipping Lincoln and she stops him touching his arm?

And after she fails to make him talk Bellamy calls her up touching her arm, this time.

You see my point.

But the moment that closes this all?

Who we are and who we nee to be to survive are very different things.

It’s not easy being in charge, is it?

Do I need to remind you that Clarke said practically the same thing in season 2?

Do I need to remind you that 2-3 episodes from this moment we have Clarke flat out admitting that she needs Bellamy, an ass and all the rest he is, she still needs him.

Glorious episode 8

Do I need to remind you that in the same episodes she stated clear as the sun [to Finn. let me giggle a little at this] that she trusted him.

Do I need to remind you that she brought Bellamy [not teeling Finn…again] with guns at the meetings with Anya.

Do I need to remind you that she refused to leave without Bellamy in the finale?

Do I need to remind you how she is the one that never fails to show Bellamy the good he does? She gives him credits for the leader he was and is, she is the one the fought and WON Jaha to assure him pardon.

She calls him “one of us”

In one gif?

A long way from “Get the hell out of my way, Bellamy” don’t you think?

I could go on and on, really, just think at 1x13: what did I open with? Charlotte. I started talking about how Bellamy knows how dangerous crowd can be, how Clarke doesn’t now it in that moment.

Clarke is not less indipendent than she was in the beginning, she just sees both the sides of the moon, we could say. She undestands Bellamy, she relies on him, she trust him BUT she makes her own decision.

She has a compass but she is the one that sets her route.

That’s why I love her.

Bellamy is not just a follower but he is loyal and he decided to be loyal to Clarke (whatever guys, Jason said it: he is the knight. It is spoken. I cannot express how much I love this) so in the end, he trusts her, because their leadership goes both ways and when the situation changes he gives her the choice -Looking at you, Princess- because he relies on her judgement now, because she changed and he knows it. He was there.

And what does Clarke do? She gives the situation in Bellamy’s hands. 

[This is what I call a well balanced relationship, an healthy one in which they are equals and loyal to each other. But that is just me, so.]

This was S1, of course, when they hesitated to reach to each other, when they had to be as close and physically possible when they where talking, exanging looks that, honestly, burn.

Talk about intensity.

Now, though, we are in S2 and we have this:

I could keep bothering you, with another endless rant because this season has been just a confrimation for me of what I told…but I won’t.

I will just say just this:

Have you ever seen a compass? The way the needle spins to the north? Instoppable, fast.

It rushes, can’t stop.

Doesn’t this look something alike that needle, with Clarke rushing towards Bellamy and then…staying there, finally at rest?

Becasue it seems to me.

(Also, I would like to see you escape those arms. They seem kind of strong and…securely wrapped around her. I’m just saying.)

Another example? Fine.

When he looks at her, she knows.

They are draw to each other.

Like a compass to the north.

I didn’t talk about other amazing moments like this one:

(When she yet again refuses to leave him alone and, well, look at his face. Just look.)

…or this moment:

(When they don’t need words, to understand each other, to know that one of them needs the other.)



I don’t know it, everything could happen. BUT I will say that IF they are endgame this is an amazing build up for something that one day we could call Epic.

I hope you enjoyed this thing I did. I’m sure it’s full of horrible mistakes of grammar and syntaxis (sorry, I am always italian and always ignorant…I’ll keep studing I promise) and Typos of all kind (sorry again).


I will leave here the link to my other post, where the whole Compass Thing happend, titled You Are Gonna Be Fine, Princess.

You can blame it all on it.

So, my Bellarke-shipper friends and also you, The 100 fan that read this even if you don’t ship this two, THANK YOU, I hope this show gets a S3 and we can see what happens next, till that beautiful day just let me know what you think of this, please be nice in doing so, and I’ll see you in my next (Bellarke related) post.


asaigenosfangirl143143  asked:

How can you defend ereri from the haters???? And please teach me how to defend

Hello lovely person!
Well first of all, I do not defend ereri from the haters as I stay very far from drama and ship wars. If anything comes up regarding ereri, I explain my reasons why I ship them and how I started shipping them, as well as what I think their canon relationship is. I also got death threats in the past through anon and shut down this blog for 2-3 months before deciding to give it another chance… So I’ll say it as I would to anyone who’d be looking to pick a fight. Here’s my thoughts:
1-Shipping whoever you want, however you want, is regarding ONLY AND STRICLY you. You should not make someone feel ashamed for who they ship and how they ship them. Instead turn this hate in love towards your own ship and don’t look for haters.

2-If you see something offending regarding your ship, try shrugging it off. If it is really harmful towards the shippers, I’d suggest trying to report the post or the blog. Do not get into a direct fight with the person as this is actually what they strive for. No matter if you think you have good arguments, know that if you truly believe your arguments are enough, it should also be enough for you without needing to argue. I ship ereri and I am proud that I do. That’s all you should tell yourself and let these pathetic haters excuse of a human being ship war fighter be idiots in front of their mindless blogs.
3-I started shipping ereri while browsing tumblr. The truth is…I fkn loved Eren and hated Levi at first because of how he treated him. But then as the anime/manga progressed we saw more of Levi and how he was filled with emotions although he didn’t seem very nice at first. He’s a very complicated character on the inside and I fell in love with how deeply he feels things and manages to stand up for himself and people he cares about. While I browsed, I saw them kissing and immediately got attached to the ship. It obviously turned into way more than kissing and endless fanfics…
4-Why I ship them? Well that could be a long answer but I’ll try to make it short. Eren and Isabel are very similar and I truly believe that Levi wants to care for Eren the way he never could for Isabel. I’m not saying anything romantic could’ve happened with Isabel. I only mean, that he’s attached to Eren and that much is obvious. Also Eren and Levi are very very similar and lived a lot of similar experiences so they get along and understand each other in a way no one else could. Levi also happens to have a good influence on Eren throughout the entire manga. At first he’s just an angry german kid who runs everywhere for vengeance…but then slowly, he starts thinking more and listening and learning and basically he grows. Not only cause of Levi but a lot because of him indeed. He’s his mentor, his childhood hero and he wants to be part of what Levi is. He wants to be as strong and capable as him. Levi on the other hand, wants Eren to grow and be able to fight the way he believes he can. Levi is the only character who never stops believing in Eren. He NEVER doubts him although he threatens that he is, it’s obvious he trusts him with all is being. Whether he sees a chance at a better world or at making up for his past, Levi knows Eren is the key and that’s how deep of a relationship they have in canon. Now that being said. Isayama confirmed that Levi was never in a relationship before and he never specified Levi nor Eren’s preferences. I ship them because of this complicated deep relationship that they have. This silent understanding of both’s personality and being that makes them keep fighting because they know if no one remains, they’ll both keep fighting until the very end for vengeance from the past but also for a better world even if they both end up not being in it. I ship them because they obviously care for each other and if there was ever a slight chance at a romantic development between the two, it would be backed up by so much shared experiences and feelings. I ship them because it’s easy to see how they truly care for each other. I ship them because I like to think that Eren feels grown up and listened to with Levi, while Levi feels young again and maybe like he has another chance to make things right for once. I ship them because they both look youthful and cute together. I ship them because they make my heart beat faster and I feel like this relationship belongs to me just as much as it belongs to them. If they hurt I hurt, If they smile I smile. They are deeply and forever stuck in my heart those two beautiful angry dorks.
5-Age difference: OK…….quickly on this…First of all, they are fictional. Second of all, it’s consensual (I don’t like non-con). Third, look up the legal age in japan and even tho snk doesn’t happen in japan, I’d like to think that since Isayama is the one who created it, those rules would apply to the ship. Even if it didn’t…to me they are in a consensual relationship and it’s fictional so I do not care. And also, not to defend myself but at the very first watch of the anime I did, I didn’t catch their age, so I thought Eren was around 22 and Levi was about 26… But even then, I still ship them. I would if it was consensual and a loving relationship. I don’t want to talk much about this as I know this is the haters favorite topic and I don’t have much arguments to fight back on this except that whatever they say won’t keep me from shipping them in a fluffy or smutty way.

I think that’s pretty much all I can say to be honest. Perhaps I’ll think of something else and edit it later but anyways… I hope I helped a little? If you ever need someone to comfort your ereri feels, I’m here and I know many people are dropping the snk fandom because they don’t read the manga and are tired of waiting for the anime, but I’m a true faithful fan and I’m not about to leave, so stick with me my little ereri lovers, this blog ain’T going anywhere as long as there is stuff to reblog ^_^

PS: I wrote a few ereri fanfics on ao3 (hikarimitsuko’s my username) that would make them haters bite their keyboards lollll…

Keep shipping what you want and keep being you! Chin up and don’t care for pathetic haters! <3

In defense of Fosterson/Jane and Thor

’Boring’: Well, if you think loving, caring, gentle and mutual are ‘boring’ then fine. That’s your bag, but in my opinion- it’s so rare to see such a cautious approach to a relationship, especially when there is SO much at stake for both of them. How often to you see a hero like Thor- the quintessential warrior- get to be portrayed as a starry-eyed romantic, who gently touches and strokes and smiles? Very rarely. I am SO glad they didn’t go down the Conan the Barbarian route, this portrayal is so much better and part of the reason I love Thor as a character so much.

No chemistry: Subjective much? Both actors (Hemsworth and Portman) are talented actors- we know this and they have a great rapport in interviews. No, they aren’t all over each other, but since when has that stopped people shipping two people together? LOTS of people ship Hawkeye and Coulson, despite the fact they converse ONCE and they aren’t even on screen together! Steve and Tony are in two movies (counting AoU) and they constantly bicker and fight- doesn’t stop Stony being popular. Some people like that sort of thing. Me personally? I don’t think anger and disagreement is a good basis for a relationship (angry sex yes, but a long term loving twosome? Nah mate), but I’m boring. So there you go. Jane and Thor’s chemistry is that of two people who are thrown together and are sure there’s something there, but neither wants to rush in- if their story called for lots of snogging, then it would. Again, they are cautious and well aware of what they stand to lose, but the end of the TDW they are free to pursue the relationship and share a super passionate kiss (they’ve clocked up the most kisses so far BTW).
Now I know what you’re about to say- that post-credit scene wasn’t Natalie Portman, that was Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth’s wife) as Jane Foster, so yes the kiss was more passionate because they are being played by a married couple. Different actress, but it’s still the same character. If the problem is with Natalie Portman, I could understand, but I would bet a million dollars that no matter WHO played Jane, fandom would have a problem with it. Proof? THEY DID SHARE A PASSIONATE KISS IN THE TRAILER FOR TDW THAT WAS CUT FROM THE FINAL MOVIE. For reasons that remain a mystery (due to a rather suspicious rumour about them breaking up in an ‘original ending’- a rumour so stupid that even Latino Review won’t touch it. Funny that.). I doubt people would start magically start shipping them if they recast her.

Happens way too fast/haven’t known each other long enough: You’re willing to buy magical space Vikings, hammers made in the heart of a sun, a metal suit powered by an arc reactor and Steve Rogers becoming super strong after being baked in a science microwave but… your suspension of disbelief stops at an astrophysicist falling for a god-like alien with access to technology thousands of years beyond Earth (and an interstellar bridge) after a few days? THAT’S where you draw the line? Okay. Right-o. Why does Thor fall so fast? Perhaps he loves Jane’s passion, kindness, brilliance, beauty and fascination with his world in a way he never stopped to appreciate? Again, my opinion. Kenneth Brannagh, in the director’s commentary for Thor said they aren’t in love, but they develop a mutual crush that they both want to explore but can’t. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Gets in the way of Thorki: Hate to break it to you- Thorki will never. Ever. Ever. Happen. Except in fandom- so why throw Jane under a bus to make it happen? Is the studio (owned by DISNEY) who run a multi-million dollar franchise likely to turn round and go ‘You know what’ll make this franchise really popular? Two men raised as brothers dicking each other. Genius.’

Thor is better off with Sif: Depends how you define ‘Better off’. Yeah, they’ll have longer together, have shared experience- but… Thor doesn’t feel that way about her. At least not yet. He has no obligation to reciprocate her feelings. It might happen one day, who knows, but for now he clearly loves Jane and wants to give them a chance. But what about Norse mythology?! I hear you cry- well, what about it? Since when has the MCU cared about being true to the the Poetic Edda? I’ve read it (I would recommend it!) and Thor has three children- only one of them is by Sif. Two are by a Jotun and an unknown woman. Also, Sif has a son (Ullr) by another man who is also not known. Loki is not Thor’s adopted brother- nor has there been any horse-related shenanigans. If Sif is the ‘endgame’ for the MCU, fine, but give Thor and Jane a chance to have a healthy end to their relationship and not treat Sif as a potential rebound. Gross.

But in the comics…: Which ones? 616? Currently, he’s not with Sif any more, he’s (SPOILERS) probably with a human SHIELD agent (and environmental scientist) named Roz Solomon. I’ve seen him in relationships with random tavern wenches, a dark elf, Amora, Lorelei and… Jane Foster. And that’s just 616- what about Lord of Asgard when he’s with Amora and has a son with her? Or the Ultimates when his one night stand with Hela results in Modi (it’s a spoiler, but I’ve just saved you having to read that piece of shit so consider yourself lucky). And at one point he’s with Jane Foster in The Ultimates to. And in Thor the Mighty Avenger he’s also with Jane Foster. She’s a different Jane Foster in the various continuities- a nurse, a doctor, a historian- so why can’t you accept her as an astrophysicist?
Could it be you don’t buy Jane as a scientist because a conventionally attractive female scientist is ‘unrealistic? Despite the fact that Natalie Portman herself has a science degree and has researched several chemistry papers- yet magic hammers are still more credible? If you can buy space-vikings, but you can’t buy pretty female scientists- you’re probably as sexist as hell. Sorry.

Jane’s too whiney/not badass enough/etc: Whiney? Are you HIGH? It’s a super problematic term anyway. She only ‘whines’ when her stuff is stolen by SHIELD. When she is possessed by an Infinity Stone, she is so brave- she faints to the ground and when Thor calls for her she tells him she’s okay- weakly, but bravely. It’s implied she is broken hearted by Thor’s disappearance, but wouldn’t you be? In the span of two movies she drives into a tornado (laughing like a maniac), rescues Thor from a SHIELD facility, helps evacuate a town, builds her own equipment from scratch, in a lab set up in an old garage, bodily defends Thor, holds an Infinity Stone in her body without dying (even Loki seems impressed with how well she’s surviving) slaps two gods in the face, sasses Odin and defeats Malakeith armed with stuff she has put together with duct tape. Nope. No bad-assery there. No sir.
To quote Thor: ‘She is strong in ways you can’t imagine.’ She’s no warrior- she’s a scientist. Why is that good enough for Leo Fitz and not Jane Foster? Why is it okay for Tony Stark to be a credible hero using his technological know how and not Jane? Why is Loki given SO much sympathy for being being a magic user instead of a warrior, yet Jane is dismissed for the same thing? Hint- probably sexism.

Lifespan difference/Mayfly December: Depressing thing- we will all be separated from our loved ones one day- by death or circumstance. For some it’s sooner than others. Jane and Thor may not have long together, but they clearly want to try. Both of them. It’s implied that Thor would have made Jane his Queen if he wanted to take the throne- but he wanted the chance at a normal life. She would have been part of his life regardless. Will it break his heart to see her die so soon? Absolutely- but he’s doing it anyway. Jane studies stars- she’s used to being a mayfly compared to the rest of the universe, why would her romantic entanglements be any different?

The story repeats itself: Sheriff/Mrs Martin & Stydia.

This post is not ship oriented. I address all the ship (all with respect) but I am pointing out a problem with a lot of them, the ones I like INCLUEDED and in particular, actually. If you are a Stydia shipper and read this, if you are Stalia or Scira…I respect all of this ship, not all of them I personally hope for BUT I am here saying something for all of you to think about. 

I’m here as a shipper for the other shippers.

[all the gifs and images are not mine, they belong to their creators that I thank for their amazing work!]

Since I haven’t yet seen anyone pointing it out here I am.

This is meta. but I am quite sure about it. It way too obvious.

This thing they did with Sheriff and Mrs Martin has cut out every hope for Stydia.


You know why? Because in order to not break Stalia, Jeff and the writers tought of creating an equivalent couple for them. OH we can’t give you Stiles cause he is with Malia OF COURSE, so what about if we take THE OTHER Stilinski and THE OTHER Martin and put them together even if there is literally no build up for them?

‘s cool, isn’t it?


This has already happened too, and everyone should know and see it.

This happened with Sterek everytime they tried to create an het couple to crush the ship.






This happened with Scallison and Scira when they tried to replace Allison with Kira instead of giving space to Kira to be herself (and she a character that I personally really LOVE). Allison was strong and came froma misterious foreign family (they were french in their heritage) and the same we can say for Kira and her japanese kitsune mother, am I right? 

Both girl fight with weapons, the only ones in the whole cast till that point.

Both girl are extremely sweet and are strongly influenced (in different ways) by their family and parents. They however became badass when there is actuallu to fight.

They both suffer of solitude at some point in the story.

They both strike Scott basically in a first sight love. 

I say this as someone that really likes Scira, remeber this. I REALLY like this.

Do you see it?

An equivalent female to recreate a precise dynamic.


Back to Stiles (fan favorite, we all know this):

All the girls they put with Stiles are copies in some way of Derek -except for Lydia but she is a prior the story beginning love AND anyway shares with Derek 2 fondamental traits: unreal beauty and strenght of character.

This girls…

They are ALL shifters, ALL beautiful, ALL have a very strong and prone to violence attitude. 

Malia and Cora are also physically alike Derek, while Erica adopted his manierism and way of dressing.

OH! And do I have to point out that out of 3 girls, two of them are Hales and one was part of Derek’s original pack?

I don’t think so…

[And about this Malia suddenly feeling like she has to choose a surname and going for Tate…while I think is absolutly the sweetest I also think that considering her father was gone ALL SEASON 4 and nobody cared and she knows nothing about Peter -and any children would be at least a little curious especially when daddy grows fangs…- makes not that much sense story wise…except if you are trying to distance her from the Hales...guess why? someone worried that we see a pattern there?)


Jennifer in the first part of s3A was identical to Stiles to the point the scenes with Derek were parallels take by take of Sterek scenes.


And NOW?

Now they take a woman that is the same age as Melissa, beautiful and young looking as Melissa, a single parent like Melissa, a strong and indipendent woman like Melissa but has the surname MARTIN and put her with Sheriff STILINSKI.


And what are the writers thinking now?



You are idiots.

There was ONE thing the fandom of this fucking show agreed on:  the Sheriff and Melissa where the one couple that needed to happen.

This one thing.

And you screwed up.

I have nothing against Mrs Martin or the acress (especially against the actress that is a lovely person all around and very good too in her job!) but I am DONE with this show.

This is baiting. making fun of the fan base. ALL the fan base.

They did it with Sterek.

Now it’s Stydia.

And should we talk the Scira scene in the sigla?

I LOVE Scira as a ship, I said it again and again…that doesn’t mean I am okay with seeing it been ruined because all they do is copy Scallison and trying to recreate that.

I like all the ships here. especially I LIKE ALL THE LADIES.

I HATE the way they use them, though, and that is the POINT.

Now, you enjoy the show regardless of this things? Good for you, I hope you keep loving it. I really wish you to.

For the ones who are willing to have their eyes opened…well I don’t know how I could have been clearer so OPEN THOSE EYES NOW.

For the ones who already knew, well, let’s cry together LOL

All the ship should take a second and think about this thing this show does…they recycle their own ships and that is just another way of manipulating their fan base while keeping the illusion -that they are the only one still believing- about doing ORIGINAL WRITING.

I don’t know what you think, but copying myself would be the ultimate stage of such a degree of unoriginality I can’t even ponder it…

I’m not here to spread negativity, but YEAH I am not okay with this thing. THIS IS A CRITIC.

And one that I feel strongly about.

So there’s that.

I am a Sterek shipper, of course, but I also ship Scira, as I used to ship Scallison. I enjoy Marrish even if I used to love Jydia…and FUCK I ship Sheriff/Melissa so take that Teen Wolf!

I have nothing against a show changing but…CONSISTENCY IS QUALITY.

And this show is all over the place and makes a joke of the fans intelligence.

If you agree with me, if you saw what I saw…let me know…I need a little empathy now, honestly.

Again, gifs and images are not mine, the creators own them, I simply used them since they are gorgeous.

I’m done here…bye.

anonymous asked:

So just wondering what is your opinoin on under aged homestucks ( people who read homestuck that are 12 & under ) im one and I don't get to go to that many comicons but I love homestuck anyway only some under aged homestucks take it to far like pretending that they can speak to them ( trolls ) or believe they are them ( which I think is totally stupid ) so once again your opinion on us under aged homestucks

OK SO. Let me stipulate first that if my parents caught me reading Homestuck when I was under… probably 18 lmao, I would’ve been grounded because of the language in it, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

So here’s my take. Of course kids can read whatever they like! Homestuck is free online, t’s available to everyone. Now. Part of me wonders about the appropriateness of it to kids- like how much BLOOD is in it, lots of killing, killing between not only enemies but between friends, like Vriska and Terezi. When kids are younger, the line between fantasy and reality isn’t as strong, which leads to the things like you mentioned. I would hate for a kid to take (again using the Vriska/Terezi) example so seriously that they think it’s okay to hurt their friends. The characters in Homestuck at some level are all deeply messed up.

HOWEVER….. Please, please PLEASE don’t be insulted if older Homestucks don’t necessarily want to hang out. Other than Homestuck, there’s a lot we do’t have in common, and sometimes it’s trickier to talk to someone so much younger, even having Homestuck as a base of the conversation.

Not-Homestuck related, but here’s an example. When I dressed up as Mabel for work, a little girl was chatting with me about Gravity Falls. In that show, for those unfamiliar, 12-year-old Dipper crushes on a high-school girl named Wendy. She’s at least 16 since she can work, and she expresses discomfort that Dipper has a crush on her, and tells him that she’s flattered, but too old for him. This little girl I was talking with sighed enormously and said she didn’t understand why Wendy wouldn’t want to date Dipper. She was probably about 8, and so she took Dipper’s side. As an adult, I understood Wendy. Even though they’re only four years apart, the mental and social gap between 12 and 16 is HUGE.

You kind of run into the same thing with Homestucks. Life experience for the older group has formed a different viewpoint of the story and its characters. For instance, a ship that I would have seen really really cute at 12 I would probably go OH WHAT GOD NO at at 25. Or, for another example, Something I thought looked, er, sexy, at 15 or 16 just looks horribly, painfully awkward and cringe-inducing at 25. You’re not wrong for thinking it is, and I’m not wrong for thinking it isn’t. It’s just how we view the same situations with our life experience.

And, then there’s the non-Homestuck parts of the conversation. Speaking personally, I have lots of cute Kenstuckies children who I love. Even so, whenever the conversation shifts to not-Homestuck, I end up shuffling with the older members. Like for example, School. I don’t have it anymore, school is not a dominating factor in my life. When kids talk about school, all I have to add to the conversation is outdated memories, and not necessarily all good ones. Similarly, I’m sure kids feel alienated when the older group and I talk about work and health care and apartments and cars and the economy. (LOL all of these things have come up at Homestuck meets.)

And then there’s what I’ve spoken of before, and that’s the actual, barebones legality of talking with young Homestucks.

This mostly comes up at cons/cosplay meets, but. The truth is, if I am 25 and you are 15, I can’t talk with you about this cute NSFW fic you read. If I even discuss sexuality at ALL with you, it’s illegal. Hell, depending on the state, the violence/language in Homestuck could also be illegal.

To use something that comes up with me often at cons with young attendees, I’m often asked to join a ring of “Spin the Faygo” or “The Pocky Game”. Spin the Faygo is self-explanatory, but the Pocky Game is basically a version thereof of Spin the Bottle, except in the end you share a piece of Pocky candy (which is a long, skinny chocolate-covered biscuit stick) with the intention that you kiss at the end. Sometimes the kids say, “Oh, but, we’re just hugging! Promise!” But I have seen and heard of these things devolving to other stuff, and if a minor flings themselves at me, it is still my fault as a responsible adult, and I can’t take that risk.

Bringing up what snowchildhero often does- some of us have jobs that would be literally endangered if we associate with minors doing inappropriate things. There was an incident a few years ago where a minor brought alcohol to a meet and shared it with their friends. They got wasted enough that security at the location was questioned. If it had come down, all of the adults in that space would’ve been charged with child endangerment or similar. Some of us WORK with kids, and so that would pretty much ruin our careers. Even if we don’t, it could still really crash down on our heads.

So, BOTTOM LINE: Young fans are fine with me! I confess I’m always alarmed when I hear someone under 13 reading Homestuck, if only because I remember myself at 11:

And I’m not sure if being launched into the Homestuck fandom when I was so vulnerable and nervous and anxious and so damn earnest and eager-to-please would be a good idea.  But you guys are so much different than me and growing up in a different time.

The best I can tell you is have fun, be safe. C: Guard your heart.