except i have a great teacher

Highlights from a local spring awakening production

-wendla came onstage super happy! She was dancing in circles and playing with her dress when she started singing but slowly got sadder (very different from any versions I’ve seen)
- mama who bore me reprise had soo much energy compared to past shows I’ve seen
- okay, when the boys come onstage i like to guess who is who, and i was mostly right except i switched melchior and hansen bc melchior seemed way more smug than other interpratations ive seen
- i loved moritz so much!! He was smol and had long super curly hair and had a headband to keep it back, it was really cute (he was also also the first black mortiz I’ve seen live and looked a lot like how headcannon him)
- the actor playing melchior really made me want to hate him, much more than other Melchiors have
- he seemed like he was trying to correct the teacher for the sake of talking back than to actually help moritz
- bitch of living was great!! That was the point where my mom was like uhhhh what am i watching?? Most likely bc there were a lot of jerking off motions happening in the dance
- there was also a pole onstage that people were leaning on and swinging around on during the dance which was cool
- the achilles & patroclus line was delivered perfectly!!
- anna and thea were definitely a thing no one can convince me otherwise
- The hanschen was perfect in his desmoda monologue but i felt so awkward with my mom next to me
- i got chills during touch me wOW
- dark i know well was suuuper well done, they had all the boys onstage playing the father of all the girls and showed them beating/being sexual with them and it made the song super powerful
- the teachers didn’t have german accents which i actually liked
- the beating scene wasn’t as intense as i would’ve liked… after he said the “I’ll beat the hell out of you” line he stopped and ran off before actually punching her and stuff
- there were no microphones until half way through And Then There Were None when motiz had a microphone and stand, and at the end the stage went black except a spotlight on mortiz and he dropped the mic stand and it was hella dramatic
- honestly in other productions, mirror blue night seems like it has no purpose (i mean like wtf do the lyrics mean) but the actor playing melchior had a clear reason for singing it in his mind and it really showed
- the hayloft scene was way too consentual, it didn’t seem like rape which is the author’s intent…
- i really liked ilse, she was the perfect mix between obc and dwsa ilse
- i liked how she was trying to show how great her life was but you could really tell she hated it and was scared
- ( also the lighting in that whole dont do sadness/moritz suicide was a+++)
- wendla was happy during guilty one’s?? Her and melchior were like cuddling and being super domestic and stuff it was wierd
- melchior overall just seemed like an asshole… i mean he kinda is but i didn’t see the other layers of him like i have with past actors
- melchior was playing guitar at the beginning of left behind which was kinda cool
- moritz’s dad was the focal of the song rather than melchior, he was center stage clearly coming back from getting drunk and was breaking down, and at one point melchior came up and tapped him on the shoulder and he just crumpled to the floor crying
- okay I’m gonna talk about woyb reprise for a bit
- it wasn’t comic relief at all i was so glad!!
-hanschen at first seemed to be interested in what Ernst was saying before he was like … are you kidding me
- hanchen seemed so hurt during “so are you sorry we…??”
- Hanschen looked into ernst’s eyes and grabbed his hand as he said the “and so you should” line and i think it was the best I’ve ever seen it
- the the rest of the song hanschen seemed so vulnerable!! Like “oh shit I’m falling for this boy whay do i do”
- the kiss at the end of the song was way more tender than the other ones and a few people laughed at the previous ones but thankfully no one did the last time
- the reformatory scene was the only one were melchior didn’t seem as much of an asshole tbh
- MORE PROOF THAT THEA AND ANNA WERE GIRLFRIENDS was in song of purple summer, all the characters that were couples were next to eachother (like hanschen/ernst and the parents and stuff) and thea and Anna were holding hand and at one point they sat down and thea put her head in anna’s lap it was so cute you guys
- overall i really loved the choreo in the show

Obsession (Part 5)

Writer- @myhellyourstories



Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the character Ava.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Warning(s)- Cursing

Words- 4063

A/N- Sorry this took so flipping long, hope you enjoy!

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How to Survive Exam Season

This one is dedicated to everybody who is stressed right now and to everybody who has to write exams at the moment (including myself).

Prompt: here
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 1678
Summary: Simon works as a teacher in a high school and has a crush on another one of the teachers, Baz. When Simon is in a desperate situation, Baz decides to help out.

Oh no. Fuck no. It’s the voice of Mister Sexy. (That’s not his name. Except he might possibly be the most handsome person I’ve ever seen.)

I turn around, slowly, because there’s the silly hope that he might not see me if I don’t make any sudden movements. He’s already seen me. Maybe he’s right when he says I’m stupid.

And there he stand in the corridor, looking absolutely perfect, which isn’t fair. Because right now I’m wearing the ugly yellow T-Shirt that’s a bit stained with paint and that I usually only wear to sleep. Also, I’m pretty sure there are cobwebs stuck in my hair. So basically I look like I have never heard of the existence of mirrors and he looks like the definition of stunning.

And that’s just great. Couldn’t have gone any better. Except now the urge to bang my head against the wall has increased by four hundred percent. (He would know. He’s a maths teacher – history, too, and politics, but I swear if you could choose more than three subjects, he’d be qualified to teach any subject in school. I’m not making that up, I saw in his qualifications that he can speak five different languages. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been stalking him. It’s just that I happened to stumble across them. Somehow. And I saw him play football with the sports teachers. He’s really good at it. I’m just searching for something he’s not perfect at. Not stalking him, Crowley.)

Anyhow, the reason why I want to bang my head against the wall.
“Why are you under the staircase?”
And why I’m under the staircase.

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  • armin: mr. ackerman, why do you look more stressed than usual?
  • levi: well, you see, i'm waiting for ms. zoë to tell me if i have to chaperone any of you little shits on some overnight trip to florida this summer
  • armin: well do you want to go?
  • levi: PFF no
  • hange: *bursts into room* LEEEEVIII I HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOUU
  • levi: oh dear god please tell me i'm not-
  • levi: god FUCKING dammit

I saw S today!!

I was giving tours around my school and when I finished up I circled back to his class just to wave through the window. When he saw me he got a huge smile on his face and he waved me in, but he looked a little disgruntled when my friends also followed me in (so was I like guys do you not get the hint). Anyways though, he really only talked to me despite my friends’ efforts to talk to him.

We had our usual chats and shared banter, and wound up talking for about 10 minutes. He looked so good, all tanned and it looked like he had been working out cos his arms were massive (they always are but hot damn). The best part was when he was talking about putting in a Keurig machine, and my friends said that he’d end up with students like them asking to use it all the time, and he said he would just have a strict policy against anyone else using it. But then I said that I would try to use it too, and he literally smirked at me and goes “You know I’d always make an exception for you,” like I actually died, even my friends made comments about it after we left. It was honestly so great and he’s still super playful and he remembered so much of what I’ve told him, it was amazing 🙈

Thank you for listening!!

The Note Tree ❋ L.H. Pt.9

Part N I N E 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 4k+

AN: hi hi, im so sorry i died! motivation has been depleted up the ass, and i was just feeling really down. after the loss in my family, ive kinda been moping around but im back and im alright! everything is much better with me now and im more than prepared to write for you all again! so as usual, 100 notes and ill see yall soon x x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

I M A G I N E 


“Please tutor Luke after school today.” 

A request, a mere 6-word request that erupted too many in your head. Ms. Lee had looked up to you, desperation pooling her obsidian eyes. You listened as students shuffled out of the class, filing out of your current nightmare. You could tell solely Luke remained, probably owning a smug face as the  anatomy teacher looked at you pleadingly. 

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One time in French, we were playing the board slap game, where there's a bunch of words written on the board and you have to touch the right one first, and if I'm being honest, it gets brutal. So my French teacher had two yard sticks and told us to go nuts, and we did, except one dude went a little too nuts and shattered it. The whole class froze, and the teacher just looked blankly for a second before saying "half points. You owe me a meter stick."

Idk about you, but I kind of have some sort of minor trauma from meter sticks. In fifth grade our teacher was really fun, there was a lot of hands on things. The one thing I didn’t particularly enjoy was when we did the unit on child labor in the great depression. 

To simulate the stress of factory work, he turned on an excessively loud mechanical audio track (like whistles blowing and metal clanking and loud bangs).On top of that, we had to draw these clocks. Idfk about clocks, we just had to draw them really well very quickly and none of us could. To top it off, he and the student teacher had meter sticks in both hands, slamming on the desks and yelling “FASTER!! THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE! NO DINNER!”

One of the sticks shattered because he hit it on my desk so hard and I was like ten and I freaked out and now I just lose my shit when people start beating things with meter sticks. sorry for the long post

Batman comic Sentence Starters
  • “All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine.”
  • “Sometimes it’s only madness that makes us what we are.”
  •  "Everyone looks up to you. They listen to you. If you tell them to fight, they’ll fight. But they need to be inspired.“
  •  "And when you’re sitting here alone in the middle of the night, unsleeping in the dark, remember – every breath you take you owe to me.”
  • “Someone hasn’t had a date in a while…”
  • “Can a man live two lives?”
  • “Scream. Scream. Or I will make you scream.”
  • “Everything I have done, I do for the greater good.”
  • “Of course, I know about bad luck… that’s one of the lessons that this city teaches us all, eventually." 
  • "That looks like it’s gotta hurt. Well, I say that like I’m speculating or something. I know it hurts." 
  • "I could kill you… but death would only end your agony – and silence your shame.”
  • “And I’ll just wait here… because I’m known for my patience.”
  • “Like the view? It’s the only thing you’ll be catching tonight.”
  • “All men by nature seek knowledge." 
  • "I’m listening, and when I say I’m listening, I’m also thinking about killing you.”
  • “Your ex-lover, a murderous psychopath who has repeatedly made our lives a living hell.”
  • “ The real joke is your stubborn, bone deep conviction that somehow, somewhere, all of this makes sense!”
  • “What’s happened to us? The Joker’s killing people, for Christ’s sake!" 
  • "Why is facing psychopathic super-villians so much easier than facing your own emotions?”
  • “So is it me… or are the crooks getting lamer as we go?’
  • "Whenever someone’s asked what power they wish they had, flying is always at the top of the list. But I have to admit. I’ve learned to love falling too.”
  • “You weren’t the perfect father but that’s okay because – probably nobody’s a perfect father. No family’s perfect, either. ”
  • “I had a good teacher, except for the interpersonal skills and the ability to work with others. That was me." 
  • "He/she handles the pressure — the responsibility — all of it, so … effortlessly. I wish I could be so comfortable in my own skin.”
  • "Every now and then I have the feeling I’ve totally lost my mind. It’s a great feeling.”

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Mall Cop here. Shared about service animals and homophobic coworkers. I have great news! In a few months I can quit this job and share all the tea I've been holding in because I just got another job as Exceptional Children resource teacher!!! Now being in Student Loan Hell feels a little better because at least I now have a job in my field.

Languages Lessons w/ Winwin
  • in like four days is my mom’s bd i don’t have any presents for here i want 2 die
  • anyways, lol i’m such a bad daughter
  • shall we start this right away??
  • honestly, i don’t think would be as good as the one i did for kun but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • wachu gonna do about it
  • soooo,,
  • you obviously wanted to learn chinese not only because of him but also his family
  • you wanted to have a proper conversation with his family without him being by your side 24/ translating everything
  • + knowing multiple languages is really fucking cool right
  • even tho chinese is like super hard
  • i can say like three words in that language lol
  • and when you first told him about how much you wanted to learn chinese i swear he was the happiest person alive
  • that precious smile of his was huge and he started jumping around gfhdjka
  • he even choose specific days and hours to have the lessons
  • but y’all only used that schedule for like three weeks and then they started to be more spontaneous
  • because both of you had something else to do or just because y’all end up procrastinating lol
  • and he would make sure to make the lessons fun and relaxing
  • y’all would always be accompanied with warm cups of coffee and maybe some snacks and he would never put any pression on you
  • when will my teachers ever
  • but, apart from the lessons, he tries to teach you a few things every day
  • and if you’re low-key fluid he would only talk in chinese w you
  • but if not, he would obligate you lmao
  • like y’all would be talking about random stuff and he’s suddenly like
  • “oops, i suddenly forgot how to speak korean, seems like now you’ll have to talk in chinese w me baobei”
  • and you’re like uGH NO
  • but little things like this actually really help you to practice
  • also it’s really funny when your pronunciation sounds weird or when you say something wrong, y’all over end up laughing like idiots
  • and he loves it when you start asking him things non stop
  • “sicheng, i was practicing and, did i wrote this well?”
  • “wait, so taeyong’s name in chinese would be something like this?”
  • “what about mine, did i wrote it well?”
  • he would thinks that is the cutest thing ever ghjk
  • but going to the story now~~
  • so, y’all were in your room talking about random stuff okay
  • and he suddenly sees your texts books and remembers about the lessons
  • “y/n? we should practice a little now”
  • “ah, yes! thanks god bc i didn’t do my homework last minute for nothing”
  • he would laugh at your words with that super adorable laugh of his and sit even closer to you ghjks oh my god
  • and, tbh he would be a great teacher, except from a few things
  • like, he would explain everything well and slowly, but sometimes he would get lost when he can’t teach you in korean the words in chinese
  • and, in my opinion, sicheng seems to be the kind of person to get frustrated easily??
  • so when you have to google it to understand it a bit better he’s like >:/// with himself ya know
  • but, if you can understand what he’s explaining right away or when you do your homework well he would get super excited and smiley
  • and he would a l w a y s motivate you to continue practicing and learning with his sweets words <3
  • “good joob, y/n! you’re doing great”
  • ”do you thinks so? i thought it was bad”
  • “not at all, your pronunciation was perfect baobei”
  • “just like you”
  • and he’s like ¿??? wait what
  • and after like two seconds he would react lol
  • and he would start blushing and giggling as he hides his face in the crook of your neck aw
  • “let’s take a break, baobei, i need a moment”
  • and you start laughing at him as you start cuddling him
  • “sicheng?”
  • “uhm?”
  • you would look at him in the eyes and smile a little
  • he’s just so handsome and ethereal, he’s indeed perfect ugh
  • “我愛你 (i love you)”
  • both of you would giggle a little again and seconds later he’s putting you closer to his body
  • “我也爱你  (i love you too)”
  • gfhdjkslañ hOW CUTE
  • then, y’all probably ended up cuddling and procrastinating lol
  • but the end
  • and as i said, this was far away from being as good as the kun one
  • but, yo, i’m so happy bc lately china line is getting a lot of request, omg, thank you hopefully they won’t be too terrible like this one

cloversdreams  asked:

Could you do me a favor and possibly post up a bunch of you Deku and Stain interaction headcanons? I'd like to have these things stored away for when I get around to writing them together so they really do fall into your vision of them properly because I know how much you adore them and I want to do the pair justice in your eyes XD *hugs*

Originally posted by welcome---to---the---jungle

ur so sweet, thank u so much for all the effort u put in for my a.u!!!!

*cracks knuckle* ok here we go

-Stain deeply cares for deku, but feels bad for him. He believes that deku have so much potential to be a great hero.

-I guess u could say that Stain wants to save him from becoming a complete evil. So Stain teaches deku honestly and without corruption. This really becomes a internal conflict to Stain along the way

-Deku might be the only “hero” he wants to save.

-Both of them are All Might fanboy/maniacs. 

-Deku doesn’t behave sugar sweet toward Stain (or anyone really, except Todoroki) but for some reason deku gets strangely clingy to him.

-Deku respects Stain to highest degree, mainly because he never had a teacher that is so dedicated to educate him. Not only they train, Stain also teaches him mathematics and such. (Black mist teaches language art/English)

-Stain is called a pervert a lot by others mainly because how much deku gets clingy (and the fact that deku is affectionate by nature). This do Stain no justice.  (and chances are deku would get really upset “how dare u to insult my sensie??!!”pushes u down the stairs)

-Even though Stain cares for deku, their relationship is strictly teacher/disciple. If u imply on anything else between them he will cut u up. 

-Aside master/disciple relationship it’s really hard to pin point out their relationship. Way much older brother??? Way older friend??? Young father and son??? (Remember that Stain is 30 and deku is 15) But all in all it’s a mutual respect/care for one and another

-Both of them hunts down perverts/pedophiles and punish them *cue sailor moon stands

-By far Deku and Stain has brought most stray kittens and puppies into the villain’s base. Most of this animal has been adopted out to a nice home :)

-Stain developed a habit of wiping deku’s tear against his cheek with his thumb. But later gets embarrassed of doing it.

-When they are not on training or killing spree, they actually dress up as normal civilian and hang out. Such as going to a book store<- huge nerds (They don’t steal, they pay for whatever they purchase. Stain had said “we are not petty thieves.We are the villains of highest level and order, we can’t be doing childish things)

-I’m still debating over if deku calls Stain “shishou (師匠)” master or  “ sensei (先生)” teacher. But because there is tomura’s “sensei” lets go with “shishou” for now.

-If deku have any question to  Stain regarding…uh…”mature interaction regarding two people in love” Stain would pinch his cheeks and say “You idiot stuff likes that get u distracted from ur career! Besides U ARE TOO YOUNG FOR CRAP LIKE THAT” deku wind up getting a ear full and decides to ask stuff like that to his big brother (the reasons Stain can’t answer him 1.He never been in a relationship before and 2. Stain is Mega Virgin. But no one need to know such info)

-When he founded out that Deku is dating a hero, Stain was worried and troubled. He thought that Todoroki would use Deku to get information out of him, and wants to shield deku at all cost. Yet he thought “hero, if you can promise me that you will save him, i’ll support you”

-Tomua hired Stain knowing that he is one of the few people in the world who won’t touch deku


wow that is a lot and i still have so much more!!! but for now i think this is good. if u have any more question, feel free to talk to me!


@kazliin ’s Hogwarts au!!

That’s the whole process of creation!

I thought I’d do Chris, Viktor and Yuuri because I was basing their palettes off of their house colours and I forgot what house Phichit was in.


Yuuri is the head of Slytherin, so I gave him an outfit that was using the house colours and wizarding fashion blended with traditional Japanese clothing

Chris is the head of Ravenclaw, and his look is my favourite because I just yelled “FUCK IT HE’S GONNA HAVE A PEACOCK MOTIF AND GLASSES.” For no good reason except he looks great.

Viktor is head of hufflepuff and I based his outfit off the stammi Viccino costume but also off of Glideroy Lockheart, who is a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in book/film 2 and has a very flamboyant style.

Hope you like it!!


1) The car and the shower are the only places most adults can actually be fully alone with their thoughts. This is why those are the places where you have your best ideas.

2) It’s also why I never follow through on my good ideas – and why I never have particularly insightful Tuesday Truth or Friday Five posts – because those are places where you can’t write down those great ideas.

3) Adelaide’s new school has an open house next Sunday (a week from now) the day before her first day. She’ll get to walk around her new classroom, meet her teachers and some of her new classmates, and so on. We’re both really looking forward to it …

4) … except that everyone must attend mass together afterwards. SIGH. And so it begins.

5) We had the most wonderful thunderstorm this evening. The dog didn’t care for it much – even in her thunder jacket – but it’s one of my favorite weather options.

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i think the problem w/ intense whouffaldi & johnlock shippers is that they underrate how much moffat believes in/values strong friendships. see his comment about bill & the doctor's relationship from the pre series publicity: It has all the spark and joy of a non-romantic romance. Do you know what I mean by that? When you meet somebody who really does become incredibly close to you and it has an awful lot of what a romance has, except it doesn’t have any sex or romance in it" ...

continued: “When you meet the people in your life who do become your great teachers, you do have a different sort of crush on them. As I say, it’s not an erotic one. It’s a fascination. It’s a joy in their company. It’s meeting someone who opens new doors to you. That’s a good relationship to model the Doctor and his best pal on.” which is an approach that is very present w/ eleven/ amy as well tho very differently.

You’re absolutely right, of course. 

The funny thing about all this is that I AM a Whouffaldi shipper - sometimes whether thats queerplatonic or romantic will vary depending on my mood, but that’s a mere detail. It’s a great ship, with a lot of canon support even if I wouldn’t necessarily call it canon (it’s very close, it’s very up in the air). 

It’s just that you see some people with the mentality that “he spent all that time in the confession dial for her, how can you say they’re JUST FRIENDS”. 

Mainly, I take issue with the phrase “just friends”, especially in the content of Doctor Who when friendships are given so much value. Anyone saying that kind of thing implies that the Doctor would not do that for a platonic friend, which we know is absolutely untrue. 

Moffat definitely places a huge amount of value on intense, intimate friendships, which we can guess is due to his own relationship with Mark Gatiss, which is very much the same. Johnlock especially seems to be their way of expressing their own relationship, expressing how two men can love each other so intensely in a way that isn’t romantic in nature.

What Moffat is describing there in your quote is a ‘squish’, a platonic crush. And I think it’s plain as day just how much value he places on platonic relationships, as we’ve seen with Eleven with both Amy and Rory, and with Twelve and Bill. And it’s definitely plausible for some people to read Twelve’s relationship with Clara to be very much on a similar angle (though it’s still a lot more intense/codependent/unhealthy), just as it is for a lot of people to read it as more romantic. 

But the idea that it being romantic makes it somehow more powerful is just… yeah. No. I absolutely would go to hell and back for my friends, they are the people I love the most in this world alongside my family. I am literally planning to marry my best friend because she is the one I can’t imagine living my life without. 

Platonic relationships are so, so important. The words “I don’t think it was explicitly romantic” should never feel like it’s trying to belittle something, because it really isn’t, not in this context, not on this show, not with these characters. 

Medics log

AHHH ok so as with most things I write I kinda went over board? This was just gonna be a little thing, maybe a few paragraphs, but I got really into writing the character so it’s pretty long!! I hope it’s not too ooc, I’m pretty out of it right now so I’m not sure how well I really represented the character… but I hope you like it!!
Also I know some of the details about rank labels/titles are incorrect, but I don’t have the spoons to go on a bender looking for obscure Star Trek trivia right now… also it wouldn’t make sense for them to use last names so I just switched it to first. I’m using Alex as a placeholder name for anx, since we don’t know his real name yet.
Expect some poly sanders in the future, and it’s there if you squint, but Im keeping it ambiguous… for now 👀
Blood, wound mentions, death mention (very brief, and no character actually dies), insect mention, reptiles, medical operations, sarcasm.

Medics log. Stardate…. who cares. First medical officer Alex reporting.

I have another excitement filled report about how I am trapped on a ship full of idiots! I really… really wish it was less exiting. Do you know what alien garbage monster I got to pull out of a flesh wound today? A lizard. First Officer Logan will tell you it’s a flagogis- flagogas- whatever, but it looks like a lizard, eats bugs like a lizard, and tried to bite me, so it’s a lizard. Unsurprisingly, the idiot it was attached to was our chief engineer. Just like the man-eating plant last week. And the spider thing the week before that. And the- you know what. It’s in the record. I’m not going over it again.

Look. This is why I don’t go planet side anymore. And why I didn’t go into space before that! Yes, lets fling Alex into a depressing, deadly vacuum on a tin can maintained by and emotional baby, flown by an egomaniac, and run by a teacher pet! Great idea, star fleet! A++ thinking there, pal! What’s that, can’t come back for five years? Good! Just what the doctor ordered! Except it isn’t! Because I’m the doctor! And this was exactly the opposite of what I wanted!

Speaking of being a doctor. I should actually finish my report…
Initial surveys of the planet informed that while potentially dangerous, it had the appropriate level of oxygen for a planet side mission. Since it didn’t seem to have any established sentient life, Captain ‘Operatic’ sent an away team of First Officer Logan, Ensign Adams, (who would have been much more useful in the med bay as a nurse, instead of where they are now, in the med bay as a patient, but I’m just the guy keeping you from dying so who cares what I say,) and Chief Engineer… I Still don’t know his name. I looked at his file. It literally says Officer Dad. I have no idea how he did it.
Anyways. I did my best to tell Captain Romance that that was a horrible idea, this was a horrible planet, and that it would be much better to fly off into the distance to the nearest alliance base and have them run at least five more scans on the local wildlife. Yknow. Or however many scans it takes to convince me that nothing that lives on that planet will be living on, in, or around my crew when we leave.
That reminds me. The lizard is fine. The idiot I pulled it out of insisted I name it. I told him it’s name is lizard. He suggested Brian, and kept making puppy dog eyes at me… Brian is a stupid name. I’m calling him Harold. But only because he tried to bite the captain. Nothing else… and no one needs to know that. These logs are private until the end of the mission. And I will have run away and become an alien goat herd by then. Probably.

Right. Back to the disaster of the hour. First Officer Logan got the Captain on his side, through “sound reasoning”. Sure. If that’s what you call having someone wrapped so tightly around your finger that it cuts off blood flow. He gets so dorky about new ecosystems. I generally get stuck on the “could kill you” thing. Bit of a deal breaker for me. But not the Captain. His deal breaker was that there was no possibility of a heroic rescue of attractive alien species that no man has ever romanced before! God. He could break the prime directive 8 times just by looking at it. Speaking of breaks… (great morbid segway there, Alex, how very cheerful of me…)

To summarize the mission ended predictably; with about eleven stitches to the chief of engineering’s leg who I am not calling ‘dad’ unless by gun point. Then I’d consider it. Maybe. Luckily ensign Adams only has a mild concussion. I’ll keep an eye on him for a few days, the put him back to work. The engineering team better have a good back up, because I’m keeping Officer Idiot here to see if any of the lizard bites are poisonous. My initial scans didn’t find anything recognizable, but I’m nothing if not thorough…

I’m also putting in a request to pull him from planet side duty. The way today went… he could have died. He knew it, too. I’m pretty blunt about those things, and even he knew that a wound that big means trouble. But he just kept… talking… to the lizard. Trying to keep it from being scared. Of course it was scared… hell, I was scared. He should have been freaking out too. But he kept coaxing it, calling it nicknames, trying to tell it everything would be ok… *ahem*
The point is, he’s going to get himself killed. And we need the ship to keep running. So. I medically recommend that Officer…. “Dad”… not be reinstated for active duty planet side… no matter how many times he says please.
Head Medical Officer Alex, signing off.

anonymous asked:

How did you deal with projects assigned in high school were you had to write something along the lines of who you look up to in your life because i'm struggling. I can't think of anyone who has done that yet. Why do teachers think this is a good project?? I'm about to just lie and say my mom but yeah any advice you have would help but ofc you don't have to. Have a great rest of your day btw!

aww im sorry to hear youre struggling :( ive never had to do a project like that actually, except for two projects where i had to write a monologue from the perspective of someone i admire and then one where i had to read the biography of someone i look up to? so that makes me wonder whether u can do like a public figure or a historical figure or a thinker of some kind??? i did galileo for my biography project and he’s a fascinating dude. so maybe someone like that? but if it’s gotta be someone u actually know then maybe try and think of other adults in your life who have a positive impact on you - maybe past teachers, even your doctor or a busdriver/mailman/other service person you interact with regularly. ahh sorry if this is unhelpful but those are the ideas that come to mind for me!

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“anonymous asked:I am currently studying Alexander the great, and my teacher was talking about Alexander and Hephaistion’s bond (OTP). She told us that Aristotle described their relationship as ‘one soul abiding two bodies’, and my heart just broke… I spent the rest of the day dreaming about Sterek. Yeah, I’m so ruined. I was just wondering if you could draw something based on Aristotle’s famous quote? Except for Stiles & Derek. I hope you are having a wonderful day! *kisu*”

Awwwww that’s such a beautiful way to describe a relationship <3 In Chinese culture we usually use Yin and Yang to describe the balance in one’s body, and I think that’s what a relationship is. Finding someone who balances you out and is like your other half. The sun to your moon, the light to your dark, and the Yin to your Yang. ^u^ 

Okay, but I have 5 words for you: “secret muggleborn nerf gun war.”

Everyone is sitting quietly in the great hall one morning for breakfast and suddenly three muggleborn Gryffindors burst in, point their nerf guns at a Ravenclaw and two Hufflepuffs and open fire and suddenly every muggleborn has a nerf gun out and projectiles are flying across the great hall. No one except the muggleborn students and teachers saw this coming (and damn if the new DADA teacher isn’t having the time of his life in this nerf war) and all the other students are so confused.

First day back in school was a complete joke. I overslept, lost my schedule at least five times, the schools food isn’t that great and I’m never making that mistake again. Then, apparently, I have to read Lord of the Flies and have my essay done by Friday, no exceptions or privileges, according to the teacher. Which is fair but can’t the new guy catch a break? 

theory: the eight sounds.

I have a little theory about that…

The first time when i heard about the eight sounds my mind said:
“Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do” (latin person) 

First: scale.

I use the “Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do” scale but you can transform this to “C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C” (or H if you are from Germany…)

The musical scale start with a Do (i call this the neutral Do, depending where you start play the piano) and end with a major Do (or C major) if we took this with the last scene of the opening:

a bit of sense now? we saw the musik in that order (except for chopin/liszt and bada/bach) and i have same problem with them in other part of this theory (i don’t have great arguments)

Second: colours.

This depends of your country, when i had music class in the school (also when i had a xylophone) the key have colours and my teacher explained me what key was what key with the colours, the point is that i learned this order:

  • Do = Blue
  • Re = Green
  • Mi = Yellow
  • Fa = Purple
  • Sol = Red
  • La = Orange/Pink
  • Si = Light Blue
  • major Do = Dark Blue/Marine Blue

if we follow this example we have two (or more?) orders…

According to the colors of the image:

  • Do/C = Bach
  • Re/D = Liszt
  • Mi/E = (first problem: we don’t have yellow, but Schubert fits)
  • Fa/F = Chopin
  • Sol/G = Beto
  • La/A = (second problem: if is orange is Schubert but you already looked up, don’t you? then we have Pink who is Mozart but also Bada can fits here)
  • Si/B = Tchaiko
  • major Do/C.

According to the music scale:

  • C = Beto
  • D = Moz
  • E = Chopin
  • F = Liszt
  • G = Schu
  • A = Tchaiko
  • B = Bada
  • C major = Bach.

what if the activation/powers for the eight sounds is the progress of the Musik in this order? Now a bit of music - theory stuff:

On the diatonic or natural scale we have two semitones: Mi/Fa and Si/major Do, Mi and Fa are Liszt/Chopin and if we change Bada (Si) for Tchaiko (La according to the colours theory) she is next to Bach. Both Liszt/Chopin and Tchaiko/Bach are a “profound” relation (Friendship in the first case and Love/Recognition in the second (just for the poor Tchaiko) ).

The Mixolidia scale (Which starts in Sol/G) is used in guitars, electric guitars. Red is a powerful colour and Sol (spanish) means Sun. Why i’m writing this? Beethoven is the first and his colour is red.