except i don't have any spare time

anonymous asked:

I don't know how to say it, but you're not as cool as you used to be. Maybe it's because you're posts aren't that funny and you don't post anymore. Because you have enough followers and it's okay if you loose a few. Guess what, you're unwanted. You crappy piece of shit. JK I love you just please post more.

(( You know what I normally just laugh this stuff off but no, fuck you. I sacrifice my spare time from university work to make posts on this ask blog and I don’t get paid for this or receive any other kind of benefit except for making some people laugh and getting comments from sweet kind followers, but you know what? Thats why I continue answering these asks and portraying shizuo because some people genuinely enjoy my posts and it makes their day better etc. and I love to be able to bring a single shed of light into someones possibly dull day.

Also the reason why I haven’t been posting is because I’m back home with my family who I only see 2 times a month if I’m lucky because I have to live away from home to do a degree in something I love and so yeah I’m choosing myself over the blog but if I ignore my well being there would be no fucking blog, oh and also there isnt a fucking schedule for this shit I’m not being timed or anything and I literally last month posted 108 times and if you do the math that would roughly be 3 posts a DAY. So fucking grow up if you cant get over me not posting any asks for 3 days.

And double fuck you for saying to me, let alone telling anyone they aren’t funny, I panic all the time and worry that I’m not keeping to the usual standard of ‘funny’ on this blog and its so fucking hard to think up humorous responses to some of the questions I get and its not easy so yeah it gets a little stale sometimes but I’m not a goddamn joke factory.

And NEVER I mean EVER fucking tell someone they are unwanted, i mean seriously what the hell is wrong with you? You don’t know peoples life stories for all you know my parents could be terrible people and they tell me I’m useless and unwanted too and that kind of shit can tip someone over the edge and make them kill themselves, and everyone is wanted by at least one person, someone out there would miss them and fucking cares. So dont you EVER speak like this to someone else or so help me god I hope the sky shits on you.

Oh and by the way adding JK I love you to the end of a message doesnt excuse the fact you are being a dick before hand sooooo I hope you resolve whatever goddamn issues you have. ))