except how it's totally not

i saw this sweetie crop top at h&m yesterday and i was like
eleven would wear that

so here’s an h&m AU i guess



So long story short Skeleton King needs to be overthrown so Princess!Nova enlists the help of Cowboy!Sprx to get her there and she drags her bodyguard Knight!Otto along with her. Along the way they run into Vampire!Gibson, who helps them out both because they’re totally helpless without his medical help and because he’s really lonely okay. 

Aaand they’ll probably also get Ghost!Antauri and Zombie-Monster!Chiro along the way. And maybe Mummy!Mandarin. 

And there you go an AU I’ll never do anything with except cute sketches. Drawing cowboy hats is fun and you should all check out the captions. It’s 2 AM I am tired.

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You seem really sweet and your blog is so cute!! Reading your tags brings me joy :D

(*^ω^*) Thank you! I’m glad I could give you all the Happy™


Imagine your OTP sleeping together for the first time.  No sex, just sleeping.  When Person A wakes up, they see Person B still asleep.  Person A smiles and wakes them up with a sweet kiss.  Person B, once aware of what’s happening, kisses back.

They’d shared tents, campfires, and rooms when the inns were packed, but this was the first time they had shared a bed. It wasn’t for a lack of vacancies, either.

When Agnès woke to the rosy light of dawn creeping in through the windows, it took a moment for it to sink in that she was truly in Tiz’s bed, lying against him. His body was warm at her back, his arm had wrapped around her sometime in their sleep, and though she knew they were both somewhat decent, she flushed when she shifted her leg under the cotton blanket and her heel bumped into his thigh. He was wearing his drawers, she knew that. He wasn’t naked. He was simply…in possession of more bared skin than she was accustomed to touching. The contact was pleasant, but flustering. She whimpered before she caught herself and swallowed, looking over her shoulder in expectation of seeing Tiz stirring awake. He had been such a light sleeper sometimes, though Ringabel had said he began to sleep better after they found Egil and since then only had problems if he was stressed about something.

His face was still slack with sleep. He was resting well enough that she hadn’t woken him. Good.

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Favorite fictional politician and why?


I could never be a politician of any standing, I have exactly zero charisma, but if I were a politician, I would be that ridiculous nerd of a religious snob perpetually monologuing in the Oval Office and running into trees.