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you should just change your url to cursed-bts-images-with-occasional-exceptions because ://

because what? because people mostly submit their pictures? because you’d rather be whiny than submit something yourself? If yall have some problems with bts idc it’s your problem. Have a nice day~

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The only people than can CANONICALLY claim to be knights of hell are Abbadon, Dean and Cain. The wrinkled, used up angel will never ever amount to being the knight of anything, except failure. Just like he will never be a Winchester. Your URL is a joke. You have a great fucking night cupcake.

This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read, you don’t even get the canon right

Secret Fandom Compliment Letter

Dear April, @robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad,

Let’s start with a nice warning from our beloved Robert Sugden aka Mr Dingle.

Now that you have been warned, let’s get serious! Saying that I LOVE your blog would be an understatement so I prefer to tell you why.

Your URL : nothing to say except I love it !

Your TITTLE : your obsession for their tummies is so funny but sooo cute !! Besides a fic has been written from this so I guess I just can say thank you ;D

Your POSTS : I have the feeling that every time you decide to write a post on your blog, it has the purpose to break our hearts in multiple pieces that you can crush even more when we want explanations. Do I really need to pick an example or I have to remind at every one how Robert thinks about lasts when he sees Aaron or the list of protective/supportive Aaron (yeah i’m still not over it!). I hate reading them because I love them so much… I’m sure you enjoy the pain you cause :p

Your TAGS :  It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to read them, you’re literally putting all your feelings in them, you take the time to personalize all your reblogs and I’m a big fan of that! I love the little nicknames you give to some of the characters of course I picked Robron as examples but Leyla is my queen too or the « best mates soulmates » for Bartsy :p

Your love for OTHER SHIPS like Zude or Captain Swan, can you believe they got married… 😭

Your love for DRYAN : for example your excitement in your tags saturday was a delight to read :p Should I put a little something to make you smile 😏

Your HONESTY : you always say what you think while remaining respectful, it’s one of the best quality I appreciate with someone.  

Your KINDNESS : when you reply to asks, when you talk with your followers, you always have kind words. And I speak with all the facts because you are one of the most sweetest person I have ever talked to on Tumblr. You’re always so supportive with others in this fandom : reblogging fanfiction, drawings, gifsets, posts and letting them know that you appreciate their work. Besides, you do it with this original way, like the other day I have learned thanks to you that I was a witch doing sorcery with my gifset. We can think it’s not a big deal to say something like that but it can make you happy in a second. So thank you ! Really THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Right, I’m not really good with words, these are just examples but in the end I LOVE your blog as a whole, it reflects your personality and all we want to do is talking to you! Keep doing everything you do, never leaves this fandom (i’ll not allow you to do it) and stay exactly the way you are because you’re amazing. 😘😘

Love and hugs (you can’t escape it :p), Marie, @iamarobronniffler. 😘😘

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Well I usually can't think of your name as fast as I think of your URL so I usually just go with your URL. Except like I pronounce it so like when I say millenniumeyebrow "millennium" is really fast it's like a mind blur so I just use "eyebrow" as the identifier. I also sometimes call you millennium baguette because of your URL hoarding. Sometimes I go with "that guy who has a pink and purple aesthetic and knows French" because I don't usually think in names either

i’ve had quite a few people just call me eyebrow in the past like in chat rooms and whatnot tbh

and “knows” french is a bit of a stretch lmao but thank

i’m like kinda the opposite with thinking in names actually??? like despite ur url spelling i think of u as siban, and although i did tell @officialgrandpa that i think of them as grandpa, i do sometimes just say aidan in my head or tags or occasionally grandpa aidan tbh like there’s a switch my head that switches from url to name once i start considering someone a friend it’s weird

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I assumed you were kind of like a wine mom ™ because of your URL except, like drunk Robin (bc of your icon) and so you'd split off nonsense and people would just take it for face value cause it's coming from a trust worthy source lmao , that and I legit never knew you knew my sister until like a month ago

I always saw myself as more of a vodka aunt.

The second part surprised me, but I can only think of two notable people I know with sisters, and your icon gives me a pretty good clue.

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fun fact: i say your url "flow-ry" rather than "flowery" (except with an added "hr" sound that i'm pretty sure does not actually exist in the english language ?? who knows)

sometimes I actually think it may be cooler to pronounce it kinda like that! almost like “flow-her-y” instead of just plain ol’ “flowery.” i like it either way!!

thank you so much, anon!!

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OvO ask box is open? can i get a fluffy scenario with tsukki where his s/o, who gets embarrassed easily, is sitting in his lap and he's kissing their neck and whispering sweet nothings? if you're feelin overwhelmed with stuff tho you can ignore this :>

ah no i honestly have nothing to do except sit around and wait for requests! and this is perfect omg

ps your url is very nice

Today had been a particularly bad day–while nothing had actually happened, your self esteem had seemed to plummet. This bad mood had ebbed into the time you were spending with your boyfriend, Tsukishima, who had definitely noticed.

“Oi. What’s wrong.”

You felt his hold around your waist tighten a little. Leaning back, you rested your head against his shoulder, glancing up at him. You shifted a little on your bed, clearly uncomfortable, but he showed no sign of letting up. “Nothing’s wrong,” you sigh. “I’m just tired…that’s all.”

He rolls his eyes. “Bullshit. Tell me what’s wrong.” You scrunch your nose at the thought. 

“Do I have to?” He raises an eyebrow. “Fine, fine…today just hasn’t been a really good day, alright? I don’t feel very….” You searched around for the word. “Valuable. Attractive. Things like that.” Tsukishima scoffs. “Hey, don’t scoff at me-”

Tsukishima presses his mouth against the crook of your neck with a gentleness that surprises you, interrupting your retort. “That’s dumb. You know why?” You shake your head slowly, heat seeping into your cheeks at the fact that your boyfriend was kissing your neck; and it certainly didn’t help that you were in your bedroom.

He kisses you again, just below your earlobe. “Because you’re perfect,” he murmurs against your skin. “Why do you think I’m dating you, idiot.” You can feel the heat radiating off of his face too, and it would’ve made you laugh if you weren’t so embarrassed.

“I’m not–I’m not perfect.” You mumble this and try to move away. “And stop that.”

“Stop what?” A third kiss is placed on your neck.

“Stop kissing me there, we’re in my bed.”

“Mm.” Another kiss. The blush spreads from your cheeks to your ears and probably your neck. “Make me.” You splutter at his response.

“K-Kei! Don’t say things like that!”

“Then don’t say you aren’t valuable.” You huff and give up, slumping in defeat against his chest. You feel his triumphant smile against your skin and his lips press into the line of your jaw. You’re mortified, of course, that he’s being this bold, but it’s kind of….nice. 



“I love you,” he whispers. That does it. You’ve lost ability to think and function, and at this point you’re sure that you’ll be red for a week. You find a little satisfaction, though, in the fact that Tsukishima’s face is probably just as flushed from saying such things out loud. 

“I love you too,” you manage to choke out. His arm tightens around your waist again as he continues to whisper horribly embarrassing things into your ear.

ah hopefully that was okay!! if it wasn’t you can always tell me if i missed something you wanted to read :) 

Reblog for one Killjoyverse Zone travel ticket in your inbox.
  • They look like this (except much bigger):

  • Will be personalized with your URL (no more personalization, sorry!)
  • You’ll get one out of six
  • Make sure your submit box is open
  • Go ahead and post it, just don’t claim it as your own! (All tickets were made by me.)
  • Reblogs only, no likes

This is a tutorial as it seems that many of you are not sure of how to do this. We have seen people just hyperlink their tumblr username instead of their tumblr URL and, more commonly, people not sourcing their fanart.

You could just copy and paste the link to your tumblr or to the fanart, but some people prefer to have it open up like this.

1. Select the text you want to hyperlink.

2. Locate Insert/Edit Link.

3. Click on it and this will pop up.

4. In the Link URL slot, you could copy and paste your URL or just type it out.


5. Whichever way of inputting your URL you choose to do, you could add something to the Title (optional) slot if you please. This adds a message to pop up when you hover over the hyperlink.

6. If you want the hyperlink to open in another window, select Open link in a new window. When someone clicks on it, it will open up your blog in another window/tab.

7. This also applies for fanart or other URLs to your wishlists. Just follow steps 1-6 except instead of using your tumblr URL, you would use the fan art source (not the literal image source such as http://24.media.tumblr.com/240d80df2d6854a589337be90cc0aea2/tumblr_n1px8nJJWq1sognhno1_400.jpg) or your wishlist URL.

You should do this if you wish your URL to be in a hyperlink as you are required to submit with your URL regardless. If you are using fanart or wanting to redirect people to your wishlist instead of typing it out, you are required to hyperlink it or copy and paste the URL. Keep in mind most people only copy and paste their URL for tumblr URLs or fanart URLs rather than for wishlists.

Hopefully, this has answered some questions. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! If you continue to not source your fanart or leave your URL in any form (or hyperlink it incorrectly if you choose to hyperlink it) we will delete it.

Thank you~.

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I was looking for your blog and ended on this anti-feminism website and I got a little upset cause I thought it was you D: (You guys have the same url except yours has confused in the front)

Yeah, I’ve seen it too. It is, a daresay, a little confusing.

This is the one and only true blog for CONFUSED Cats Against Feminism! I think those other cats against feminism are also confused, but their human doesn’t realize it yet.

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I started following you knowing that you weren't Dan but sometimes I just see a post and I'm like "why is Dan re blogging a gif of Phil?" I love your blog btw

same except with other dan look-alike urls and thank you!

Hello everyone! I just started this match making blog for anyone part of the LGBTQIAPD community, age 14 or older.

The way it works is you can submit by filling out a short questionnaire, and then I’ll try and match you. Once you have a match I’ll message you with your match’s url. No one will see your submission except for the admin for this blog. 

I am also following back everyone until I hit 200 followers!