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Past Lover (Part 2)

Shock. That’s what you felt first. Then familiarity. You knew him. You definitely knew him. And you also knew that he was more than just a friend. Then his name snapped into your head.
“Jeremy?” you whispered.
He smiled and nodded.
You were feeling mixed emotions, happiness, relief, concern and then dread.
Because now you had to tell him that you were with someone else.
“Jer I…” you trailed off not knowing what to say. Silence and staring followed.
Newt was the first to speak up. “Y/N… is he- was he-” he had quickly inserted the was, “-your…”
You nodded and bit your lip.
“Well this is bloody awkward…” Newt muttered. He extended his hand. “I’m Newt, Y/N’s current boyfriend.”
Jeremy opened his mouth in surprise and then quickly shut it. “Hi.” he said shaking Newt’s hand. He smiled but you swore you saw him glare for a second. “Pleasure to meet you.” It came out flat, not very warm.
You gulped. This was not going to end well.
Newt furrowed his eyebrows but before the situation could worsen Janson came into the room, meaning everyone had to take their seats.
He was going to call out the names of the ‘lucky’ kids who were going to be taken to some safe (well, safer) place.
“Why don’t you come and sit with us? ” you asked Jeremy. You mentally face-palmed yourself.
Really Y\N? You thought. You had to go make everything worse didn’t you?
Jeremy smiled and took your hand, placing a kiss on your knuckles. You blushed and out of the corner of your eye you saw Newt turn red as well, but from a completely different emotion. “Anything for a beautiful lady like you.” Jeremy said.
Newt grabbed your hand, the one that Jeremy was still holding, and lead you back to the table, Jeremy following behind. The brown-haired boy was smirking.
“Guys.” You addressed the Gladers. Their attention immediately snapped towards you. “This is Jeremy m-”
“Y\N’s ex-boyfriend.” Newt cut in, causing everyone to raise their eyebrows.
“Hi.” Jeremy greeted them.
The three of you sat down and it was suddenly awkwardly silent.
“So…” Thomas muttered after about half a minute. “You knew Y\N before the maze huh?”
“Yeah.” Jeremy said flashing his electric blue eyes at you and then a smile. You couldn’t help but blush.
“What was she like?” Thomas asked. Why was he always so curious?
“The same.” He replied with a grin. “Strong, smart, confident, talented and of course, beautiful.”
Your cheeks were as red as tomatoes by then.
“You forgot to add fast. And brave. And amazing.” Newt said, drawing circles on your hand with his thumb, his eyes looking directly at yours. You smiled at him.
Jeremy’s voice cut in through the air. “And you forgot to add an extremely good kisser.”
This caused Newt to immediately snap his head towards Jeremy, who had a smug look plastered across his. “Especially French kissing, the best of the best.”
Everyone’s mouth dropped open in surprise. Except Newt’s, who was glaring at a Jeremy.
If looks could kill… Jeremy would have been dead more than a dozen times by now.
“Ha ha ha…” Frypan laughed nervously trying to cut the tension. “Y\N’s good at a lot of t-things… right Winston?”
Winston raised both his hands. “Don’t drag me into this Fry.” he said before leaving the table. “I’m going to bed.”
“I think we should all go to bed, seeing how extremely well this is going..” Minho responded sarcastically. You elbowed him, hard.
He let out a grunt but kept his mouth shut.
“You know what guys, I’m really tired.” Thomas said faking a yawn. “I think I’m gonna go to bed now.”
He left. Frypan followed. Minho muttered a 'good luck’ in your ear before leaving as well. You gave him a look that said 'help me’ but he only mouthed the words 'sorry’.
“Let’s finish our food, shall we?” Newt said.
The three of you turned to your dinner.
“You know.” murmured Jeremy through a mouthful of salad. “I had given Y/N a ring on her 16th birthday, what about you?”
Newt choked on his sandwich. You knew why, he hadn’t given you anything on your birthday, because he didn’t know when was your birthday.
You didn’t either.
“I- um…” Newt chewed on his bottom lip. You could see how guilty he looked.
“Jeremy, Newt doesn’t know when it’s my birthday. I don’t know either.” you said softly.
“Oh that’s a shame.” He replied, shaking his head. “We had a grand time last year, on (y\bd). We watched movies, had dinner, and then time to ourselves…” He extended the 'elves’, smirking.
Newt clenched his fork, his knuckles growing white.
“Best day I ever had.” he said suddenly placing his hand on yours.
Before you knew what was happening Jeremy was pinned on the ground, a fist being smashed on his face, again and again.
“Newt! Stop it!” you yelled trying to pull him off of Jeremy.

The guy was bleeding by the time the guards had managed to pull Newt away.
They half-carried Jeremy to the infirmary.
You grabbed Newt’s wrist and lead him to a more private area. “Newt!” you whisper-shouted. “What the hell were you thinking! You just sent someone to the hospital!”
Newt ran his hand through his hair. “Look, I’m sor-”
“Sorry isn’t going to cut it! You nearly killed him! I bet you would’ve if-”
“Just listen to me! I got bloody jealous okay?! His taller and handsomer and a lot more muscly, his way more better for you than I can ever be! And I got jealous! I don’t want to lose you to some arrogant douchebag-”
You slammed your lips onto his cutting him off. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer and deepening the kiss. You snaked your hands around his neck as his tongue entered your mouth. Butterflies swarmed your stomach.
You pulled away after a minute because of the need of oxygen, your face flushed red.
“I’m not going to forgive you this easily next time.” you muttered putting your hands on your hips. “So don’t nearly kill someone for me.”
He smirked and circled one at around your waist, placing a kiss on your temple. “I’ll try, but if anyone lays a bloody finger on you they’re already six feet under.”
You couldn’t help but smile at his protectiveness.