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I’m feeling stressed and I don’t know why, so I did some stress-free doodles.


Went to this haunted cemetery in Tooele County Utah. We were there from around 02:30 to 03:30. Nothing outstanding happened but the whole vibe was eerie (we all felt like we were being watched and kept hearing things in in the trees). It was hard to get good pictures, some I forgot were one of the fences around one of the grave’s being knocked over and roughed up, and of rocks stacked in a line heading towards another grave. Only one grave had a marked headstone and it was completely illegible except for a “B” on the top left corner.

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Hi. I just wanna say that i feel its a bit inappropriate for jy to promote his pop up store and giggling and taking selfies with his friends. Its like they are pretending nth happen to sh. I know they might not show their support publicly but hey a little consideration would be good. And i just dont know how to feel with everyone frm yg going to his concert while sh is probably alone now when he's the one who needs support right now😭😭

ummmm hmm…. okay so this is just my opinion on it, i havent read what anyone else has thought about it cause Im trying to avoid it but i’ll throw what im thinking out there. i think theyre doing a good thing???  the marijuana scandal is bad, but they’ve all lprobably known that it was going to drop for months. they were prepared for the news to break - likely around jiyongs album release- this wasnt news to any of them so they were likely able to come up with a strategy to deal with it. look, from all that we know of seunghyun, and my personal interpretation, he doesn’t really like public attention?? especially in relation to his mental health, which he has had problems with for many years. having the kind of spotlight he had on him in the last week?? getting removed from his military post?? ending up in the hospital?? those are all very personal things that he does not need or want out there. thats just making things worse. by jiyong and the rest of the yg crew performing and watching his concert they are giving off the message that things are going to be okay. if everyone just stopped working and concerts were cancelled that would just put more attention on seunghyun. making him the bad guy who stopped jiyong’s promotions and likely would cause yg to lose stock. which is not the blame he needs right now!!! being alone- and he’s not alone, his mom is with him at least- is better than having the whole industry and fans watching your every move. It’s what drove him to the hospital in the first place most likely. 

and tbh this is what makes jiyong a good leader for his group. this exact message, and i’ve seen other people saying the same thing. Jiyong is taking some of the hits right now about how its inappropriate for him to be on stage, and therefore deflecting attention from seunghyun by performing and promoting and just acting normal. idk i have my issues with jiyong but he genuinely cares about the people in his life and i think this is what is best for seunghyun in the long run personally.

I agree that seunghyun needs support right now but tbh??? I think that everyone acting normal is going to do more for him in the long run than anything else

hello it is I, the Zeldiest Fry,

fourth of july 01 | jjk

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pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, angst, and slight smut
word count: 9k+
description: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon.

A/N: this is the first part out of two! this is based off the song fourth of july by fall out boy. also, a break symbolizes a new season and italics are a flashback!


It started 5 years ago. Your infatuation was peaked when your eyes came across the boy that is Jeon Jungkook. You were only 14 years old, 2 months younger than him, and your whole world changed ever since you met it.

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i was rewatching the OFA trailer again (yes, i love to ruin my life) and i noticed an interesting detail

note how on ALL the windows, the amount of snow and also position is exactly the same. All except ONE. The top left one.

and you may think i’m crazy or too picky, but there’s no way that Disney animation studios did that by mystake ! it’s entirely thought and drawn, so it was 100% on purpose. Look at my comparison between the two windows.

what did they try to tell us with this intriguing detail, you may ask ? oh boy, let me speculate/headcanon a little.

it’s Elsa’s window. Elsa’s bedroom window. she was so stressed and apprehensive about this holiday celebration that it snowed a bit more on her window, or the snow drifted down by her window.

i’m having a feels crisis right now


Yesterday, I got back from stagecoach country music festival and it was the best experience ever! I broke every one of my comfort barriers including not wearing anything but eye makeup (except day 1, top left both pics, I found out it looks even worse when it melts off 😂), showing my shoulders, wearing shorts and dresses, and actually talking to a bunch of people instead of staying quiet.

During the whole 3 day weekend, surrounded by a bunch of rednecks, trump supporters, and people that are supposed to hate us… I was never misgendered once, never heard transphobic comments my way, never harassed… I just got to be me and enjoy every bit of it. I’m tired of hearing the same old things over and over about how we’re supposed to stay away from events like this because it’s not safe for a trans person, or that rednecks and conservatives are just the worst kind of people that hate us and would attack us.

In the course of 3 days, I received more respect as a woman than the 7 months I have been presenting as female. I will continue to go out and enjoy the things I love, and not hide in fear of being the real me. It was the biggest confidence boost ever and now I feel like nothing can get in my way!!! 😊(Except the horrible sunburn I got for the next few days 😉)

DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS VEGAN FRICKIN DONUTS 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 🍓 Strawberry split w/ whipped cream (my fave)
🍇 Peanut butter and jelly
☕️ Spiced chai
Everything is vegan except for the one in the top left which my sis got (there’s a whole poptart INSIDE the donut 😳) Ate 2 and a half donuts lmao bc it’s been waaaaaay too long since I had any 😄 Treat yooooseeelllf

Doodles of some cute babies. Except the top left. That’s going to be me in 4 hours because I chose to stay up and doodle these shitholes instead of sleeping before work rip me



Someone sent me these PICS and VIDEO of Cait at the fashion show she attended during NY fashion week earlier this year–the SAME fashion show where the ES are convinced Sam is spotted in the background of a pic Cait is in (the Extreme Shipper pic is the one top left)…except we all know that’s NOT Sam (too short, too small, when does Sam wear a back pack to a fashion show? when does Sam GO to a fashion show? Sam posted pics from France during this time, Mackenzie posted pics from France during the exact same time)… and oh, LOOK, do you see a tall gingery blond Scot anywhere in Cait’s vicinity? NOPE. Sam is NOT ANYWHERE in these pics of Cait, nor is he “hiding” anywhere in the video of the fashion show. 

To quote the great, late Archie Bunker, “I rest my case, Edith.” Another Extreme Shipper LIE DEBUNKED. 

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I know this may be too dark and angsty, but maybe something where regulus is killed in front of Sirius instead of at the cave and Sirius has to watch as his brother dies and there's nothing he can do about it.

I have altered the original story a wee bit because I can’t have Regulus killed in front of Sirius without completely changing Harry Potter and for some reason I didn’t want an AU, so he’s killed in the cave but Sirius will watch it because as a fandom we like to torture ourselves

Sirius was walking around each room to see their last state, except for the top floor where his and Regulus’ rooms were left untouched. Molly Weasley made it her job to clean the dust and the creatures that resided Grimmauld Place, 12 during Sirius’ absence. Sirius felt trapped in hell, he hated this place he would never call home, just some place he had to live for 16 years. He spent the last day trying to take Walburga’s portrait from the wall at the entrance but he couldn’t manage, she was getting on his nerve even more than before. 

The kids and Molly were cleaning out the wardrobes in the room where the Black family tree was. He got into the room and looked at the family tree, his name as well as Andromeda’s were burnt, Walburga was a very disturbed woman. Orion Black wasn’t the best you could find but before he married Walburga, Sirius was sure he was at least tolerable. He was running his hands over the rest of his family members, each one worse than the other. Narcissa seemed redeemable to Sirius but of course he was wrong, there were rumours about Malfor Manor being the headquarters for Death Eaters, Sirius felt disgusted. Sirius was lost in his thoughts as he heard some clattering behind him. 

“Oi! I can’t open this bloody locket!” complained Ron.

“You shouldn’t probably touch that Ron, I’m pretty sure it’s cursed like everything in this place” said Sirius and with that Ron threw the locket into the box of all things they were going to throw away. 

Sirius looked at the box, almost everything had a snake embossed on it. Salazar Slytherin and his loyal followers with their pureblood mania and an incomprehensible love for snakes. Sirius thought about Harry and how he was a Parseltongue, Walburga would have been proud. Sirius felt nauseous, he hated that Harry carried such an important trait for the Blacks, Walburga would have probably killed Sirius to have someone from her blood to be Parselmouth. Sirius shievered at the thought and made his way downstairs to the kitchen to talk to Remus.

As he was passing by his mother’s portrait, he tried to pull the curtain to shut her up as she shouted “Blood traitors, in my house! Mudbloods and good for nothing creatures in the house of Black! You will pay for this Sirius Orion Black, I will make you pay boy!”, Sirius saw Kreacher running to the kitchen holding the locket Ron just threw away.

“Kreacher!” roared Sirius as he caught the house elf by his filthy rag, he was struggling to get away.

“Kreacher give that locket to me!” ordered Sirius but Kreacher was attempting to resist Sirius’ order.

“I said give the locket here” repeated Sirius, Kreacher was trying so hard.

“Kreacher will not obey good for nothing Master Sirius, Kreacher will not betray Master Regulus’ request.” answered Kreacher and the moment he finished his sentence he started banging his head on the closest wall.

“Kreacher, stop. KREACHER I SAID STOP!” shouted Sirius. “Did you just say Regulus? What did Regulus want from you?” asked Sirius, Kreacher stood still and looked for a way out to get away from Sirius.

“Kreacher, Regulus is dead and I asked you a bloody question”, he heard Kreacher hiccup silently, he had tears in his eyes. Sirius pulled his wand out and directed it to Kreacher, he needed that memory. He was lucky everyone was busy with something other than keeping an eye on him.

“Kreacher, you will willingly tell me what this is about or I will take it from you. What does that locket have to do with Regulus?” Sirius was getting impatient, he had so many questions about Regulus’ death and if that locket held the answer he was going to take it from Kreacher willingly or unwillingly. 

“Kreacher won’t disobey Master Regulus because blood traitor Sirius asked him to” said Kreacher, he looked determined.

“I really don’t have the time to deal with your non-sense today. Do you know where Orion’s Pensieve is?” asked Sirius, he knew Kreacher would reply that.

“Master Orion’s Pensieve is behind the door in their room” answered Kreacher.

“Now give me the memory Kreacher” said Sirius.

“Elves can’t–”

Bullshit, we both know your magic is different than ours but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have memories. Give me the memory Kreacher” Sirius looked like he could kill Kreacher on the spot.

“Will Master Sirius let me keep Master Regulus’ locket if I give him the memory?” asked Kreacher, for the first time in his life Sirius saw a glimpse of love in the elf’s huge eyes.

“I will Kreacher, now the memory!” replied Sirius and he added “And you won’t punish yourself after you give me the memory, I forbid you” and with that he made his way to his parents’ room. He entered the room and turned left, he opened the doors of an old wardrobe and he saw his father’s Pensieve in front of him.

Sirius was scared, he didn’t know if he wanted to even see that memory. He slowly poured the memory from his wand into the black Pensieve. He slowly lowered his head into the cold substance and he felt his feet get off the floor.

He found himself in a cave, he saw Regulus and Kreacher in front of him, he tried the reach and touch Regulus, he looked grim. It was dark and Sirius felt the dark magic flowing from the place.

As Regulus tried to find a way to go forward, Kreacher pulled Regulus’ robes.

“Master Regulus, you need to prove you have magic blood in your veins” said Kreacher.

“I am a Black of course I have magic blood” Regulus sounded angry.

“Dark Lord smeared his blood to the wall and then healed himself Master” explained Kreacher. Regulus nodded and took out his snake adorned knife to give himself an incision on his left hand. As soon as his blood touched the rock, it moved aside like a door and Regulus proceeded with Kreacher by his side. Kreacher looked horrified, he had obviously been here before and with Voldemort. Sirius struggled to understand what was going on. 

They approached a dark looking lake, Sirius was sure that lake was not what it seems. Regulus pulled out a boat from the depths of the lake, he didn’t talk much. Sirius saw the Death Eater mark on his arm as he pulled the boat, his insides hurt, he should have looked after him.

They got on the boat and made their way accross the lake without any problem, there was a basin waiting for them on the other side.

“Is this the one you drank the potion from Kreacher?” demanded Regulus slowly.

“Yes Master Regulus” answered Kreacher, he sounded scared.

“I will drink that potion and I want you to take that locket and replace it with this one” said Regulus as he pulled an exact copy of the locket Sirius saw a few minutes ago in Black house from inside his robes.

“Master, no Kreacher can’t–” pleaded Kreacher.

“You’ll take the locket and leave. You will destroy that locket and you will never tell anyone about this.” Regulus sounded stern. “I will find a way back” he added.

Sirius didn’t understand why Regulus didn’t make Kreacher drink the potion and replace it himself.

Regulus started drinking the potion, he looked alright for a while but with the 3rd scoop he started to look like he was being tortured but he kept going.

There was at most 2 scoops of potion left in the basin when Regulus collapsed on the floor. He was crawling but also trying to keep on drinking. 

“No, no, please don’t hurt him, please” begged Regulus, Sirius didn’t understand what was going on.

“Please, NO! Mother, please

One more scoop.

“No, Sirius don’t leave me, take me with you”

Sirius felt like he was being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach. He felt like someone gave him a shock, his feet went numb, it was like the air around him wasn’t enough. Meanwhile Regulus kept trying to take the last scoop from the basin.

“Sirius, why? Why did you leave me with them? I thought you loved me.”

Last scoop and Regulus sat down on the floor breathless.

“Kreacher, replace the locket” whispered Regulus. “Now, leave” he added.

“But Master–”

“That’s an order, leave!” shouted Regulus but Kreacher didn’t leave, he hid behind a wall.

Regulus slowly crawled back to the lake. He made a small cup with his hands and reached to the water, he looked thirsty. As soon as his hand touched the water, a hand reached out and pulled Regulus into the lake. Kreacher couldn’t help him, he couldn’t disobey direct orders from Regulus, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

“Regulus, NO!” screamed Sirius, he ran next to him trying to reach to him but it was in vain. Sirius fell on his knees as Regulus struggled to get away from the Inferi pulling him inside the dark water.

“Reg I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” bellowed Sirius. “Please, no come back”

Then the water was suddenly too calm. He was gone.

Sirius had watched Regulus die and he felt his feet hit the floor of their parents’ room. Sirius always assumed Regulus had died because of his stupidity, it never occurred to him that Regulus died a hero’s death, never. Sirius felt so ashamed and guilty. Regulus screamed his name just before he died. Sirius was the reason Regulus turned out the way he did and the reason why he had died. Sirius would never forgive himself for this. He had killed his two brothers, even if not directly it was his fault. It’s all my fault.

Sirius looked out the window and one last thought occured to him. His body was still in that cave. He didn’t get a proper burial, he rotted away in a cave and Sirius felt responsible. Sirius got out of the room and went to find Kreacher in the cabinet below the sink.

“You’ll never tell anyone about that memory and that you gave it to me Kreacher. I forbid you to ever talk about this again.” said Sirius, sternly and without waiting for an answer he made his way upstairs to Buckbeak. He stayed there for the rest of the day, crying over all the faults he made in his life and somehow each ended up hurting the people he loved the most. He spent hours silently apologising to James and Regulus hoping they could hear him. Sirius Black hurt worse than he ever had.

I had a dream that I wanted smth from some guy I met on the roof of a train (forgot what I wanted but thats not important) and I was like “If u do it I’ll blow you” and he was like “cool” and so he did the thing & I started taking off his clothes and then blindfolded him & while he couldnt see anything I ran away and hid under a train akxlskbfkd