except for those few people who have talent

“My Chemical Romance is just teenage noise!”

Got your attention? 


Consider this: 

My 45 year old father used to make fun of My Chemical Romance, and he constantly wrote them off as “teenage noise” and even “the absolute worst musical group of our time” as some of his peers mentioned. 

The other day, I bought the Black Parade album, and I sat with my dad (who happens to be a pretty musical person and really appreciates well written and performed music), and we listened to MCR. 

And he was shocked. 

“They’re really talented. Why do people say they’re bad??” 


Teenagers like them. 

And as we all know, if teenagers like something, it must suck. 

Or if young girls like it, same applies, in society. 

Tumblr even has a bit of it. 

It’s why we hate on “superwholocks”. 

I’ve said this before, but all three of those shows present good and well written stories and with a few episodic exceptions, they’re all around good shows. I enjoy ALL of them. 

But we here on tumblr.com have made a joke of people who enjoy those things. 


Well, because the people who are into those shows and that fandom tend to act like 12 year olds. 


Because many of them ARE 12 year olds! 

My point of all this? 

Never, ever, write something off just because /teenagers/ enjoy it. 

Or just because /girls/ enjoy it. 

Listen, watch, and read, before you make up your mind that you hate it. 

My Chemical Romance is just as important to some people this day and age as the Beatles were for people in that day and age. (and still are, I adore them too actually.)

Their music means something to people just like the old classics did. 

Avengers Singing/Dancing headcanons

Tony: Has never had the patience to learn any instruments. He’ll never say it out loud, but he is definitely bitter that it’s one of the few things you can’t just “pick up” overnight by crash-studying. He can carry a tune, although his voice is nothing special. He’s an acceptable dancer, mainly of the “pull someone close and move side to side” variety.

Steve: Has a lovely, but very untrained, voice. He can play a little piano. He would probably be very good, if he actually took lessons. He can’t really dance, but not through lack of talent. Bucky danced him around the kitchen, way back when, teaching him the steps, but none of that is much good in the 21st century. He’s too self conscious to be able to dance much nowadays, he’s afraid of looking like an idiot.

Thor: Sings loudly, and is in tune more often than not. He’s never had a reason to learn to ballroom dance, and he doesn’t really “get” party dancing, but that doesn’t dampen his enthusiasm. Normally he just does something akin to Dad dancing.

Bruce: Has a soft, beautiful voice, but no one knows. He’s never been caught singing by any of the other Avengers, he doesn’t sing while cooking, or even in the shower. He can execute a waltz with some elegance, but has never let himself be dragged on to the dance floor at a party.

Clint: He has no super powers, but makes up for it by being absolutely flawless at everything else. He has an incredible, strong voice, and a huge range, and he shows it off, singing at every opportunity. And he can play practically any instrument you put in front of him. He has a great sense of rhythm, and he is a fantastic dancer, whether it’s ballroom, latin, or straight up grinding on the dance floor.

Natasha: Pitch perfect, although she doesn’t make a big deal out of it. The only time you’ll hear her singing is when Clint starts a duet, because she can’t leave him hanging. She is a wonderful dancer, sensual and graceful, but unless it’s necessary for a mission, she usually doesn’t dance. Again, Clint is the exception, he can always drag her out on to the floor.

Wanda: Has an unremarkable voice, but can get through karaoke night without embarrassing herself. She’s quite a good dancer, she holds herself well, and has a natural sense of rhythm. She took a few years of ballet lessons before her parents were killed, but not enough to give her any real skill.

Pietro: He’s one of those unfortunate people who doesn’t have any natural talents, and he makes up for it with an inordinate amount of sass. He can’t sing to save his life, and never had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. He probably wouldn’t be any good at it anyway. For someone with such good coordination, he’s an appallingly bad dancer. He distracts from his two left feet by being as filthy as possible on the dance floor.

Sam: He’s another one who can’t sing, but he doesn’t let it stop him. He’ll belt out off-key Taylor Swift any day of the week. He can play some guitar, because he had an image to maintain during high school, and playing guitar gave him major cool points. He’s not a bad dancer, he’s light on his feet, and he’s always one of the first on the floor once the music starts.

Rhodey: Probably has one of the best voices in the group, which winds Tony up no end. Everyone was beyond surprised when they found out that he knows the words to every musical theatre song ever written. Ever. He’s not much of a dancer, but he tries his best, and never makes too much of a fool of himself.

Vision: Technically, he’s a superb singer, musician, dancer. He picks up the steps to a new dance in minutes. Unfortunately, technical perfection is all he has, he has no passion for singing or dancing, and it shows. He’s… working on it.

Bucky: He’s got a really beautiful voice, and when he sings, the old drawl comes back in full force. It’s undeniably sexy. He’s been learning to play violin in his down time, after Sam suggested he try to find a hobby to keep him occupied. He’s a very good dancer, although he doesn’t dance much in public anymore. He still insists on dragging Steve around the room whenever they’re alone. Some things never change.

Fury: The team once walked in on him singing Night Fever. Complete with dance routine. They don’t talk about it.