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Can we reverse the Naruto timeline and get a spin-off about Minato's upbringing instead

like tbh idc about boruto i want the full, unabridged backstory of naruto’s badass father

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Vincent van Gough was known to drink yellow paint because he believed it would lift his spirits, he physically inhaled toxins to cure his depression. I do similar, except my yellow paint isn’t yellow paint, it’s his words that he whispers into my mouth, his eyes that I can get lost in for hours, and his face, oh his face. I just can’t get enough.

welcome home - a Jyn x Cassian playlist

tracks: renegades - x ambassadors // america - imagine dragons // charlie boy - the lumineers // the only exception (vsq cover) - vitamin string quartet // welcome home - radical face // yellow light - of monsters and men // silhouettes - of monsters and men // skyfall - adele // fade into you - clare bowen & sam palladio // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie


help i cant stop drawin my anime kid aaaAAAA (guess they’re officially an OC now… GDI)

drarry autumn headcanons

because it’s autumn!!!!!!!!

  • Draco has an abundance of cashmere sweaters that he wears nearly every day if he’s not wearing a shirt.
  • He has them in all colours and styles except for yellow because for some reason that colour really puts him off.
  • Since Harry is slightly more broad, Draco’s sweaters don’t 100 % fit him and they tried it once and Harry stretched it out and Draco got pissy and they went out shopping for a new one.
  • Harry has his own set of cashemeres, not as plentiful but enough that he can feel matching with Draco on some days.
  • Harry is a scarf whore, though. But he’s a scarf whore for the comfort
  • Draco’s a fashion scarf whore and has a wall with forty-six different scarves. Harry has like, five.
  • They love taking walks in the late afternoon, leaving the house when it’s light, and coming back just at the start of dusk
  • Harry has more than once shoved Draco into a pile of leaves and then dealt with the repercussions of having a magically levitating pile of leaves chasing after him around the park
  • Harry likes to sneak kisses at Draco while they’re walking and he enjoys the attention he gets from others when they gigle to themselves at Draco’s suprised and embarrassed expression
  • Draco loves grabbing Harry and yanking him behind a tree for nose kisses and snuggling.
  • They feed the ducks
  • Harry nearly almost got Draco to try a bicycle but the first time Draco set his eyes on the ‘wobbly, unstable, two wheeled neanderthal piece of equipment’, he immediately backed out and nearly hexed Harry for trying to force him back
  • So instead they stay close to the wizard areas of town and ride their brooms casually
  • Harry tried getting Draco to carve a pumpkin with him.
  • it took a near-imperio incident, a jelly jinx threat and a potential break-up until Draco tried it
  • Harry succeeded and they like planning together what their next pumpkin carvings will be for the next year

I just really love drarry in autumn

I just finished watching the new Steven Bomb, and I’m still processing it.

Apparently, Korea is still called Korea. I wonder if the animators had any fun putting Korean stuff in the episode.

It was really cool seeing modern day Blue Diamond. She and Yellow Diamond are dealing with their grief in completely opposite ways. Blue wants to preserve everything that once belonged to Pink, while Yellow wants to destroy it and pretend it never existed.

And that brings a very interesting question. Why, then, does our Jasper now wear Yellow Diamond’s insignia? Jasper was Pink Diamond’s and Blue has taken over what appears to be Pink Diamond’s gems, such as prime kindergarten Amethysts and other Quartzes from the Beta Kindergarten.

Except for our Jasper. She went to Yellow Diamond, and I’d love to know why. Did Yellow Diamond choose her? Or did Jasper decide that she preferred Yellow’s active method of revenge rather than Blue’s quiet mourning? We need Jasper to return, so we can learn more about her.

And I want our Jasper back.

(Also, the Pearls singing was super adorable. Squee!)

Who wants some dumb “The past Sportaci/future Sportarobbie″ headcanons????

No one? Well too bad, you’re getting them anyway!

- Sportacus isn’t so much a name as it is a title, passed down from one person to the next

- Each Sportacus chooses a child to mentor in their ways of eating sportscandy and staying active, so that when they retire they have someone to fill the position for them

- #9 was Sportacus’ mentor (whether number 9 was Sport’s father or not is up to you), and he looked very much like #10 Sportacus, except his outfit was yellow and red (like in the stage musical)

- The crystal is also handed down, and it has been the same crystal that all the Sportaci have used since #1

- Each Sportacus has their own unique attribute. Where #10 is extremely gifted at acrobatics, #9 was the fastest out of any of them

- #8 was the toughest (almost no one/nothing could injure them)

- #7 was the most flexible

- #6 was the kindest (yes, somehow a person existed that was kinder than #10; they never got upset and they believed in giving everyone a second, and even third, chance)

- #5 was the wisest (they knew everything having to do with physical activity, such as how the circulatory and respiratory systems worked; some believed that before #5 became Sportacus they were studying to become a doctor)

- #4 was the best at actual sports (they’d never lose a game, and could make any goal/basket with their eyes blindfolded)

- #3 was the healthiest (unlike #10 they made sure to eat food other than sportscandy, such as vegetables and meats, so that they had a well-balanced diet. They also understood that exercise is important, but that it’s also important to take a break and relax a bit so that you maintain your mental health as well. It is said that #3 lived to be over 100 years old)

- #2 was the happiest (NOTHING could upset them, and in turn they never wanted anyone around them to be upset either. Legend says that when #2 died they wrote in their will that instead of a funeral they wanted everyone to throw a “They Lived a Full Life” party, where they could only talk about the happy memories and everyone in attendance had to wear bright colors instead of black)

- #1 was the strongest, but only when it came to objects they created themselves, specifically mallets. #1 could lift and swing around a mallet that was the same size and weight of a person without breaking a sweat. However #1 was also the most short-lived Sportacus. They retired extremely early and simply vanished. No one knows what happened to them. Most believe #1 died a long time ago, others believe that they still live, hiding somewhere.

- Robbie is #1, hence his song “We are Number One”

- He’s managed to live for so long because he’s a freaking genius, and has invented gadgets to keep him young. It’s estimated that Robbie is almost 900 years old

- Robbie HATES the fact that he was once Sportacus. It wasn’t his intention to discover a crystal that went off whenever someone in the immediate vicinity was in trouble, or then proceed to save said person, or then be declared a “hero” by the townspeople and given the name “Sportacus” (or “Íþróttaálfurinn”, as he was called back then)

- So he went underground in an attempt to escape his past, which is why he so adamantly despises the other Sportaci, and why he tries to run them out of town. He hates the fact that it’s because of HIM that this permanent nuisance exists, encouraging everyone to be active and healthy.

- #2 wasn’t really Robbie’s pupil. #2 started the whole “mentor/student” tradition when it comes to Sportaci, but they actually became Sportacus when they discovered the crystal that Robbie had thrown out (the damn thing kept beeping and it was driving Robbie crazy)

- #10 discovered that Robbie was #1 when he was returning an unconcious Robbie (who had knocked himself out cold while attempting to pull off his latest scheme) back to his lair and saw in one of the costume tubes #1′s original outfit

- Sportacus was in total awe and disbelief and waited until Robbie came to before asking him, in his polite fashion, “WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE #1 WE ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!?”

- Robbie explains that he never wanted to be Sportacus and how he’s been using technology to keep himself alive so that he can try and eventually rid the world of Sportacus once and for all

- Sport then asks “Well, why don’t you get rid of me now?”

- Robbie has to face the fact that he’s grown fond of this current Sportacus and actually wants to be with him (whether in a platonic or romantic sense is up to you, but come on, I think we all know that those two are hella gay for each other)

- Sportcus reveals that he wants to be with Robbie as well

- After this things don’t really change that much, except that Robbie’s “evil plans” become much more tame and are more of a minor nuisance than an actual threat to the townspeople, since he’s not really trying to get rid of Sportacus anymore (however he can’t give up his evil schemes all together because he’s a villain, after all; what else is he suppose to do????)

- *this is for the Sportarobbie route, and pretty much the rest of the bullet points are going to be Sportarobbie from this point on* Also Robbie and Sportacus officially become a couple, to the surprise of no one

- Robbie stops using his tech to keep him young, since he now has plans to become an old man with Sportacus

- Sportacus pushes his bedtime from 8:08 to 9:00 so that he and Robbie can go on dates after everyone else is asleep, so that way his crystal won’t interrupt them during their movie/dinner/make out session

- Robbie buys a larger bed so that he and Sportacus can sleep in the same bed together and cuddle. Sport has offered to do the same thing for his airship but Robbie shoots the idea down immediately, saying that his phobia of heights will keep him from getting a good night’s sleep up in Sportacus’ airship

- Sportacus doesn’t really understand Robbie’s fear of being high up because it seems to come and go, but he doesn’t question it. He’s fine with doing whatever makes Robbie comfortable, and if that means sleeping over in his lair then so be it (he really doesn’t mind though; the kids may find the underground hideout creepy, but Sport thinks it’s kind of cozy, especially with Robbie there by his side)

- Robbie also pushes aside his workbench to make room for an area where Sportacus can keep his sport/exercise equipment

- They basically make a home for themselves in Robbie’s lair, which comes to be known as “Robbie’s (and Sportacus’) home”

- The two also start sneaking kisses from each other when the kids aren’t looking and holding hands while walking around town and celebrating Valentines Day together by giving one another gifts (A bouquet of sportscandy and a loving letter for Sportacus, and a box of chocolates and a teddy bear dressed in a miniature version of Robbie’s suit for Robbie) and dressing in couples costumes for Halloween and kissing under the miseltoe/at the stroke of midnight during Christmas/New Years and basically just being all cute and couple-y and junk <3

- It’s about a year after they start dating that Sportacus and Robbie decide to get married

- Miss Busybody plans and decorates for the wedding; Mayor Meanswell officiates; Ziggy is the ring-bearer (and yes, he’s allowed to wear his superhero costume); Stephanie is the flower girl; Stingy has his dad rent out a hotel ballroom for the reception (I’m willing to bet there’s at least one hotel in Lazy Town, even though no one ever seems to come to visit); Trixie DJs at the reception; Pixel works the lights and puts together a video montage of all the cute Sportacus/Robbie moments that were captured throughout the past few years (A majority of the photos/videos of are Sportacus saving Robbie, at which point while viewing it everyone lovingly laughs and Robbie buries his quickly reddening face in to the crook of Sportacus’ neck as Sport turns his head and kisses Robbie’s forehead, reminding him that he’ll always be there to save him)

- Robbie and Sportacus remain in Lazy Town as husband and husband for about 10 years. By this point the kids are grown up and new people haved moved in to the town with children of their own

- It is at this point that Sportacus announces to the town that he and Robbie are leaving, with plans to travel the world until their old age

- Naturally everyone is sad to hear that they’re leaving, but they respect their decision and wish them the best; both Robbie and Sportacus promise to come back and visit every now and again

- It is at this time that Sportacus goes up to Stephanie specifically and hands her a small, wrapped package

- Stephanie opens it to find that it’s Sportacus’ crystal, but now with the number 11 on it instead of 10

- “Sportacus, what-” “You are Sportacus now, Stephanie”

- Robbie gives her his lair to use as her “base of operations”, since he and Sportacus are going to be using the airship to travel the globe. She may do whatever she wishes with it, but under no circumstances is she allowed to paint it pink

- (Oh, and for those of you who may be concerned that this upsets Ziggy, don’t be; he grew out of his superhero admiration phase a while ago and now has plans to open up a candy shop that sells healthy candy made using honey and reduced sugar and no artificial colors/flavors)

- Robbie and Sportacus say one last goodbye to the residents before leaving Lazy Town in the capable hands of #11


    Never let someone tell you
    you cannot love your lovers.
    If your skin craves them,
    then let your skin crave them,
    no matter their shape or yours.
    Be alive with craving your lover.

    If you have been told
    you cannot love your lovers,
    learn that you can love them anyway.
    Your body constantly heals itself:
    the heart is no exception.

    Let your heart beat in the open,
    if you can, and if you cannot,
    then let it beat in the dark,
    let it bloom in the dark, until
    it is ready for the open and the light.

    Be the way you were made.
    Grass does not wish it were a tree.
    Stones do not hope to be water.
    Love whoever your heart decides to love,
    no matter their shape or yours.

    The only thing that should concern
    your heart and your lover’s heart
    is the rhythm and cadence of
    your heart and your lover’s heart
    beating in response to one another.

    Fuck your lover.
    Fuck anyone who tells you
    you cannot fuck your lover,
    no matter their shape or yours.
    No matter their shape or yours,
    you are valid, you are equal,
    you are beautiful in your variety.

Potentially some new Overwatch characters! 

These were pulled from the new Overwatch rap music video when the Overwatch agents are being displayed on Winston’s computer 

In the summer, the Midwest and Southern states are used to what we call “popcorn storms.” They’re single-cell thunderstorms that pop up out of the blue, and are gone within minutes. Sometimes, they develop so fast, it will rain without a single cloud in the sky.

What’s even weirder is when they develop into super cells and blot out the sun so badly, it looks like the middle of the night, even though it’s actually noon. Even weirder than that, sometimes the clouds will be juuuuust thin enough to allow some sunlight to poke through. When that happens, the clouds filter out everything except the green and yellow end of the spectrum, and what you get looks like HOLY SHIT, WE’RE ALL GONNA FUCKIN’ DIE!

The thing is, video and pictures don’t really do it justice. You really have to be standing there under a perfectly clear sky, and then see that rapidly approaching demon storm to totally understand the level of pants-shitting horror that washes over you. This photo by Kaelie Mense comes about as close as I’ve seen to capturing how ominous it looks.

7 Scenes In Nature That’d Make You Think The World Is Ending