except for the shoes


i actually could not stop thinking about this……..

I quite liked today’s outfit, which is a surprise because it was a “I have 10 minutes to get ready and really can’t be bothered with anything” situation. Literally just threw on a few random things from my closet, stuck on some red lipstick and not a scrap else, and that was me done haha. Everything I’m wearing except for the bag (Banned Apparel) and the shoes (Demonia Footwear) came from eBay and was almost definitely less than £15 each~


help i cant stop drawin my anime kid aaaAAAA (guess they’re officially an OC now… GDI)

Twilight Princess Au where everything is the same except-

(with every bullet being a separate au*)

  • Ganon’s shoes squeak and honk when he walks.
  • Zelda is played by the impeccable Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Any of Zant’s audio tracks consist entirely of startled chicken noises. 
  • Midna’s hair/hand is just a poorly taped on sports foam finger.
  • Link’s wolf form is, instead, a Chinese dwarf hamster.
  • Ganon and Link have switched clothes and the sizes are not adjusted.
  • All the shadow beasts’s faces are replaced with Tingle’s face.
  • Agitha is supreme overlord of only bees. Thousands of bees.
  • The Yeti are all now various cereal mascot costumes.
  • Ilia’s and Malo’s roles and personalities are swapped.
  • The Hero’s Shade is played by Simon Cowell wearing a bed sheet.
  • Careless Whispers plays every time Shad makes an entrance.
  • The entire soundtrack is now kazoo renditions.
  • The Gorons’ awkward rock hard nipples spin like tassels.
  • Every time you die the Mario death sound plays.
  • Link’s weapons are all bedazzled.
  • Every sword is replaced with pool floaties.
  • Every time you collect a rupee it lets out a tiny scream.
  • Epona is a segway covered in strobe lights.
  • Rusl’s intro speech is in the style of My Immortal.
  • The Mirror of Twilight is now this:

To everyone fearing tomorrow...

Remember that Hillary will be there. Gracious and classy. Standing with her head raised high. She will face it. 

It will be a challenge for her. It will be a challenge for us. 

If you ever find yourself in the face of adversity - remember that Hillary has never backed away. She’s never hidden from what was thrown at her, (well, maybe except for that one shoe that was once thrown at her), and she won’t do that tomorrow.

She forged so many paths for so many. Follow them. Ask everyone else to do that, too. 

And never, never, never give up while doing so.

Scripture tells us, let us not grow weary of doing good, for in good season we shall reap. My friends, let us have faith in each other, let us not grow weary and lose heart, for there are more seasons to come and there is more work to do.


Fear is always with us. But we just don’t have time for it. Not now. —  Hillary Rodham Clinton 

ok but seriously guys, you gotta stan my moms band with me they’re fucking great. the genre of their music is literally impossible to describe and it varies a lot from song to song but its sarcastic, its loud, its fun and i love it. 

also the members:

vicki (my mom)

  • plays the tiniest bass you will ever see
  • seriously its minuscule
  • does a little side to side dance while she plays
  • the cutest


  • foulmouthed queen
  • takes no shit ever
  • plays drums and sings at the same time which is fucking hard
  • writes lyrics that are snarky and deep at the same time


  • literal wizard, has a glorious mane of white hair that he sometimes braids
  • doesn’t play an instrument so he plays his cane like air guitar
  • tells the best. fucking. stories. before every song
  • bugs his eyes out when he sings and headbangs a lot for a 60 yr old man

troy (t-roy)

  • the range of a god
  • plays like 5,000 instruments
  • literally never wears shoes except in winter
  • ukulele king


  • the kid, like ten years younger than everybody else
  • absolutely amazing guitarist, shredding is out of control
  • paints his nails, slayed everyone in that red dress
  • also fucking shreds on the mandolin how

so yeah basically that’s crooked mouth, they’re all amazing and i love them


I attempted to make pastries / fruity girls and…
Sugar rush.

My names are SO original. (*v*)
Everything she’s wearing except top by @sims4-marigold
Shoes / skirt @sims4-marigold
Strawberry headband @jennisims
Skirt by @sims4-marigold
Hair @maysims
-Blueberry Cupcake:
Hair @karzalee
Overalls @twisim(deactivated )
Shoes @sims4-marigold
Hair by @pastel-sims
Backpack/shoes @sims4-marigold
Overalls by twisims
Jacket / shirts / shoes @sims4-marigold
Hair @pastel-sims

That’s all I remember. The rest, credit and much thanks to all the amazing CC creators! 💙

tips from a former dsw employee

• you gotta be chill. if the sa swings by (which is required of them, chat up everyone in the section) speak with them briefly, even just the niceties. ignoring them tips off.

• unless it’s peak days (fri - sun) there’s generally only one person per section, except for clearance they usually have 2. men’s shoes&athletics are usually one section. then whatever’s the seasonal shoe (boots, sandals, etc). then regular stock (keds, sketchers, vans, comfy stuff) and women’s dress shoes. accessories generally are manned by anyone who happens to see someone in the section

• there’s generally an MOD and then another one of the managers will be floating around too.

• we definitely use those walkies to talk about suspicious characters.

•there aren’t many cameras, but they are there. cash wrap, hall to the bathroom, and one of the clearance corners are the ones i can remember rn from my store.

• i’ve seen a lot of people say to go to the clearance section to lift - i don’t recommend it. we’re trained to service the crap out of people back there because WE KNOW that’s where ya go!

• most athletic shoes are tagged, as well as our high end heels and “prom” shoes

• best way to lift, be the great customer. try on 4 or 5 pairs of shoes. pull the paper out try them on completely. have the boxes spread around you. when there are no other customers in the aisle & no sa’s, slip the pair you want into your bag. then clean everything up and put the boxes back approximately where they should be. if everything is left out, we’re gonna remember that bitch who made a massive mess.

• pro tip: put one of the smokescreen pairs on hold under a fake name. then you look way less suspicious.

• more often than not, if a column of boxes looks tidy, we don’t mess with it. closing is on a tight schedule and the stores are BIG.

• the sa’s aren’t allowed to confront you or accuse you. all we can do is call the police/mall security and try and keep you in the store.

•will add more to this as i’m remembering it

yall studyblrs on here : have three thousand pens of different colors and sixty notebooks with perfect handwriting and underlined definitions and charts, could sell notes as actual textbooks.

Me : has one disheveled notebook for all six modules, three black pens but one isn’t working except if I scratch it underneath my shoe, handouts are all folded in five between random pages, notes look like i’m in the middle of getting murdered.

- Trellimar cosplay progress -

Proper progress on my Trellimar cosplay!! Finally!!
Everything is made from scratch, except for the leggings >w<
Only belts, coat, shoes and crossbow left <3
Progress is a bit slow bc of my new job, so I don’t have as much time anymore to work on cosplays, but I work on it whenever I get the chance! The goal is to finish it during January and shoot it at the end of that month ^w^
And my friend is maybe gonna be Cam!
(And my wig that have not yet arrived ;__; )