except for the mafia of course

Let Us Live: Intro to the Mafias

This is the intro to my chaptered fic, “Let Us Live.”

Pairing: Ten x Y/N

Rating: R for violence, suggestive language, implied sex, excessive swearing, and sexual innuendos.

Prompt: Ten and I are from different mafia gangs and we are not allowed to meet or date because of the gangster bosses.

The Calla Casablanca has a unusual system. The King, Lee Soohyuk, controls the Rooks, the Rooks control the Bishops and Knights, and the Bishops and Knights control the Pawns. There are exceptions, of course, but they’re rare.

Y/N is one of those rare exceptions. They’re a Bishop and  the head of the Calla Casablanca’s intelligence board. They deal with online affairs, recruitment, keeping confidential material safe, and are a key player to success. 

Their exception is the ability to ascend to the Queen’s position, AKA the only position that can bend the rules without repercussions. They’re to valuable to kill, to dangerous to let go, to loved to lose.

It’s all in the perks of being the King’s favorite.

Lee Taeyong

A Knight, goes mostly by just Lee. He works in the field, typically with drug trade and is ironically straight-edge. Expert at hand-to-hand combat. Insists he’s not in a relationship with Moon Taeil, but everyone knows their an item. He’s level headed, reliable, and could kill you in a second flat. He never breaks his orders. Never.

Age: 21

Jang Eunseong

A Rook. Manages internal affairs and takes on missions of importance. He is favored by the King, due to his unwavering loyalty over all his years. Don’t be surprised if he is by Joosuk’s side.

Age: 24

Nakamoto Yuta

A Knight. Got involved in the gang by seeing something he wasn’t supposed to, but the King decided to take him under his wing anyway. He’s trustworthy, the King likes that. No amount of pressure or torture could get him to reveal Casablanca’s secrets. 

Age: 21

Moon Taeil

A Bishop. He’s a wizard with code. If he doesn’t know something, he will find it out soon. His computer is kinda… sketchy, although. Don’t look over his shoulder, because you might get an eyeful of something unpleasant. Y/N knows this through experience. Doesn’t deny being with Taeyong.

Age: 22


A Bishop. Became part of the Calla Casablanca after hacking into their private servers and stumbling upon some confidential info. A rough first year, but they’re good now. The most valuable player, besides the King.

Age: 20

Lee Soohyuk

The King, but Y/N likes to call him “Old Fart.” He’s not even that old, he just talks that way. Has a soft spot for Y/N and Eunseong. Rumored to be fluent in eight languages, but it’s well know that he has Hispanic roots, even if it’s not his ethnicity. Hence the name: Calla Casablanca.

Age: 42

The Black Bloods are a more traditional Mafia. Led by their boss, Kim Jaewook, they have territory in Korean and Japan, and even connections overseas in America and Thailand. They are by far the most massive, but not necessarily the strongest. That title is in dispute between them and the Casablanca’s.

The bitterness from the Black Bloods to the Calla Casablancas originated around five years ago when a Casablanca -  a business partner at the time - shot and killed his right hand man. The Black Blood’s retaliated by raping and killing the King’s daughter.

Neither side was to ever be forgiven.

Ji Hansol

He manages the cash flow of the gang and has a fun time finding those who try to embezzle funds.  He’s a  talented actor, as well, having fooled people on multiple accounts in order to get out of trouble. Not to mention his cute face: It gets the ladies every time.

Age: 22

Yonai Ayane

She looks a bit on the older side, with one side of her hair shaved, but she is really, really good with knives. She also seems a bit ADD, but she never forgets a face.  Rumor has it that when some guy tried to have sex with her, she cut off his baby maker. Its just a rumor, though. Probably. 

Age: 33

Kim Jaewook

The Boss of the Black Bloods. He’s cold, cynical, and calculating. He views people as expendable, but has a select few that he deems valuable - Chittaphon being one of them. If you get in the way of the cash flow, you’re as good as dead. No one can replace the trust he had for his former right hand man.

Age: 45

Ten Chittapon Leechaiyapornkun

Nicknamed “the Prince” due to his status, Ten is never short of influential, and uses the hold he has over others wisely. Do what is necessary, waste no time, and get out. He’s the definition of efficient, and won’t hesitate to break you if you slow him down. Only Jaewook calls him by his birth name. 

Age: 20