except for the lighting in a couple of scenes which is just the worst


  • okay i tried to do a proper list, but instead here’s an essay about my feelings about kara danvers, sad space orphan:
    • one of the things i desperately wanted out of last season was some coherence behind kara’s feelings and some connection between the things happening to her and those feelings. I TAKE IT BACK, BECAUSE IT HURTS TOO MUCH.
    • kara’s feelings about krypton and her own identity are just. ugh. my heart.
    • last week we got this beautiful tangling of kara’s feelings about the loss of mon-el and the loss of krypton, and this week we got kara stepping through her memories of being the person in the pod (holy shit, do i never want to sit through that again) only for it to flip around to her sense of responsibility for being the person who put someone in the pod this time. the first time psi sent her into a nightmare she saw her mother and thought her fear was losing krypton, but what i’m getting from this, from alura turning into a monster in someone’s dream last week, from kara’s fear that mon-el is dead, is that her real fear is that she’s the monster. kara has no idea how to be a person at the moment, human or kryptonian, because how do you do the things she does, make the choices that she makes, without someone getting hurt? even if that someone is kara herself. she’s been grasping at supergirl, but this week we saw her dipping into kryptonian tradition for the first time since she’s been on earth. that’s a huge thing, and in marrying kara and supergirl into one identity, this feels like a really important first step for kara to take in figuring out who kara danvers actually is.
    • and i am so so glad alex was there, that kara didn’t hide this away from her. that the show is going to explore what being kara danvers means to kara is great, but if they had tried to do it last year, i think they would have failed miserably because they didn’t seem to get what being kara danvers meant. so far this season, i kind of feel like they’ve embraced that, and are using it, instead of just flailing around aimlessly trying to tell us something they didn’t actually know.
    • even if they’re not exactly being subtle about it. kara’s resistance to the possibility that she has human “problems” breaks my heart with a sledgehammer, but then you see her struggling to apologise for being a jerk to lena, and oh, kara, honey.
      • it’s a good episode where kara gets not one but two hugs, because that girl needs them.


  • we’re gonna play it fast and loose
    • sanvers morning snuggles aksjdh
    • arias family morning snuggles aksjdhsjka
    • kara danvers’ electricity-less morning of clouds and sadness :((((((
      • look man, this was offensive, sometimes my apartment is gloomy like that when i don’t turn any lights on. why was every other apartment in national city bathed in sunlight while kara’s apartment made of windows looked like THAT. ALSO. I JUST HIT PAUSE AT THE POINT WHERE SHE’S LOOKING UNDER THE BED AND THERE IS THE BATHROOM RIGHT ABOUT WHERE THE KITCHEN IS. THAT APARTMENT MAKES NO SENSE.
      • casual flinging about of furniture is honestly all i want out of my favourite superhero reporter, so, sad mood lighting and call back novel treasure hunt aside, this morning montage hit all my buttons. it’s like how the start of the devil wears prada is supposed to be all LOOK AT THESE SAD GIRLS LIVES and i’m like I WOULD WATCH SEVEN HOURS OF THIS.
        • also: i saw like seven hundred people wtf at mon-el ever reading romeo and juliet. pals, in the previouslies they literally showed the scene from last scene where they talked about it. it was in the episode that was all about it. i know yall hated him a lot, but this wasn’t just random bs plucked from thin air.
          • LOVE IS BLIND. GOOD? BAD?
  • so this is supposed to be a day in the life of kara, sam… and alex? not really alex. given that alex still got in on the good morning routine, not to be that person but, EXCUSE ME WHERE IS LENA’S SAD MORNING ROUTINE?
    • they probably couldn’t show it because it would be sadder than kara’s and that would undermine the point, i guess.
  • okay, so, sam.
    • first day on a new job. spoilers: it’s working at l-corp. i’ve been chatting to different people about this and they were all like wtf mate?^^ at her taking over for lena. i was willing to roll with it.
      • my take on l-corp is it’s more of an umbrella corporation for a lot of different things but doesn’t actually do much in and of itself. redirecting an entire organisation’s reason for being away from “tool of a genocidal megalomaniac” and into “actual business” is a monumental task, but the actual running of a business as a going concern is like, something anyone with an MBA can do. if we’re supposed to believe lena’s succeeded in redirecting l-corp, cool, but boy wouldn’t it have been nice to have seen literally any of that, instead of like, one failed gala and a couple of press conferences. either way, by the end of last season lena was dropping everything to go build intergalactic portals with her evil space gf mom, so. leaving the business management to someone else while she gets some hands on experience with a new acquisition isn’t really that odd.
    • what is making me 👀 is odette annabel is 32 years old playing a character with a 12 year old daughter and is therefore probably meant to be 32 years old. she’s older than literally every character except maaaaaaybe james. FINALLY, AN ADULT????
    • “adrenaline.” mhmm. sure, hon. i love that she tried to bend the crowbar. the eyeroll when it didn’t work? hello and welcome to my heart.
    • ruby tho, oh my god.
      • ‘oh no, she punched her in the face.’
      • i can’t believe this kid, whose mom was ordering pizza for dinner anyway, ran off to eat pizza. on a scale of one to epic little shit, that’s up there.
    • ‘well who cares what stephanie harrison thinks.’
    • ‘i’m not special.’
      • i… love this? i love the way this is playing out. i love this as a set up to what we really already know is coming. i love this, most of all, as the complete inverse of kara’s entire life. kara knows everything about her existence. sam knows nothing. but where has that knowledge gotten kara? meanwhile, sam is by all accounts a thoroughly successful individual. superpowers are a terrible thing, ruby, you should stop wishing them on your mom.
    • ‘you’ve got gravel in your hair.’
  • lena luthor, catco magazine.
    • eve’s a fan. i’m a fan of eve.
    • eve and jess becoming pals? here for it.
    • that entire first scene is filled with so much lena info i need to lie down.
      • lena hates salmon, so much so it was important jess pass this information on.
      • coffee, black. lena, that’s upsetting.
      • democratizing cat’s elevator. i seeeeee.
      • how exactly did the texting that morning go?
        • remember when lena didn’t know how to use a phone and would just show up? simpler times!
      • i’m weirdly into lillian hiring investigators to check out lex and lena’s teachers.
      • lena doesn’t need an office. she’s gonna roam free, ask questions and hear unfiltered conversations. so trendy.
        • i swear to god the ceo of my place of employment does this. it’s annoying as fuck. 
    • ‘goodnight, mr olsen.’ ‘ms luthor.’ look. look.
      • very pretty paint drying.
      • ‘see you in nineteen.’ ‘twenty will be fine.’
        • guys. this is delightful and i love it and i will not be shamed.
    • you get a planner, and you get a planner, and you, lena luthor, get a planner.
    • kara is the worst at lying.
      • ‘i really missed you there.’ and off kara flees to answer her phone. the face lena makes as she walks away is, honestly. you know when the kids tag things with ‘step on me’? kinda felt a bit that way.
      • ‘where’s she going?’ please ask that a bit more often.
      • ‘i think i know what’s going on.’ oh honey you wish.
    • ‘okay. then let’s talk about work.’
      • YES. LET’S.
      • honestly, this is probably what kara needs at the moment. alex and j’onn are still being so gentle with her. james just yelled at her. but lena very calmly telling her, ‘okay, if this is how you want it to be, then we’ll do it properly. here is how you are fucking up. how do we proceed?’
        • 750 MILLION DOLLARS. GIRL.
        • kara was so called out, and boy was that unpleasant to watch.
    • ‘lena keeps asking where i’m going, which is new and horrible.’
    • kara fidgeting with the rubix cube while she apologized: heeeeeelp.
    • ‘this is new for me to.’ ‘working with friends?’ ‘having friends.’
    • ‘i’d… really like to give you a hug, but i’m afraid i’d show favoritism.’
      • this heterosexual hug jfc
  • kara danvers, can i get it for you later? is that okay?
    • my sad little alien :(((((((((((((((((
    • when exactly did kara get herself added to the general alerts distro list? please use this as plot device for something dopey very soon, i need it to not be one in a million sad things currently going on with kara.
    • kara flying into the DEO was terrifying. physics is a thing!
    • also terrifying: kara’s terror episodes.
      • each one of them was the fucking worst in its own way and i hate them for making me sit through them.
        • the way melissa played kara slapping at her chest like she could hold her heart in place was honestly just too real.
      • the first one where we only get a flash of what’s going on: 
        • freaky because we don’t know what’s going on, but when you go back: IT’S SPACE. BLACK EMPTY SPACE. thanks, assholes.
        • maggie not letting anyone in to see kara losing it ☹️
        • claustrophobia’s a human problem. oh, kara. honey.
          • and poor bb kara having episodes when she first got to earth, please stop hurting me.
          • kara’s face when j’onn started scanning her mind was so uncomfortable. please. stop hurting me.
      • the second one where they redo kara being sent off into space:
        • i missed the significance of this the first time around but PSI TURNED INTO ALURA. COME ON.
        • kara going to winn hurt me. remember when they were friends? and then we cry.
          • ‘psi put me back in that pod.’
          • ‘they can’t know they’ll just worry.’
          • (and then kara answered the phone and lena absolutely heard winn say ‘i’m sorry this is happening’)
      • the third one, just a goold old human panic attack.
        • NO. NO AND NOPE.
        • (god her hair looked amazing before she busted out of that elevator though.)
        • ‘i’m stronger than that.’ oh kara, honey.
        • i lied, winn is the worst at lying.
          • but who wouldn’t tell alex everything.
        • ‘i’ve never seen you do that before.’
          • i just. kara came home, put on her comfiest socks and cardigan and for the first time in 15 years said, ‘i’m going to pray.’ characters break my heart all the time, but kara on the regular just makes me ache.
            • ‘who i am as kara feels broken… i’m trying to be myself again, but everything that used to make me feel good, like a relief, has disappeared.’
            • ‘my life as supergirl is the one thing i can count on… and if i don’t have supergirl, what do i have?’
            • PLEASE JUST.
        • ‘you’ve got me.’ ‘well i know that, silly.’ DO YOU EVER JUST CRY???
        • alex’s little scootch to a hug: cutest thing, or cutest thing.
      • the fourth one, the one where mon-el’s existence makes me cry because it makes kara cry.
        • ‘just like your mom.’
        • HONESTLY.
        • ‘why aren’t you scared anymore?’
          • that was tidy. oh well.
  •  the sanvers is nigh
    • j’onn giving a very important break down of considerations for band vs dj was adorable
      • but boy howdy do i not care about this wedding planning.
    • ‘i guess we’ve never really talked about this.’
    • (yep, still ready to see alex and sam make out.)
    • no, kara, they never did decided dj or band.
  • villain of the week
    • yael is great but what is motivation?
    • nonetheless, ‘you think you’re the cat and i’m the bird.’ 👌
    • and her car was hot.
    • i thought maybe something more would become apparent by the end but lol nope. evil gonna evil. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • random other stuff
    • winn’s body scanner is a fucking library barcode scanner from 1997.
    • how often has that bank been hit? that parking lot was where alex and maggie had their post coming out spat.
    • next week: SPACE ROAD TRIP.

Drinny | After the Battle

Voldemort’s lifeless body fell with a thud, the most ridiculously normal sound of the night reserved for the wizard responsible for the mass destruction around him.

While a cheer erupted through the Great Hall, Ginny stared at that body, chest heaving in disbelief. Fred had died tonight. So had Colin. Remus and Tonks’s prone bodies rested side by side just behind her, and Voldemort was just there. Dead. He could no longer pay for what he’d done. There was no justice to be had.

She stared, chest heaving, her disbelief an ache buried in her heart. Voldemort. Dead. The wizard whose soul had once seduced her with friendship and possessed her eleven-year-old body was gone. Just like that. Just like… Fred and Colin and Remus and Tonks. Mortal. Human. Neither a god, nor a lord.

The audience that had witnessed the final duel between Harry and He Who Must Not Be Named swarmed the center of the hall, converging on their savior, but Ginny, confused by mortality, wasn’t glad. She couldn’t celebrate. People she loved were dead and the man responsible for it had just been a man, a man like any other. So much so he had even died like one.

What had she been expecting? A flash of light? For his body to disintegrate into dust and float away on the wind? For a demon to loosen itself from the corpse and begin attacking anew?

She didn’t know, but this wasn’t it. This wasn’t what she wanted.

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lilbeelocked  asked:

Hey SA I've just seen you reblogged a post about goodbyes in the show and I so would like to know your opnion on this. Do you think the cane scene was in character for John? Tbh I think his character was very OOC in S4 but I'd like to know your opinion on this. Yours are the only fanfic I read post-s4 I really trust you with my heart. Thank you!

Okay, just as a disclaimer, because I really, really don’t want anyone to think the opposite here, I absolutely love John Watson. Please don’t be confused about that. That said, he’s got some massive issues. 

Unfortunately, I do see the cane scene as in character, but I’m also one of those annoying people that would say that there’s a huge range of what could be considered “in character” for every human, you know? I’m just as much myself when I’m being a total dick as when I’m being the best version of myself. One end of the spectrum is not truer than the other. John is just as much John when he’s doing that soft, gentle, tender gaze, like at Sherlock and Mrs Hudson in ASIB as he is when he’s physically hurting Sherlock. Unfortunately, they chose to draw out the ugliest aspects of John’s personality in series 4, showcasing his damage far more than his heroism and the beautiful soul that he also is underneath those trust issues and unspent, ultimately inward-pointing anger and guilt and sense of inadequacy. Walking out when things get difficult is very much consistent with his behaviour from series 1 forward: look at his little domestic with Sherlock in TGG: Sherlock is being insulting and difficult, and instead of trying to talk through it or ask deeper questions, or even just argue it out, John gets up and leaves. 

I would say that it’s canon that he also left Mary after she shot Sherlock. I don’t see how anyone could possibly have maintained “months of silence” while occupying the same space. It just isn’t possible. For a few weeks, maybe, but months of genuine silence? No way. John wasn’t there. To his credit, and this is a big thing, John doesn’t stay mad. His capacity to handle things blowing up in his face is rather limited, but give him time and he’ll go back and give it another go. It took him 24 hours after Sherlock returned. Even when he thought the bearded old man was Sherlock playing a prank, he was laughing in spite of himself and clearly, overtly disappointed when it turned out not to be Sherlock. So he went back. The fact that it took him six months to return to Mary says a lot in terms of how reluctant he was to do it. I hate that he did it, but I get that the weight of his sworn word and the impending arrival of his child were the sole driving factors there, rather than love for Mary herself. His extreme reluctance and over promise of continuing anger during that scene hardly made for a cozy little reunion scene (I once saw an interview where Gatiss referred to it as “so tender and moving” or some crap like that, but that’s a rage post for another day!). The point is, given time to sort himself out, John goes back. He goes back to therapy even when he thinks it isn’t working. For all that Mrs Hudson had to bully him into it (he wasn’t ready and that wasn’t right!), John did finally agree to see and treat Sherlock. He would have gone back. That’s as much in his character as his preponderance for leaving is. 

Furthermore, while it’s ugly that he leaves, I also find it entirely understandable. This is someone who has a history of familial issues, estranged from everyone except a sister, with whom he shares a barely-tolerated relationship. He was in an active war zone: say no more. His superior officer, on whom he clearly had at least a bit of a hero complex for (and I personally don’t see anything else there, but that’s also plenty!), let him down and shut him out. Life had already betrayed John over and over and over again by the point that he met Sherlock. And Sherlock, for all of his intellectual brilliance, had never allowed himself to have a relationship so close that he might actually want to consider the other person’s feelings. He was clumsy and a slow learner and I think it took him a long time to see that John’s feelings needed better care than he was equipped to understand or give at the time. Their shared sense of inappropriate humour always had that edge to it, and while John is mentally healthy, I think he loves it (and I think that that’s why, when Sherlock faltered in the restaurant upon seeing John again and hastily revised his ill-conceived plan, that he turned to the one thing he thought he could rely on, this shared humour) but when he’s having one of his bad times, it cuts sharply. I think that he understands the genuine affection behind it, and when Sherlock said everything he said in his wedding speech, I think he was honestly shocked to hear it expressed so directly. He does know how much Sherlock thinks of him, how much he relies on him, and that any light jokes to the contrary are genuinely jokes. With Mary, on the other hand, they weren’t actually jokes and he knew it. They’ve always had communication problems, ones that lead to living out what they want from each other in the worst ways possible, but the love behind it is a real thing. Their actions only hurt each other so badly because of that very yearning there, one that neither of them seems able to express, or willing to take the risk to express. It’s a truly damaged relationship and they’ve both been damaged by it. As someone who absolutely believes in their love, and in the capacity for them to love hugely, deeply, and without reserve, it hurts to say that. Nevertheless, I do believe that with all of my being. 

I’ve joked that my new “kink” since series 4 is getting them both some therapy. I’ve written more therapy in stories since Christmas than ever before! Since series 4 started airing, I’ve written These Four Walls & Exile (after TST), Where My Demons Hide (John goes back to Ella), Now That the Dust Has Settled (We Can See the Stars), and A Satellite Out of Orbit (told from Ella’s POV in which she sees Sherlock during TLD), (after TLD), and then after TFP: A Case for Domestic Propinquity, Hell Hath No Fury (John goes back to Ella), From the Bottom of the Well (John goes back to Ella), Bridging the Ravine & Set in Stone (which take place at a resort for same-sex couples needing group and one-on-one relationship counselling). I think they need help. I also think that one of them could finally come to his senses and realise one day that they need to talk, and talk properly. I take back what I said about my biggest canon frustration being the way John leaves Sherlock: it’s definitely Moftiss never having once allowed them to have a direct, honest, and complete conversation. (Sometimes direct, sometimes honest, but never complete!) I think that they could get there on their own. It’s possible. It just hasn’t happened yet. 

That said, remember this: in opera we always say that the opera never takes place on the day that nothing happened. Remember all of those other days we aren’t shown: we can safely assume that alllll of those other days, and these are the majority by far, they lived together, cooking and taking out the trash and taking turns in the bathroom (that model of house would rarely have had a third bathroom on the third storey; that’s where the servants would have lived and they’d have used an outdoor privy at the time when this model of house was built, and the other bathroom would be in Mrs Hudson’s suite). They’d have taken cases and gone for midnight dinners at the Chinese restaurant on the corner and laughed at all of the wrong times and provoked speculation from anyone and everyone who ever saw them together. They’d have complained about their respective siblings and been a little nicer to each other every time one or the other was having a bad day. Think of Sherlock buying John beer after things with Sarah ended, according to John’s blog. Think of John, on his honeymoon, yet unable to just stop communicating regularly with Sherlock. They’re a damaged team, but nonetheless a team. Think of Sherlock knowing John so well that he could even predict that John would choose to leave him again, and how. They know each other in ways that no one else ever will, and I stand by that. 

I hope that helps? :)

Apartment 5108 // 4

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

// 1 // 2 // 3 //


LOXE dance club in the dead of night is still fervent with booming music and blinding neon lights. The building is thriving with life whereas the rest of the town is in the comforts of sleep. Young women wear glimmering dresses that barely cover their thin legs. The cloth hugs their hour glass bodies as they slink up against interested parties and melt into the modern beats. I try not to compare myself to them but being in this type of environment brings back torrid memories that don’t quite ever leave my mind.

I follow the short man in front of me as we weave in and out of dark hallways full of strangers pressed up against the wall, doing things that should be done in privacy. Coming to a stop at a room in the back corridor, my attention is fixated on Sehun that I don’t even hear the employee (I think he mentioned his name was Chen but I wasn’t really listening) saying that Sehun was unwilling to move from his seat unless I came to take him home. Typically, I would not care or even flinch at the slightest towards this kind of call. Initially, I didn’t and really didn’t want to but I had promised Ada. And I intend to keep my promise.

Sehun is lifeless on the ebony leather sofa. The table before him is littered with drowned drinks and empty bottles. Red and pink hue lipstick stains the clear glasses but the only person in the room left from the party is Sehun. Only him, alone as ever. In this particular state, I can relate to his feelings. I can empathize with his thoughts and his struggles. The only part of this situation that I can’t identify with is his course of action.

“How long has he been like this?” I ask and take a step closer to the familiar scene, pushing down the trembles that are hitched inside my throat.

“Since 10:00 PM. He ordered drinks for everyone, danced for a good hour with some women, invited them to the Black Pearl room he reserved. It’s the same every weekend except this one–he said to call you. We usually do put him in a taxi to take him home but it’s different this weekend.”

Ignoring how my presence has changed Sehun’s norm, I turn to face Chen, “Black Pearl room? Is that some kind of dirty pseudonym–

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starrycheeks  asked:


Kiss Meme Drabbles : Vmon : 14. Hips

note: this drabble (lol) is highkey kinda unofficially from the universe this is set in, so I’m gonna tag @namseok too bc this would be of special interest, i’d imagine :3 the tenses are kinda weird but they’re meant to be, just go w it.

Taehyung saw him from across the room like one of those slow-mo movie scenes except a lot less romantic with Yoongi slurring in his ear about the A.I. revolution or some shit. Taehyung can’t even quite remember what he was saying, just that it made a lot less sense filtering out through his four red cup beers than Taehyung imagines it did in his head. Anyway, he saw this guy standing there by the kitchen doorway, with a bottle in one hand and a deep blush across his cheeks, the sweetest thing. Dusky, dark purple hair and an upsettingly fitted shirt tucked into jeans, one of the longest humans Kim Taehyung had ever laid his eyes on. (Also one of the prettiest, this soft, glowy quality to his entire being, even standing right next to a whole Park Jimin – a move which would render most members of the human race visibly obsolete.)

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At the End of the Journey

Based off @leoji-headcanons no. 6, because I wanted to write about airports. I was going to post this on ao3 but I don’t have an account yet whoops-

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“this is my first time at the ice rink and ive fallen on my butt at least 34 times so far but you keep skating around me like a fuckin pro” ∞ jungkook

Originally posted by bestteamofsoulmates

Let’s go iceskating, they said. It will be fun, they said.

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I wanted to make this list because I have suffered through some terrible movies, books and TV shows and I wanted to spare you of that by suggesting the best of the best (or best of the worst). I obviously haven’t consumed every piece of media featuring a mlm relationships/characters so if I don’t mention your favourites then send me a message and I’ll check it out. 

I have chosen to exclude things that I find upsetting or negative and things that don’t have a happy ending. Some well known MLM media has been left out because of this reason (Brokeback Mountain for example)

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Okay Nezushi reunion headcanon time:

Nezumi has no clue what to do when he first returns to No.6. It’s been a few years and the city is unrecognizable, and nobody recognizes him either as he strolls through the streets. His first thought (as a lot of his thoughts these past three years have been) is about Shion. But that’s where the whole ‘these past three years’ things becomes a problem. Because Nezumi knows he’d promised that reunion would come but how the hell is he supposed to do it

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anonymous asked:

I am watching qaf again for the 1000 times and I just can't get over Justin and Brian's last scene in 2x02. Brian is so vulnerable and the scene is just beautiful and emotional... I need to know what you think bc I love the way you analyze b/j scenes

Ahhh, you are so lovely, thank you! And I love analyzing scenes, so this is a win-win. I actually have a couple of similar scenes analysis asks in my inbox at the moment, so friends, brace yourselves: it’s going to be a Queer as Folk analysis party. But yes — let’s talk about this scene, because it is stunning and saturated with symbolism and it makes my heart ache in the most beautiful of ways. Analysis below the cut!

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2017 Megaman Valentine’s Day Fanart Contest Rules Are a Go!

IrisWelcome to my (mostly) annual Megaman Valentine’s Day Contest Special 10th Anniversary Blowout Extravaganza!!

(Sorry, behind on unfinished contest promo art. Since you’ve dealt with a bunch of silhouettes already, you get another as a placeholder.)

With special guests:

…eh, I’ve got nobody. Except you all who are reading this. And I totally appreciate all of you!

 Gonna cut to the chase and skip the usual introductory paragraph this year, because there’s a lot to talk about. And I said my piece yesterday.

 Here is the rundown for this year’s contest:


I’m going to keep it pretty simple and straightforward here: I’d really just prefer to keep this a flat rate Paypal payout to each place this year. More and more, it seems people really need the cash for bills and other serious things anyhow, that a quick transfer of cash helps out the most. And some people in this fandom seem really sick of merchandise anyhow.

As always though, I will be flexible and work with the winners to purchase Megaman-related prizes they really want if they really need me to order for them. So whether it be that new Nendoroid, 4-Inch Nel, or a soundtrack you never bought, I still promise to help get you that prize if you need me to.

Ideally, the winners for both the Talent and Humor categories will receive the following:

  •      1st Place: $100 USD or an item(s) up to that value.
  •      2nd Place: $50 USD or an item(s) up to that value.
  •      3rd Place: $25 USD or an item(s) up to that value.


Three total categories, which you are allowed to submit one entry for each category, if you would like. If you place in one category, you will be automatically disqualified from the other, for reasons of fairness, and to give other people a chance to win a prize.

CATEGORY 1 (Talent): Step Into This Capsule X…and Receive This Fashionable Formalwear!

Content Requirements:

             * Megaman couples all dolled up and wearing their fanciest attire for a romantic night on the town to celebrate their love for one another.

             * Fancy tuxes, elegant dresses, bling bling, and silk scarves/capes are just some of the attire I expect to see. Put your fashion designer dreams to the test and show me your dream threads!

It’s an anniversary party, so put on your formal best! An anniversary is a pretty big deal, and you best not forget about it! And while it’s tongue-in-cheek for me to wish you all could remember the date when you first met me/heard about my contest online (*sob*…you’ve all forgotten, haven’t you?!) the talent category is going to represent the celebratory theme of 10 years of me holding this contest.

Concept-wise, you have full creativity over how to portray this. It could be an actual anniversary party with multiple couples crammed in, it can be a single couple spending an evening together out to a fancy dinner, dancing at a glamorous ball, riding in a Flame Stag-led carriage, or it can even be a fashion show catwalk with your pair walkin’ that aisle, strutting to show off their good looks and clothing. But bare minimum, you must have at least one couple present.

This theme will work as the talent category, so the judging will focus on the effort and skill you put into your artwork. This includes your concept, details and stylistic appeal. Overall design work put into the formalwear your characters are wearing will weigh heavier in the judging. Don’t create gaudy clothing that would make Narcy Hide’s Worst Dressed List!!

CATEGORY 2: Girouette and Shooting Star Rockman’s Romantic Delivery Service (Humor)

Content Requirements:

           * Hilariously awkward delivery of romantic gifts such as: flowers, balloons, gift baskets, singing telegram, or…other packages…to someone’s special sweetheart in the Megaman Universe.

           * “We deliver anything, illegal or not!” - OK, Giro, you need a new slogan. More specifically, you must come up with a better tagline for this service than Giro has.

           * Delivery team uniforms are not required, but probably would add to the laughs.

Throughout the various incarnations of the franchise, there have been a few times where delivery guys and gals get their time in the spotlight, without having to be frozen and waking up thousands of years in the future to hear about ‘good news, everyone!’ Case in point: Girouette in ZX owned his own delivery service and transported things like rare biometals; while the anime version of Shooting Star Rockman had an entire episode devoted to him delivering home shopping network and online purchases to people all across town, including his mom and class president. Coincidentally, both of those series are also celebrating their 10th anniversaries as well right now!

As always with the humor category, your goal is to make us laugh. Come up with the most creative way to both “deliver” on this service’s promise, and yet still set the scene of love and romance. Whether it’s someone like Yuuichirou Hikari, who never leaves Sci Lab to spend time with his wife (or take her to the beach when she pleads to go with, for that matter), or Tron Bonne, whose crush is stuck all the way up on the moon, why is it that this character needs to send a romantic gift to their special someone, rather than being there in person?

Again, any character is game. While Giro and Shooting Star Rockman may be the headliners in this theme’s title, they do not have to explicitly be the delivery person(s). Draw who you would like, you have complete freedom to do so. But keeping it consistent with my theme is fine, too. 

Category 3: WILDCARD!

Those of you who have stuck with me over these last 10 years know I have a little fun with throwing out random ideas for these contest themes, and there have been plenty of options in polls which have never seen the light of day. Perhaps there was one year where you wanted to draw for a certain theme, but never got the time, or an idea came to you too late. Maybe there was one theme you were really hoping would have won the vote this year and would rather draw that instead. Or perhaps you just hate my ideas and just want to draw your own Valentine’s Day pic and still win something for it, because you don’t conform to my rules! OK, that’s fair.

So, for this wildcard category, you can draw whatever it is your heart desires. As long as it’s lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day-themed, and is not wildly inappropriate or explicit NSFW imagery. You can save that for other contests. Not like I would ever hold one, no matter how much I’ve joked about it.

No entries from this category will be judged.

So, why even have this category and submit anything if it’s not eligible for the cash prizes?

Well, there actually are some additional prizes I have not mentioned yet…

‘Member that dumb countdown thing I just finished doing leading up to the last 10 days before this contest? I ‘MEMBER!

That brings me to finally introduce the PARTICIPATION PRIZES!!! (I had you going with the whole cash only talk earlier, didn’t I? ;p)


As you know, I’ve always tried to give everyone a fair shot at winning, and that’s why judging has never solely focused on people’s artistic abilities only. To drive that point home even more, and as a thank you to you all for drawing stuff for my contest over the last decade, this year everyone who enters ANYTHING is eligible to still take home a valuable prize. There are 9 individual prizes, completely separate from the standard 1st-3rd prizes for the main categories. Placing in either of the main Talent/Humor categories DOES NOT disqualify you from winning one of these participation prizes. So you could possibly come away with both a nice cash prize AND one of these pieces of swag. 

Here’s how it will work: For the very first category you submit an entry into, your name will be added to the drawing for every one of the participation prizes. This includes solely entering a Wildcard entry, if you are only interested in submitting for a chance to win one of these prizes, but aren’t interested in drawing for my main theme categories. That’s fine.

You can decline your name from a specific prize drawing. Because for all I know, you might already have the prize, or perhaps you just aren’t a fan of it, or that series. I understand, and take no offense to someone not wanting to be considered for the item. That decision is yours.

This will be a raffle/lottery based system, so that everyone’s name will be tossed in the mix. A single person will be selected from a random internet generator for each prize. However, the more you participate in the contest this year, the better odds you can have. For each additional submission, you are allowed to add your name in a second or third time (…or…perhaps there’s a way for up to 6?) to better your odds for a specific prize of your choice.

So, let’s just say you are a ZX fan and really want the ZX prize. You have drawn 3 entries, one in each category. When you submit, you’ll let me know you want your bonus lottery chances put towards the ZX prize (more on this in the submission guideline section). Let’s pretend we have 20 people enter. If you submit a drawing for all 3 categories, you will still be eligible to win any of the participation prizes, but while your name will only have a 1-in-20 chance for the rest, you can have a 3-20 chance for the ZX prize, if you so desire. Of course, those odds would be subject to how many others also used their bonus chances for the same prize, too, if they have submitted multiple entries. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, but it gives you a much better chance over someone whose name is only in there once.

So, what are these prizes? Were you able to decipher the original silhouettes and the corresponding zoomed-in fragment of the items each day? Some were probably obvious, but I think there are still a few that will be a surprise to most of you. This is all just in the order of my countdown post, not in dollar value or series order. Without further ado, here is the full rundown on the prizes:

*NEW ADDITION!* Prize #10 - Classic Series: A PS4 copy of the Megaman Legacy Collection Special Edition; containing both the unopened game itself, and the limited edition 9″ USB-charged Mega Man statue + E-Tank. The statue package was only opened just to take a pic, and because I was honestly curious myself how it compared to the original Limited Edition 25th Anniversary statue. Yeah, it’s cheap plastic…but doesn’t look any worse to be honest, it’s just not as heavy and sturdy. Has not been plugged in or used, totally brand new!

Prize #9 – Classic Series (Alternate Timeline): A set of 2 production art pieces from Captain N: The Game Master. The first is a pencil sketch of Mega Man doing his best “Link Mah Boi” pose. The second is a color cel (no background) featuring Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Kid Icarus and Duke running into a giant magic mushroom. Sure they aren’t all Mega Man, and yes, you might think I’m on the magic mushrooms for offering this art, but it is a legit piece of Mega Man history. Both pieces come with certificates of authenticity.

Prize #8 – Classic Series (Archie Timeline): An autographed copy of Archie’s Megaman #8, signed by the lead penciller for that issue, Chad Thomas. To go along with it, you’ll also get the actual inked art for Page 8 of Issue #8. That’s why this was the item for day 8! ;p (Although technically I think it’s really Page 7, just mislabeled as Page 8. You can count for yourself.) The inked art sadly was not autographed by Gary Martin this time around, however.

Prize #7 – Battle Network Series: I have a whole lot of spare battlechips lying around. You can have a large assortment of battlechips. Like, a whole fishing tackle box full of them. This set will consist of Advanced, Progress, and Link chips. Standard, Mega, Dark, Navi chips and more! Way more than shown here. And a couple gashaphon mini figures of Blues and Search Soul Rockman to boot!

Prize #6 – Zero Series: The Rockman Zero Capcom Special Selection Artbook and CD!

Prize #5 – Star Force Series: I also have a lot of extra settei lying around that I don’t need double copies of. You will get a nice batch of production art from the Ryuusei anime!

 Prize #4 – ZX Series: First released this past year at HOBBY★ROCK 2016, it’s an Aile garage/model kit (with bike)! The kit is not assembled, painted, or has even been opened. Hopefully there is nothing missing or wrong with it. ^^; (I’ve had my own problems in the past) While I by no means feel I’ve done a great job painting and assembling my own kits, if you win this but have hesitations about ever putting it together yourself, I can offer to paint and build it myself for you before sending it. Otherwise, by all means, have at it yourself! It’s tedious, but feels great when all is said and done.

 Prize #3 – X Series: TruForce’s Limited Edition/San Diego Comic Con Exclusive X Boost figure! Still wrapped in its original shipping box, X is full of articulation, interchangeable parts, and his X-buster glows with an awesome power! He still looks like he’s wearing a yellow bikini top to me though, so it’s great figure if you’re into X in a teeny weenie yellow bikini.

 Prize #2 – Legends Series: From Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, production art from the Japanese edition of Volnutt’s ending (remember, UDON had a hand in slightly different art for our endings in the US release. This is not UDON art). You’ll get a complete piece with Volnutt, and one with a partial drawing of Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzura from that ending scene. Again, yeah, they aren’t Megaman, but it goes with it.

Prize #1 – Classic Series: E-Capcom exclusive 20th Anniversary Copper Rockman Statue. 10 years ago, around 200 of these rarities were released into the wild. Fewer than the silver edition that was released along with it. You were lucky to find it for $100 back then, and today, it’s been on auction sites for anywhere between $300-$1000. It stands barely taller than an Amiibo at 3.5 inches, but it is pretty dang heavy. Being pure copper and all, it’s no flimsy figure. Not quite a golden idol, but please don’t go melting it down for cash. It also doubles as a paperweight, or a great gigantic Monopoly piece!

 So, I’m not going to put an overall value on what I will end up spending on this whole contest, but safe to say, the prize value is quite high. Hopefully it’s some cool stuff you guys really would like to own!

All participation prizes are in-hand already, and are just waiting for a new home. But in the event participation is light or people aren’t interested in them, guess I just have more stuff to keep for my collection…;p


When you submit, I would prefer you to include the following information in this format, along with your entry:

  • (Your name/preferred alias) – As much as I usually know who you are, there’s always someone new or somebody who has a different preference from what their email name says.
  • (Category this entry is for) – You can either say 1, 2 or 3, or Talent/Humor/Wildcard
  • (Participation Prize Eligibility) – Just write “All” if you are interested in the chance to win anything. Write: “Exclude from #__” if you do not have interest in winning a particular participation prize. Use the prize numbering identification as I have written above.

In the event you are submitting your second or third entry, please specify which prize # you would like your bonus chance(s) in the raffle to be put towards.

Only submit your own work, as usual. Any character, major or minor, from any series is allowed, to go along with the characters required in each category. Pairing characters from different series is totally allowed. Same-gender groupings are allowed, as always.

Participants are allowed to submit from all over the world. It’s easier for me to get prizes to US entrants, because international shipping is complicated and pricey, but I’ll do what I can for you guys who aren’t in the States.

As much as I don’t want to joke about it, by the time this contest ends, the United States may possibly be enclosed in a giant dome by our new President to keep anyone from coming in, forcing our country to become a real-life episode of The Big O!, a country of amnesia…without the big robots. In such a case, I apologize for not being able to send out prizes worldwide. But I certainly plan to try! In all seriousness though, I think most should not have to worry about being able to receive a package from the US, but if shipping costs me more than the item’s value itself, I may have to get creative.

Paypal is still the preferred method for cash prize payouts. Please have a valid account to receive your winnings.

Youngin’s, get your parents permission before entering.

Entries do not need to be colored, but it is preferred. The more effort put into things as always, the better chance you have!

Entries can either be e-mailed to me at rock2125[at]hotmail[dot]com, or you can just PM/note me a link to your pic.

DO NOT post your pics in this journal, your dA galleries, tumblr blogs, forum threads, etc. until the contest is over. This is the fairest way for competitive reasons. I prefer to keep them all secret until the deadline has passed.

I’ll edit a confirmed entry list in this thread when I receive them. So you won’t be in the dark about whether or not I’ve received your entry.


The deadline for this contest will be Sunday, February 12th, 2017 by 11:59PM CST. This gives you exactly 2 months to DRAW, DRAW, DRAW!


- As usual, If you don’t plan to enter, but would like to help me judge, please let me know through DM or mention so here. Anyone who has previously judged in the past 10 years is certainly welcome to help out, especially if I really do get flooded with entries. I might really need extra opinions!

Any help spreading the word and reblogging/retweeting/etc. is always appreciated!

Bug me with questions if you have any. Please join in, and good luck to everyone who enters!

Confirmed Entries:  

Category 1 - @archer-poyochu, @darlinhope, @borockman, @digitallyfanged, @dreamingandgaming, @bassrocks, CptRedder, @wintesm, @prosaicwonder, IrisClou,

Category 2 - @borockman, @hotbloodedmachine, @wintesm, @digitallyfanged, IrisClou, @thecreatorofworlds, Njo-Ku,

Wildcard - @digitallyfanged, @tyrantchimera, @boatsalad, IrisClou, @thecreatorofworlds (x2)

Secret 1 - @wintesm

anonymous asked:

"Either way he has to find Fidds and Stan (and by association Tate and Jimmy and possibly Rick)" It's like Ford goes to Fidds first for help but he doesn't want to get Tate involved so he drops him off with Stan to finish trick-or-treating with (who haggles every at house to get Tate more candy) but then Stan has to jump in to help so he leaves Tate with Jimmy, who brings Tate back to the party with him, where it turns out burly bikers make surprisingly good baby-sitters/trick-or-treat buddies.


Maybe the Trickster told Ford to get 500 pieces of candy, as in canon. So while he and Fidds head back to the house to analyze all the information they have on the Trickster in hopes of finding some way to destroy it, Stan volunteers to take Tate trick or treating. (Both as babysitting and as a back-up plan in case they can’t find the Trickster’s weakness in time.)

Though I think rather than haggling Stan just straight up resorts to stealing candy. At first it’s small–he sees some stingy person drop one sad little sourball in Tate’s bag and he goes, “that’s it? Where’s your Summerween spirit?” and grabs a whole handful for Tate. 

After a couple more houses with similar experiences he doesn’t even wait for Tate to finish saying “trick or treat” before just grabbing the whole bowl in one hand and Tate’s arm in the other and screaming “RUN!” 

When word starts to spread about them and they can’t hit houses anymore they start hiding in bushes and grabbing bags from other kids. Tate is having the time of his life, of course. And I mean, it’s okay to steal candy from kids because it’s really fun it’s for the sake of saving Ford’s life after all (even if they got more than 500 pieces of candy hours ago.)

Meanwhile Fidds and Ford have been working on an anti-fructose ray that they think can destroy the Trickster and are creeping around looking for it. When it shows up again to taunt them they try firing at it. But of course they miss and the Trickster gets pissed and everything goes sideways.

Stan hears screaming in the distance and sees the bloated Trickster carrying Ford and Fidds away. He tells Jimmy to keep Tate safe while he runs after them.

Some exciting chasing and fighting scenes later, Stan’s managed to get Ford and Fidds free but the Trickster’s still coming after them. Fidds gets the idea of overloading the anti-fructose ray, which explodes in a flash of light—destroying the Trickster completely (and as a side effect–destroying all the candy that the children of Gravity Falls were carrying around outdoors.)

Once the danger is over they go to find Tate who of course is at the bar telling ghost stories to a circle full of burly bikers. (Jimmy lost track of him after about five minutes and got very drunk.) Fidds just about hits the ceiling, of course, and takes Tate home. (”But wait!” one of the bikers cries “What happened with the guy with the hook hand!?? Aww man, I’m not gonna be able to sleep for a week.”)

Meanwhile Stan is pissed at Jimmy for ditching Tate and getting drunk and is like “sometimes I wonder why I’m even dating that guy” and Ford is like “I WONDER THE SAME THING. CONSTANTLY.”

Between Stan’s thievery and Fidds and Ford’s raygun none of the children in Gravity Falls get any candy that year (except Tate, whose bags and bags of ill-gotten sweetness were inside the bar with him when the ray went off.) It was the worst Summerween ever.

BK Masterlist

I’ve hit a follower milestone, and I’ve received some asks for a full listing of my work. Since I have a problem and I’ve written over 200 stories, I’m going to split it up into parts. Thank you all for being so lovely, and I hope this is helpful to you, since I am terrible about organizing. Love you all to bits. 

All of the links lead to Tumblr, but please feel free to check out my FF.net and AO3 accounts. 

All of these will be tagged under bk masterlist on my blog. 

Everything Else

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aomomo; times four

a/n: Firstly, there is a reason why I don’t do prompts (mainly because I just can’t /cries). Secondly, this originally wasn’t intended for aomomo week, but now it is otl, so I may or may not have bent the prompt a lot… 

series/pairing: kurobas/aomomo
rating: t-
prompt: aomomoweek’s day #5: bonds (in this case, her bonds with others, as well as Aomine)

Because sometimes, Aomine feels the need to remind everyone who it is Momoi Satsuki belongs to.

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((for @madneto as promised xoxo))

Pavement pounds steadily below Erik’s feet, rhythmic, close enough to the beat of the wordless electronica playing in his earphones. Running is like a trance, one of the few moments of the day he finds he can let his mind quiet down. The park is fairly full this morning, which displeases him, but at least the wooded paths deeper in the park are less congested with young mothers in yoga pants pushing overly expensive strollers.

So as it is, Erik’s mind is about a million miles away when a passing cyclist clips him hard on the elbow. He lurches away from the sudden sting, stumbling as his shoe hits the edge of the paved path, bracing himself as he feels the pull of gravity preparing to give him a hard introduction to the blacktop. A half second of stunned silence before the anger kicks in, flaring up as he pushes himself up to sit. “Just what in the fuck do you think–”

He judders to a halt. It wasn’t a cyclist at all - it was a man in a racing wheelchair. Which would have been surprising enough, except for the fact that this was possibly the most beautiful human being that Erik has ever laid eyes on. He’s backed up to come parallel with Erik, and for a brief moment all Erik can see is tanned and freckled arms that look ridiculously strong. This is not a view he’s complaining about. But then the chair’s occupant leans over, and it gets even worse. He’s just so pretty. Eyes a clearer blue than the sky behind him, and his lovely face is twisted up in a look of horrible concern.

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A Team Within A Team: Legends of Today 2x08 The Flash Review

Happy Flarrow day!!!! I love that DC television officially has a tradition. The Flarrow crossover is now part and parcel with winter sweeps and the holiday season. What’s great is now both The Flash and Arrow are seasoned veterans.  In “Legends of Today” both shows flex their strengths and reveal our heroes’ character growth. The Flash and Arrow bring their A game to launch a legendary story.

Let’s dig in…

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anonymous asked:

coffee shop au: Kurt gets his coffee everyday from the shop around the corner because he thinks the barista is cute even if he always screws up his order. Truth is, barista!Blaine is just too distracted by his stunning customer to make it properly. :D


Twenty-nine and a half hours a week, Blaine is a model barista.

The coffees he makes are at the perfect temperature, the foam is just fluffy and light, and there is the proper amount of syrups in his macchiatos.

But the remaining half-hour?

He’s all over the place, and all because of one man.

Kurt–at least he has the man’s name, but he doesn’t know if it makes him less or more pathetic.

It’s so unlike him to get all flustered because of a man who he virtually knows nothing about, except that he’s gorgeous, that he’s always dressed impeccably, that he’s sometimes a bit cold with the barista at the cashier but that he tips generously to compensate, that he has a thing for scarves and that he takes his mocha with an extra shot of hazelnut syrup and extra hot.

That’s the alpha and the omega of Blaine’s knowledge about his … let’s call it what it is, about his hopeless crush on a customer.

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion of Jason, given all the BTS drama, the disaster that was s3 and what went down with C/exa and now Bella/ke? (what if that ship doesn't sail? even with all the social media frenzy around that one now) Is it possible you're being an apologist for him?

Hi anon! 

If your assumption is that I am an apologist for Jason, I’m going to assume you’re probably new to this blog (welcome!) and have not listened to the podcast I co-host, Meta Station.  We recapped all of 3B here and I suspect if you listen to any of the episodes that will put that matter to rest pretty quickly.)

If you are new, you might have missed my “I’m no longer taking anons asking me to defend why I still like this show” policy (which you can read here).  I answered that question once, at great length, here, and I try to avoid repeating myself where possible.

My opinion of Jason is that I’m done just kind of bitching about him recreationally, tbh.  I have dragged Jason, you have dragged Jason, we have all dragged Jason, it has been a gloriously unifying fandom pastime, and there was a time when we probably all found it cathartic, but I no longer think it serves us and I don’t think it makes this fandom a better place.  I am only human, I may slip up from time to time, especially if he does something really boneheaded, but I am trying VERY HARD to get myself out of the dragging Jason Rothenberg business.

That said, if you have a particular, specific question about how I feel about a writing choice, a character choice, or something concrete like that, I’m always happy to take those.  On our podcast, Erin and I critique his storytelling choices at LENGTH and have never been quiet about the places where we think the writing has been lazy, irresponsible, thoughtless about tropes, fandom-baiting, or just bad storytelling.  In addition, I think based on everything we all know and hear coming out of the continual BTS rumors, as I’ve mentioned many times in recent posts, it sounds like for at least a couple of the cast members he creates/has created a really difficult working environment.  And yes, I think there were some catastrophically bad choices in S3 - not just Lexa (whose death I have blogged about before here), but the character assassination of Bellamy, the fridging of Gina, the erasure and the death of Lincoln coupled with the way it sounds like Ricky was being treated personally, the gross Murphy/Ontari thing - and I think it’s wise that the network brought in a new co-executive producer as a tactful indication that they know Jason needs a little reining-in. 

That said, I don’t think he’s Satan, I don’t think any human being deserves to have people tweet “kill yourself” at them over and over, and I am cautiously optimistic that he has learned some really key lessons from the fallout of S3.  We’ll see how S4 progresses, and we’ll know what we know when we know it, but I’m hopeful and positive that this season could be great, and I’m not interested in apologizing for that.

If your assumption that I’m an apologist from him stems with some of the recent posts in response to fears about cancellation, what I have been saying over and over is that the NETWORK continues to support Jason, believe in his vision, show enthusiasm for the stories he is telling, and speak positively of him and the show.

I do want to point out, however, that it sounds to me like the question you are at heart asking is “Jason fucked up Clexa and might fuck up Bellarke, why don’t you hate him and this show more,” which I am happy to answer because this gives me a chance to remind you that you have sent that question to A KABBY BLOG. Whether Bellarke or Clexa or neither is endgame isn’t why I watch this show, so it is not a dealbreaker for me. 

I have said this before, many times, and I will say it again, VERY LOUDLY, in boldface and italic type:

it is very frustrating for all the rest of us in the fandom who don’t label ourselves as “Bellarke” or “Clexa” to be addressed as though absolutely nothing else on this show matters except those two ships. 

I plan to continue watching the show with enthusiasm.  It’s fine if you don’t.  That’s a personal choice.  But I loved a lot of things in S3 that had nothing to do with Bellarke or Clexa, and I am sure I will find a lot of things in S4 to love that have nothing to do with Bellarke or Clexa, because for me this show is not about Bellarke and Clexa.  If it is for you, that’s fine!  We all consume media differently.  But I don’t think it’s being an apologist for Jason to feel, for example, that the show is still telling really important stories about all kinds of different representation that deserve to continue to be dignified, and I don’t think it’s erasing the crappy stuff he’s done to say that he’s also done a lot of things really, really well.

Here, in no particular order, is a list of just some of the many things I loved about S3 that I want to make sure are not erased or drowned out by the negatives of S3:

  • Literally every single moment Kane or Abby were onscreen, separately or together, especially THE KISS and THE PRISON SCENE and THE CHEEK KISS and THE FINALE HUG and BEING PLOT-RELEVANT
  • The whole City of Light/ALIE storyline, especially its connection to Grounder mythology
  • Lindsey’s performance in “Nevermore”
  • Briller
  • Indra
  • There were a lot of big writing/editing problems in the Bellamy/Pike/Kane storyline, but hot damn those performances were fantastic
  • Becca and the Polaris flashbacks
  • Roan and Luna
  • Kanetavia/Rebel!Dad with Harper and Miller
  • Jasper’s PTSD arc
  • Monty getting a new level of nuance and complexity
  • Sinclair getting all the dialogue they probably wrote for Wick and getting to really flesh out his bond with Raven
  • The Griffin women finally getting the chance to team up and save the day
  • Multiple Wells callbacks
  • Jake callbacks for both Abby and Clarke (especially “I can’t do this again”)
  • Niylah
  • Murphy’s entire arc (obviously not counting the creepy Ontari sexual assault/consent violation thing), especially the Indra/Pike trio and his finale teamup with Abby
  • Raven’s entire arc – running from her pain, then pushing through it, then becoming a superhero without her injury ever being dismissed or minimized
  • The new Arkadia sets, the Rover, and the way they depicted the Sky People gradually settling in and building a home
  • Jaha’s slow-burn three-season good guy to villain arc

I’m excited and enthusiastic about S4, as is pretty much everyone I know in the Kabby fandom.  It’s okay if you aren’t.  That’s a personal choice.  But the fact that I’d never take a job working for Jason Rothenberg because he sounds like a really awful boss doesn’t mean I’m obligated to hate the way he tells stories or want his show to be canceled. 

I gently encourage you to let go of any assumptions you may have that the people who continue to enjoy this show are doing so blindly or stupidly, that liking the show is a blanket endorsement of all a showrunner’s worst personal and professional choices, or that people who like a thing you don’t like do so because they’re not as smart as you are and they haven’t figured out that they’re wrong for liking it.  

I love this show enough that I have never kept my mouth shut when the writers make choices I object to.  I love this show enough to believe it can bear the weight of a substantial amount of thoughtful criticism from a wide and diverse range of perspectives, and I believe doing so is vital.  

If you just want to tell me Jason is a garbage person and you’re annoyed that I still like things he’s doing, then I’m afraid I can’t actually help you. If you are here to be an informed, thoughtful critic of this show and are interested in debate, you will always be welcome.  I would just ask you to maybe consider, for next time, the limits of this binary assumption that Clexa and Bellarke are the only aspects of this show that anyone cares about.