except for the cover art

Ten Faced Tendou?!

Based on Tendou VA’s vocaloid cover that had the other VAs singing the personalities. With the exception that Ushijima’s VA is actually in the cover.

Here’s the ryuji & yusuke roommates au literally no one asked for but you’re getting it anyway

>So how the hell does a starving artist end up rooming with an athelete-turned-punk
>The answer is right there in the question
>Yusuke is absolutely incapable of taking care of himself
>Ryuji can’t stand it
>Basically, once they all graduate, Ryuji & Yusuke are the only ones who choose not to go to college
>Well, it’s more like Ryuji hasn’t figured out what to do with his life so he’s taking a year off (he’s gonna go to college eventually he’s gotta do his momma proud) while Yusuke is taking a few courses at a nearby university, just like Futaba is (tho she’s only going as mandatory [read: Makoto] socializing practice)
>Except while Sojiro is covering Futaba’s expenses, Yusuke can barely manage to cover art AND school expenses. He forgoes eating most days.
>And it’s pretty pitiful, you know. Sojiro offered Akira’s old space when Yusuke moved out of the school dorms, but Yusuke kept burning the curry and weirding out customers, so it pretty quickly became “as soon as you find another place, please leave”
>Ryuji took pity. Say what you will about him, but Ryuji ain’t the type to not lend a helping hand. Besides, he’s been (surprise!) saving up for a place of his own for a few years already, so he’s down to have a roommate.
>Do you know how bad of an idea this turns out to be.
>Futaba bugs their apartment so she can keep track of this disaster
>She runs a blog about it
>It’s famous. And has spawned like 3 memes
>The first month isn’t too bad. Ryuji works 2 jobs so he’s gone most of the time, & Yusuke somehow manages to keep his artistic endeavors to his side of the apartment (they share a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with as much living space as you’d expect from a Tokyo apartment)
>Ryuji also does all the cooking. He figured out how early on, since his mom was usually out at work until dusk. Ryuji can’t cook anything fancy, & they usually just end up with veggie hotpot or ramen, but Yusuke is quick to compliment Ryuji’s skill (“And here I thought running was your only talent.” “…Thanks?????”)
>But then rent comes up
>And dividing up chores
>Things self-destruct from there
>Neither of them are the cleanlinest of people. They both prefer letting their stuff clutter in a corner or spread out on the floor. But when Yusuke’s clutter gets on Ryuji’s side or vice versa. Bitch it’s on.
>Also Yusuke almost never pays rent. He gets paid pretty well whenever his art is sold, but that’s rare & Yusuke refuses to get a job. Yusuke also does work on commission, but that requires /a lot/ of string-pulling from their friends.
>Please help these boys
>Their throats are sore from all the fighting
>They do get along sometimes tho. Ryuji gets Yusuke into video games (Yusuke loves visual novels & plays an unhealthy amount of otome). Yusuke gets Ryuji hooked on documentaries, tho Ryuji has an obvious preference for animal docs over the art docs Yusuke watches.
>Also whenever Ryuji has time off, Yusuke can sometimes drag him out of bed to go have some fun at places they both like, such as the planetarium or the monja shop


I’ve never made a book with so much gold as this one. It’s a sight to behold.

The Red King

The all gold decoration is done over a frame that is true to proportions of old Balkan Manuscripts. However rather than a traditional tooling design, the idea for this book was for it to emanate a feeling of royalty. For this reason a shield is left blank in the center in order to be filled with the initials of it’s new owner.

 A true temple for your writings.

More specifics here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/468860103/the-red-king-a-regal-handmade-journal

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(Me as I’m about to press the “Post” Button: “Please don’t hate me, Pilot, please don’t hate me…”)  XD

@thelastpilot is having a cover art contest and I’m kind of a sucker for those, mostly because I’m not very good at graphic design and that kind of thing, so it gives me an opportunity to challenge myself.

Except… this is what happened instead.  XD 

Here’s the one at the required cover art size:

The contest ends on the 31st at midnight, so there’s still time to squeak by with an entry, if you’re interested! <3


A tribute to all of you magicians and witches.

The Book of Magic

The decoration is simplistic. The tools were heated and held over a candle to coat them in carbon in order to achieve this contrast of the tooling. Two sets of borders guard the central solar element. The sun is above the purpose of the book, engraved on the leather “Book of MAGIC”. The decoration isn’t meant to draw too much attention to itself but be assertive of the purpose of the book at the same time. Attention is drawn fiercely however when the grimoire is opened, revealing the crimson endpapers guarded by a golden border. A whole new world lays inside, waiting to be filled by your hand. 

More specifics here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/455375944/book-of-magic-a-large-grimoire-bound-in

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MIRROR MIRROR ON THE FLOOR: Songs for the boy who fell in love with his own reflection to sing into the mirror (because you know he does). He doesn’t look at the reflection, he romantically gazes into his (own) eyes, admires ever line of his (own) face, feels himself becoming more and more enamored with him(self) every day. His mirror is a lake because walls are not worthy of surrounding such a view. He’d be a fuckboy to himself if he could, but for now he’ll just sing into the lake where his reflection lies until all the fish have long swum away. [LISTEN]

1. FRANK SINATRA i’ve got you under my skin 2. FRANK ZAPPA i’m so cute 3. PAOLO NUTINI coming home to you 4. INCUBUS you will be a hot dancer 5. ARCTIC MONKEYS you probably couldn’t see it for the lights but you were staring straight at me 6. THE USED i caught fire (in your eyes) 7. BILLIE HOLIDAY i’m a fool to want you 8. GREEN DAY fell for you 9. TWENTY ONE PILOTS can’t help falling in love

Free! creation notebook: Promotional Illustrations Production/Explanation translation

Promotional illustrations are newly drawn images used for cover arts on DVDs/BDs/CDs, articles/posters in magazines, and other locations. These are created separately from the main story. Here we show a grand unveiling of the process to create these promotional illustrations!

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lehdenlaulu  asked:

Didn't feel like anon'ing, but I've just been compiling a Damerey megamix and it's cheerful and sappy as hell. Thought you might appreciate the thought. ^_^

:D I DO appreciate that! I love making fanmixes but I recognize that I’m terrible at it except for the cover art, so I almost never do anymore. Maybe I’ll start again and everyone can just deal with my musical taste…

i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad
the dreams in which i’m dying
are the best i’ve ever had.

A Pirate's Treasures

Captain Swan. Killian Jones is not a man accustomed to receiving gifts. But his new family is quite fond of giving them.


Previously: First Father’s DayHalloweenHousewarming, Housewarming Part II 

Mary Margaret thanks Hook for convincing Emma to stay in Storybrooke.


5. Housewarming Part III

He’s just finished cleaning the living room and is about to sit down for a rest when the doorbell rings. He gives the couch a longing look before he goes to answer it.

“Hello Killian,” Mary Margaret greets him with a smile as she walks past him and into the apartment.

“I’m afraid Emma’s not here,” Hook informs her. “She’s at the station with David.”

“I know,” Mary Margaret answers. “I just dropped her little brother off. I’m actually here to see you.”

For a moment Hook is speechless. But seeing her standing there snaps him out if it. “May I offer you some tea?”

“Sure,” she says, following him to the kitchen.

Hook sets about heating up the water and laying out the mugs, while Mary Margaret examines the various things that have begun to make their home on the walls and the shelves around the apartment.

As he measures out the tea, he watches her out of the corner of his eye as she first examines the sextant - picking it up and putting it down - then turns her attention to the frames image on the wall.

“Is this one of yours?” She asks looking back at him.

“Aye,” Hook confirms. “I assume your husband told you about my little hobby.”

“He mentioned it,” she tells him as she walks over. “So did Emma.”

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Ronan’s still-abusive electronica.

A collection of songs taken from Stiefvater’s ronan lynch tag. Mind your ears: [listen]

i. I’d Love to Rule the World (Matstubs remix) - Jetta // ii. Distance Kills (Liquid Stranger remix) - Mt. Eden ft. Nolita Knights // iii. Panda (PhatCap! remix) - Desiigner // iv. Drive it Like You Stole it - The Glitch Mob // v. One (Your Name) - Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell // vi. Midnight - Vice City x DatPhoria ft. DeLeon // vii. Jump - Tomsize & Simeon // viii. Don’t Let me Down (T-mass remix) - The Chainsmokers ft Daya // ix. Origin - JayKode x Party Thieves