except for the couple that shall not be named

                         20 YEARS AGO A SICKNESS SWEPT THROUGH THE WORLD. it started small, then continued to spread until seventy percent of the world’s population was lost. there have been efforts to rebuild, societies have gotten their governments back on track but populations are still dangerously low. the new council of nations has gathered and created ordinances that they shall each follow. all ordinances are the same as before the sickness, don’t steal, don’t kill, etc. 

                 except for ordinance number three. this is the ordinance that sparked outrage, but was passed anyway. the arranged marriage law. in order to get populations back up, the names of young men and women over the age of twenty are thrown into a lottery. they’re matched with a member of the opposite sex, given a brand new home in a new neighborhood with other newlywed couples. it’s expected that they will have a child within the first two years of their marriage. if no child is conceived, they must begin fertility treatments. if one of them is unable to reproduce, their partner will be rematched while the infertile person is given a job in government. 

                if after five years of marriage and at least two children, if the couple wants to split, they are allowed to. men’s names are put back into the lottery ( this sometimes causes young women to be paired with men much older then themselves ) while women are encouraged to raise their children and get a job in which they can contribute to society.  

                 the council of nations watches each couple carefully, despite the general dislike of the law - it is necessary. if another sickness were to sweep the earth, the entire population would be wiped out.  remember, if you’re unhappy - it’s only five years.

                                                   your nation thanks you. 


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