except for rita :(((


Lowly zombie. Do you honestly hope to save the world?

So i ain’t gonna lie to y’all...

i’ve got a headcanon where rita is obsessed with trini.

but not the whole “i wanna wear your skin” type of obsession, more like the “i see myself in you, so let me test you. become mini-me or whatever” obsession

so when the rangers battle other big bads, rita (’cause y’all know she needs to make a dramatic comeback) is like “leave little yellow to me”

or! or! or! it could be like xiaolin showdown season two, where chase tries to turn omi into a baddie and succeeds, but only for a moderate amount of time before omi reverts back to being a good guy. except in this instance rita is chase in the situation and trini is omi

and rita does all these terrible things to sorta test trini

during fights, rita usually tries to corner trini and have a one-on-one to see if she’s gotten stronger and test her resolve in being a good guy. the others would try to intervene, but rita would just casually dispatch them before making them watch her fight trini and subsequently injury her horrible before leaving with a mocking compliment and promises to meet again

lol, i guess you could also say rita is possessive of trini when it comes to other baddies

idk, i just really like the idea of rita having an obsession with getting trini to join her

Bonus trimberly:

kim gets really protective over trini whenever rita shows up

trini becomes really insecure about being a ranger when she realizes she can understand rita’s twisted mind and her games. kim reassures her she’s nothing like the disgraced green ranger

kim being heartbroken when trini joins rita (under the influence of rita’s magic/possession/mind control/blackmail) and promising to break trini outta rita’s control

kim camps out on trini’s roof right next to the girl’s window for like a straight week after trini is back to normal

trini invites her in after zack tells her there’s a sleeping ranger on her roof

snuggles and deep talk

trini can’t promise it won’t happen again because she truly believes she is like rita so kim vows to give her a reason to never go astray and prove that she isn’t a mini-rita

their first kiss happens ‘cause of this convo. trini actually initiated it, kim was caught off-guard but kissed her back

ok but i was serious about gar being a very angry individual upon his first appearance. very first panel of him and he is ready to duke it out with cliff

and it’s not like he doesn’t have a reason to be mad. at this point he’s lost his parents, been abducted and exploited by the crooks throughout his childhood, and then when we has found and taken back to the states he was forced to live with galtry who was verbally abusive, negligent and also exploitative. on top of all that, going through life green. and the doom patrol (except for Rita, bless her) weren’t initially accepting of him either.

these people were publicly known as a band of freaks and even they wanted nothing to do with him. and he only wanted to take up with them because he could barely stand the thought of going back to live with galtry. 

so yeah. gar was just an angry kid yearning for acceptance and just trying to get away from a bad home life. he eventually found it with the doom patrol, particularly Rita who always stood up for him and fought to take him in as her own

oh and yeah, he was also pretty much always hungry too (probably because his guardian would literally lock up the food so he couldn’t get to it)

The Rest of Us Live There

Fandom: The Penumbra Podcast
Pairing: past Juno Steel/Peter Nureyev, Juno Steel/confused feelings
Word Count: 7663
Summary: Juno left Nureyev. That’s a fact he’s very slowly learning to deal with.
Then he receives a gift, of all things, because it seems the master thief isn’t done with him. Mind games. Damn, but Juno hates those.
Note: The first part of it just wouldn’t leave me alone, as an idea, but I started writing it without any idea of where the whole thing was going and… this is the result. No idea if it makes any sense.

Also available on AO3.

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Y'know what I don’t get? When people call Snape creepy. Like yeah, I do get that he was overall not a great person and a bit of a douche, but I genuinely don’t understand why people call him “creepy” or “a stalker” or whatever in regards to his love for Lily.

They were FRIENDS. He had no need to follow her around or whatever, because they were friends. Friendship is mutual. Even if his love was unrequited, that doesn’t make him creepy - have you ever read fanfic? And even after Hogwarts, when Lily was married, it’s not like he was spying through her bedroom window.

Actually, to me the creepiest person in the series (except for like Rita Skeeter + the Death Eaters) is James. He sexually assaults Snape, tries to blackmail Lily into going out with him, and relentlessly pursued her even after she’s said she’s not interested. No matter how much you hate Snape, I don’t think there’s at all a case for him being that gross.

I’m not excusing his behaviour (calling Lily a mud blood was awful, and he treated the majority of his students horribly), but sometimes I feel like Snape haters just throw as many insults at him as possible to paint an even darker picture.

Has anyone written a thesis abt south Asian characters and actors in Wes Anderson movies bc he’s got this thing for like having them around as witnesses and like nonspeaking or seldom speaking roles sort of like emasculated accessories as per their role in colonial and early 20th century literature and he Slightly subverts this or is sometimes subverting it more as in Budapest Hotel but even in that movie Zero’s role is like….he’s the protagonist but the reckless cocky terrible white dude has a more active role and iirc zeros existence as a sexual being is like nil and I was watching this and thinking about pagoda and his characterization through other people’s words and stories about him and what the heck that means …also unusual that zero as an old man (inheriting the legacy) is played by a man of a notably lighter skin tone

Also interesting that Anderson chooses to set his pieces against backdrops of empire or genocide past or present as in moonrise kingdom (noted but absent +largely irrelevant-to-the-plot indigenous people) and Budapest Hotel not to mention Darjeeling Limited

we won’t even get into the fact there are NO women of color in his movies except rita in Darjeeling Limited and usually only two actual speaking women, ie mother and daughter/someone’s love interest . white womanhood in his films is enshrined in this very peculiar way

(Spoilers for Groundhog Day coming up.)

I really want to know what happened to Phil after the loop.

And I don’t mean whether he lived a long and fulfilling life (I mean, yes, I do want to know that, but that’s not the point of this post) but I mean personality-wise.

Regardless of whether you look at the film or the musical (both have the same plot, anyway) he gets out of the loop by doing good deeds (ridiculously coordinated good deeds, at that) and having a successful date with Rita.

So what has Phil learned? That he has to be good for one day and get the girl. I really want to believe that Phil is a ‘changed man’, but what evidence do we have for that?

If I was Phil (which I’m not) I would only have acted nice for one day. I’ve gotten a great woman to like me romantically - wonderful! That was my only goal. Nice. 

Now – I couldn’t help people out in small ways that well again. That’s a given fact: At no other point in time will I ever know which people need help - at least, not to that extent. And the big act of kindness (saving the homeless man) wasn’t successful.

So maybe I’d think that bigger acts of kindness are useless. Fate determines them. And maybe I’d think that tiny acts of kindness only matter if I do a lot of them; impossible to do, if you’re living in normal time.

So what’s the point of doing acts of kindness? Phil is never going to get that validation again - everyone telling him how great he is (except for that one kid in the film) and also a relationship with Rita. It’s a perfect day for him. But he can’t do that again.

I like to think Rita would keep him in check. She has standards now; she’s known him for two days (the older project and the ghd one) of which at least one he’s been amazing. He’s been kind to her - kind to the entire village, even - and has given her the night of her dreams. (I wonder if Rita knows that not every day will be like this.) Phil gives one snarky comment, and Rita thinks it’s a fluke. Phil is actively an asshole, and Rita gets mad. It might even drive them apart again. Phil’s doing the kind deeds for HIMSELF (to get a relationship with Rita, and to get out of the loop); he’s not thinking of others. Even if he does ‘learn a lesson’ from this, I doubt it’ll stay with him forever.

I can see him doing nice things every now and then, but there’s really no reason for him to keep doing it except for pleasing Rita and, I guess, not making everyone hate him.

I think he’ll be on something akin to a high for a few weeks after the loop; it’ll take him a while to get back into the swing of things. But will he be different after that? I can see him doing nice things every now and then, but there’s really no reason for him to keep doing it, except his relationship with Rita. I wonder if that’s enough.

Feel free to add your own opinions in the reblogs, if you have any - I’d love to hear what you guys think.

koshertaako  asked:

So I got home late last night and fell into bed dead tired and when I woke up I had a note on my phone that says "if peter and juno ever get married it's only because peter is picking a surname for an alias and juno mumbles 'what about steel'" and then I apparently typed a bunch of emojis but I thought it would make a good fic prompt

That idea made me giggle and blush, it was so fluffy. I don’t think you understand how hard it can be to do that, so major kudos to you, madam.

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