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ok so imagine

(listen to the song linked later in the text at that time in order to get the full experience thank u) so,,, percy and annabeth and leo and piper and jason and hazel and frank and grover are sitting by the campfire while the rest of the camp are in the dining hall and they’re just talking about stupid things and they spot nico with will holding hands coming towards them and hazel smiles bc she sees them and will told some dumb pun and nico is laughing so hard that he has to hold his side and will’s just smiling dumbfoundedly at the love of his life and they see everyone at the campfire and nico blushes but doesn’t let go of will’s hand but will just smiles so brightly and rushes towards them (pulling nico behind him) as he has a ukulele in his other hand (from serenading nico earlier?? ,’;)) and percy and annabeth move over on the log so will and nico could sit down.,,,, and then will starts playing this which nico straightens up and gets excited bc its one of his recent favorite songs that he’s begged will to learn on the uke and first you see leo and grover sitting next to each other swaying to the music just laughing amongst themselves and nico is staring at will in awe because his voice is so beautiful and could calm all of nicos nerves in an instant! omfg imagine nico getting all worked up and is laying on his bed but will just lays next to him on his back and softly sings some old tune that causes nico to instantly cALM DOWN OK WAIT WILL SINGING NICO TO SLEEP. ANGELIC. anyways i think annabeth and percy would look at each other as will sings “but i’m weak, and whats wrong with that?” because they’ve loved each other through thick and thin, and they’ve accepted and learned to love each others flaws and ‘weaknesses’ and this is just a magical moment for percy because he’s looking at annabeth with the fire infront of them being their only source of light other than the moon and stars and the flicker of the flame that dances along annabeths face which makes her look heavenly and he tucks a piece of hair behind her ear before pulling her into a side hug and she nests her head on his shoulder as they sit there smiling at nico and will??? (percy is so glad to see nico happy because he’s seen nico at his lowest and always felt guilty for nico being sad ??? and now he feels relieved that he hadn’t cursed nico to eternal pain???) anyways frank and hazel are being all cute and frank has his hands intertwined with hazel’s and his thumb is thumping along to the beat on the back of her hand and he has the biggest goofiest smile on his face and hazels eyes are closed as she kisses the back of his hand and rests it on her leg and just sighs of happiness and frank stares at her with such intensity and with such awe like oh my god i’m so in love with this girl and she looks so happy and beautiful i cannot believe this is real and omfg leo and grover are still swaying like happy little idiots and will is starting the verse starting out with “no thank you, they call me after dark,” and once he finishes it and moves on to the next, nico gets so excited he starts to sing with will starting with “one sip, bad for me,” and will’s eyes widen as he continues to strum on the uke and sings along but he’s never heard nico sing before but nicos eyes are closed as he sings along rocking his head and will is just smiling at him and as the verse ends everyone is looking at nico in awe as he finally sings, “i should stay strong-” but he opens his eyes and jumps as everyones looking at him and he blushes so much but before he could say anything percy bangs his fists on his legs and goes “But i’m-!” and everyone instantly sings along with “weak, and whats wrong with that!!?” and nico hesitantly joins back in as will nudges him and will instantly continues strumming and nicos just smiling nervously as he sings along and everyones just singing (with the exception of leo, whos YELLING the lyrics out of key but it earns some hard laughter out of jason and piper) and everyones got huge smiles on their faces and leo takes a second to lay back and watch everyone smiling and singing and being truly happy and he never wants this moment to end but grover notices him stopping and gives him a concerned look but leo smiles and continues to YELL the lyric which causes a chuckle out of grover!!! sidenote wow i need more grover + leo they’d have an amazing friendship… anyways okay so jason would have his arm around piper and she’d pause singing to kiss his cheek and he’d just smile at her knowing this is the happiest moment of his life, being here, being happy, and having his friends surrounding him !:>.,,3,2,23k49rujg okay wow im so sad so then will eventually finishes the song and everyone starts to clap and cheer him on and he’s sitting there proudly smiling and nico just looks at him with such awe that he can’t control himself from gently grabbing wills face and giving him a big ol’ SMOOCH! which causes everyone to cheer even louder! a few whistles from leo and frank/jason are just laughing with glee and nico laughs mid kiss realizing what he just did and will laughs too pressing his forehead on nico’s wow i love them so much, can you tell? anyways yeah to end it off imagine an eagles-eye-view of the gang just sitting in the middle of the forest at a campfire and them laughing or roasting marshmellows or telling stories while the distant camp is sound asleep. all you hear is the crinkle of the fire and the laughter of the campers. ur welcome. i also apologize for how long this ended up wow im so sorry

A Day to Get Along

@azurathemagician I hope it’s alright to use your idea? I hope you read this. I’d be honored.

Not my idea, guys. :)

A/N: Inspired by @azurathemagician’s AU… (Is it an AU?) Or I guess roleplay. Diakko role reversal. I also tried switching the others up, not exactly changing everything, but giving them personalities kind of opposite from how they were, but not exactly… Sorry, it confuses me too. Enjoy?

~Shintori Khazumi


A Day To Get Along: Story Start


Once upon a time…

In the Old English Continent, there stood a building, a monument, a testament, A school built upon bloodshed, hard work and experience, teaching all the dreamers the wisdom in learning for the mind, and the heart to believe.

Truly a magical place, both figuratively and literally.

Here, legends would continue to grow and spread their wings out, sprinkling joy and hope, and magic to the world.

And even in the present, none of that would change.

It would still give the mind wisdom, and the heart a reason to keep believing.

Thus, in the year XXXXX, Luna Nova opened its gates once more to the new generation that would continue to bear its morals.

We peek into its life… beginning now.

In the everyday life in the Institution of Luna Nova, a daily happening on their part occurred. Oh, in the lives of the peaceful students, yes… on a day so graceful and cal-

“Get Back here!!! Stop right there!

Well… so much for that.

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Monster’s Daughter (Namjoon angst pt. 10) Finale

Summary: Your 4-year old daughter is a HUGE BTS fan. Unknown to her, Namjoon is her father.

Request?: No

Type: Angst/Fluff

Reader Name: Rose Lowe

~~  One  ~  Two  ~  Three  ~   Four  ~  Five  ~  Six  ~  Seven ~  Eight  ~  Nine  ~  Ten  ~~

This chapter is not in chronological order, not messy though.I debated SO LONG (obviously) about how to end this. After a certain point I felt I couldn’t post it unless it was PER-FECT. Finally I settled on this with maybe a few related drabbles for the ideas I didn’t get to include. Thank you to everyone who has read and supported Monster’s Daughter and I deeply apologize for the outrageous wait. Much Love


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The Maze Runner Imagine (Newt)

Request: Hey there! I have sort of a weird imagine request here, sorry XD now could you pretty please write about the reader being the only girl in the glade, arriving a bit after newt, but with a dog? A really cute one? And everyone mistrusts the dog (spot) And everyone but newt wants to banish spot? And the reader has a crush on newt and finds it really cute how protective he is over spot? And then ben attacks gally bc thomas isn’t there yet, and spot saves gallys life? Okay this sounds rlly weird

Note: I loved the idea of the imagine! I’m really sorry it took me some time to write it! But I hope you like it :) If you want me to include a few more ‘scenes’ with Newt just write me a message :)

“Help!” Desperately I banged against the metallic walls. “Someone help me!” 

Suddenly the lift, I guessed, I was trapped in stopped and the grid above my head was pulled open by a couple of hands. My eyes were confronted with bright sunlight causing me to fall to the floor. I heard whistles and laughter. 

“Oh god,” I mumbled into my slightly shaking hands which got removed from my burning face shortly after. “It’s a girl!” A boy’s voice reported. 

I risked a quick glance. He was tall, blond and generally pretty good looking. “What’s your name, love?” 

Sorely shocked I recognized I didn’t remember. “I-I don’t know.” 

“No worries. You’ll remember soon. I’m Newt by the way.” For the first time I actually got the courage to look up. “Where am I?” He reached out to grab my hand. 

Just as he was about to help me out of the lift, a dark skinned boy rose his voice. “What the shuck is this?” The gazes of the other boys followed his extended forefinger. We turned around as well. “Is this yours?” 

At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about but then I spotted the little, fluffy ball in the corner. An excited squeak escaped my mouth. “Spot! Buddy, come here.” The boys watched me with different expressions but most of them looked warily yet terrified. 

“What?” I asked slightly confused as I straightened myself with the puppy in my arms. Since no one made an attempt to answer, Newt went on to help me out of the box. 

My feet hadn’t even touched the grass properly as Spot wriggled out of my grasp and scampered away barking loudly. 

“Okay and now, would someone be kind enough to tell me what this place is?” “Sure,” Newt’s arm sneaked around my shoulder. “Welcome to the Glade.”

The “Glade” turned out to be a gigantic green area surrounded by four big walls made out of stone and vegetated with ivy. The “Maze” hid behind them. Newt forced me to promise him to never put a step further than the entrance. Not a single one. 

“The doors close every night,” he had rammed down my throat. “And believe me, you don’t want to be trapped behind them.” 

“Why?” I just had to ask. “Nobody’s ever survived a night in the Maze.” 

“What happened?” “We call them grievers,” a mysterious tone resonated in his voice. “They come out at night to comb through the maze.” 

“What are they searching for?” “I think that are enough questions for one day,” he shrugged me off. “But,” I tried to protest and get him to tell me more about the frightening creatures living behind these walls. 

“Gotta get back to work,” winking he turned around to limp back to the gardens. “Slinthead,” I muttered and noticed for the first time the Glader slang that crept unobtrusively into my vocabulary. 

Sighing I sat down and crossed my legs. It didn’t take long till Spot made himself comfortable on them. Starring up at the formidably walls I stroked his fluffy fur. “Oh, Spot. Where did we get ourselves into?” He grumbled. “I’m going to interpret this as an ‘I don’t know’.”


After some time I noticed two things. First, accepting the job as a med-jack was probably the best decision of my life. Second, the boys didn’t really seem to like Spot. They avoided him like poison except from Newt. He would try to protect him any time he could. I think it was pretty cute though. 

Whenever something happened, mainly bad things, the other Gladers always blamed Spot. 

Someone stole food from Frypan? It was Spot. 

The newest building crashed down? For sure Spot had his paws in the pie. 

Minho almost didn’t make it back before the walls closed? It was Spot’s fault. 

If they could just see how ridiculously they all acted. For shucks sake, he was a dog! Not a criminal. Unfortunately no one wanted to understand. 

“(Y/N)!” Gally’s voice pulled me away from my thoughts. 

“What?” I replied in the same volume. “My hammer’s missing!” 

“What do you want me to do about it?” I crossed my arms over my chest to show my annoyance. “Your stupid dog stole it. I’m sure.” 

For some simple reasons I economised myself a refutation. I didn’t want to instigate a fight again. So I elegantly turned on my heels and head off to the homestead, where my ‘stupid dog’ was currently sleeping in my separated room. 

Halfway through the Glade Newt crossed my path. “How’s it going, love?” He asked. A cheeky smile forming on his reddish face. 

“Good besides the fact that everybody wants to see Spot in the slammer because of things he wouldn’t even been able to do.” “Like?” 

“Stealing Gally’s shucking hammer.” “That shank. He left it at the west doors,” chuckling the blond boy shook his head but as soon as he noticed I didn’t join him, he stopped, slung his arm around my waist and buried his face in my hair. “Oh, (Y/N). Take it easy. Sooner or later they’ll all realize how idiotically they act.” 

“Yeah,” I nodded desultory. 

“It just takes time. Don’t be down in the mouth!” 

“You know, you could easily work as a motivational coach.” My peck on his lips made his cheeks light up even more. “But seriously, thanks Newt.” 

“Always at your service, love,” he suggested a bow and kissed the back of my hand.


And he was right. As days and weeks crawled on, more and more Gladers dared to take a closer look at Spot. Among them Jeff and Clint. My two med-jack colleagues actually appreciated the company of the puppy since the hut was empty most of the time. Zart also found a proper job for him. Weeding. Only Gally’s been a thorn in my side. But not for much longer. 

It was one of these days where the sun shined relentlessly at our already smoking heads. Everybody minded their own business. Nothing suspicious. Well, apart from the fact that Ben hadn’t shown up to work today. He was nowhere to be found. Until now. 

Aggressively steps and cracking branches caught my attention. The Gladers in close vicinity to the forest interrupted their doings to watch. A person broke out of the thicket. Ben! 

Gally let his recovered hammer slid to the ground. “Ben! Where have you been, man?” His friend didn’t answer. 

“Something is wrong,” I thought worriedly. My mouth was open, ready to scream but no sound escaped my throat. Instead I stood at the entrance of the med-jacks hut, Spot beside me, unable to move. 

“You heard…” The keeper of the builders was cut off by a bloodcurdling scream. Ben swooped down on him, dragging him to the ground. Immediately the whole Glade awoke from its rigidity and lunged towards them. Spot and I included. 

Alby and Newt were the first ones to arrive at the two combatants. Each one of them grabbed an arm of Ben to try and get him off of the boy but he was to strong. 

Even from this distance I could tell that he had been stung by a griever and I could also tell that Gally was about to lose. Ben tightened the grip around the builder’s neck and kept squeezing. 

“Ben! No!” Newt groaned as he tugged with all of his strength. 

“Spot,” I let out a short whistle. His eyes shot up at me. “Go. Come on, buddy. Save that stupid shuck-face’ life.” As fast as his little legs could carry him, he hopped across the lawn to hurry to Gally’s rescue. A few boys jumped out of the way. 

I doubled the speed. Why didn’t I become a runner? Oh right because nobody wanted to be alone with my ‘killer machine’. The ‘killer machine’ who was about to save a life right now. 

“Spot! Bite him!” I cried while desperately trying to catch my breath. Maybe that was a reason too why I was a med-jack and not a runner. Anyway I was drifting off topic. 

Against all expectations my little puppy succeeded to gain Ben’s attention by barking at him. Alby and Newt jumped at the chance and pinned him to the ground. Other Gladers helped them. To really make sure that Ben was incapacitated, Spot bit his right leg. 

While they carried the stung boy away I called my dog back and kneeled next to Gally. “Are you alright?” 

He based himself on his elbows. “Yes. Shocked but okay.” 

“Well, looks like my stupid dog saved your life,” triumphantly I stroked Spot’s head. “I uhm…” 

“Don’t you think it’s time for an apology?” 

He sighed devotedly. “I’m sorry for all the times I called him stupid or whatever. You’re satisfied now?” 

“Ask him,” smiling I shoved Spot forward. 

He repeated his question and earned a little bark and a wet ‘kiss’. “Eww,” groaning Gally whipped his cheek dry again. 

“He likes you. Maybe you’ll get best friends now.” 

“No, thanks. I still can’t stand him.”

Short 3


Today was girl’s day out and that also meant it was time for our weekly gossip session. Our choice of venue today was the D’lor Salon and Spa, our favorite in the city. Now when it comes to beauty, I’m always down to try anything, but my so called best friends weren’t as daring. Still, I somehow managed to convince them to try the new mud bath service the spa was offering. I mean, it’s good for your skin and it’s half off. Why not jump in?

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fishneutral  asked:

Prompt! Continuation of the Richard ficlet: Richard questioning/talking to Jim about the exact nature of his relationship with Sebastian.

(continuation on this)

Eventually the storm ended, the way Richard knew it would. Jim had a way of making these things go away without a hitch, no trace left, no worries needed. It was a bit like jumping into a canyon blind, expecting Jim to catch him - but so far Jim had never let him fall. 

Although occasionally he did get bounced on the metaphorical rocks.

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My dork

Ok so I got bored and kinda wrote a smut, let me know what you think.
Finally, I had a day to myself. My parents were away, my brother was staying at a friends house and I had the whole day to lay around, eat food and watch all the batman movies in a row.

I stayed in bed for most of the morning but once it got around 12 o'clock, I was starving so I decided to get up and go into the kitchen for some breakfast. Just as I finished cooking the bacon, I heard a knock at the door, sighing, I went to go and see who it was. It was probably the post man or something so I didn’t really that I was only wearing running shorts and a baggy band shirt.

Who ever was at the door had no patience and once I got to the door I saw that it wasn’t the post man, it was Michael. My brothers best friend and has been for the past ten years. I don’t even know how they are friends. Michael likes punk rock and metal bands, mainly the same bands as me but my brother, he is more into indie rock and hates anything that is remotely heavy. Michael was the definition of my type. He had tattoos, piercings and always dyed his hair. He wore ripped skinny jeans and band tees. We had so much in common, except I had a major crush on him, and my crush I mean I wanted him to bang me against a wall until I was screaming his name and begging for more, but that could never happen cause I was just his friends little sister.

Michael continued to bang on the door until I could build up the courage to answer it and see what he wanted. He probably just wanted a spare Xbox controller, god he is so hot, the things I would let him do to me…….

“(y/n) I know you’re home, I can see you. Please just answer the door.” Michael breathed, shit he saw me. There is no getting out of this now, I will just tell him Luke is not here and that he can find him in Calum’s house. Ok, that’s not that hard.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door. “Luke isn’t home he’s at…..”
“Calum’s, I know” Michael interrupted, he had his arm rested on the top of the door frame and his biceps looked amazing, I bet they would look amazing pining me to the wall while he pounded into me. Focus ( y/n)

“o..oh, ok.” I stuttered “what do you need?”

“can I come in?) he asked, suddenly straighten up.

"sure” I stepped back and let him brush past me, god he smelt good.

“god (y/n) you look so hot, I love it when you wear baggy t shirts. It makes me wonder what you could be hiding underneath. Do you know how hard it is to contain myself?” he had backed me up against the wall, he’s lips were so close to mine. I was getting so flustered with what he was saying to me. He is just so fucking hot and I had been dreaming about sucking his dick for way too long.
“I touch myself everyday and imagine its you. I see the way you look at me, I know you want me too, but just say the word and I will leave, say you don’t want me and we will never have to talk about this again. But tell me you want me and I will pound you so fucking hard against this wall you will be begging for more. Your choice babe.” he held eye contact the whole time, he was saying everything I ever wanted him to say, he had me so hot and bothered but it was my turn to work him up a bit.

“Michael” I moaned “I want you so bad, I want you to take me hard and fast, right here, right now.” I began to palm him through his jeans. He trough his head back in pleasure, so I decided to continue. “every time I see you I have to stop myself from jumping on you and fucking you like I know you want it. I have dreamed of what your tongue could do to me, I bet it works wonders. When I touch myself I think about how it would feel to have your cock so far down my throat that I gag. I want you so bad Michael, I need you.” I smirked as I slipped my hand into his boxers. Michael growled and grabbed my hand and pinned above my head. I squealed with excitement, a wave of heat ran straight through my body.

Finally, Michael closed the gap between us and attached his lips to mine in a hot and rushed kiss.his hands were running all over my body, he grabbed my boobs making me jump. “I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good” he moaned under his breath as he began to trail kisses down my neck.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I stared to grind my hips against his. I knew he couldn’t wait either as he dropped to his knees and ripped off my shorts and underwear. “you’re so perfect babe.” he breathed.

“Michael, please” I begged as I threaded my fingers into his hair. A cocky smirk found its way across his face as he lifted my legs to rest on his shoulders and pushed me against the wall for support.

“since you asked so nicely” he winked and wasted no time in diving in. Michael was licking and sucking relentlessly and I was in pure bliss. I couldn’t stay still, I was squirming against the wall and gripping his hair so tight I was sure it would fall out.

“oh my…gOD MICHAEL!” I squealed as he he began to pump his fingers into me as well “I’m gonna cum, oh my god I’m gonna cum” I screamed and this just spurred Michael on. He sped up his fingers and sucked one long hard suck on my clit and I lost it, i screamed as I came all over Michael’s fingers. He gently placed me back onto my feet and came up to kiss me once again.

“I told you I would make you scream.” he winked and I wasted no time in unbuttoning and slipping off his jeans and boxers.

“let’s see if you can do it again” I challenged. Michael chuckled as I pulled off his shirt and jumped and wrapped my legs around him.

“fuck” he breathed as I grabbed his rock hard cock and placed it at my entrance. Michael pushed his whole length into me and immediately started pounding into me hard and fast,the way he said he would.

I moaned and ran my nails down his toned back. “ oh my god michael!” I couldn’t help my scream, he was fucking me so hard. Michael moved one of his hands to rub circles on my clit. He really knew what he was doing.

“fuck..(y/n) I’m so close…shIT…fuck…UGH” Michael groaned as he dropped his head to the crook of my neck and began to suck hickeys there.

“me too, mikey, cum with me babe, cum so hard for me” I began to roll my hips against his in the search of more friction to get him to cum with me. We were both moaning as Michael picked up his pace. His thrusts became sloppy as we both fell over the edge and came hard. I couldn’t help but scram as I dragged my nails down his back, defiantly leaving a mark.

Michael began to chuckle as he trailed feather light kisses down my neck and in between my breast where he let his head rest before looking up at me and grinning so wide.

“I have wanted to do that for so long” he breathed

“me too, maybe we could do it again, like a friends with benefits type deal?” I suggested.

“as amazing as that sounds, I was thinking more of a boyfriend girlfriend type deal.”

“you’re a dork.” I giggled.

“but am I your dork?” he questioned with an adorable grin on his face.

“you’re my dork.” I laughed as he came up from my chest to kiss me.