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Page 2 of 2 of the mini comic covering how Oracle!Prompto survives chapter 9 of the story. I know I said 3 pages at first but it’s too much for my poor back and will to handle, haha.

So yeah, Noct still goes super badass and stuff while Luna brings Prompto back to safety. Yay!

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Reaction: s/o blasts f(x) music while singing/screaming in the shower. If a member is in the bathroom as well, s/o can be seen doing the choreo

sorry for the inactivity, i just kinda lost my mind because of all the things that happened this week :P

f(x) reacting to: their s/o jamming to f(x)s music in the bathroom

Krystal: Secretly records you dancing to “Cash Me Out” in a towel. Loves to ruin your image, so this devil shows it to all the members.

“Don’t give me that look! It’s hilariously cute, of course I had to show it.”

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Victoria: Just wanted to quickly change the towels in your bathroom but was creeped out by the high note you absolutely did not hit. So she just kind off sneaks past the room, failing to hold her laughter.

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Luna: Runs into you when she was originally going to put off her make-up. Was kinda surprised that you could remember the choreography of “La cha ta” that well and joins your little concert (completely forgetting the reason why she was actually in the bathroom)

“The nostalgia…” *probably bursts out in tears*

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Amber: Probably laughs at you at first but soon realizes: “Damn, (Y/N) has actually a pretty good voice..” and hides behind the door to proceed listening to your singing, just to get caught by you. thatlittlepieceofcrap

“Jagiya, I’m in love with your voice, seriously.”

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Headcanon on ages

So I don’t agree with the ages of the guys at all. I mean I know Gladio and Ignis had a lot of shit going on but stress can’t age you that much. 22? They look closer to late 20′s, early 30′s. Plus all the responsibility they had at such a young age didn’t really make sense to me.

Then I thought what if a year is longer on Eos than here? Then they’d be their canon ages but they’d be the age they actually look, at least to me anyway.

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when u think ffxv is gonna be a fun road trip but its actually a car ride directly to HELL

Everything I want for FFXV is an alternate ending like in Type-0 in which nothing hurts and everyone is alive and happy.
I’m thinking of a reseted timeline where no daemons roam the outside, no wall was built, Niflheim didn’t fuck everything up and no one remembers all the bad things (except maybe Luna and Noct, bc someone has to).
Starting with the broken down car, the chocobros get to Hammerhead, the Regalia gets fixed, they continue driving, get to the chocobo farm, find the black chick egg, find some tags, meet fishing dad, catch the devil of the cygillan, meet Dino, meet the cat, get over to Altissia and meet Luna, the princess of Tenebrae, without problems. Ignis is best man, Prompto takes the wedding photos, Gladio and Cor do security stuff, Iris is flower girl, Talcott is ring bearer bc cute little boys are always ring bearer, Cid and Cindy attend the wedding bc why not???
After the wedding there’s a big party and Prompto runs around taking photos of everything, which includes Aranea drinking Gladio down the table. Sneaky kisses between bride and groom. Iris arm wrestling Cor. The chef from Galdin Quay preparing fish from Navyth aka. fishing dad. Ignis coming up with recipes. IGNIS FINDING OUT THE RECIPE TO THE SWEETS NOCTIS WANTED. Did I mention Iris arm wrestling Cor? The chocobo chick that hatched and also got an invitation bc it’s the chocobro #5. Cid holding the chick. Gentiana. Random Gods appearing out of nowhere bc fuck realism. Selfies. A LOT of selfies with Cidney. Ummmmm. Selfies with Luna and Pryna. Pryna and Umbra. Happy people. People who are alive.
I just want an ideal ending with no dead people.

Finished reading AC with James tonight. He and I managed to get through halfway through the book, and also got some cool dictionary app on my tablet to help read some words we didn’t know.

We noticed that the target characters for Ezio throughout the book are pretty…forgettable. It’s really sad honestly. But I guess it can’t be helped? They are meant to die and such.

But the pkot thickens, the brotp of Ezio and Leo is strong and we both enjoy them being great friends.


Because apparently Ezio’s super straight? But they’re still great friends and Leonardo is the bestest of friends, wishing Ezio peace and quiet in his vendetta.

But there’s a bigger master than the Spaniard, and having not played the games we can only wonder who it is. Especially since they’re likely hiding in Rome.

James: It’s still pretty fun reading it!

Yeah! Definitely. Thinking of after this, maybe we’ll move on to Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Or maybe Harry Potter?

James: We’ll see! We’re nearly done anyway!

Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Okay these are all the ones I could find except Luna Wolf Part 2 I have no idea where that is! Sorry! And guys I know all of these are on a different blog its still me but its just my side blog. Masterlists take literally forEVER to make so I just copy and pasted! Haha lol


i love luna’s design a lot and i’m probably going to geek out about it later

until then, here is me learning to appreciate how perfectly she fits to a single line of motion [feat. asher’s cat]


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-03: favorite character hobbies

( Willow Moore’s )

I think I need to rewrite my eulogy: What a sheltered little creature, that Willow Moore, who only understands life through the lens of good television, books, and classic coming-of-age movies.

Headcanon 03: [ Child Abuse]


After Tenebre fell, Titus tried to kill Ravus but was stopped by Ardyn. Ravus was smacked around good when he tried to protect his little sister. Ardyn saw Ravus as a person he can manipulate. So he urged him to get stronger by joining the military. He tells that way he can protect Luna. They both sadly were left in Titus’s care but he had strict orders not to kill them, set by Ardyn. But that didn’t stop him from beating them.

Ravus gotten older, stronger and ended up raising higher than Titus and ended up giving Luna a better and safer living arrangement. The process made Ravus cold hard and distant. He lost his compassion for most things except for Luna. 

howdy, partners ! introducing a brand new harry potter next gen rp into the tags. all the canons are open except for lily luna, so why don’t you come give us a look ? the age old conflict of blood purity has tainted the hallways of hogwarts. another war is brewing, and the wild youth are at the heart of the conflict. something – or someone – is coming, and maybe this time they cannot be stopped. check out our most wanted !