except for his arms

junkrat’s arm has a portable mp3 player, a lighter, a radio, a waterskin, one of those corkscrew/swiss army knife/etc utility things, and his whole arm is rigged like furiosas car except it explodes if anyone else takes it off off of him.

Keith and Lance are so similar and they don’t even know it.

From the way they sit (with their legs spread out lool)

To their facial expressions

To what they do on their free time (swimming lol)

(And also wanting to be fighter pilots at the Garrison??)

To what they wear (their swimsuits are so similar!!)

(And this is probably a long shot but white collar, white hoodie, similar random yellow stripe on their clothing except Lance’s is just a bit darker and on his arm?)

To their hair, look at their bean sprouts LOOL

To the way that they look at each other (kinda like “What the hell is going on in his head?”)

And bonus, those cute smiles that they give each other sometimes

Tutor Me? ReggiexReader! Part 1

Hey guys, so here is part 1 of my mini fic. So this part is probably pretty boring, but I wanted to just kinda set the story up! Pleaaaaase leave feedback in my ask and let me know if you want part 2 or if this part is just too shit. Thanks darls. 




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(gif isn’t mine!)

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I hope we get a Voltron day dream episode and in Keith’s dream scenario we get to revisit the bonding moment with Keith cradling Lance in his arms except you can hear Lance quietly whisper to Keith something like “baby, you’re my forever boy,” but is this actually what happened during the bonding moment? or is this just a day dream of Keith’s? perhaps both are the truth

Langst/Klangst Prompt

Okay so the team go on this mission, just a rescue mission, because they received a distress signal that morning. It turns out to be a trap, and Haggar is there and casts a spell on Lance. He has no idea what happened because he seemed okay. But it was really weird because right after she cast the spell she flew away from them and the planet. They go back and conclude that Lance is okay, and they go to bed. The next day Lance sees a small bruise on his leg and figures “hey it’s probably just from the battle yesterday” except it wasn’t. The next day he has a bruise on his arm. Then a deep scratch down his chest. Then strangle marks on his neck and so forth. Part of the spell is that the healing pod doesn’t work on him, because, well, magic. Everyday a new injury appears worse than the last, the team realize quick that they have to stop the spell before it kills him. So imagine Lance suffocating, and curling up in disgust with each new scar he gets. Imagine Lance not wanting to go to sleep because he is afraid of the new injury he gets with each new day. Imagine the bonding moments between Keith and Lance…..MmMMmmm Has this been done yet?? Probably???

Endgame part 1 - Jughead x Reader

A/N: I had this idea from listening to so many songs and just mashing them together, so this series is like an All Time Low, Drunk and Happier mash up, hope y’all enjoy!

Warnings: Drinking, Angst, Fights

Word count: 1631

You and Jughead had been best friends since the moment you first started Riverdale. You just clicked, no one in your little group of friends could believe how close you both were, seeing as Jughead seemed to hate everything, but whenever you were around his smirk turned into a smile and his heart would go a million beats a second.

You knew you loved him, Ronnie knew too, after all you two lived together and you couldn’t really live with her without her knowing, you had held it in for too long and decided you wanted at least one person you knew to know your feelings for the infamous Jughead Jones.

Ronnie ended up telling Betty and they both shipped you guys, hard. They would always find ways to either leave you two alone together or have you two be close to each other when everyone hung out in a group.

You were sure Ronnie had heard you sneak Jughead through the window one night, but that was completely platonic, he needed somewhere quiet to write his novel, Archie house (Where Jughead lived) had Archie and Val composing songs in the ‘Soundproof’ garage, Pops was full of the other jocks celebrating getting into some finals thing, but Jughead knew your room would be quiet.

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Andrew’s and Neil’s heights have never been more than a small inconvenience. 

That is, until they move in together.

  • King the cat gets scared because of a package being delivered into the house and ends up jumping up on a rafter stretching across the ceiling.
  • Which King then can’t get down from.
  • Neil and Andrew obviously can’t reach a rafter and can’t seem to coax him to jump into their arms.
  • They try for what feels like an endless hour standing on chairs and couches and boxes and step stools attempting to convince King to jump into the box they are holding.
  • Just please take a moment to imagine two very short boys holding up random flat surfaced items and still not even being close to reaching the cat.

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Giving Jughead the silent treatment

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sheyda  asked:

How about bts react to you getting upset because they were around other girls ?

I hate to admit it but I’m a pretty jealous girl myself. 

BTS: Reaction to you getting jealous 

♥Jin: At first he was confused. Girls? But as you started to describe what you saw after 3 minutes of yelling gibberish, he started to get defensive. Those girls were nothing to him except work. He frowned at you and crossed his arms.

“Babe do you not trust me?” He scoffed in disbelief when you looked away, ashamed. “What kind of guy do you take me for?”

♥Yoongi: He scrunched his nose and tried to cover his ears without making it obvious. He hated your yelling. He didn’t like being in trouble, especially for something he couldn’t help. 

”I didn’t want to be around them… Baby, it’s for work… Aish…” he’d shut you up with a kiss and a quick squeeze on the ass. “Yeah yeah stop your yelling.” He tried to get out of it, and as always, you were buying it. “I love you, let’s go lay down…”

♥Namjoon: He was very understanding when it came to you getting upset over certain things. So when you explained things, you weren’t so mad at him since he was so calm. But this time he made a mistake by telling you that you were overreacting. You raised your voice and he instantly thought of a way to calm you down.

He grabbed onto your hips and pulled you closer, rubbing them gently and slowly getting you to sit on his lap. He smiled and fixed your hair, noticing how your voice got calm once again.

 “It was just a party with my friends… Baby girl are you mad at me? How cute…”

♥Hoseok: He wouldn’t be able to stop his smiling. He knew how much you loved him and he felt the exact same way. “Are you jealous?” He bit his lip gently and watched your facial expressions. You went from angry to embarrassed and unsure. 

“That’s not the point.” You defended yourself.

“Ohh I think it is.” He stared at you with dangerous eyes and a small but noticeable lip bite. “How about I make it up to you yeah?”

♥Jimin: He’d pout because he doesn’t like being scolded, especially by you. He hated thinking that he made you upset.

“Those girls? They’re our stylists baby…” He played with your hands and stared at them intently. He wanted to get your mind off those girls, so he started to speak to make you flustered. “I think it’s getting to be a great time to get married huh? What size ring do you wear?” 

His words caught you so off guard that you started to cry and kiss him repeatedly until you both fell onto the floor.

♥Taehyung: He would try to get out of trouble with compliments. He knew how easily flustered you would get. “You know you’re cute when you’re mad… Your cheeks turn red and your pretty eyes get big… Did I mention your eyes are my favorite color?”

“They’re just (e/c)…” You mumbled while covering your red cheeks and fidgeting.

“They’re part of you though.”

♥Jungkook: He’d listen to your scolding with a cocky smile the whole time. He leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and legs widely spread to show off his stuff in those tight ass jeans.

“Jeon wipe that cocky ass smirk off your face right now.”

“Why? It seems to get you all hot and bothered when I make this face.” He patted his lap. “Come, I’ll fix that for you baby.”  

Shampoo and Sentiment

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1200

Warnings: Swearing, vague mentions of injuries

A/N: @bucky-plums-barnes Fluffy Friday got me. Yes it was my comment, yes I have no shame, someone said write, and i said, ok.

Hearing the door open, you peeked your head around the corner.  You aren’t expecting your husband back for a few more days; nonetheless, Bucky walks gingerly through the door to your apartment, setting his bag down with a groan, suppressed with gritted teeth.
“Bucky!” you exclaim, rushing over to him. You help him shrug of the jacket, slowly, painfully.  Gently you run your hands over his arms and chest, not believing that he was actually back. The mission had cut your honeymoon short, but none of that mattered now that he was here.  He pulled you into a tight hug and you rub your hands up and down his back.  They pause as you feel the bandages on his ribs.  

“What happened?” you whisper into his broad chest.

“Hydra agent came from behind, with a tire iron of all things. Just a few cracked ribs; nothing that won’t heal in a couple days,” he said so nonchalantly, you almost believed him. Yet, you hold him just a little bit tighter, as if your embrace could keep him with you forever.

“You hungry?” you ask.

“Yea, but a shower sounds better. Get this dirt and grime off of me,” he responds, with a kiss to the top of your head.  So, you grab his hand, leading him to the bathroom.  You turn on the spray, adjusting the temperature, before parking yourself on the toilet, as he slowly pulls his clothes off.  A hiss of pain escapes through his teeth as he peels his shirt over his head; which causes you to jump up from your seat to try to help. You take in his body, covered in cuts, scrapes, and bruises, most of which will be healed by the time the sun rises in the morning.  A few, namely the black and purple splotches over the ribs on his right side, will take more than a few hours to knit back together.  As he arranges his towel and clothes, you can’t help but reach out, gently caressing the bruises marring his body, as if your touch could magically heal them. Unfortunately that isn’t your super-power, so you settle for pressing soft kisses to his chest and back, before he captures you lips in a fervent, promising kiss.  As he steps into the shower, you retake your seat, as you strike up a shallow conversation, about menial things.  Soon you were both laughing about a mishap that occurred when you tried to help Vision in the kitchen.

“Fuck!” you hear him exclaim in frustration.

Jumping up, you quickly ask what’s wrong.

“Damn ribs, I can’t raise my arms high enough to wash my hair.  Without thinking, you quickly stripped off your clothes and stepped into the shower. Bucky turns to you with a look of confusion, before you guide him to the wide ledge that runs the length of the shower.  “Here. Sit.  Let me help,” you say softly.

He allows you to guide him down; another groan of pain works its way through his lips. He rests his hands on your hips, his thumbs rubbing over your skin, as if to remind him that he is truly home.  You turn, not leaving his reach, to adjust the water, and remove the showerhead. “Look up and close your eyes,” you instruct.

He only followed one of those, however and locked eyes with you, piercing you with a gaze that was so filled with love and adoration, that you couldn’t help bending down to meet his lips, pouring all of your pent up emotions into the kiss.

Straightening up, you run the water over his hair, wetting it, before returning the showerhead to its rightful place. You grab the shampoo, pouring a liberal amount into your hands before they find their way back into his hair, working it into a lather.  At the feel of your fingers and nails on his scalp, Bucky finally allows his eyes to flutter close at the feeling.  You work your hands through the knots and dirt before rinsing and applying conditioner. He rests his forehead on your stomach, as you run your fingers through his long, soft hair.  Lightly scratching his scalp, you can slowly feel him begin to relax and press feather-light kisses to your stomach.  Looking down you see his eyes are still closed, the worry lines that too-often surround them have eased somewhat.

“I love you,” he whispers into your skin, and your heart soars, as blush rises to your cheeks.  

“I love you too, babe,” you return, continuing your ministrations to his hair.  

You rinse the conditioner, and help him clean the rest of his body, before you both step out of the shower to dry.  Fatigue has overwhelmed Bucky, and he’s nearly asleep on his feet, so you guide him into bed before lying next to him, wrapped in his arms like a security blanket.  You feel his breathing even out as he slips easily into sleep, with you following soon behind.


The next mission he returned from was a similar situation, except this time, it was his left arm.  Nothing painful or permanent, but Tony was actually asleep, for once, at 10PM, so Bucky decided to wait until morning to get it fixed.  But with his arm malfunctioning, he, once again, couldn’t wash his hair, so you helped.  And you didn’t mind it; not one bit.  For you it was a wonderful way to reconnect to your husband after days apart. Never in a million years would you have thought that it meant as much to him, as it did to you.


It became a ritual, whenever he returned from a mission, injured or not, you always joined him in the shower to wash his hair. You love the way it feels running through your fingers.  And the goose bumps that he raises as he mumbles tokens of love into your stomach?  Yea, you love those too.


You don’t go out on mission often, having ‘retired’, but when you’re needed, you will never refuse, as you know Steve and Fury wouldn’t ask unless it was important.  They respected your decision to step away from Avenging, to try to lead a semi normal life with your husband, the super-soldier.

You return from the mission, tired and bruised, but over all no worse for wear.  Dropping your bags to the floor, you are startled by Bucky sitting at the counter, still in his combat gear.

Approaching him, he pulls you into a tight hug, one you reciprocate, feeling the stress of the mission melt away as you sink into his strong embrace.  As you pull away from him you ask, “Why are you still in your gear? I thought you got home hours ago.”

You see a slight blush rise to his cheeks, as he dips his head and runs his fingers through his hair. “I..um…didn’t want to shower without you.  It means a lot to me after a mission,” he almost whispers the last part.

Your eyes widen at his confession, mouth parted in surprise, before it turns into a wide smile, “They mean a lot to me too, I feel like we reconnect in there after you’ve been away.”

A weary, but genuine smile makes its way to his face as he laces his fingers with yours; gently pulling you back into his waiting arms.



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His Smile

Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 448

Warnings: literally rot your teeth fluff 

A/N: This was a quick something I wrote up, it came from a discussion I was having last night with @bringmesomepie56….I hope you guys enjoy this :) 

A/N-2: It’s kinda told from the reader’s perspective…you can take it anyway you want…this is just how it ended up being lol 

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Nothing can truly describe what it feels like to watch Dean Winchester smile. I can get close in explaining but words don’t mean anything until you’ve actually experienced it.

His smile, the smile that reaches the edges of his eyes, the one that’s genuine, that smile I could talk about forever. It’s the purest smile you’ve ever seen, melting away any depression or doubt that crosses your mind. When he walks into the room with that beautiful smile showing, I know that today is going to be a good day. His smile brightens up my life in ways he’ll never know.

On days when I think this life we live isn’t going to get any better and I slowly pad out to the living room in nothing but my pajamas, he gives me that gorgeous smile of his and tells me how beautiful I look as he slowly sits me down into his lap. Nothing warms my heart more that being wrapped in his arms except for his smile. That simple glimpse sends a wave of comfort coursing throughout my body before I even enter his arms.

When I try to tell him how much his smile means to me, he tries to tell me that my smile does the same for him. In all honesty I’m not so sure, I could be wrong but when I smile when he’s feeling down and he gives me one of those tight smiles in return. That’s when I know he doesn’t fully understand just how much his smile and my smile have a different meaning towards each other.

When I hear him laugh from somewhere in the bunker, I can just imagine the smile on his face. It warms my whole body to know that in this moment he’s happy and carefree; being what he should always be. Usually I try to find the source of his laughter just so I can watch him smile and laugh along with his brother over a show or over something Sam had said.

Dean Winchester’s smile is simply unadulterated joy with little to no idea of the effects it has on the people around him. I’ve seen Sam smile on numerous occasions just by seeing Dean’s smile, even when there was a frown on his face beforehand. His smile reaches deep within your soul and touches the darker regions, igniting them instantly.

I promise you, there is nothing like seeing his smile. I get to see it more than others but even then, it’s rare. If only you could too, you’d then understand how unquestionably hard it was to describe with words.     

I hear him laughing now….I’m sorry but I gotta go.

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After Evan “falls” from the tree he is found by two boys, one who’s obsessed with everything 90s and one who’s plan to be popular nearly caused a computer based apocalypse. They kind of freak out at first, I mean who wouldn’t they just saw a kid fall out of a tree and probably die right in front of them, but end up calling an ambulance to take Evan to the hospital (Michael nearly gets into a fist fight with one of the paramedics in order to allow both him and Jeremy to ride with them to the hospital). Evan ends up with a concussion, some serious bruising, and a broken arm.
The boys don’t leave his side except to get some snacks, and even then only one of them would leave the room at a time. They insist on chatting with Evan, who’s a bit overwhelmed honestly, but they don’t seem to mind his one word answers or even his slightly longer stuttered responses so he goes along with it. Long after Evan is officially released the boys are still sitting together and talking about anything from video games to books to school to parents, as they wait for Evan’s mom and Jeremy’s dad to show up. Once both parents arrive (and they do wait for both to make an appearance because none of them wanted to leave each other so quickly) Michael and Jeremy insist on not only giving Evan both their phone numbers but also on signing his cast. They sign the inside portion of his cast, Michael in big swoopy letters and Jeremy with his chicken scratch hand writing, because Michael states (in an over exaggerated tone) that the inner portion is obviously the best place to sign because it’s closer to the heart. Jeremy tells him that’s really gay but he signs the cast with a smile on his face.
About two days after Evan gets home he finally pushes down his anxiety enough to shoot off a simple ‘hi’ to one of the boys. Almost immediately afterwards they set up a group chat and start blowing up Evan’s phone with corny jokes and puns, and Evan can’t stop smiling. Even though Evan usually doesn’t participate much in the group chat, Michael and Jeremy don’t care, they relish in every small sentence (“HE’S ACTUALLY SAYING MORE THAN TWO WORDS JEREMY!”) that they receive from Evan. They become the best of friends over the rest of the summer and even meet up once or twice at at a little park almost right between their two towns. Michael starts talking about his insecurities, Jeremy opens up about what had happened his previous year (changing up the story a bit to exclude the SQUIP), and Evan even tells them about the letters he’s supposed to be writing for his therapist (they had found out about Evan’s severe anxiety after they had to coach him through a panic attack during one of their visits to the park).
And then school comes around, but Evan’s a little less stressed because now he has Michael and Jeremy, and everything is set in motion. Even still gets teased by Jared (“What are you, an acorn?”), and still gets pushed by Connor (“What are you laughing at?!”), and still talks with Zoe (“You apologize a lot.”), and still gets his letter stolen (“Is this yours?”). But this time he doesn’t call Jared. Instead he calls Michael or Jeremy or maybe both because they’re always together nowadays. And Evan is freaking out because Connor has taken his letter, his letter that’s for his appointment, his letter that’s full of material for Connor (though he doesn’t think Connor would, he’s not sure why he just doesn’t) or someone else to make fun of him with. He had talked about that morning, about Connor (vaguely of course but it was still there). And he had written about, not Zoe, but Michael and Jeremy and how they were his only real friends. And isn’t that just pathetic. And he’s spilling all of this to these boys he just met a month or so ago. And he thinks he might be crying he’s not sure. But he’s definitely having trouble breathing and Michael and Jeremy are doing their best to calm him down (“Evan, just breathe, you’re gonna be fine.” “Take it slow, just take your time.”) but it’s kind of difficult to do over the phone. Eventually they calm him down and are able to get the full story out of him, or the important bits anyway because Evan is speaking so fast they’re wondering if he’s even breathing at all. They all brainstorm ideas on how to get the letter back (“Maybe you can seduce him with your tree knowledge.” “MICHAEL NO.”) and eventually they come with what they think is a full proof plan.
1. Maybe they tell Evan to go to the Murphy’s and talk to Connor. So he goes and he’s honestly terrified, not entirely because of Connor but also because Zoe is going to be there and also their parents and what if they think he’s weird or crazy and they don’t let him in and he can’t get the letter and he can’t take it to his appointment and he can’t he can’t he can’t- But he goes anyway. And stands out on the sidewalk for a solid ten minutes. He finally builds up the courage to knock on the door and someone answers (maybe Zoe or Mrs.Murphy) but they let him inside and tell him where Connor’s room is and then there’s another door he has to knock on. So he does and Connor opens it with the scariest (or maybe the saddest) look that Evan has ever seen. But he’s on a mission so he stutters out his request which might sound like gibberish but Connor seems to get the gist of it because he’s glaring at Evan like he was in the library, and Evan’s kind of scared again. Connor only speaks one word (“Why?!”) but it has Evan flinching all the same and stuttering even more, but he manages to get his answer out. But once he starts, he can’t stop and suddenly he’s spilling out everything; how bad his anxiety is, how nerve wracking his appointments are, how horrible school is, and how absolutely terrible his life is. And by the time he’s realized what he’s saying, Connor’s glare has lessened and he’s got this strange look on his face (pity?). But he doesn’t say anything, he just sighs and goes to get Evan’s letter. He expects Evan to just leave afterwards and honestly so does Evan. But he doesn’t. Instead he stays, standing in the doorway for a moment, before cautiously walking inside. He manages to push out a question (“Are you okay?”), his voice quiet but steady for once in his life. He’s not really sure why, though. Maybe he had seen something in the dark, blank room that resonated with him. Or maybe it was that look on Connor’s face, the look that, for once, wasn’t an angry one. But it didn’t matter. Because the look vanished in an instant, morphing into something even more vulnerable the second the question was asked. And maybe Connor saw something in Evan as well, something that made him trust the anxious boy, because then he was just talking. They talked for what seemed like hours but was probably only thirty minutes, before Evan had to go home. Connor scribbles down his phone number on a post-it note, or maybe Evan’s cast, and they part ways. Evan sees Connor at school the next day, and even the next, and they keep talking. And maybe he introduces him to Jeremy and Michael, and now Connor has a total of three (THREE?!) friends. They add Connor to the group chat, and sometimes they’ll even drag him to the park(or the apple orchard that he talked about sometimes). The more they hang out the more they start to trust each other and start opening up. Connor tells them about how he sometimes wants to die, Evan tells them the truth about the tree, and Michael and Jeremy even talk about the SQUIP. And they’re happy. But of course it doesn’t cure Connor’s depression or anything else. It doesn’t cure Evan’s anxiety, or Michael’s insecurity, or Jeremy’s nightmares. But it’s nice. Nice to actually be able to speak about their problems. Nice to have somebody to confide in. Nice to just…talk. And that’s what they do. They just talk…..and maybe even take in the view.
2. Or maybe they tell Evan to just wait. To wait until the next day. To wait to talk to Connor. So he does. But Connor doesn’t show. So Evan waits again till the next day, but Connor’s still not there. By the third day Evan’s a bit concerned, even more so when he’s called down to office. He meets Connor’s parents and they tell him that’s Connor killed himself and he’s….numb. He’s not sure what to think, but he keeps listening. They (mostly Mrs.Murphy) talk about Connor and the “incident” (they say it like Connor’s death was some sort of an accident), and Evan wonders why he’s even there. Why they chose to talk to him about this. And then they bring up the note. A note which is apparently addressed to him. A note which looks familiar to him. And then the numbness is gone. Replaced by the usual anxiety. Because they think that that letter, his letter, is Connor’s suicide note. And he wants to explain. Wants to say something. Wants to tell them the truth. But he can’t. He can’t speak, he can’t get the words out. So when they ask him to join them for dinner he just nods. And they leave, satisfied. And he leaves, shaking. He waits till school ends (because he may have skipped the rest of the day but that doesn’t mean he wants Jeremy and Michael to), and he called them. He’s a bit more calm this time, but maybe that’s just the lingering numbness. He tells them about Connor, about Connor’s parents, about his note. There’s silence for a moment, and then Jeremy and Michael are asking question and bouncing ideas off each other so fluently that Evan is suddenly reminded how long they’ve known each other. Eventually they stop and they’ve both agreed that Evan must tell the truth. But Evan’s not sure how he can do that, he couldn’t even say one word to them the first time so how is he supposed to do that. So maybe they decide one of them will go with Evan to the Murphy’s (and of course they choose Michael because, “I’m obviously the better talker between the three of us, JEREMY.”) to help explain the situation. So they do and it goes pretty smoothly, and they’re honestly a bit surprised by how easy it was. But Evan still feels like shit because these people had thought they had a final connection to they’re son/brother (though he can tell Zoe’s not as heartbroken) and it turned out it was just some other depressed kid with some serious issues. And he tells this to Michael and Jeremy and they think maybe they can put together something for Connor? Something for people to remember him. But they’re not really sure what, so Evan suggests they ask someone, maybe Jared and Alana, or Christine (♪Christine Canigula♪). And Jeremy and Michael agree so they call them up. And suddenly they’re all working on this thing (they think they should probably give it a name) for Connor, to remember him and to reach out to others who feel alone. And Evan still does his speech, and Michael and Jeremy are so proud. And suddenly they’re helping so many people. They’re sending emails and texts and calling and video chatting to all these kids, and adults, who feel like Connor did, who feel like Evan still does sometimes. And it’s great. Because people are being found just like Evan was found and he’s so happy that he could help do this for people.

SoulmateAU Divergent [Eric x Reader]

AN: Just a drabble I got lying around.

You traced the skin over your left ribcage, the slightly wonky but elegant cursive stood in stark contrast to your skin. You were born with those words and one day in the future, someone will say it to you and you will know that he, or she, is your soulmate.

You shoved your tank top down angrily. You hated this. You hated the fact that fate had taken your choice and chosen someone for you. You were always free-spirited, daring and reckless. You hated order and you always had a problem with authority. And to think that someone was destined for you and you for them just irked you senseless. Especially when that someone might not even be of your own faction.

Shrugging on a jacket, you exited your house and went to the roof to wait for the train. You have a test today.

You jumped off the train and rolled to your feet, years of habit making the action flawless. You saw your friends already heading to the lines and made your way over to them.

“What’d you guys think the test is gonna be?” You asked as Lia wrapped her arm around your shoulder. Alya on her other side shook her head. “I don’t know. But I heard someone got so scared a few years back and had a heart attack!”

Both you and Lia turned to your best friend, expressions incredulous. When Alya burst into laughter, you rolled your eyes.

The three of you walked, slowly navigating through your peers as you entered the building for a brief talk about Chicago’s history and the formation of the factions. You were about to enter the room when you collided with a tall body clad in blue.

“Watch where you’re going, Dauntless!”

You looked up into hard slate blue eyes and glared. 

“Make me, Erudite!”

The moment those words left your lips, a hot searing pain erupted from your side. You gasp, stepping away from Lia and clutching your ribcage. The boy in front of you was almost in the same position except that he was clutching his right arm. The pained expressions on your face was mirrored in his.

And then, it was over. Straightening up, you saw him lifting his sleeve up. There, wrapped around his bicep was your words. The words that came out of your mouth just seconds ago. Realization hit you harder than Big Bo’s power punch. It was him. Bile rose up from your stomach and you nearly turned green. But then, one of the test officials pushed you into the room and him into the room next to you.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Lia asked.

You sat down but your attention was not on the film being played out in front of you. Frantic, you pulled up the hem of your tank top to reveal your tattoo, Seared on your skin and marking you as bonded forever. You looked at your friends.


Sleep didn’t come to you that night, both from anxiety and excitement. You didn't​ see him again until the next day. You had already been called and you had already chosen your faction. The sting of the silver knife felt like nothing after you heard​ your blood sizzling on the coals and the roar of your brothers and sisters behind you.

And then, came the Erudites’ turn. One by one was called and to you it was just white noise. Until, Jeannine’s voice called out a name and you froze.

“Eric Coulter.”

You watched him like he was the only person there, cataloging everything about him. From his long blond hair, tied in a ponytail, to his broad shoulders all the way to his confident gait. You held a breath when he cut himself and watched him stand between the coals of Dauntless and the clear water of Erudite.

He turned a fraction and his eyes roved up the Dauntless section until they landed on you. You kept his gaze but your hand was clenching Alya’s. Then, a smirk tugged at his lips and the spell broke. Your gaze hardened and your jaw clenched.

He turned back to the bowls and let his blood drip on the coals.

sitting next to you (means stealing your food)

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pairing: Betty/Jughead

summary: They’d think Archie was the one that glued them all together, but Betty and Jughead were connected through food and misfortune.Or the one where Betty and Jughead share food.

“Hey Juggie,” the cheerful voice calls out to him. A six-year-old Betty Cooper is standing behind a small table on her front lawn, with a jar of pink lemonade and plastic cups. “Wanna buy my lemonade?”

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Piano Tiles (M) - Pt. 2

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, ft. Yoongi

Genre: Angst, Smut, and a sprinkle of fluff, pianist!y/n, AU

Word Count: 9.5k *high pitched screaming*

Summary: “Love is so short, but forgetting is so long.”

A/N: So. This is the second time I’ve rewritten it, have worked on this version for three months and am fINALLY happy with the way it turned out. It somehow turned grossly mushy at the end, but maybe that’s just the product of my pent up bitterness from the hell that was Valentine ’s Day. ¯\_()_/¯ (partially edited, excuse the errors)

part 1 | part 2

At the start, the phrase “It will pass with time” was something you had clung desperately to like a life raft. Words not uncommon to the hurt and heartbroken, you hoped such a miracle would apply to you too, despite the fact that you were the one who inflicted the pain. Did God forgive this form of self-harm? For three long years, you had foolishly believed in such a concept. As you grew more preoccupied, thoughts of him faded with each passing day, only to interrupt your transition to forgetting during the most mundane of instances; getting stuck in traffic, or waiting on a laundry load. The worst times were at night when you began to ponder the many what ifs; what if you hadn’t visited him that day, what if Jimin hadn’t shown up that morning, what if you had stayed? Just exactly how far would that have gone? When you were plagued with such thoughts, you simply plugged in your earbuds and played on repeat whatever piece you were working on until you could drift into a fitful sleep. With time, it had gotten easier to forget your time with Jeon Jungkook or to pretend to do so; to lie to yourself and others.

And then the night of your professional debut, the spell was broken.

You haven’t seen him in three long years and it’s unfair how good he looks.

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Distracted - Archie x Reader

I’ll be starting uni soon so I think getting more sleep is a pipe dream but thanks for the sentiment! Also here you go, enjoy!

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He’s sure that everyone can see it. Everyone can see it, except for them. Archie grumbles in frustration as he stretches his arms out, in an attempt to show them off, glancing in your direction for the tenth time in five minutes.

“Dude,” Reggie snorts in amusement, “Give it a rest,”

“Not until they notice me,” he says, determined.

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Imagine Sam and you hitting it off

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“I suppose I’d be willingly to stick around to assist you two helpless sacks,” you shrugged nonchalantly, ignoring the wide grin on Dean’s face.

You try to avoid Sam’s gaze, feeling your entire body heat with excitement. The two of you had hit it off instantly, he was intelligent, kind and wasn’t bad in the looks department. 

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Is he mine?

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,229
Author :Mel
A/N : @bigdaddymongoose wanted more. I couldn’t say no.

Part 2 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You stood there silently, and he waited. He waited for an answer that could change his life. You were staring somewhere between his eyes and the floor, this was a conversation you had been afraid to have for years. It was what had kept you from coming back for so long. “I should get dressed.”

He looked at you with disbelief. That was what you had to say? “Y/N-” He tried keeping his voice calm.

“Just.. let me get dressed, Jared. Please? And maybe a drink. Or ten.”

You turned and started for your room. “Just answer me! Is he mine!?” His voice was raised, and you turned quickly.

“Please..” You begged him, and motioned to River, who stirred at the sound of a raised voice. “We’ll go-”

“We’ll talk right here. Now.”

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