except for his arms

doingthingswithabby  asked:

How does yandere 2p canada (And the 2p allies) react to his s/o crawling in his lap and nuzzling his neck and sniffing him?


2p Canada:

-When you crawl into his lap, his first instinct is to loop his arms around you and hold you close. When you lean in and started to gently nuzzle the bare skin of his throat, he tilts his head to the side and lets you do your thing. He enjoys it when you’re affectionate like this.

2p England:

-He loves any type of affection you’re willing to give him, and this is no exception. He smiles and lets you climb into his arms, and when you start to gently nuzzle at him and breathe in his scent, he runs his fingers through your hair and whispers that he loves you. You’ve made him incredibly happy.

2p America:

-He’s perfectly willing to let you sit in his lap at any given time. Still, he hopes that your nuzzling will turn into kissing. Even if it doesn’t, he’s still more than happy to have you close.

2p France:

-He may not be the most affectionate person, but he’s always willing to accept your love. He enjoys having you in his lap, and your nuzzling doesn’t faze him one bit. He might actually fall asleep if you keep it up.

2p Russia:

-He’ll never admit it, but he loves it when you take the initiative like this. He’ll only hold you to him once you’ve settled down and made yourself comfortable, and he gets very still when you nose his scarf aside to get to his throat. The skin there is covered with scars, but he relaxes when you simply nuzzle him. He’s perfectly content.

2p China:

-He’s clingy, so he’s almost squirming with joy when you willingly give him affection. His arms are around you the second you try to clamber into his lap, and he all but purrs when you nuzzle at his skin. He’ll try to do the same thing to you when you pull away from him later. 

Keith and Lance are so similar and they don’t even know it.

From the way they sit (with their legs spread out lool)

To their facial expressions

To what they do on their free time (swimming lol)

(And also wanting to be fighter pilots at the Garrison??)

To what they wear (their swimsuits are so similar!!)

(And this is probably a long shot but white collar, white hoodie, similar random yellow stripe on their clothing except Lance’s is just a bit darker and on his arm?)

To their hair, look at their bean sprouts LOOL

To the way that they look at each other (kinda like “What the hell is going on in his head?”)

And bonus, those cute smiles that they give each other sometimes

headcanon 2

the losers in their senior year of high school

- richie gets A’s in all his classes except PE, which he fails
- eddie breaks his arm again because richie tried to shove him in a locker as a joke and eddie fell
- beverly is class president and also she runs chess club after school on thurdays
- bill has to suffer through several oral presentations, which mike helps him with
- (he still does “he thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts”)
- ben flat out refuses to get into richies car sometimes, mostly when richie is playing his music too loud.
- stan’s backpack is always really really organized, and he color codes everything, and the only one who knows how to organize it other than stan is bill
- richie and eddie often skip study hall to make out in empty rooms or hallways or closets
- bill and stan do the same thing oops
- actually they all do it with their respective partners
- but they’ll never admit it
- richie picks eddie up every single morning, and if eddie is sick or he just doesn’t feel like going to school that day, richie will skip too, and take care of eddie until he’s feeling better cute
- bill’s locker is meticulously organized except for the inside door, which is filled with notes from his friends and pictures of them and funny little things
- none of the losers have any classes without at least one other loser
- stan and mike have geometry together
- bev, ben and richie have PE together
- richie and eddie have art together
- it’s nice to always have a friendly face tbh
- they all hangout during weekends too, at someone house or at the movies or at the park
- when stan gets mono from sharing a drink with his cousin, it spread throughout the group one by one, starting with bill, then bev, then ben, then mike, then richie, then eddie
- they all heal and recuperate together, nobody is alone, especially not eddie, because he’s fragile, according to richie.
- when they graduate, they (richie) bribe the teachers to let them all go across the stage together at the end, and to be announced as the losers’ club.
- richie heelies across, holding eddies hand
- bev is on mike’s back
- stan has his arm slung around bill’s shoulders
- ben is laughing and recording them from behind on the camcorder he got for his birthday

Tutor Me? ReggiexReader! Part 1

Hey guys, so here is part 1 of my mini fic. So this part is probably pretty boring, but I wanted to just kinda set the story up! Pleaaaaase leave feedback in my ask and let me know if you want part 2 or if this part is just too shit. Thanks darls. 




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(gif isn’t mine!)

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Half-Blood Princess (Part 2): Guardian Angel

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Castiel, Hannah (Twin Sister), Alexis (Cross-Road demon), Chuck/God. 

Length: 2953+ words

TW: Surprisingly, nothing? A broken soul. Mentions of torture. Alastair. Drunk!Dean. Sad!Dean. 

A/N: SO MANY PEOPLE WANTED A PART 2!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first part, and there are so many interests for a second part. I had such a hard time writing this, but it just all came to me last night when I couldn’t sleep. Feedback is encouraged!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Alexis glanced at the angel with her eyebrow raised. “What do you want?” she asked coldly. 

“I’m looking for Y/N’s soul,” Castiel responded calmly.

Anger flashed through her black eyes before returning to its original colour. “You’re looking at it.”

Castiel turned his attention to the broken soul on the ground, the light emitting from it almost nonexistent.

“She’s been here a while,” Alexis told him.

“You are the crossroad demon that made a deal with her, correct?”


“I see. I will be right back.” The angel disappeared for a few minutes to break the news to her family, telling them that there was no hope on getting her back before returning with another man.

“Who the hell are you?” Alexis asked protectively, stepping forward in front of what was left of Y/N’s soul.

“My name is Chuck,” he answered. “Other known as, God.”

The demon scoffed, crossing her arms. “Yea, right.”

“It is true,” Castiel confirmed. “I’ve asked him if there is anything he could for Y/N.”

“She didn’t deserve that.” Alexis seemed to be more relaxed after the angel’s explanation. “She was too young to go.”

“You are very inclined to her,” Chuck stated. 

“She reminded me of myself when I was human,” Alexis repeated softly. “I sold my soul for a shitty boyfriend after he went off and killed himself driving drunk. After I saved him, he ran off with an ex-girlfriend.” The demon looked at the bloody wall where Y/N was usually chained. “I tried protecting her as best as I could here.”

The two men waited for her to elaborate, knowing that there was so much more she wanted- no, needed to say. 

“I made a deal with Alastair. Every 10 years, I would take her place for a year, and she would do my cross-road biddings. She didn’t deserve to be tortured for so long.” If she could, the two men were sure that Alexis would have been in tears by now.

There was a brief moment of silence before it was interrupted by Chuck.

“Thank you,” he said. “You’ve been kinder to her than I have, it seems. As a token of my gratitude for being so kind, I would like to extend an offer.”

“I think I’ve made enough deals don’t you think?” Alexis asked with laugh.

“I think you’re gonna like this one,” Chuck bantered back. “There’s no catch. I want your soul to move on.”

“Move on? As in, I won’t be a demon anymore?”

“Yes. You can pass to your heaven now.”

“You’re kidding?!” Alexis’s jaw dropped. This was not the deal she was expecting after being a demon for so long.

“I am not. It’s the least I can do.”

Her attention went back to Y/N’s soul, looking at it sadly. “What will happen to her?”

“I will do my best to piece her back together.”

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beautiful insecurities - peter parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x plus size! reader

Summary: Your body image was suddenly headed down a steep hill. It turns out, all you needed was Michelle and especially Peter to show you how beautiful and wanted you truly are.

Requested: yes (anon)

Warning: language

Words: 2759 (this is so long lol srry) yall this is so fluffy holy guacamole

a/n: I just wanted to say that no one should feel lesser of a person in their body image. If you are plus sized, I am in no way, shape, or form saying that you feel negative in yourself. This was the request, so I stuck to it:) you are all beautiful no matter what you look like, I love you all!!



You had never really shed any light on the fact of your size. You didn’t think it was a problem, it didn’t seem as if it was a problem. You parents never told you it was an issue, neither had anyone else. Of course, you knew you were no size two, ANTM, but you honestly didn’t think you were missing anything.

So what, you actually had hips. And who cared if you didn’t have a thigh gap.

You didn’t.

Sure, your face carried some lovable, soft extra skin in your cheeks. Your mom told you she loved it, rubbing your face as your soft, velvety cheeks squished underneath the palms of her rough hands. Maybe your stomach wasn’t tone and flat, but you kind of adored the way it had some extra fluff around it.

You liked the way you looked, and your mind was never wandering with aching and painful thoughts on how you could drop a couple pounds, or what a real bikini body looked like. You were confident in your looks and all abilities to proudly accomplish whatever you wanted to, and no one was going to fluctuate that.

That was until today. You heard your friend, Peter Parker, the love of your life (lol crush) jab on about how admirably wonderful Liz Allen was as  you sat in Calculus yesterday. You listened to Peter go on and on and on and on about beautiful Liz was. How she just had the most perfect set of eyes, ones that dazzled in the moonlight, the most beautiful pair of lips, ones that look so kissable and lovely. Oh, and her absolutely amazing, banging, figure.

You watched silently and horrifically as Peter’s lovely brown eyes filled with some type of lust, aka Teen Hormones ™, his mind clouding with the scene of Liz strutting down the hallway like a catwalk, her thin legs prancing happily in front of her, and her thin waist wave from side to side in a sort of angelic bounce, causing most of the boys’ eyes around to stare at her perfect figure.  

Your heart acted on a sort of pressure that ran throughout your body, it jumping for a quick second as the thought cruelly seeped into your clouded brain. You honestly didn’t know what to feel for the first few minutes as you processed his words over and over again.

“Oh god, and her figure. Her amazing, banging, figure.”

A race of chills climbed up your spine as the sentence played across the front of your mind. Your thought process for all these years was now completely and utterly obliterated. Never once did the thought of despising your body, curves and all, ever cross your mind. You had always adored the way your figure was quite different than others around you. But son enough, your veins were washing the confident state of mind away, and replacing your pulse with a new type of medicine.


The word felt foreign in your brain, especially when taking your body figure into consideration. You were made this way, and you always assumed that was the nature of your life. But now, your mind was displaying a new type of emotion you had never deceived in your body image before, and your heart knew it too. All the images of you in a new outfit, or you standing in the mirror, a smile adorning your lips at the sight of you approaching the world that morning, were no longer joyful, pleasant images. They were burning before your Y/E/C eyes, escaping into the back of your brain.

Suddenly, your lovable, chubbier cheeks were no longer seen as cute in your eyes. The closed space from in between your thighs was no longer a facade of thought. Your clothing sizes were no longer just number imprinted into your jeans, they were seen as hideous, enormous numbers that dared to be reckon with. Your body was abruptly viewed as unstable and undesirable in your mind.

Your figure was now a symbol of all your insecurities.


“Y/N? Are you okay?” you friend Michelle asked you as you stared off into the distance, your mind distracted with thoughts of your new view of your body.

You didn’t know how you should respond. Michelle was your best friend, who you told everything to, you didn’t want to keep something as silly as a body image from her knowledge.

Your lips broke to allow a heavy sigh to slip through, eyes focusing from the wall to her slumped figure beside you. You turned towards her, a shaky breath allowing itself to come with your confession, “Honestly…no,” you confessed, eyes shutting tightly as your previous thoughts fro today slipped back to the front of your mind.

Opening your tired eyes, you saw Michelle’s eyebrows furrow and her pretty brown eyes squint at you in disorientation before setting her book down next to her on the bleachers. “What’s up?” she asked, lips closing together tightly and voice laced with sweet concern at you, her friendly demeanor shining through for a few minutes.

“I just, I just heard Peter talking about how incredible and gorgeous Liz is, and how her body is fucking amazing and it just got me thinking about it, ya know? You know how I’ve felt about Peter for awhile now, and I realized Peter is never, will never  like someone like me. And I know it’s not just about Peter, it’s how I see myself every day in the mirror,” you trailed off, eyes down-casting from Michelle’s concerned figure to the pasty yellow tile beneath you, the confession acting as a burden on your shoulders rather than a breath of fresh air.

Michelle watched carefully at your saddened demeanor, seeing your eyes suddenly shed a small tear at your story, her mind processing your previous thought and Peter’s endless comments in fifth period today together into one huge controversy. Your head rose slowly as you waited for Michelle to respond, your eyes meeting hers in a guilty glance before her mouth opened, to rip Peter to shreds.

“Y/N, don’t you dare think for a second that you need to change yourself to impress a boy! Especially Peter, ha! So what if he thinks Liz is the greatest fucking thing since slice bread! You are beautiful and so is your body, don’t you ever forget that,” Michelle hollered out to you, her head cocking at you every time she made a powerful statement.

Your heart did a leap as the sweet and caring words fled out of Michelle’s mouth and into your ears. A smile spread across her face as she witnessed your eyes soften as she told you how beautiful you were. She leaned in sweetly, arms extended out, waiting for you to envelope her into a bone-crushing hug.  

You leaned over and wrapped your arms around her tightly, a heavy sigh escaping your lips befre muttering against Michelle’s hair, “Thank you so much, MJ. You’re the sweetest friend,” you admitted, smiling even more as she tightened your grip on you.

“Always! Oh, and don’t forget group project tonight at your place!” she replied, reaching for her book and backpack as the bell rang for next period. You nodded a yes and pointed your finger at her jokingly as she hopped of the bleachers and made her way to Chemistry.

You walked down and out the gym door as you walked somewhat relieved to your next class. Michelle’s advice was heartwarming, and you couldn’t ask for a better friend. But, the pain of still looking like you did was somewhat still present in the back of your mind, the image of your perspective barely faltering as you listened to her uplifting advice.

But, what you didn’t know, was that as you walked through the door to your sixth period, Michelle was dialing Peter’s phone number on the other side of the building. Her fingers ferociously typed his number in before whipping it up to her ear. She slumped slightly, not wanting to get in trouble for having her phone out in between classes.

“Uh, hello?”

“Peter, I swear to god I’m going to kick your stupid ass into next Tuesday…”


“I need a break, I’ll be right back,” Michelle had jumped up from her previous spot on your carpeted floor, hands rubbing against her jeans as she looked at you and Peter below her before making her way out your bedroom door and into the kitchen.

You three had been working on your Chemistry project for the past two hours and all of you were exhausted. Between Peter’s telling you both exactly where to put things, Michelle reading out the instructions, and you gluing the goddamn atom together, you could take a serious nap.

Your bedroom door shut loudly behind you, your figure slumping down in tiredness as you and Peter sat next to each other on the floor. The loud voice that was usually rolling off of Michelle’s lips was gone, and the silence in the room between the two of you was inching closer and closer to the line of awkward.

Why was it awkward?

You and Peter could talk to each other non stop, but all of the sudden, the atmosphere felt thick with tension, and your usual joyous state was diminished by poor thoughts of yourself from today, which were still evident throughout your clouded mind.

Your eyes peered over to Peter’s figure, his eyes rolling everywhere in the room except yours as his arms folded across his chest. Your eyes carefully wandered over his seemingly oblivious state, your mind running with thoughts as to why Peter wouldn’t strike up a usual conversation with you and instead was randomly having his eyes wander around the room.

You tucked your legs beside you, your body instantly feeling insecure and uncomfortable with the new position your figure was displaying. Your quickly brought your arms from beside you to covering your stomach anxiously, mind clearly not wanting Peter to witness your stomach bulging through your shirt. Your brain was wracking with the insecurities of your body, curiously hoping that he wouldn’t judge you in his mind.

You watched the plaid shirt peek from underneath his blue sweater, the usual outfit adorning his body so nicely every day. His thin lips were shut in a tight line as his head of slightly curled brown hair was facing you. Your eyes gave him the once over multiple times, you heart silently aching as you softly watched the boy you yearned for probably thinking about another girl that you would never be able to measure up to.

Your thoughts engulfed you in a deep state of understanding for a few minutes as the silence around you hit your ears loudly, the nerves and insecurities still taking up space in your mind.

“Michelle, uh, she told me what you told her today.”

Your brain broke of all unstable thoughts as soon as you heard the delicate yet weary sentence flood from between his lips. Your head whipped over and you stared wide eyed at Peter, eyebrows raised as he stared daringly back t you, Every word, every sound, every anxious confession you allow slide off your tongue today to Michelle was now a statement Peter had heard a few hours earlier. Your mind attempted to course the abrupt topic, the silence no longer banging in your ears a loud buzz, but a foreign type of meaning as it filled your eardrums.

Peter knew, oh god, Peter knew. He knew how insecure you felt about yourself, he knew how much you despised hearing him lecture to you about his admirable feelings towards Liz. H knew how you felt about him, in the most anxious and insecure way possible.

Your heart felt heavy with guilt yet regret all at once as you attempted to process what Peter would say or do next. The embarrassment of your self-doubt and emotions was slowly climbing its way up your neck and to sting your soft cheeks in a rosy vibrancy. Your mouth gaped open like a fish as the feeling of neglect towards Michelle as approaching the sudden situation all at once.

Peter saw your feverish and embarrassed state, his veins flooding with guilt as his mind told him not to make you feel sorry fr yourself. That was the last thing he wanted to do. His intention was never, is never to make you feel worse about yourself than you already do. He wanted to prove to your sweet and passionate heart that his intention was so oblivious and his view was so, so much different than you perceived it to be.

“I, I can explain-” you finally braved the anxiety and let out, your body instinctively pushing itself closer to Peter’s in help of proving your point. You reached out, your arms attempting to steady your nervous and shaky hand as it trembled with the truth.

Your heart pumped quickly ans your eyes feverishly skated back and forth from Peter’s loving brown eyes to his suddenly closer figure scooting towards your anxious one. Peter’s head shook slightly back and forth before reaching over and laying his hand o your shoulder. The spark of his endearing touch put your trembling body in a slight state of ease, your deep breath releasing with his touch.

Peter’s eyes peeked from underneath his lashes and his think eyebrows scrunched in worry as he cut you off, “No. I’m going to explain,” he relieved, eyes attaching themselves to your captivating ones in a sweet stare.

You swallowed the lump of excuses down your throat and nodded slightly as his response, eyes still fixated on his newly outspoken demeanor. Your nerves coursed through you like a race, your stomach twisting in knots as your heart and mind prepared for the absolute worst. The boy, sitting in front of you, Peter Parker, was about toe reveal his true thoughts, emotions, and ideas of you to you in the sudden state of silence, and you weren’t sure if your heart or body could handle it.

But damn. One heart didn’t clench and then tear in two of nothing but heartache and pain that night. Two hearts clenched and then burst with overwhelming emotion and shock, the absolute adoration of the other sewing the breaking heart back together.

Peter stared lovingly, unbeknownst to you, at you as he muttered these heartwarming words to your crumbling view of yourself, “Y/N, when Michelle told me how you felt towards me and the entire situation of your negative body image, my entire view of everything collapsed. My heart wrenched at the thought of you despising the way you look for even a second. I just couldn’t believe that someone, who looked like you, could even stray from the thought of beauty,” his scratchy voice echoed in your ears as your breath caught in the back of your throat at his words.

Your mind almost couldn’t handle what was occurring before you for a second, the embarrassment exhuming itself from your face and out of the room completely. Peter’s lips turned up in a small smile as he leaned forward and grabbed your face in his hands, eyes wandering everywhere over your smooth features. You leaned into his touch and closed your eyes in the warmth of his palms as he continued.

“Don’t, for a second think you aren’t worth anyone’s time, because you are possibly my favorite thing to look at. What I said about Liz was just me trying to distract myself from you, because  I never thought you would feel the same way. Your body is absolutely perfect, and I, nor should you, ever change it. Because, I love you and every quirk and slight imperfection that comes with it,” Peter’s slightly taller figure leaned down and placed his forehead against yours, his thumbs rubbing the little chubbiness of your cheeks.

Your body pumped with exhilaration and your chapped lips smiled at the love flowing between the two of you. You leaned forward and wrapped your arms around his figure, tugging him closer to you. The warmth radiated off him to you as he hugged back, head pushing itself into the crook of your neck.

His lips pressed against your soft neck and the ignited feeling you felt rush through you allowed a small gasp to push through your lips.

You felt beautiful and confident in yourself once again, you two friends proving that to you. You didn’t need a boy’s affection to show you, you need love from your friends to justify how beautiful you always will be.

Peter was an added bonus;)))


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You’re the Voice I Hear Inside My Head

Summary: For as long as Eddie could remember, he’d been hearing his soulmate’s voice in his head. It had always annoyed him—but hearing it out loud? That was a whole other story.

Words: 1613

Pairing: Reddie

A/N: sorry this took so long y’all i’ve been busy and for some reason this took me a good while to write, but the soulmate au i promised is FINALLY HERE!! pls be nice to me, this is the first reddie fic i’ve ever written/published. feedback is appreciated, i don’t have a beta, so forgive me if i mess up words or tenses or whatever a lot. in this, your soulmate’s voice randomly pops into your head (there isn’t a set event or age that triggers it) and it’s just like having a conversation in your mind. the voice doesn’t know anything the person doesn’t know, so each person still can’t read the other’s mind or anything. it’s just another person’s voice and personality conversing with you in your mind. zany. tags under the cut. please enjoy!!

His mom had never heard anyone’s voice in her head but her own. She didn’t buy into the idea of soulmates (simply because she didn’t have one.) When Eddie told her that he heard someone else’s voice in his head, someone he didn’t know, she immediately took him to the hospital, crying Schizophrenia and Psychosis the whole way. When the nurses informed her that it meant her son had a soulmate, she took him to a different hospital. The only way he could get it to stop was by saying that he had made it up, that he was lying about the voice.

Of course, this meant he just ended up grounded instead of hospitalized, but he did what he had to do.

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Make it Official » Theo Raeken

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Words: 2880+

Warnings: nothing too serious, but might be smutty; also, there’s mentions of sex; cover your eyes, kiddos

Summary: Theo decides to give the reader the same kind of torture she put him through a few days ago, but that ends up leading to something completely unexpected

A/N: This is part two of “Damn it, are you drunk?”, as requested, and I kind of mixed it with some other requests I had, i hope that is okay. Here is the link of part one if you’d like to read it. I tried to write a decent slightly-smutty imagine, but idk, I think I suck at this tbh lol Bare with me, you’ve been warned. That’s like the fourth imagine I’m writing for Theo. I think you noticed that I really enjoy writing for him lmao

Also, so soooooooooorry for the long wait. I’m back now!

“Tell me again why I agreed to come here?”

Lydia sighed dramatically before offering you an unsatisfied smile, linking arms with you.

“Because it’s going to be fun.”

She looked amazing tonight; Lydia wore a dark-blue dress that made her look slightly taller and accentuated her curves just in the right spots, her strawberry-blonde hair was falling naturally down her shoulders, and her high heels were so high you felt dizzy just by looking at them.

Beside someone as stunning as your best friend, you couldn’t help but feel a little invisible with your simple choice of clothes: instead of a dress or a skirt, you wore tight black shorts and a red top that exposed just the right amount of your skin. You decided to let your hair fall down to your back as well and — unlike Lydia — was barely using any makeup. You knew you looked beautiful, but maybe you should have left Lydia choose your clothes as she insisted earlier.

Lydia practically dragged you to some nightclub, no matter how much you complained about it. She was your best friend after all; she knew how much you have been through and was determined to make you loosen up a little, neither you wanted it or not.

In that night in special, the nightclub seemed full and… mysterious. With almost all the lights off, there was practically only one source of illumination in the dance floor, which was coming from the equipment of the DJ, making it hard to see people’s faces or what they were doing in the crowd. You could barely see silhouettes dancing and making out here and there, enjoying the feeling of privacy as they moved their bodies in the rhythm of the song.  

“Well…” Lydia started, her green eyes shining with interest on something, or someone, behind you. “I think this night is going to be good. Do you want to dance?”

You shook your head negatively, didn’t feeling like dancing at the moment. Lydia would probably just disappear with some random good-looking guy, anyway.

“Not really, but you can go,” you replied, not wanting to be a burden on her night, but Lydia just stared at you suspiciously. “Seriously, I’m fine. I’ll just go get a drink.”

She seemed unsatisfied, but nodded anyhow.

“Whatever, just go dance afterwards, ok? I will wait for you there.”

Before you could even think on declining, Lydia was already making her way towards the crowd of hormonal teenagers moving on the dance floor, leaving no time for a single word.

“Don’t disappear!” you shouted above your shoulder, unsure if she heard you or not.

Unaware of the looks on you, you slowly approached the bar, noticing that the bartender wasn’t too older than you, unexpectedly. He sent you a weird look when you handed him the money and ordered the first alcoholic thing that came to your mind, but you just ignored his expression, sitting patiently to wait while he worked on the other side of the counter.

You didn’t usually drank anything alcoholic; it was, in fact, something pretty rare to happen, but was also one easy way for you to feel more confident sometimes, especially at parties full of strangers. You was certainly not going to get drunk anytime soon though; all the memories from the last time you drank too much were still embarrassing you as hell. That story that drunk people did not remember what they had done was bullshit. You even had to avoid Theo for the past week in order not to die of awkwardness. Seriously.


You grabbed your drink instantly when the bartender put it in front of you, desperate to push away the boredom that was starting to take over your body. Just as you was about to take the first very craved sip of your drink, someone stole the cup from your hands, too quickly for you to even react.

What the…?

You were prepared to shout some not very polite words to the person who had shamelessly robbed you, when your angry eyes meet Theo Raeken’s greenish ones and all your courage died down along with every fiber of dignity you still had left.

The very sight of him was enough for your cheeks to heat up and your pulse to rise, memories of the last time you saw each other invading your mind.

Don’t you want me anymore?

“Hello, sweetheart,” he said simply, his characteristic smirk soon gracing his face. “So…are you now addicted to alcohol or something?”

You sighed, frowning at him as you crossed your arms in an effort to show Theo that his presence was not affecting you, when you both knew it was. When he noticed that you were not going to answer him, the smirk on his face grew wider and he took a generous sip of your drink, making your blood boil in your veins.

“Hey, give me that back!” you demanded, trying to reach the cup that Theo was so determined to keep away from your hands.

“No. The last time you got drunk I had to deal with you mercilessly teasing me,” he replied simply, frustrating your efforts of taking the drink back and making your cheeks heat up considerably. “I told you, I’m never letting you drink again.”

Apparently having enough of your failed attempts, Theo just drank all of the liquid remaining as you observed his Adam’s apple moving when he did so. He then placed the empty glass back on the bar calmly, ignoring your bewildered expression.

“What the- I paid for that, you know!”

The glance Theo sent you made you feel as if you were naked before him; with your eyes locked on his, you barely realized what he was doing until you felt one of his hands grasp your waist, jerking your body closer until you were chest to chest with him, your noses almost touching. Theo then lifted his free hand up, showing you the money he was holding before shamelessly shoving it down in the back pocket of your shorts, exactly above the curve of your ass. He let his hand rest there for just a little more time than necessary, his blueish irises studying your reaction with interest.


Coming back to yourself, you quickly pushed him away from your body, your heart drumming in your ears and your breath already a little unsteady. Theo let you push him without any resistance, but the smirk on his face told you that he knew you enjoyed his touches just as much as he did, and he didn’t even needed his werewolf senses to notice.

If you stayed in Theo’s presence for just one more minute, you were pretty sure you would strangle him or worse, kiss him and end up in his bed again, which would not be appropriate.

No, you knew better than that.

So you pulled yourself together and turned around, heading straight to the crowd of people dancing in order to foil Theo, so he wouldn’t follow you that easily. People bumped into you at least a thousand times, but somehow you managed to get to the nearest bathroom — which was probably for workers or something, since it was very small — quickly slamming the door shut behind you.

Why does he affect me this much?

You couldn’t answer that question to yourself; the reason your heart raced and you went suddenly nervous whenever he was around was a mystery to you — one that you wasn’t sure you wanted to resolve. The fact that the universe seemed to bring you and Theo closer, no matter how much you tried to stay away, didn’t make things easier too.

Just as you rested your hands on the bathroom sink, the door opened and — as expected — Theo made his entrance, calmly closing it behind him. You instantly swallowed hard, hoping he wouldn’t notice your sudden nervousness.

“This is the female bathroom, Raeken,” you stated, turning around to stare at his face directly with you best stay-away face, though you suspected he was immune to such thing.

“Well observed,” Theo replied as he leaned against the closed door, folding his arms. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

You mimicked his actions, crossing your arms. Except for the fact that your expression showed how angry you were. Angry with Theo for affecting you so much, angry with Lydia for making you come to this party, angry with Beacon Hills for not letting you have a normal life…but most of all, angry with yourself for having feelings for someone like Theo Raeken.

“Well observed,” you quoted his words.

He let out a small laugh before a smug grin took over his handsome face.

“You know, you’re kind of sexy when you’re angry.”

You rolled your eyes, heart already racing, and headed for the door — where he unfortunately stood — to get out, pretending his words were not affecting you in any way. Yeah, sure. At that point, you felt like you had to stay away from him, or you would lost the little drop of good sense you still had in you. Theo was not supposed to be there. He was not supposed to ruin your no-thinking-about-Theo night. But hey, it was Theo Raeken you were talking about; he always showed up in the most unexpected places.

You didn’t look at him as you placed your hand on the doorknob. He just stared at you carefully until that very moment; quiet, interested. But then, when you meant to open the door, Theo quickly grabbed your wrist, changing positions to pin your body to the closed door, your hands firmly held on the sides of your head. A surprised gasp left your lips as your back felt the wood behind you.

Words were about to leave your mouth when you realized how painfully close Theo’s face were, how you could just lightly move forward and your lips would touch his.

You felt exactly like you did moments before you and Theo kissed for the first time, about a month ago.

Then, he finally spoke, after what felt like an eternity of silence even though only a few seconds passed by.

“It doesn’t drive you crazy when we’re close?”

Yes, you thought. Yes, it does. It drives me insane. But, being the coward that you were when it came to relationships, you breathed out heavily, closed your eyes, and found the strength to lie.


“You do realize that I can smell you, right?” you could practically hear the satisfied smirk on his husky voice as Theo leaned forward again, his lips teasingly hovering over yours, making you keep your eyes closed in order not to give in and press your mouth to his. “I know what you really want, sweetheart.”

“Stop calling me that,” you breathed, your lips brushing over Theo’s at the minimal movements.

“Why? Your heartbeat goes crazy every time I call you sweetheart, sweetheart,” he retorted, so close that his hot breath went directly to your face with every word, smelling like the drink you had ordered before.

You remained silent. Of course, he was right, your pulse did raise considerably every time you heard him calling you nicknames, but you couldn’t help it, though; there was something about Theo that hypnotized you, drew you to him no matter how much you tried to get away, how much you wanted to do the right thing.

“Open your eyes,” Theo asked firmly, one of his hands caressing your wrist gently. “Look at me.”

You did not move nor made a sound; you were determined to fight the urge to do whatever Theo asked, because deep down, you knew that you were starting to grow too close to him, to have real and strong feelings for the guy, and that scared you more than anything. He was supposed to be just a one-night stand; that was it. He was danger and trouble. But your heart had other plans for you.

You both just stood there in silent, hearts racing, heavy breathings, lips almost touching. That distance was clearly killing the two of you, but Theo wasn’t planning on letting you go anytime soon; his hands kept you in place with a firm grasp as he quietly moved his face to the curve of your neck, making you shudder under his touch.

His lips only brushed against the sensitive skin, but that was enough to wake up every single nerve in your body while you gasped in both surprise and pleasure, throwing your head back to the wall, involuntarily giving him more access to your neck.

Open your eyes,” Theo repeated against your skin, beginning to trail soft warm kisses on your neck and up to your jawline, only stopping when he reached the corner of your mouth, where he placed one last kiss, pressing his forehead to yours afterwards.

You thought he was going to kiss your mouth next, but Theo loosened his grip on your wrists instead, letting it fall to your sides freely, and put some space between you two. His thumb slowly ran over your parted lips, and you let out a surprised sigh, opening your eyes just in time to see his blue orbs staring down at you as if to see how you reacted to him. He removed his hand, starting to close the distance between you two until you were once again face to face, breathing each other’s air, lips barely an inch from one another.

“Theo,” you warned, your voice nothing more than a whisper. “What are you doing?”

Stupid question? Probably. But Theo answered you by pressing his lips on yours in a slow and much desired kiss. Your mind went blank; both of his arms encircled your waist, bringing your body impossibly close to his as he let his tongue explore your mouth. For about five blissful seconds, you allowed yourself to reciprocate; then you woke up to reality and gently pushed Theo’s chest just enough to part the kiss. His hands remained firmly where they were, but he let you broke the kiss easily.

“Stop,” came your uncertain request. “We can’t.”

“Of course we can,” Theo said in a very serious tone you thought you’d never saw him using before. “I want you. You want me. Pretty simple.”

He started to lean in again, but you moved your head away. “No, Theo, it’s not. We’re not…”

“What?” he seemed surprisingly worried. “What is the problem?”

“I…,” there was a mess of words waiting to be said in your mind, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to say them. “I’m not this. I’m not the girl that hooks up with someone and doesn’t get involved. I thought I could be, but...”

The hands on your waist caressed your body gently and Theo smiled; a true sweet smile. He brought his right hand to touch your cheek and you unconsciously inclined your face to his touch; there was no point denying it. You had pretty much just admitted your feelings out loud, and Theo knew that.

“Then let’s make it official.”

As Theo tilted your head to side to kiss your exposed neck, you mind went dizzy for a moment and you couldn’t quite process his words.


“Be my girlfriend.” He casually said.

If you were drinking something, you would have certainly choked on it.


“Just say yes,” at this point, Theo’s kisses were making its way up your jaw again, except that this time he didn’t stop at the corner of your mouth; he started pecking your lips over and over. “C’mon. Just. Say. Yes.”

You had never seen this side of Theo. The side that was willing to compromise, to promise, to accept a real relationship. He had never suggested anything like that. That surprised you the most: he was the one bringing the subject up.

Your heart skipped a beat when Theo decided to give you an actual kiss, taking his time with his lips on yours. You instantly reciprocate, running your hands up his strong arms as the kiss deepened. This time, you allowed yourself to enjoy this feeling; his hands on you, his mouth on yours. The sound of music could be heard from outside, but in that moment, the world outside did not matter to you: there was only you and Theo, and that strange feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Would that be happiness?

“I will take that as a yes,” Theo stated, still a little breathless from the kiss.

You couldn’t hold back the smile that spread through your face.

“I don’t know, Theo,” you started. “I know you’re not the kind of guy that compromises…”

He cut your words with a quick kiss on your lips.

“You’re right, I’m not,” he admitted, lifting your chin up so your eyes were on his. “But I want to be that guy for you. I want to be with you, Y/N. I mean it.”

Your small hands cupped his face as you breathed deeply, about to make a decision you could be sorry for later.

“I will give you one chance, and one chance only, you hear me?”

Theo nodded, smirking. “One chance is all I need.”

Then, your boyfriend kissed you like it was the first time your lips ever touched, and for the first time in a long time, you felt an overwhelming happiness take over you.

A/N: I really, really hope you liked it! I’m back from my semi-hiatus! As always, I would love to know what you think about this, so please leave a message. ♥

SoulmateAU Divergent [Eric x Reader]

AN: Just a drabble I got lying around.

You traced the skin over your right ribcage, the slightly wonky but elegant cursive stood in stark contrast to your skin. You were born with those words and one day in the future, someone will say it to you and you will know that he, or she, is your soulmate.

You shoved your tank top down angrily. You hated this. You hated the fact that fate had taken your choice and chosen someone for you. You were always free-spirited, daring and reckless. You hated order and you always had a problem with authority. And to think that someone was destined for you and you for them just irked you senseless. Especially when that someone might not even be of your own faction.

Shrugging on a jacket, you exited your house and went to the roof to wait for the train. You have a test today.

You jumped off the train and rolled to your feet, years of habit making the action flawless. You saw your friends already heading to the lines and made your way over to them.

“What’d you guys think the test is gonna be?” You asked as Lia wrapped her arm around your shoulder. Ally on her other side shook her head. “I don’t know. But I heard someone got so scared a few years back and had a heart attack!”

Both you and Lia turned to your best friend, expressions incredulous. When Ally burst into laughter, you rolled your eyes.

The three of you walked, slowly navigating through your peers as you entered the building for a brief talk about Chicago’s history and the formation of the factions. You were about to enter the room when you collided with a tall body clad in blue.

“Watch where you’re going, Dauntless!”

You looked up into hard slate blue eyes and glared. 

“Make me, Erudite!”

The moment those words left your lips, a hot searing pain erupted from your side. You gasp, stepping away from Lia and clutching your ribcage. The boy in front of you was almost in the same position except that he was clutching his right arm. The pained expressions on your face was mirrored in his.

And then, it was over. Straightening up, you saw him lifting his sleeve up. There, wrapped around his bicep was your words. The words that came out of your mouth just seconds ago. Realization hit you harder than Big Bo’s power punch. It was him. Bile rose up from your stomach and you nearly turned green. But then, one of the test officials pushed you into the room and him into the room next to you.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Lia asked.

You sat down but your attention was not on the film being played out in front of you. Frantic, you pulled up the hem of your tank top to reveal your tattoo, Seared on your skin and marking you as bonded forever. You looked at your friends.


Sleep didn’t come to you that night, both from anxiety and excitement. You didn't​ see him again until the next day. You had already been called and you had already chosen your faction. The sting of the silver knife felt like nothing after you heard​ your blood sizzling on the coals and the roar of your brothers and sisters behind you.

And then, came the Erudites’ turn. One by one was called and to you it was just white noise. Until, Jeannine’s voice called out a name and you froze.

“Eric Coulter.”

You watched him like he was the only person there, cataloging everything about him. From his long blond hair, tied in a ponytail, to his broad shoulders all the way to his confident gait. You held a breath when he cut himself and watched him stand between the coals of Dauntless and the clear water of Erudite.

He turned a fraction and his eyes roved up the Dauntless section until they landed on you. You kept his gaze but your hand was clenching Ally’s. Then, a smirk tugged at his lips and the spell broke. Your gaze hardened and your jaw clenched.

He turned back to the bowls and let his blood drip on the coals.

Deep Down (Bucky x Reader)

Hello ducklings, this is my entry for @bucky-plums-barnes writing challenge. I hope you enjoy!


Prompt: 59. “And now we don’t have to compete with each other. We can focus on making you happy.”

Warnings: some angst, mostly fluff, a few swears, self-esteem issues

Word count: 2000

It was no easy task for you to be part of something as large as the Avengers.

The work was difficult and tiring.  You hardly got any more than five or six hours of sleep every day. You were pushed to the limits of your strength, both mental and physical, all the time, often resulting in painful injuries and even snide remarks from those around you. You were trusted with secrets that were able to kill, and information that could save millions of lives or destroy them.

But it was all worth it.

It was worth it when a smile lit up the face of a small child that you had just saved from a collapsing building. It was worth it to see the gratitude etched on the face of the elderly couple that you had protected with your own body from the enemy. It was worth it to see innocent people alive thanks to you.

Of course, there were other perks too. Such as peeking on the guys at the shower and seeing all those firm, muscular butts. Or the biceps. Or luscious locks. Or how the cybernetic arm looked, glistening with water droplets, the gears whirring quietly-

Okay, so maybe you were just peeking on one guy in particular. Big deal.

You couldn’t resist, really. James Buchanan Barnes looked so good that he made you drool. Not to mention that he had the personality of a thousand stars and could charm the socks off the most grumpy person in the galaxy.

But you knew that was all a cover. You knew that he was, in reality, lost and confused. Everyone threw their expectations at him without realizing it (you were such a charmer you were always the best in sports you always enjoyed gory stories you loved pranking people everyone loved you). You could see he was trying his best, but didn’t think it was enough.

Those thoughts whirled in your head as you sat in the Avengers conference room, pretending to listen to Steve discuss illegal weapon trade. You  tried to pay attention but you’ve heard all of it before, so it wasn’t long before your mind began to wander. That’s how you ended up looking at, and thinking about, Bucky Barnes.

You shook yourself out of your thoughts when you saw Bucky smirk and roll his eyes at you, showing that he’s equally not interested in the meeting. You grinned and made a face, propping your feet up on the table.

“-and so… are there any questions before we head off to the beach?”

You jumped and looked at Steve in confusion.

“The beach? We’re going to the beach?”

Steve gave you a funny look. “Yeah, I talked about it a few minutes ago. Were you not paying attention again?”

Blushing in embarrassment, you shook your head. Steve sighed.

During the repetition of the details, you found Bucky smirking at you again, blue eyes blinking in amusement. He shook his head, a grin gracing his lips.

In other words, this went just about as it usually did.

You were always distracted.

It was an hour before you were finally ready and packed. Slinging your beach bag over your shoulder, you started to head downstairs, but something intrigued you. Bucky’s door was ajar, like never before. Coming closer, you peeked through the opening and saw the man sitting on his bed, his head in his hands, still dressed in long clothes and nowhere near ready to go.

You knocked on the door softly, clearing your throat. Bucky looked up immediately, his wary eyes softening when he sees it’s you. He sighed deeply, looking down once again.

“Come in.”

Nodding, you walked in slowly, closing the door behind you, and sat beside the brunet. Glancing at him, you let a small, inviting smile grace your lips.

“You don’t look very excited for our little getaway…”

Bucky shrugged, bunching the hem of his shirt up and gripping it with his left arm.

“I’m not sure I’ll like it. The beach is… is a place for normal people. I will never fit in.”

Sadness swept over your eyes as you took in his words, your heart stuttering in sorrow.

“Why would you say this, Bucky?”

Bucky grunted in frustration, tearing his eyes away from his hands and looking at you. “Have you seen me? I look like something out of a horror movie! And God forbid that there would be any kids at the beach. This-” he pointed to his covered left arm, “-is terrifying. And my scars are even worse. No one would want to willingly look at me. What’s the point of me leaving the compound? I’d much rather stay. Down here, I can keep pretending I’m just a cocky asshole, the same as I was before the war. I’ve done enough harm as it is, no need to do any more by scaring people away.” He chuckled humourlessly and turned away even more. “Sorry. Forget I said any of this. You shouldn’t care, anyway. It doesn’t matter.” His back shuddered slightly.

Your breath got caught in your throat at his harsh, self-criticizing words, tears burning in your eyes. The worst thing was that you knew Bucky didn’t come up with all of this on his own. Someone had told him that, someone had made him think he was worthless.

It shattered your heart into millions of pieces.

Clearing your throat, you fought back the angry tears and moved closer to Bucky, prying his hands gently away from the material of his shirt, the fabric stretched so much that it looked to be seconds away from ripping. Kneeling in front of him, you looked into his dark, hurt and angry eyes.

Smoothing out your thumbs over the palms of his hands, you whispered, “hey. Don’t say this, Bucky. I don’t believe any of those things about you. You’re sweet, and kind, and funny. But even more so than this, you’re a good man. You think of others before you think of yourself. You wouldn’t even hesitate to give your life to protect other people.” A single tear slipped down your cheek. “And I do care. I care so fucking much about you, Bucky, that it hurts. It hurts to see you like this, it hurts to know that the man I love the most thinks he’s worthless, when in fact he’s exactly the opposite.”

You were too far gone to realize what you have just said, but Bucky reacted instantly. He jerked his hands away, his breathing ragged and his eyes wide, full of disbelief and hurt.

“W-why would you… I can’t… I don’t understand…” He tore at his hair, then went completely still as a thought came to him. “Why would you… laugh at me like this? You know how I feel about you… n-no need to shove it in my face, no need to make fun of it…”

You stared at him in shock and confusion. “What?” Soon, your eyes widened as your words came back to you. “No!”

Pushing yourself close to him, you looked him straight in the eyes. “James Buchanan Barnes, you need to stop doubting.” In a moment of confidence, you surged forward and pressed your lips to his.

Time seemed to slow down. You could feel every detail on Bucky’s lips, every small ridge and curve. Your entire body felt like it was melting, your eyes shut tight and your senses closed off to everything except Bucky.

After what seemed like hours of hesitation, you felt his arms wrap slowly around you, his lips molding perfectly into yours as he kissed you back. You felt electricity surge through your body, your mind going blank.

This was the most amazing feeling in the world.

It seemed like mere seconds before you pulled away. Your eyes searched Bucky’s, which were now soft and loving, and hopeful. You smiled, putting a hand on his cheek.

“I love you, Bucky. You’re perfect just the way you are. Your arm and your scars show that you have lived. That you’re a hero. You shouldn’t be ashamed, because you’re amazing just because you’re you.”

Bucky smiled bashfully, his cheeks a dark, rosy colour as he looked down at your hand which was still holding his. “Thank you, (Y/n)… I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you so damn much…”

You smiled. Life was absolutely amazing, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

“-and now we don’t have to compete with each other. We can focus on making you happy”, you say as you bandage Bucky’s right foot. “Not to mention that this was incredibly dumb. To think that you didn’t even wanna come here, yet here we are, with you injuring yourself because you were showing off. Amazing.”

Bucky grinned sheepishly, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “I just really wanted to show you that I’m better than you.”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes playfully. “It’s just volleyball, Buck! Which you can’t even play anymore until you’re properly healed up.”

The beach was amazing. Tony had taken all of you to Lumahai Beach, Kauai, Hawaii, a cleverly secluded and completely stunning stretch of beach along the North Shore. The team had lots of fun playing in the sand, swimming and messing around, all of which had culminated in a massive game of volleyball, with Tony, Rhodey, Natasha and you on one side, then Bucky, Wanda, Clint and Vision on the other. Sam sat this one out, busying himself with taking photos of Bucky in embarrassing positions to piss him off with later.

All was well, until Bucky made it clear that he wants to compete with you. Every time you served, he’d strike the ball with such force that your team didn’t have a chance. Every time you tried to hit the ball onto the other side, he’d wait just opposite you, hitting the ball over as soon as it crossed the net.

This went on until Bucky tried showing off to you and jumped too close to one of the poles holding up the net. He miscalculated the distance and his foot smashed into the hook on the side of the pole, resulting in a large and painful cut spreading over three quarters of his foot.

This is why you were currently sitting in the shade of the tress, Bucky in a beach chair as you disinfected and bandaged up his injured foot.

Standing up once again, you fixed your black bikini top as you nodded to his foot. “All done.”

Bucky grinned and folded his arms over his bare chest, still quite shy of being seen this exposed despite your words of encouragement. “Thanks, doll. You’re an angel.”

You nodded sarcastically. “Sure. Scoot your cute ass over, I wanna sit beside you.”

Bucky cocked an eyebrow. “Why don’t you sit on my lap instead, (Y/n)?” He joked.

Smirking, you shrugged. “Why not?” Unceremoniously, you sat on his lap, crossing your legs over. You felt Bucky tense behind you and release a shaky, surprised breath.

“I… did not expect that.”

You laughed loudly and turned to him, tilting his chin up with your thumb. “Oh, you should get ready for much more to come.” When you kissed him, you could almost feel your heart jumping in a happy rhythm, even more so when Bucky kissed back with just as much passion as you.

The moment was cut short when something was dropped onto Bucky’s face. The brunet grunted, pulling away and picking up the object. It was a photograph.

A photograph of Bucky’s face when he injured himself, in fact, which closely resembled that of a terrified cat. Behind you, Sam laughed loudly in glee.

“Watch your back next time, Barnes!”

You laughed as Bucky rolled his eyes and swore under his breath.

In your eyes, Bucky was perfect just the way he was.

Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth

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Andrew’s and Neil’s heights have never been more than a small inconvenience. 

That is, until they move in together.

  • King the cat gets scared because of a package being delivered into the house and ends up jumping up on a rafter stretching across the ceiling.
  • Which King then can’t get down from.
  • Neil and Andrew obviously can’t reach a rafter and can’t seem to coax him to jump into their arms.
  • They try for what feels like an endless hour standing on chairs and couches and boxes and step stools attempting to convince King to jump into the box they are holding.
  • Just please take a moment to imagine two very short boys holding up random flat surfaced items and still not even being close to reaching the cat.

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In The Cupboard

Request: Remus x reader They are keeping the relationship secret but are caught making out in a store cupboard by McGonagall and paraded past the marauders. Tad darling, love the blog 💙

Originally posted by yoimspiderman

“Hi Remus.” – She greeted him after the professor dismissed the class. He looked up at the girl who smiled at him and leaned her hip against the desk, while he put his books and other belongings into his backpack.

“Hi Y/N.”

“Hello Y/N, we’re here too, but never mind.” – Sirius said with a wink, next to him Peter grinned wildly until James grabbed their collars and turned them towards the door.

“I was just wondering if you could help me with this Transfiguration essay. I mean, if you have some time for me.” – She asked loudly, biting her lip to hide a smile.

Remus looked at their friends; leaving the classroom somehow took forever to them. “Yes, sure.” – He said also aloud before the others finally left the place. He looked back at Y/N and turned his voice down. – “I’m getting tired of all these secrecy. Can’t we just tell them?”

The room was empty, so she stepped closer and took his hand into hers. “They wouldn’t stop teasing us. Just for a little while? I really enjoy being with you without becoming their first joke subject.”

Remus sighed. “You would never be a joke.” – They slowly started to walk out, leaving each other’s hand at the corridor. – “And they tease me anyway. About how obviously you are into me and why haven’t I asked you out yet.”

Y/N giggled. “Yes, Moony, why haven’t you asked me out yet?”

“Hmm, let me see.” – He said, stopping in the middle of the hallway. – “Oh, yes. It’d be a little problematic, as you don’t want anyone to see us together.”

She rolled her eyes with a smile before looked around – the corridor was still completely empty except a few first years. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the nearest broom closet, just a few steps from where they stood. “Intimate.” – Remus said while his girlfriend wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Don’t complain.” – She whispered from an inch from his lips while he sneaked his hands along the curve of her waist.

“I don’t.” – He muttered before started to kissing her, eagerly this time, unlikely from him. – “I really missed kissing you.” – He said, hardly leaving her lips. She smiled onto the kiss and ran her fingers through his brown locks, taking a half step closer to be completely pressed against him; but they stopped after a loud, clanking noise.

“Whoops.” – She said with a muffled laugh. Though they couldn’t see anything, they could assume from the sound she just kicked at least two metal bucket. Remus didn’t let himself distracted too long by this little accident; he grabbed her waist and lifted her up so she could wrapped her legs around him. They just started to kiss again when the door of the tiny room burst open, with the furious-looking McGonagall in front of it.

“Miss Y/L/N! Mr Lupin! What’s the meaning of this?” – She asked while Y/N jumped down and tried to adjust her disheveled clothes.

“I uh… we just…” – Remus started, or tried to save the situation, nervously running his fingers through his hair while both of them walked out from the cupboard.

“Oh, thank you Mr Lupin, but I saw very well what happened. You don’t need to explain to me.” – She said with her usual strict face. – “Now if you’d come with me.”

Y/N and Remus exchanged a weary glance while followed their Transfiguration teacher who couldn’t stop talking all along from the surprise and the anger as well. They just reached the corridor of the teacher’s room, where Y/N saw Sirius and Peter as they tried to help James climbing through the window, but dropped him onto the floor when they saw McGonagall, who didn’t seem she noticed them.

“My two best students!” – She kept talking, not even looking back at them.

“Oh, no.” – Remus murmured as the other marauders now looked at them with curios eyes.

“My two most decent student, kissing in a broom closet!” – She stopped and spun around. – “In a broom closet, Mr Lupin! You’re a prefect!”

Y/N looked at the boys, standing behind McGonagall. After they heard what happened, they only looked surprised for a moment before they all started to grin and listen carefully what more the professor had to say.

“Don’t blame him, professor, it’s my fault! I brought him there.”

A mildly impressed expression appeared on Sirius’ face while Peter and James tried to prevent themselves to burst into a loud laugh.

“I didn’t see Mr Lupin to protest!”

They both sighed and started to give up completely, while McGonagall went on, now with a lower voice. “This kind of behaviour is unacceptable in our school, I hope both of you can see that.” – They nodded and murmured several “Yes” and “Of course”, whilst they boys behind the Transfiguration teacher nodded with strict faces too. – “Since this was the first time – and I hope the last too – I won’t give you any serious punishment.” – They’d sighed in relief, but she continued. – “Although, you’ll get detentions on Friday. And Saturday. Separately.” – She finished and suddenly spun around, causing James to almost fell off. – “Now boys, do you have something to say? I’m sure you’d never do such things, Mr Black.”

“Me, professor?” – He answered after a loud gasp. – “Never!”

“I thought so.” – She said sarcastically, throwing one last glance at Remus and Y/N before she disappeared behind the teacher’s room’s door.

For a few, long seconds they tried to avoid they boys’ eyes, but James give up and started to speak with that usual childish grin on his face. – “Well, Moony, as a Headboy, I’m seriously disappointed in you. Snogging girls in a cupboard…”

“Yeah, Moony.” – Peter said with a strict tone, wildly smiling as well. – “With all those first years around the corridor…”

Sirius stepped closer and patted Remus’ shoulder. – “If it makes you feel better, I’m really proud of you.” – He said before turned his head towards Y/N. – “You too.”

They kept throwing their jokes at them without any break while they walked in the corridor; Remus just stayed in silence but Y/N could see he had a hard time with hiding a smile. “We should’ve told them earlier.” – She said finally, after James couldn’t stop laughing after his own joke and was unable to take a normal breath in.

“I told you so.” – Remus answered with a smug smile, but intertwined his fingers with hers.



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To the public eyes, you are a very calm, collected, prim and proper type of woman. The City of Gotham has never seen you lash out deliberately at anyone. They also have never seen you treat anyone like they are below you – some made rumours about how you always like to think you are above everyone – but what they do not know is that at home you are everything but what the city knows you as and everything but what the city thinks you are.

At home, you are a silly, loving wife and mother. Bruce married you knowing there are times you can get very cheeky and whenever you get cheeky, chaos ensues in the house. Though most of the time, it is within limit and nothing too bad ever happens. Except for that one time you accidentally sprained your wrist – this is another story for another day.

Today is no exception. You had woken up to Bruce’s arm around your waist and his head is buried in between two pillows. You squint at the clock and blink a couple of times when you realize that the both of you have slept in and slept way past your alarms. Waking up later than you normally would somehow throws you off. You could hear Bruce snoring and that brought a smile to your face. He must have been super tired and you also think it’s a little sweet how he had his head in between the pillows – he probably knew he would wake you up with his snoring.

You press a kiss on his shoulder, relishing his smell before pulling away. You gently lift his arm from your waist and roll off the bed with the intentions of washing up and presenting yourself to your boys. They probably think the two of you are up to no good and you can already hear them teasing the two of you.

You came out of the bathroom to see Bruce has taken the entire bed to himself, hugging a pillow to him. His face is still buried in one of the pillows. You smile to yourself before heading towards your vanity mirror. Even though you are at home, you always made sure to wear some light makeup because who knows who would be dropping by unexpectedly.

You were finishing up your makeup when Bruce suddenly turns over, snoring very loudly. This made you giggle. If the public ever finds out that the Bruce Wayne snores this loud, it will be funny for a couple of days and they are probably never going to let it go too. But you aren’t that mean. You snap your fingers when you realize there is something you can do.

It’s been a long time since you did a prank on Bruce too. You chuckle as you pick up your make-up kit before tip-toeing to the bed. It’s time for some fun with your husband.

Bruce wakes up when his stomach starts demanding for food. He rolls over to lay on his back, hand rubbing his stomach sleepily. His stomach growls once more and Bruce decides to just grab something light to bite before he takes a shower. He takes note that you aren’t in the bedroom so maybe he should find you first before he gets something to eat.

He isn’t quite surprise to see you in the living room, reading a book and having a cup of tea. Although he is surprised to see everyone in attendance: Dick is lounging by the sofa, flipping through channels, Tim is not on his laptop but is going through a few books he assumes are for his assignments and Jason has his head on your lap, snoozing away. Damian is snuggled up beside you, a blanket around his lap as he reads over your shoulder.

“Morning.” Bruce walks over to you, pressing a kiss on your temple. The smile on your face widens when you see the makeup still on his face and he has yet to realize to what you have put on him. You suppose he simply got out of bed because he was hungry or something.

“It’s way past afternoon, Bruce.” You look up at your husband. Bruce chuckles before patting your head.

Dick glances at Bruce and promptly burst out laughing, dropping the remote controller he had been holding. Because of his laughter, both Damian and Tim look up to see the cause of his sudden laughter. The moment they see Bruce’s face, they started laughing too. Damian’s laughter is more of a disbelief while Tim’s more of a mum’s-back-at-it-again laugh.

“You guys are so noisy.” Jason groans. He opens his eyes and lift his head up from your lap. You had to bite the inside of your cheeks to stop yourself from laughing. “What’s going on?” He looks around the place before his eyes land on Bruce’s face. “THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.” He bursts out laughing.

Bruce frowns. “Okay, I know I don’t look good when I just wake up but this is taking it too far.” He rolls his eyes, still wondering why in the world all of them are laughing. But one look at your face lights up the bulb in his head. He groans and holds your head gently. “Did you put something on my face, Y/N?”

You promptly burst out laughing too. Bruce sighs. As much as he wants to be mad, the entire family is having fun and that’s all that matters to him even if it’s at his expense.

“Did you make me pretty at least?” Bruce looks down at you and you giggle before nodding your head. “You are so lucky I love you, Y/N.”

This causes the boys to groan in distaste because of how mushy Bruce is being. Damian rolls off the chair and picks up the book you have discarded. “I think I am going to go read this book somewhere else before father’s face gives me a nightmare.” He tries to say this with a straight face but you knew he couldn’t – his shoulders is shaking and Damian is on the verge of laughing again. He quickly leaves.

Tim takes out his phone and snaps a few photos. He even went as far as taking photos with Bruce. “I think I’m going to get this printed and framed. Mum, you’re a genius.” Tim holds his fist out to you and you bumped him with your own fist. Tim grins before running out of the room – Bruce would have run after him because he doesn’t need a reminder of you putting makeup on him out in the public though he trusts Tim enough to not let it out to the public.

Jason wipes the tears away from his face. “The contour almost made it feel very weird.” Jason shakes his head. “I came here to take a nap and I feel so attacked right now.” Jason sits up and kisses your cheek. “Thanks for lending your lap, ma – I’m gonna go find Alfred to get something to eat now.” He tells you before taking one more look at Bruce. He quickly whips out his phone and snaps a photo of him. “I’m gonna need to show this to Roy and the gang.” He chuckles before leaving the room.

Dick is still laughing but not as hard as the first time he saw Bruce. He picked up the remote controller and shakes his head. “I always knew you’d look amazing with make-up, Bruce.” Dick chuckles. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?”

Bruce shakes his head. “I actually intended to eat food first before taking a shower. Speaking of which, would you join me for hi-tea then?” He looks down at you and you nod your head. “If you want to, you should join as well, Dick.”

Dick shakes his head. “Nah, don’t want to impose on the both of you and I’m quite comfortable here, really.” He stretches his legs. “Have fun eating and getting that makeup off of your face.”

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[ well damn. here ya go - hope you enjoy and thanks for requesting lol ]


“I-I…I am so sorry…” 

If you would had just started getting intimate, and it happened, I can see him feeling even more self conscious than when you two started. He would be apologizing left and right, trying to use his finger tips to wipe it off your face, only to end up spreading it around and making it worse. It was just a mess. 


“Aw, baby…you’re all dirty~” 

If you two weren’t strangers in intimacy, he’d most definitely take pride in being the only man who gets to see you like this - or make it happen, for that matter. 


“Uh…thank you..” 

The first times are always the awkward ones - and with Yoongi I kinda of see him not being able to express or be able to comprehend with what he just did. Sure, he’s far from being innocent, but seeing it happen right in front of him and now all over you, was definitely something new. He had no clue how to respond. So why not be polite about it and thank you? 


“Now what do we say?” 

Now the tables have turned on who should be the grateful one. After he’s finished with you, and the aftermath being all over your face, he’d caress it with a delicate finger - while staring deep into your eyes - waiting for you to respond properly. 

“Thank you, daddy~” 

“Good girl.”  


“….oh shit.” 

First time it happened, it would probably take him a minute to realize what he just did. It wasn’t his intention - his eyes were closed when it happened - and your face happened to be right in the splash zone. But, once he did come to his senses, in came the embarrassment. He couldn’t really look you in the eye for a while, just so you know. 


“You’re mine, and mine alone~” 

No shying away with the eye contact this time, not ashamed to look you in the eyes as he marked you as his. I feel like he would be the kind of guy to come on your chest, and possibly enjoy watching it slide down the rest of the way. 


“[Nervous giggle] You good?” 

After calming down and catching a glimpse of what he did, he couldn’t help but to laugh a little. Blush would cover his cheeks - partially because of the recent activity - but also because he’s not really used to that. Possibly would be a little reluctant at first, but if it was something you liked, he wouldn’t mind. 


“…you’re amazing…” 

Completely fucked out and coming back from euphoria, Hoseok couldn’t help but to just stare at you for a moment before collapsing onto the bed and just smile at the ceiling. The sight of you covered in the most purest part of him he can give you was something that sent him into even more bliss. He was in heaven. 


“You look so pretty like that, baby~” 

Would possibly say something so greasy, or childish. Either way he couldn’t take the situation seriously during the first time. Everything would be different, it would take him a minute to be able to wrap his head around that you just pleasured him with your mouth and now you were covered in his love…it was all just too much to take in, but didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy the sight. If anything the sight made him up for a round two. 


Fuck, I love you…” 

Imagine him breathing heavily before he’d whisper that to you. The wonders you would do to him to make him this weak were extraterrestrial; nothing he has ever experienced before. Not to mention how you excepted his arrival with open arms or open mouth.  Those words were the only things that came to mind when he wanted to express how you made him feel just then. 


“….now what?” 

The first time was definitely a stepping stone for Tae, what he just did made him feel like your relationship just took a ginormous leap. He just didn’t know what the step after that was going to be. Just like Namjoon, expect barely any eye contact for a while. 


“I’ll never get sick of seeing you like this, jagi.” 

Practice makes perfect. After a while, it would become a second nature for him to come on your face. More like a necessity, one might say.  It might even become one of his kinks. 


“ !!! ” 

This boy would legit panic. I don’t care what y’all say - I can see him just straight up tensing up right after it happened, mentally cursing at himself and not daring to look at the mess he just made. This was something he did not prepare for nor did he think would happen anytime soon. Yet here he was. 


He doesn’t say shit at all and just nods as he examines his work. Jungkook might just be the kinkiest of them all - I swear it’s always the ‘innocent’ looking ones that do the most dirtiest shit. Might fool around and make you straight up lick yourself clean, like wipe it off your face with your fingers and all that. 

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“Broken” (Chapter Eight)

So this chapter is difficult, but it ends in the best way I swear. Really showcases how good of a man and how good of an Alpha Tony really is in a way that Bucky just cant deny. It certainly isnt easy for me to write my Bucky-baby in pain, so be ready for your heart to break maybe a tiny bit. 


Also, this is random, but I know alot of you are only on Tumblr if you are tagged, so if you missed my post about wanting to mail out christmas cards to you guys, check it HERE

Enjoy :)


“Cap!” Sam pounded on their bedroom door before pushing it open. “Are you— oh sorry guys.” He stopped when he saw Bucky and Steve in bed and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Well well napping in the middle of the day? What’s this about?”

“It isn’t anything.” Bucky grunted and lifted off of Steve, smoothing his right hand over Steve’s blond hair before moving to sit in his own bed. “Just wanted some peace and quiet. What are you doin,? We already ran this morning.”

“Alarm came in.” Sam said in answer, and Steve was jumping out of bed, grabbing his suit and heading to the bathroom to change.  “He still doesn’t like to change in front of people huh?”

“Nope.” Bucky pushed his hair out of his eyes.”I bet he’s gotta do all sorts of wiggling to get into that tight thing. Nobody wants to see that.”

“Come on now!” Sam burst out laughing. “That’s an image I’m never gonna get out of my head!”

“Stop thinking about me getting dressed and let’s go.” Steve reappeared just that fast, opening the gun safe that held his shield and an assortment of other weapons. “We going or what?”

“Got that suit wiggle down quick doesn’t he?” Sam winked at Bucky and ducked when Steve pretended to throw his shield at him. “Calm down, golden boy, I was joking. Lets go.”

“Bucky.” Steve slid his shield onto his forearm and motioned for Bucky with his other hand. “I’ll let you know as soon as I can what’s going—“

“Steve.” Bucky interrupted. “You guys go do your superhero thing. I’m probably just going to sleep. You don’t need to check in on me, alright?”

“I’m nervous about leaving you alone.” He admitted and softened his voice. “It’s been months since we’ve been apart for more than a few hours.”

“I’m a big boy, Stevie.” Bucky smiled and bumped their noses together lightly. “Go save the world.”

“Okay.” Steve nodded. “Okay, but if you need anything—“

“He’ll use the bat phone!” Sam interrupted loudly. “Now let’s go already!”

Steve ducked his head and kissed Bucky’s lips before heading out the door.

Sam looked Bucky up and down. “Can I kiss you too?”

“You wanna keep your lips, punk?” Bucky shot back, and Sam laughed all the way down the hallway.

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Langst/Klangst Prompt

Okay so the team go on this mission, just a rescue mission, because they received a distress signal that morning. It turns out to be a trap, and Haggar is there and casts a spell on Lance. He has no idea what happened because he seemed okay. But it was really weird because right after she cast the spell she flew away from them and the planet. They go back and conclude that Lance is okay, and they go to bed. The next day Lance sees a small bruise on his leg and figures “hey it’s probably just from the battle yesterday” except it wasn’t. The next day he has a bruise on his arm. Then a deep scratch down his chest. Then strangle marks on his neck and so forth. Part of the spell is that the healing pod doesn’t work on him, because, well, magic. Everyday a new injury appears worse than the last, the team realize quick that they have to stop the spell before it kills him. So imagine Lance suffocating, and curling up in disgust with each new scar he gets. Imagine Lance not wanting to go to sleep because he is afraid of the new injury he gets with each new day. Imagine the bonding moments between Keith and Lance…..MmMMmmm Has this been done yet?? Probably???


Giving Jughead the silent treatment

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