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dean + broken

The pregnancy had gone off without a scratch. Mary had given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy and after both Mary and John were given the chance to hold the beautiful boy that they named Dean, they took him away to run all the test that they needed to run before he would be released back into their care.

It wasn’t that anything was wrong, it was just the way that things were done and the young couple sat together, waiting for the doctor to walk back in with their son so that they could go home and start their new life.

Except when the doctor returned, he didn’t have Dean in his arms. Instead, he walked in with a small frown on his lips.

He said that Dean was born deaf and there was honestly no reason to explain it, why it happened. Sometimes a child is born and for whatever reason they couldn’t hear.

John felt like he had been punched in the gut. His son, his beautiful baby boy had hardly been alive for two hours and he was already was going to struggle more than any child should.

But then the doctor, after he had apologized, explained that there was a fix. There was an implant that would allow for Dean to be able to hear. An easy fix and John felt like the air had been sucked out of his lungs.

“You want to change my son before he can even speak?” John spit. “You want to change who he is?”

The doctors eyes widened. “I didn’t mean it like that, sir. It’s not uncommon for a child to be born deaf and I was just presenting you an option that would be able to fix his hearing.

“Dean is not broken. There is nothing to be fixed.”

[ ship/character + word ]

Keith and Lance are so similar and they don’t even know it.

From the way they sit (with their legs spread out lool)

To their facial expressions

To what they do on their free time (swimming lol)

(And also wanting to be fighter pilots at the Garrison??)

To what they wear (their swimsuits are so similar!!)

(And this is probably a long shot but white collar, white hoodie, similar random yellow stripe on their clothing except Lance’s is just a bit darker and on his arm?)

To their hair, look at their bean sprouts LOOL

To the way that they look at each other (kinda like “What the hell is going on in his head?”)

And bonus, those cute smiles that they give each other sometimes


S1 gifset: Magnus does not like to be touched now with added S2

#Magnus is respectful about touching others #he does not like to be grabbed at himself #people touching him without his express consent #like izzy holding up her arms to hug #except for his old friend and brother ragnor #the only one who magnus allows 

#and now here is alec #first grabbing wildly at him #then touching him gently #sparking this expression

Your First Kiss (Harry Potter Preferences)

Harry Potter:

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He was so preoccupied with not messing it up, you had to take charge and make the first move.

Ron Weasley:

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Everything has been building up to this, sure it’s a little awkward at first, but everything is!

Draco Malfoy:

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He wastes no time letting you leave at the end of the date without a kiss, pulling you back in for more.

Fred Weasley:

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He always has to make you laugh, and this is no exception. Starting a tickle war before pulling you into his arms.

George Weasley:

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You share your first kiss waltzing around the Gryffindor common room at 3 am one night, the perfect end to a perfect night.

Neville Longbottom:

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Your first kiss has been a long time coming. It’s all together awkward, yet sweet.

An Unpublished and Possibly Unique Macedonian Coin

This silver tetradrachm was struck in Salamis circa 300-295 BC during the reign of Demetrios I Poliorketes of Macedon. The obverse shows Nike blowing a trumpet and holding a stylis, alighting to left on a left-facing galley prow. The reverse shows the inscription ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ and Poseidon, nude except for a wreath of reeds and a chlamys wrapped around his left arm. He is striding left while hurling a trident from his upraised right hand; monogram of AYN to left, Σ to right. Unpublished in the Standard References, including Newell, possibly unique. This coin is extremely fine, well struck and centered; engraved in very fine style and very well preserved for the type.

Distracted - Archie x Reader

I’ll be starting uni soon so I think getting more sleep is a pipe dream but thanks for the sentiment! Also here you go, enjoy!

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He’s sure that everyone can see it. Everyone can see it, except for them. Archie grumbles in frustration as he stretches his arms out, in an attempt to show them off, glancing in your direction for the tenth time in five minutes.

“Dude,” Reggie snorts in amusement, “Give it a rest,”

“Not until they notice me,” he says, determined.

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Being Friends Archie & friends Would Include

request: Could you do A being friends with the Archie and friends imagine? 

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A/N: uh, can I please be in this friend group?? xx aubree

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- knowing each other since you were little

- family-like bond

- excepting Veronica with open arms 

- friend-dates constantly

- helping Archie with his music

- going to every football game to support your best friend

- having a ‘reserved’ booth at Pop’s

- everyone in town knows not too sit in that booth because it is yours

- helping Betty and Jug with the Blue & Gold

- helping Veronica get back at Chuck for his slut-shaming

- helping Jughead with his novel

- trying your best not to bitch-slap Cheryl when she is mean to Betty or Veronica

- loving your friends with all of your heart

- smacking Archie when you find out about Ms. Grundy


- being there for each other, no questions asked.

- seriously, you guys would die for each other.

- or kill for each other

I just love the au that when you write on your skin it shows up on your partners skin like imagine Hamilton writing notes upon notes all up this arms and Jefferson being like yo what the fuck and Jefferson always writes dates of things but Hamilton has so many scribbles that he can never make anything out. Then imagine that one day Jefferson gets sick of never meeting this stranger so he writes “*name of restaurant* 6pm tonight. Come” and that’s how they finally meet, Jefferson looking his best outside a fancy French restaurant and Hamilton running fifteen minutes late, hair flying in every direction, buttons undone, sleeves rolled up at different lengths, and notes still covering his arms except for one patch on his wrist left bare. Their eyes meet and Thomas just falls in love instantly

So time for dumb headcanon, Halloween rolls around and Victor decides that he wants to celebrate by watching scary movies with Yuri. See, this is a great idea because Yuri will get spooked and Victor can hold his hand and cuddle him during the scary parts and it’ll be great. But he needs some super scary ones to be sure this works, so he asks around and finds out Minako is a horror movie connoisseur and gets her to loan him the scariest ones in her collection. It’s fine, Victor doesn’t spook easily! This couldn’t possibly backfire!

So he convinces Yuri to join him for movie night and gets them all nice and cozy on the couch and gets the movie started, waiting for Yuri jump into his arms in a moment of terror….except wow, this movie is….pretty scary. Actually really really scary. And Yuri does indeed jump and grab at Victor at the first big scare, and promptly lets go and laughs sheepishly about it. Hopefully he’s too distracted to notice that Victor was clinging pretty tight to him too. But the scares keep coming and finally Victor slips and grabs for Yuri’s hand and Yuri finally realizes that Victor is just as scared as he is. Which Victor denies when Yuri asks, but eventually he has to abandon his pride and cling onto Yuri because dammit, this movie is just too much. How embarrassing.

The good news is Yuri actually agrees to sleep with him after the movie because there’s no way either of them can handle going to bed alone after getting so spooked.

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okay but imagine bucky discovering lush and bath bombs and actually wondering if it's a real bomb for a minute because "why else would they call it a bomb that's dumb" until you show him and then he just always wants to take baths with bath bombs with you (except the glittery ones, because the glittery never comes out of his arm)

Oh he would love bath bombs and imagine how great he’d smell. Sam just says “what smells like berries?” and Bucky just smiles and says “me”

Fluffy Friday™

Fullmetal Alchemist AU where everything’s the same except Ed makes up stupid stories as to why he lost his arm and leg and they’re different every time someone asks. 

ex: “I got attacked by a shark” 
“I stubbed my toe and decided I didn’t want it anymore”
“I went through a steampunk phase”
“Sheep are vicious when they’re hungry”


Amon smiling at Kaneki (*´д`*)

Remember Who You Want

Warning: Smut

When they first walked into the shop, Joe figured the assistant was just doing her job by being attentive.

But now that they had been in there for nearly half an hour, and she had barely even glanced at him. All her attention was instead on Jack.

And he meant all her attention. Because she was constantly batting her eyelashes, tossing her hair back as she laughed at Jack’s silly little comments, and her fingers lingered along his arm or chest.

Except that wasn’t the part that bothered Joe, well alright, it bothered him a little, because he never enjoyed watching other people flirt with Jack. But the part that really bothered him was that Jack was flirting back. Purposely.

That part got Joe’s blood boiling, and his entire body had been tensed for the past fifteen minutes or so, he could not relax. He had tried to get Jack to leave, but the younger man was having too much fun apparently, because he had waved Joe off and went back to shopping and flirting.

Eventually, Joe simply walked out of the shop and sat down on a nearby bench, unable to handle watching his boyfriend flirt openly with another person.

“There you are!” Jack calls out, slipping onto the bench beside him. “I turned around and you were gone.”

“Needed some fresh air.”

“Feeling okay?”

“Just fine. Ready to go home?” Joe stands and starts walking without waiting for an answer, the jealously still pulsing through his body.

“Hey,” Jack hurries to catch up, glancing over at Joe, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Just want to go home.”

“Joe,” Jack grabs his arm, spinning the smaller man around, “What the hell is going on?”

“We aren’t talking about this here.” Joe snaps, pulling his arm out of Jack’s grasp, “It can wait until home.”

“Right.” Jack nods, letting his hand fall to his side, “Then let’s go home.”

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Has anybody noticed that every time iris and barry hug she hugs him on the left side, every single time.. I think this is more of a candice and grant thing like she almost never hugs him on the left side. Now my question is do you favor a side when you hug someone?

You’re right! Iris/Candice’s head is always on Barry/Grant’s left side when hugging. Another thing I noticed is almost always, her hands hug him around his neck except the one time she wrapped her arms around his body in 3.09, after Barry just witnessed her death, and I think it was sweet, even though Iris didn’t know about it.