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Dating Fred Weasley Would Include

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  • Teasing each other all the time but adding “I love you” and a kiss to the end of each little tease.
  • Snape deliberately splitting the two of you up and placing you on opposite sides of the classroom. He made the mistake of partnering the two of you up once, and he’s never doing that again.
    - Fred coming over and leaning on your table and giving you a wink, “Blow things up here often?”
  • Snape keeping you after class because you were one of his best students until you started seeing Fred and he’s “disappointed”. Fred kisses you as soon as you leave the class, which gets a very disapproving cough from Snape.
  • Fred meeting you outside each and every class, often surprising you by grabbing you and pushing you against the wall to kiss you.
  • Eventually you tell him you’re worried about yours (and his) grades so Fred starts trying super hard to impress you. He even told you he couldn’t go on a date with you because he had to study. That earned an eyebrow raise from you so he gave in and the two of you had a study date.
  • Fred’s eyes lighting up whenever he makes you smile. ESPECIALLY if you do that look-down-blush-smile.
  • Fred blatantly kissing you in the middle of the corridor just to annoy people and to make sure everyone knows you’re his.
  • “God I love you, (Y/n).”
  • Molly loves you and thinks you’re the sweetest thing. She makes you a jumper with your initial on it and invites you over every holidays. She just loves you.
  • Ginny loves you as well because you’re like an older sister to her. She asks you to braid her hair. She sits in front of you and Fred sits behind you and it’s a little train (except Fred sort of just plays with your hair and kisses you occasionally.)
  • George is a little bit jealous. Even though you and him are really good friends, it’s hard having his twin brother find someone perfect for him while he’s alone.
  • Lots of tickle fights
  • Going to the Yule Ball with Fred. He doesn’t ask you at first because he just assumes you’ll go with him. You end up teasing him and saying he hasn’t asked you yet. He asks you and you say, “Hmmm. I don’t know I’ll have to think about it, weigh in my options.” Fred laughs and kisses you, “I’ll eagerly await your reply.”
  • Both of the twins are incredibly protective over you.
  • If you play Quidditch, you’re a Chaser. If you’re on their team, Fred and George fiercely protect you, but if you’re on the other team (maybe you’re a beater), it’s war. “Whoops sorry Honey didn’t see you there.” As a bludger goes sailing past your ear.
  • Joking and confusing people who don’t understand your relationship; Are you dating? Enemies? Friends?
  • Fred getting jealous at little things when he’s in a mood. You have to hold him back from getting in fights.
  • Fred asking you to marry him a week before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The two of you try and keep it secret until after their wedding so as not to not steal their thunder but Molly finds out and is so happy for the two of you. (George already knows)
  • Dancing at their wedding until your feet ache and your cheeks ache from smiling so much. 
  • After a few drinks Fred lets it slip to Ron that the two of you are engaged. Ron loudly exclaims “What!?”.
  • Fred loses you in the crowd and drunkenly screams “Where is my wife?!” Then everyone knows.
  • You and Fred end up getting married and Fred is just so happy he can’t stop smiling and he is running around excitedly telling everyone he’s going to spend the rest of his life with you. 


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Hi there, I was interested in knowing who provided the voice of Mr. Wednesday in the 10th Anniversary audiobook version of American Gods. I listened to the book about a year ago and immediately thought that the voice resembled that of Ian McShane, but have been unable to find a list of who provided what characters for the audiobook. Thank you!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. It’s the cast list for AMERICAN GODS. I think everyone is in it, except me.





















harry potter books rated by how passionate oliver wood is about quidditch
  • sorcerer’s stone: oliver just lets a fresh 11-year-old boy wizard join his team, no questions asked. tells this kid there’s a sport where the balls want to kill you and basically says "good luck out there." known for his long-winded speeches and love for the game. very passionate. solid start. (7/10)
  • chamber of secrets: oliver doesn’t care if there’s a monster on the loose snatching up schoolchildren willy-nilly. YOU CAN'T CANCEL QUIDDITCH. (7/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: his obsession now borders on manic. he doesn’t care if harry lives or dies. gryffindor finally wins the quidditch cup (probably the crowning achievement of oliver’s life tbh), and there now are no worlds left to conquer. (12/10)
  • goblet of fire: the world cup happens, this is true, but oliver wood has graduated from hogwarts. as a result of this and nothing else, no one plays quidditch the entire year (5/10)
  • order of the phoenix: harry asks if oliver’s been killed because angelina johnson seems to be channeling his spirit. however, oliver wood is playing for the puddlemere united reserve team and is thankfully alive and well. (3/10)
  • half-blood prince: no mention of oliver wood nor his abiding love of quidditch, except for when fred says oliver would’ve murdered the entire slytherin team if he could’ve gotten away with it. we can assume he’s gently caressing a broomstick wherever he is, but the fact remains that we can’t KNOW. (2/10)
  • deathly hallows: oliver takes a quick break from quidditch to fight in the battle of hogwarts. he’s fighting for a new world, a better world—a world where quidditch is allowed to continue existing. very noble. (9/10)
Chocolate Frogs and O.W.L.s


*Weasley Twins-centric


“And so another class has passed without so much as a peep from Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes slightly, a small smile on your face. “You two spoke enough to fill any dead space there may have been.”

“Come on,” George said. “Doesn’t it get boring, doing what’s expected of you all the time?”

“I don’t always do what’s expected of me.”

“No?” Fred asked.

You shook your head. “For example… I did next month’s essay last night, which was far from expected.”

Now it was the twins’ turn to roll their eyes. “Y/N, you’ve got to learn to live a little.”

“Come to the Quidditch match this week, Y/N,” Fred said. “Without your book.”

“But that’s such a waste of valuable study time.”

“I’ll help you study afterward,” Fred promised.

“Mmhmm. I think you mean I’ll help you study. You’ve dropped a little in Potions.”

“Only because Snape hates us Weasleys,” George noted.

“What do you say, Y/N?”

“I don’t know…”

“I’ll give you a chocolate frog if you come.”

“Trying to win me over with sweets?”

“Will it work?”

You smiled slightly. “I’ll be there.”

The Weasleys cheered, which caused your cheeks to flush.


Sure enough, the Weasleys spotted you sitting in the stands on Saturday, in the lower corner of the Ravenclaw section. They waved to you, earning a small smile, but couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable you looked.

“It’d be easier if she had friends,” George noted.

“And that’d be easier if she actually talked to people,” Fred replied.

“I’m still not sure how we actually got her to talk to us.”

“Our devilish charm and good looks.”

After the match (Gryffindor having won by a very slight lead), the Weasleys met you in the library, flanking you at the table.

“A chocolate frog, as promised,” George said, setting the candy next to you.

“And a second, for being so sweet yourself,” Fred said, setting his down as well.

“Did you have fun at the match?” George asked.

“It was… a nice way to pass the time,” you said.

“Told you.”

“You really should trust us more, Y/N,” Fred said.

“I do,” you said. “In every subject except Potions.”


“Y/N,” Fred said, grabbing your arm and leading you down the hall. “I’ve got something really fun for you to partake in.”

“I feel that your idea of fun and mine are two totally different things.”

“Nonsense. How do you feel about dueling?”

“I think it’s a stupid way to show masculinity.”

“Or a brilliant way to show smarts.”

“Fred, what are you–”

“Come, come.”


“What exactly is going on in here?”

The room became quiet, all eyes turned to McGonagall. Her lips were tight as she stared at you, the only one with wand in hand.

“Please don’t tell me this is a dueling club,” McGonagall said. “Unsupervised activities are not allowed.”

“We were supervising it,” George said.

“Nothing’s happened,” Fred noted.

“Except Y/N completely wiping the floor with all of these losers.”

McGonagall said nothing for a moment, her eyes hard. But they softened slightly as she said, “Well, I would expect nothing less from our best student.”

“Best student?” Fred asked.

“I thought for sure that was one of us,” George said.

The corner of McGonagall’s mouth twitched before she turned and left, saying nothing more about the subject of best students or illegal dueling clubs.

“All right,” George said after a few moments. “Class dismissed. Keep your ears peeled for our next meeting.”

The rest of the students wandered out, sending pointed looks toward you and sharing whispers among themselves.

“What was that about ‘best student’?” Fred asked, stepping next to you.

“Oh. Um. I…”

The Weasleys shared a look. “What were your O.W.L.s?”


“How many O’s did you get?” Fred gently asked.


“All?!” The Weasleys could barely contain their surprise.

“Damn,” George said. “I knew you were smart, Y/N, but I didn’t think you were that smart.”

“Why the hell do you hang out with us?” Fred asked. “Surely we’re too stupid for you.”

“You… treat me like a normal person,” you said. “You’re nice to me.”

The twins shared a look. There was a sad sort of smile on your face as you crossed over and grabbed your bag.

“Come on, Miss Perfect,” Fred said, linking his arm through yours.

“Let’s go see if we can sneak anything out of the kitchen,” George said, linking his through your other arm.

“Or,” you noted. “We could go share a chocolate frog by the lake.”

No Boys!

Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request: SO I HAVE THIS IDEA because the girl’s dormitories have this spell on them saying “As the founders considered boys to be less trustworthy they put a spell on the stairwell to prevent boys from entering that caused the stairs to turn into a slide“ and i thought that would be really cute if fred and george tried to find a way to sneak in! love your writing!!

A/N: Sorry for being away for so long, I’ll try and be more active! I’ve had major Fred and George feels of late… Do any of you guys sometimes have Fred days and George days?? because some days I’m like ‘yeah George would be so sweet and cute and maybe a little shy when talking to Y/n’ but some days I’m like ‘yeS Fred would be so outgoing and flirty and stuff to her’ and idk some days I’m in a Fred mood and some days I am in a George mood can anyone relate whatsoever? ramble over, enjoy the story folks

Squicks: None

“Why are boys less trustworthy anyway?” Fred asks with his arms crossed. Angelina and Katie had just walked into the boy’s dormitory to talk to Oliver, as well as Hermione having a deep discussion with Harry and Ron.

“They can all come into our dorms, but we can’t go into theirs, what’s up with that?” Fred adds.

“What does it matter? If they’re always coming in here, then why would we need to go in there?” George asks as Fay Dunbar also walked into the room.

“Because, Georgie, that isn’t the point,” Fred tuts. Before he could continue supporting his argument, Ginny walked in as well,

“Merlin, not you too!” Fred exclaims, throwing his arms up in the air and earning a strange look from Ginny,

“What’s his problem now?” Ginny asks in a bored tone to George,

“He’s debating the flaws in this school’s feminism and how we as men don’t have the same rights as women,” George replies, not looking up from his book.

“Why can’t boys go into the girl’s dorms anyway?” Fred argues,

“Because boys mess up things,” Ginny responds, “we’ve got everything in our dorms where they should be, whereas if we were to mess up anything in here I’d say it wouldn’t make much of a difference” she continues, looking around the cluttered and unorganised room,

“Still… I think we should be just as entitled to go into your dorms as much as you lot come into ours,” Fred grumbles.

“Who do you want to see in there anyway?” Ginny asks with a sly smile, getting George to join back into the conversation,

“That’s a good point actually, what do you want to go in there for anyway?”

“It’s not to see anyone,” Fred objects defensively, “it’s about the principles and equality, I personally stand for equal rights between the sexes, and I also happen to believe—“

“You want to go in and see Y/n don’t you,” Ginny says matter-of-factly.

“Ah yeah, the (h/c) girl, that’d be right,” George agrees,

“Shut up, that’s not why I want to go in there, and I don’t want to go in there anyway, it’s probably all tidy and pink and smelling like flowers or whatever you girls spray in there,”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind seeing you either,” Ginny says as if Fred hadn’t even opened his mouth,

“I bet she would, we’re going to have to come up with a loophole to get you in there, ay Freddie?” George says, nudging his brother with his elbow.

“Look, I’m as keen to break the school rules as the next guy, but I am not doing this just to see Y/n, alright?”


It had been about a full week and somehow the rule-breaking masterminds of Hogwarts were unable to figure a way around the darn ‘no boys’ rule.

“So let’s go over it again,” George says for maybe the fourth time, “when a guy tries to enter the girl’s dorm, the—“

“Stairs turn into a slide and you fall down, yes we know we’ve tried,” Fred says, resting his head in his hand and playing with his food.

“We tried going in with Ginny and it still didn’t work…” George continues,

“And we tried Polyjuice Potion, but that bloody backfired…” Fred adds, shuddering.

“There’s no gender changing potions or spells, are there?” George thinks,

“Unlikely, and even if it was, I don’t think I’d be too up for it,” Fred says, “We want to go in there as males anyway, so there’s be no point in that,”

“Thank goodness, you’re both still alive,” Y/n says as she sits in the middle of the two boys,

“Why wouldn’t we be?” George asked confusedly, while Fred sits there silently, keeping his eyes on Y/n.

“Well it’s been so quiet around here all week with no pranks, I was beginning to wonder what happened to you two,” Y/n teases.

“We’re trying to hatch a master plan,” George says, looking out the window,

“Ah, that sounds about right,” Y/n giggles, “What’re you trying to do?” she says as she looks at Fred.

“Oh, right, we’re trying to find a way to get into the girls dormitory… Strictly for equality purposes only, you know, for men’s rights and… equality,” Fred rambles, causing Y/n to laugh,

“And here I was thinking you two were just wanting to drop in to say hello,” She smiles,

“Well, maybe that too,” Fred smiles back.

“So,” George interrupts, “We are trying to find a loophole in the rule, or a way of getting in”.

“Well it’s obvious, isn’t it?” Y/n says, earning a confused look from the twins, “just don’t go in through the door,”

“Ah yes, great idea, Y/n, why didn’t we think of that Freddie!” George says sarcastically, “We’ll just jump up seven stories into their window—“

“Or fly up…” Fred says, eyes widening as he finally understands,

“You’re both in the Quidditch team, with your own brooms, how did you not think of this earlier?” Y/n chuckles,

“We’re idiots,” George says, looking over at Fred before putting his head in his hands with shame.

“You’re a genius,” Fred says, smiling at the girl,

“You two just try to make things too complicated,” she laughs, “Hopefully I’ll see you tonight in the girl’s dorm if this plan all works out,” she says to them both, but possibly more directed at Fred.

— — That night — —

“Ready Fred?”

“Ready George,”

The twins had managed to sneak past Filch and Mrs. Norris, so that they were now on the frosty grass outside of the castle, almost directly under Gryffindor Tower.




They pushed off the ground and flew into the night’s sky, soaring upwards with the crisp air freezing their skin.

“There it is, Georgie, let’s hope this works!”

— —

Meanwhile, Y/n was sitting up in bed reading, while girls walked in and out of the dorm doing who know’s what. Y/n was waiting, hoping, for Fred and his brother to come to the window, so she could spend just a little more time with Fred. Y/n, of course, fancied Fred, and had no idea about how he felt towards her. She liked the way that he always had time for fun, even with the huge load of schoolwork they received. She loved the way that he and his brother would always come up with new and exciting tricks to do on the teachers and students. She loved how he would always have the best snarky comments to say back to someone, and always being able to make her laugh. The way his eyes sparked when he spoke about something he was passionate about was another one of her favourite things about him. She loved how—

*tap tap*

Y/n’s head snapped around to the window, to see Fred and George Weasley outside the window on their brooms, teeth chattering in the cold air.

She got up straight away to open the window, to which they flew inside and landed on the floor.

“WE DID IT!” they both cheered, high-fiving each other.

George looked around at the little circular room, taking in all of the tidiness, makeup and posters of attractive Quidditch platers above the beds, and was honestly not as impressed with the room as he thought he would be.

Fred, however, was extremely impressed with the view, as he was looking straight at Y/n.

“You did it, Fred!” She beamed as she pulled Fred in for a hug.

“Yeah, it was worth it I reckon,” he smiles.

“What, really? Our dorm isn’t really much different from yours,” she replies,

“I’m not talking about the dorm, Y/n,” Fred says, still holding Y/n in his arms. As she looked up at him, he bent his head down and kissed her on the lips. George hollered while the few girls still in the room cheered, with Ginny simply saying ‘called it’.

They both puled away from each other, their cheeks both a little pink (to which Fred claimed that the only reason his were red was from the cold outside, adding that Y/n had no excuse other than the fact that he was so incredibly sexy).

“Well now that you’ve found a way into the girl’s dorm, will I be seeing more of you in here?” Y/n asked with a smile,

“It’d be so much easier if you just came into ours, but I may make the exception for you on occasions,” Fred said, kissing her again.

Next Generation Headcanons

- Scorpius was Lilys very first crush, she gave him up after figuring out that he’s into Albus

- Lily is super empathic but also very manipulative. She can get everyone to do whatever she wants. Most of the time they don’t even notice.

- Lily’s Gryffindor. No one understands it, they suspect that she somehow managed to trick the hat into putting her to Gryffindor

- Lily and James have a bet about who Scorpius will date. Lily says Albus and James thinks it’ll be Rose

- There’s actually a lot betting going on in the Weasley/Potter family. They literally bet about everything. “Which team will win Quidditch game?” “When will Teddy and Victoire finally get together?” “Who gets the next detention?”

- The loser punishment is always the same. They have to be the winners servant for a whole day. Any day.

- They love to win against Teddy, most of the time he has to go to detention for them.

- Everyone quickly learnes that Lily and Rose always win. Well, everyone except James.

- James and Fred (jr.) are in the same year. They’re probably worse than the marauders and the twins together.

- George secretly provides them with whatever they need for pranks, he’s very proud of his son

- Of course Angelina knows what George is doing, but she pretends not to notice

- James and Fred are the masterminds of their pranks but they’re only successful because they have friends or family in every single Hogwarts house who are more than willing to help them execute their plans

Note: English isn’t my first language, I’m sorry for any mistake I made

The Accident Part 2

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

Fandom: Riverdale

Ship: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead, Archie, Fred (Archie’s Dad)

Warnings: mild nudity but no real descriptions; mentions of the car accident; mentions of self-harm (side note: if you have the urge to hurt yourself, please don’t do it. Someone out there loves you. I love you. Nothing is worth hurting yourself. If you ever need to talk to someone, my inbox is open.)

Like/reblog if you want a part three! I also accept all requests, so please do not hesitate to drop one in my ask.

Get ready for Emotional!Jughead and it made me want to cry.

Also get ready for Asshole!Archie (in this, Archie likes Y/N so he is being really nasty)


This left you and Jughead alone again. For the first time, you had finally seen his soft, non-sardonic side, and you liked it. Slowly, sleep came over you, to the feeling of Jug rubbing your hand.

When you woke up, you felt someone leaning onto your shoulder. Gently moving your head to see, it was just Jughead. He’d probably fallen asleep shortly after you did. Even in slumber, his hands were wrapped around yours. After looking to the clock on the wall, you saw it was nearly noon already, and Fred and Archie would pick you up in the near future. Soon enough, Jug stirred awake and pulled away, asking, “I’m sorry for leaning on you, did that hurt?”

You shook your head right away, “No, Jug, it didn’t hurt. You’re fine.”

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After Death

@quicklikegaston requests: Fred Weasley x reader with prompts “Say something. Please.” And “Marry me.” Maybe after the war? (With Fred surviving and stuff)

Imagine: After the battle everyone was sullen afterwards. Especially Y/N after losing Fred. But maybe there is life after death.

Words: 1,500

Warning: Extremely sad at the beginning. Mentions of the war. Sad thoughts?

Gifs are not mine.


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Lock The Door - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hi Kristian! Could you please write one for me? the reader may stay in the burrow for the holidays and they want to swim in the lake. At first the reader & Fred are shy and amazed when they see each other’s body but then they get a little bit more comfortable with it and they playing in the water. The rest of Weasleys figure out that they have a secret crush on each other and Ginny making a plan how to hook them up. Sorry for language mistakes- I’m from Poland;) I’m very tall blonde, Gryffindor

A/n: Sorry if this came out crappy but I hope you enjoy!

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Of course, I’ll come” I laughed nervously.

Here we go again, another time failing to tell the truth but how could I say No to Mrs. Weasley. I was walking around Hogwarts when she found me, she asked me to stay with her family over the holidays. When I said failing to tell the truth I didn’t mean that I don’t like to go to the burrow for the holidays, I love going over there for the holidays. It’s just that - there’s someone I would like to avoid.

Not because I hate him, I have a slight crush on him. Well, slight may be an understatement. I have a huge crush on him but I’ve never ever told a single soul besides my teddy bear who thinks I should talk to him. She has a mind of her own.

Fred Weasley was known for his infamous legendary pranks that he performs with his twin brother, George. Even though they looked the same, I could always tell the difference between them. I met them my first year on the Hogwarts express. I instantly fell in love with Fred’s rebellious attitude and gorgeous smirk.

We were sorted into the same house and he asked me to sit with him. Our very active friendship has dwindled over the past years and now we hardly talk but I think it’s okay. I liked him but I would rather have our small friendship than nothing at all.

Ginny came to my room to help me pack, she talked about how much fun it would be but my mind was focused on other things. What am I going to do? I’m a walking talking mess when I’m around Fred. What if he does small talk? Oh hi, I have a huge crush on you.

“(Y/n)!” Ginny’s voice entered my thoughts. I blinked a few times as I stopped spacing out before looking at her.

“Sorry, I just- what was it?” I asked her.

“Fred. My brother”

“What- what about him?” I ask nervously. Was I talking to myself out loud?

“He seemed pretty excited when he heard you were coming” she grinned smugly.

“Whatever Ginny” I laugh to play it off but I keep my head down to hide the heat rushing to my cheeks just thinking about Fred. Did she know?


I watched out the window as the Hogwarts Express came to a halt at platform nine and three quarters. My heart began to race and my nerves began to build. I’m not ready to stay in the same household as Fred for a few weeks.

When Mrs. Weasley asked me if I wanted to stay over, in those few seconds I wasn’t thinking about her, Mr. Weasley, Ginny, Ron or George. I was thinking about Fred. What will happen there is what I kept asking myself and I still haven’t thought of an answer.

I stood up to grab my luggage and yanked on the strap. It was heavy and I mean really heavy. It was filled with weeks worth of clothing, of course it was heavy. When we entered the train, one of the older students put my luggage up for me.

I wasn’t strong but I sure was tall. I tugged on the luggage again and I felt it tip but I pushed it back onto the rack quickly. If I pulled this thing down there’s a ninety eight percent chance that it’s going to fall on me and hurt me. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest angrily.

“Need any help?” I heard a voice say from me. I knew that voice so well, I kind of froze up. I slowly turn and look up to be met with big brown orbs. It was Fred. He towered over me by a foot.

“I - I” I kept on stuttering so I nodded my head and tucked a piece of my blonde hair behind my ear timidly. I pointed at the luggage. “Please” I said it softly.

He grabbed it and took it off the rack with ease. I find myself staring at his muscular arms, so much for trying to not seem weird around him.

“See something you like?” A smirk playing on his lips. Oh yeah, you.

“Um… Sorry. Thank you” I mutter before quickly leaving the compartment with my luggage rolling behind me. That went well.


“(Y/n)! Let’s go!” Ginny yelled from downstairs.

“Okay! I’m coming down!” I yelled back.

Right at this very moment I wish there was a black hole that would swallow me whole. The whole Weasley gang wanted to go swimming in the lake near by the burrow. I was currently in front of the body mirror in Ginny’s room, I didn’t want to go outside with Fred.

I’m shy to show my body especially to my crush. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I walked outside to see most of them in the lake already splashing each other with water. The closer I got, I noticed that there was one red head missing. Fred.

I stood near the lake and saw Fred sitting at the shallow part of the lake. He looked at me then when we made contact he looked away. I did the same as he did, sitting on the shallows.

“Are you both not coming in?” Ginny asked. Everyone in the lake stopped playing and looked at us. Oh no. I looked at Fred again to see him looking at me. It was my turn to look away. I stood up and put my hands at the hem of my T-shirt. Hesitantly pulling it up over my head doing the same with my shorts.

From the corner of my eye, I see Fred doing the same. Discarding his clothes hesitantly as well. We kept stealing glances at each other as we went into the water slowly. After that everyone began to play in the water except me and Fred. I didn’t know what to do. I kept looking at the water to distract myself from Fred. His body was perfect to me.

I gasped as I felt a large mass of water fall over my head. I looked up to see Fred smiling down at me with a bucket in his arms. I grabbed a nearby floating noodle and smacked it on his head laughing. I no longer felt shy, I was actually comfortable. That whole day, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Fred and I were having a noodle fight, splashing water at each other and over all having a good time. I think this time with Fred put me one step closer to him.

~Ginny’s POV~

“Hurry Ron! Your always last!” I muttered as Ron came scuffling tiredly into the room.

“What is it Ginny? I’m tired” Ron complained.

“You’re always tired” Everyone in the room said at the same time. Ron huffed and joined the group of me, George, Harry and Hermione.

“Fred and (Y/n) fancy each other” I said excitedly.

“I knew it! Fred talked non-stop about her before he fell asleep!”

“Shh! George” I warned him and pointed upstairs. Mum, dad, Fred and (Y/n) were upstairs sleeping as we were in the living room. It was late at night but I had to get my best friend and brother together somehow…

“What are we going to do?"Hermione asked.

"I know what to do” George smirked smugly.


“Ugh! He’s heavy!” I muttered as me, George and Ron pulled Fred’s mattress across the floor.

“Just keep pulling, we’re almost there.” Ron whispered. As we reached the door of my Room, Harry and Hermione came out.

“Found it” Harry said passing me (Y/n)’s wand. I put it in my back pocket along with Fred’s wand. I covered my eyes as the morning sun came out and beamed through my window. Mum and dad left this morning to go to the ministry for some paperwork, the plan was going perfectly well.

With one last effort we pulled Fred’s mattress into my room. We all tiptoed out of my room and I grabbed the handle of the door. I slammed the door shut loudly.

“Colloportus!” I said pointing my wand at the door. We heard gasps coming from inside the room.


~(Y/n)’s POV~

I woke up and sat up instantly as I heard a door slam shut. I rubbed my eyes before looking around the room to see Fred looking at me.

“Colloportus!” We heard a voice say from the other side of the door. We both gasped at the same time and hurried over to the door. I tugged on the handle but it wouldn’t budge.

“Ginny! Open this door now!” Fred said knocking on it.

“No can do, brother.”

“Where’s your wand?” Fred asked me, I looked at the nightstand but it wasn’t there.

“It’s gone”

I have a horrible feeling in my stomach now. I know what Ginny is trying to do. She’s locking us in this room so we can talk. I should have known that my feelings for Fred were obvious to the point where Ginny came in to do something about it.

“Looking for your wands?” George says innocently.

“Dad! Mum!”

“They’re gone, Fred. Don’t you remember? It’s paper work day at the ministry.” That means they would be gone all day long, my heart sank to my stomach.

“Ginny, please open the door” I begged.

“Nope, I’m not opening this door until both of you talk. We all know that you fancy each other”

My eyes widen and my heart starts to race against my chest. I don’t dare make eye contact with Fred. I walk away from the door and sit on the bed pulling my legs against my chest. I wasn’t going to deny what she said, it’s probably time I got it out. I do like Fred Weasley. I felt the bed shift as Fred sat next to me. He grabbed my hand in his making me look up but only slightly.

“Is it true?” He asks. I nodded, this wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. It felt good to finally let it out.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I- I was scared”

“Scared of what?”

“Scared that you wouldn’t love me back” After I said that it was silent.

“I wish you would have told me before”


“Because I would have done this earlier.” He whispers cupping my face with one hand and bringing me slowly forward. I meet him half ways and attach our lips together. It was a small kiss that held everything I could ever imagine. I gently put my hands on either side of face and deepened the kiss. We heard the door creak open to find George, Ron, Harry and Hermione standing there along with Ginny who took a picture of us with her camera.

“Go away!” I laugh

“Lock the door while you’re at it” Fred smiles before kissing me again.


I have been watching Carmilla!

I have recently started watching Carmilla (I blame @nickran for this and thank her at the same time!) which is an amazing show, I’m hook and dreading the end (poor Danny)

But I did notice how some of the characters remind me of the ones from Wynonna Earp

Here you have the small, dark and broody one:

You have Little miss ‘I’m going to solve a mystery and it will be totally awesome!’

And then you have the tall hot redhead, who is tall, and redheaded…and hot…

anyway has anyone else noticed that Agent Orange and Officer Hotstuff look like the they could be the Weasley twins? except rather than be Fred and George they could be called Fryda and Georgina.

just a thought. 

Oh and here’s a gif of Susa…Lafontaine, because everybody loves Lafontaine!!

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and I do mean everybody.

Now that I’ve got this off my chest I’ll go back to posting about Supergirl.


Santa Surprise! (#35.5)


I know, I know, I’ve been MIA and I AM SORRY. Guys, real life has been kicking my ass, but I logged on, saw almost 1,000 follows wtf and knew you all deserved a Christmas surprise. Thank you for following me, thank you for supporting me, and I promise I will try to get way more done in 2017.

Have some Christmas fluff.

“Hermione,” Fred called, his voice muffled behind the stack of boxes he carried in his arms, “Hermione, where do you want these?”

He rounded a corner into the pastel living room of Hermione’s parents home, his eyes rounding as he saw what Hermione had done to the room. Fairy lights - actual, wizarding fairy lights - dotted the ceiling, the fireplace mantle, the tree. Small candles floated above little dishes of colored water. Hermione herself was waving her wand, placing a shining star atop the tree.

He dropped the boxes onto the couch with a thump and glared at her.

“I about broke my neck carrying these the old fashioned way up the stairs and here you are using magic!” Fred exclaimed, his long arms flailing in an attempt to point out the entire room. “Magic!”

Hermione giggled, gently leaving the now sparkling star behind on the treetop. “I said, ‘No magic while the neighbors were here,’” Hermione said, moving her attention to a small bundle of mistletoe that she levitated from the table. “Obviously my parents know where I spent the majority of my formative years, Freddie. They didn’t send me off to military school.”

Magic!” Fred exclaimed again, exasperated as he pulled his wand from his pocket and pointed it toward the box. “What if I had fallen down the stairs and broken my neck, Hermione? How would you have felt then?” Fred let his face contort while he put on a mockery of Hermione’s voice. “No magic in the house, Fred. The neighbors might see, Fred. The Statute of Secrecy, Fred!” 

Well,” she replied, matter of factly adding sprigs of garland around the room, “technically there is another of you, in a manner of speaking.”

Fred feigned shock, holding his heart. “Hermione!” He staggered back, letting himself fall onto the armchair. “Now I know I have a heart. It’s breaking.”

Hermione walked over to him, a smirk playing on her lips. “Allow me to fix that.” She lowered herself onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck as she pressed her lips to his. A sigh escaped her lips as she felt his large hands slide up her arms before coming to rest at her upper and lower back, pulling her in closer. She knew it was only a matter of moments before his breathing became ragged.

She could feel his hands begin to slide and took that as a cue, jumping from his lap, laughing as he reached for a pillow, embarrassed. 

“We’ve got work to be done!” she called, grabbing her wand and prancing into the dining room.

This woman will be the death of me, one way or the other,” Fred muttered, following her.

While it was the first Christmas that they were trying to juggle the wizarding and muggle worlds in order to plan a wedding that would suit both, it was far from their first Christmas together.

She could remember the first Christmas she had known Fred. She hadn’t stayed at Hogwarts that year, but she had heard about the snowballs he and George had enchanted to hit Professor Quirrell in the back of the head with. She had felt a sense of awe when she realized that, in reality, they were hitting Voldemort in the face. She was young, only 12, but she knew that the crooked smile Fred would occasionally direct her way made her feel funny.

Their second Christmas wasn’t exactly romantic - or involved with the two of them in any way. She had been holed up in the girl’s toilet with Ron and Harry, brewing contraband potions and turning herself into an unintended cat. And while Fred would never admit it, she was sure he had been the one who made sure she never had to ask for new ink or parchment in the time she had been holed up in the hospital wing.

The third Christmas, however, things had started to change. When Harry received his Firebolt, Hermione knew it didn’t feel right. There was a murderer on the loose, she had told him. Why didn’t he take the situation seriously? Especially when that murderer was rumored to be after him?

Not being able to make Harry or Ron see reason, she had gone to Professor McGonagall herself. When the broom was taken and Harry and Ron refused to speak to her, it was Fred who had approached her in the nearly empty common room, asking if she was alright. It had been Fred who talked to her, who ate breakfast with her, who asked how she was holding up. Fred had been the one to care. She had never forgotten it.

She hadn’t expected it then. She was starting to see that what she felt for him was more than just a brotherly bond, but she didn’t dare pursue it. Her best friends weren’t speaking to her - she didn’t need to lose the next thing she had.

Fourth Christmas…had been a bit of a disaster. She had waited and waited, hoping that Fred would ask. When Hermione heard him ask Angelina Johnson, she wanted to cry. “Of course,” she had told herself. “Angelina’s his age, she plays Quidditch, she’s beautiful.” Little did she realize that it had been for show, that they were going as friends, that, had Ron not been a git, Fred would have asked her. Instead, they went with other people but, as Ginny pointed out to Hermione later when she explained her side of what had happened at the Yule Ball, Fred and Hermione looked at each other more than they looked at their own dates.

And then, their fifth Christmas, it had happened. They were at Grimmauld Place, celebrating a recovery made by Mr. Weasley, trying not to think of what could have been or the impending war. Hermione sat on the stairs with Fred, talking about what they wanted: careers, future plans, ideas of what their lives would be like.

Hermione?” Fred had said, tentatively. That had caught her attention. Fred was seemingly never tentative.

Yes, Fred?” she had responded, looking at him. She had always enjoyed his freckles and the way his eyes sparkled, but it seemed to her as though his face were brighter somehow.

Hermione had expected a response, a question, anything except Fred starting to say something, thinking better of it, and pulling her in to kiss her.

She had never felt anything like it. Kissing Fred on the landing of the stairs in Grimmauld Place, blocking out wars and dark lords and massive snakes and even the other inhabitants of the house, she considered it a highlight of her life up until that point. She had never felt anything like it. Oh, she had kissed Krum after the Yule Ball - many times - but it had never felt like this. This felt as though tiny pieces of her own universe was on a collision course to find their matching bits.

They had been outed, of course. Kreature had seen them and added it to his unending list of grievances, but Hermione and Fred hadn’t cared. They had each other. They were all they needed.

Sixth Christmas, they were in the beginnings of a war. It was hard to think of much else, especially with Fred out there, fighting in it, while Hermione was back in Hogwarts. She worried, she begged the universe to keep him safe. She spent the holidays with her own family after their incessant begging. She knew they missed her, especially as she hadn’t seen them for a Christmas holiday in years, but Fred was always in her mind.

Then there had been the Christmas before last where Hermione had spent the holiday visiting Godric’s Hollow with Harry and nearly leaving there in small pieces. She was much more keenly aware of mortality after that night, and much more careful to get messages to Fred as often as she could.

And then there had been the previous Christmas when Fred had gotten down on his knee and asked her to spend the rest of their Christmases - and all their other days - together. He had gone on about how he should have asked her sooner, how it should have been as soon as he had found her safe in the Great Hall. How he should have let her go from the kiss they had shared and gotten onto his knee immediately but they had friends to bury.

Now they were here, decorating her parents home before the entire Weasley clan popped over that evening for a Christmas Eve feast and party. Her parents had already had their muggle Christmas. She wanted to show off what the wizards could do.

As she started pulling dinner ingredients from the cupboards - Mr. and Mrs. Granger were picking up some wine - Fred’s arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her in close. Hermione giggled as Fred’s breath tickled her neck and she turned to look at him.

“Can I help you?” she asked, pecking him on the nose. 

“Well, you could do better than that,” he teased, lightly rubbing her back, his eyes sparkling. “After all,” he nodded up and Hermione looked, giggling as she noticed the mistletoe floating above their heads. “It could be full of man-eating nargles.”

“And you,” Hermione said giggling, “could be full of shit.”

“Merry Christmas, Hermione,” said Fred before pulling her in tight and pressing his lips to hers.

Battle Scarred- Fred Weasley Imagine

Anonymous said: Fred imagine where you save him at the battle of Hogwarts and he gets scared because you get hurt pretty bad, like lots of blood of such, and he acts all protective until you get safely in the Burrow and it gets all fluffy then? Thanks x

A/N: I’m sorry for the inactivity! I’ve been looking forward to writing this request since the day I got it, but some stuff came up.

There’ll be mentions of blood and injuries in this one. also the Percy/Fred conversation + some of the descriptions from that part came straight from the book so that’s not mine, it’s Jo’s.

Y/N/N= your nickname

When you first started out the night, you had been in charge of casting defensive spells and setting traps and obstacles for the Death Eaters. With Fred and George by your side, you had almost managed to forget the looming threat of the destruction of your old school and home for the best part of seven years.

But now, the situation was very different. It was well past midnight now, and curses, hexes, and shouts bounced off the crumbling corridor walls. The castle was barely recognisable. You and the twins raced through the hallways, always taking a moment to peek around corners before continuing your search for the rest of the Weasley family. As far as you knew, Ron was with Harry and Hermione, and Ginny was meant to be at the Room of Requirement (knowing her, you figured she’d run off to fight long ago). That just left Charlie, Bill, Percy, Molly, and Arthur.

Not before long though, you recognised Percy’s shouts. You stalled for a moment, unsure as to whether it was a cruel trick or not. Fred grabbed your hand and pulled you along beside him. You twisted your hand free and slowed down to a fast walk.

“Oi! Wait! Don’t forget to-” You yelled after them

“-check.” You finished lamely as they rounded the corner. You ran after them and poked your head around the wall. Fred and George were running towards the pair of Death Eaters Percy was dueling. The closest hooded figure seemed taken aback by the sudden appearance of the twins, so you took the chance and ran to stand by them. The twins had their wands out faster than the Death Eater could gather his wits, and he fell face-first to the ground under the weight of two stunning spells.

“You’re welcome, Perce!” George grinned.

You took out your wand you’d been concealing in the sleeve of your robes, and shot a well-aimed hex at Percy’s Death Eater. His hood fell back from his face, exposing a high forehead and streaked hair.

“Hello, Minister!” Percy bellowed, sending a neat jinx straight at Thickesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort.

“Did I mention I’m resigning?”

“You’re joking, Perce!” shouted Fred. Thickesse collapsed on the stone floor, tiny spikes erupting all over him. He seemed to be turning into some form of sea urchin. Other than that, everything was very abruptly calm.

The sudden safety was making you uneasy. All three Wealsey’s were distracted by Percy’s surprising resignation and Thickesse’s transformation, which was making you feel rather repulsed. You turned your head away, just in time to see a shadow on the wall behind you, raising their arm and stepping quietly.

“You actually are joking, Perce… I don’t think I’ve ever heard you joke since you were -”

You whipped around, and in your panic, shot the first spell that came to mind.

“Stupefy!” The spell wasn’t strong enough to stun the Death Eater, only push him back a few paces. At least now everyone was focused on the threat at hand. Fred made to disarm him, but the Death Eater cast a shield charm and the spell simply bounced off and hit the wall. The Death Eater’s mouth curved into a cruel grin, before he raised his wand again and shouted:

“Avada kedavra!”

You ducked, George pulled Fred down with him.

“Reducto!” You roared with new-found fury. Again, the Death Eater deflected the spell. It whistled past your ear and slammed into the wall beside you, exploding it and littering the floor with brick and dust.

You heard Percy roar “Petrificus Totalus!” followed by a thud, then several coughs.

You tried to get to your feet to make sure everyone was ok, but fell back immediately. The side of your head was stinging and pounding, everything was blurry, and the room was spinning. You squeezed your eyes shut.

“Y/N?” Fred called.

“Yea-oww.” You replied, feeling the side of your head where your pain had flared up once you spoke. Your hand came away red and sticky. From what you could tell, your legs, shoulder, and head were all bleeding.

“Oh, Merlin! George go find someone to fix Y/N!”

“You both better stay here.” George warned before running off.

Fred rushed to your side and kicked away the bricks around you.

“Are you alright?”

“I-I think so? It’s just a bit of blood.”

“More than a bit, Y/N/N”

You tried to laugh, but it turned into a wince.

“Hey hey hey, what hurts?” Fred asked.

“Head, legs, shoulder, my chest feels funny too.” You groaned.

Fred looked you up and down and ran a hand through his hair. “We need to get you somewhere safe.” Fred said. This was the most serious you’d seen him in quite some time.

“No. I need to stay and fight.” You challenged. Fred opened his mouth, but seemed to think better of it, and closed it again.

“Where’s Percy?” You asked, changing the subject.

“Percy? He’s…” Fred trailed off, looking around for his brother.

“Oh for fucks sake.” He sighed.

Percy was striding towards an approaching pair of Death Eaters.

“I’ll be right back, ok?” Fred muttered, before getting up to join the duel.

Your sight was starting to clear now, and you could make out vague features as well as shapes. You watched the coloured jets of light jump around in front of the fighters. Both Death Eaters were pushing Fred and Percy backwards, closer to you. You held your wand tightly in front of you and willed your head to stop pounding for just a moment. Fred shot a hex at his opposition, making her fall to her knees and retch. He quickly turned his head to check on you, and his Death Eater took this opportunity to aim a jet of what you assumed to be fire at Fred.

Frantically, you waved your wand, jerking Fred out of the way. He yelped, then screamed, when the fire caught him on his wand arm. It started to wind around his forearm. You stumbled to your feet and yelled “Expelliarmus!”

The Death Eater’s wand flew out of her hand and the fire went out.

“Reducto!” Fred said in a strangled cry. You limped towards him, firing spells at Percy’s Death Eater with him. With a precise flick of his wand, Percy finished the Death Eater off.

“Find George, tell him to meet us at the Great Hall. I’ll take care of Fred.” You told Percy. He nodded and ran off.

You kneeled next to Fred. He was cradling his arm and murmuring swears. You reached out and eased his sleeve up his arm, wincing at the sight of the angry and blistered red skin.

“That’s gonna leave a cool scar.” Fred mumbled. You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“Your head’s stopped bleeding too. This really is our lucky day.” He deadpanned.

“Your jokes are hurting my head.”


He stood slowly, pulling you up with his good arm.

“I’m taking you to the Great Hall.” You said. He put his arm around your waist, supporting some of your weight while you limped.

“Sure doesn’t feel like it.”

“Shut it, you.” You said with a pained gasp when you started walking.

“But seriously, stay with me until we get back home, alright?”

“Same goes for you.”

“Promise me you will. I don’t want you to get any more hurt.”

“I promise, Freddy boy.”

“You’re going to want to go back out and fight again, aren’t you?” Fred said knowingly.  

“And you’re not?” You asked, already predicting the answer.

“Couldn’t keep me away.”

“Let’s get you patched up first, handsome.”


The battle was finally over. Voldemort was finally gone. And you could finally go home. You had escaped with only a few injuries, compared to what others had gotten. Just a bit of a concussion, a swollen and aching leg and shoulder, a broken wrist, lots of cuts and bruises, and strict instructions to go home and rest. Fred had gotten away much the same. Burns up his arm, a broken nose, and plenty of cuts and bruises. Although you were safe at The Burrow, you couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was still to come.

Fred was in the kitchen making cups of tea for you both. He’d been at it for a while now so you went in to check on him. He was standing with his back to the door, staring out the window at the moonlit grass. He rested his hands on the bench top, holding onto a teaspoon very tightly.

“Hey, you alright Freddie?” You murmured. He gave a start, but relaxed when he realised it was you. 

“Yeah, I just- I just can’t believe its all over now. I’m not complaining though.” He forced a weak laugh.

“Me too, I’m glad most of us made it out though.”

Fred nodded and gave you a sad smile. You got two mugs out of the cupboard and gave them to him. 

“You’re meant to be resting.” Fred said, pouring hot water into the cups

“So are you.” You shrugged, reaching across him to drop a teabag in each. You kissed his cheek and took a sip. 

“How’re you feeling now?” You asked.

“Sore and relieved.” He said with a soft laugh. You smiled and nodded, set your cup down and wrapped your arms around his waist. He kissed the top of your head, careful to avoid the injured area, and pulled you closer to him. 

“I love you.” He whispered. You smiled and kissed him.