except for eating

Honestly I’ve played a lot of Harvest Moon and other farming games so I’m used to a lot of the mechanics but sometimes I think your character in Stardew Valley is some kind of terrifying demigod.

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The Signs on a day off
  • Treats themselves to a book and a facial mask or other skincare: Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Gemini
  • Sleeps almost all day except to eat: Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries
  • Binge watches a Netflix series: Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

i can’t stop thinking about how fucking ridiculous periods are like

we have an internal organ that squeezes out its own lining once a month and we just like

take a painkiller, stuff a wad of cotton up our vagina, and go on with our daily lives

is that badass or what

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!

Miscellaneous Fates headcanons because why not ! Most of them are for Revelations

-Laslow and Peri are pretty good friends, and they often cook together. They also listen to each other vent (Peri about all the stuff that made her angry, Laslow about all the girls who rejected him).

-Hinoka is worried about what she’ll do after the war, since the things that drove her forward and which she dedicated herself to (getting Corrin back and her hatred of Nohrians) are now both obsolete. She’s talked about it mainly to Camilla and Takumi (the former is a good listener, and the latter knows what it’s like to feel inadequate).

-Both armies are very careful not to let Azama and Niles meet. The troll would reach critical mass.

-They are also very careful not to let Peri and Azama meet.

-There is a common language spoken on most of the continent that’s used for communication, but each country has also its own language (Japanese for Hoshido, French for Nohr).

-Most people who live near the border between Norh and Hoshido (like Charlotte and Benny) can speak all three languages.

-Niles got in trouble for teaching Subaki some very crass songs and telling him they were something completely different. He still thought it was hilarious.

-Building on @iavenjqasdf ‘s swear jar headcanon, Elise asks Takumi to teach her every Hoshidian swear word he knows so she can keep everyone in check.

-In Norh, a lot of people sleep in the same bed (both to keep warm and because it’s cheaper). It’s not nearly as common in Hoshido, and as a result many a misunderstanding was born.

-Ryoma outright asked Xander if he was sleeping with his retainers, to which Xander answered yes because in French the two activites don’t have a common expression (”Dormir avec” and “Coucher avec” both translate litterally as “to sleep with” but the former means actually sleeping while the latter means “to have sex with” this was your french lesson for the day). The conversation got awkward fast.

-Everyone in the army gets ‘Lost in thoughts all alone’ stuck in their head at least once a day.

-Azura finds it very funny.

-After training together for some time, Sakura and Elise start playing every evening to keep morale up. Azura often joins. And with the help of Orochi and Laslow they sometimes put on little shows.

Yuuri skating 'Stay Close to Me' was him “winning” a dance-off between him and Viktor

A theory! I might be thinking too much into this, but anyways, here are my two cents regarding the 10th episode.

So during the banquet, Yuuri declares that if he wins the dance-off with Viktor, Viktor is becoming his coach, right? But alas, he’s hella drunk, so Viktor *probably* doesn’t take the challenge seriously (and we do not know who won in the end), and just goes with it for fun.

Now let’s get back to the end of ep.1: While watching Yuuri’s cover of his FS-program, Viktor remembers what Yuuri said to him during the banquet. Because, in a far-streched kinda way, Viktor might see Yuuri’s performance as his part of a dance-off with Viktor, about who’s able to skate ‘Stay Close to Me’ in a way that “pulls on the heartstrings”, who’s able to really feel and get the message of the song through to the audience. (It was kinda hard for me to put this thought well into words, but I tried my best!!)

So, in this case, in Viktor’s eyes, Yuuri won this dance-off, by far. Not only do we get an implication from Minako that this coreography would be better if performed by a man more naive than Viktor (and I personally think Viktor feels that way too), but there is also Viktors remark about why he decided to coach Yuuri: Because he (Katsudon) skates as if he was creating music with his body. There was a mention in a post about Yuuri skating to ‘Stay Close to Me’ without any music playing (I can’t find it at the moment, but I will link it in once I stumble upon it), so Viktor might have actually meant what he said by that. Also: Yuuri was able to skate Viktor’s FS program with so many emotions and with such dignity, that the message of ‘Stay Close to Me’ got through *only* by the choreography itself, and there (probably) wasn’t even any music playing. And that was when Viktor realized just how much potential there is in Yuuri. And that Yuuri TOTALLY won this unofficial, fictional dance-off between them. So he did what Yuuri asked of him in case of Yuuri winning their dance-off: He went and became Yuuri’s coach!

Anyways, this got longer than expected, but this is what caught my thoughts after ep.10. What do you guys think?

TL;DR Viktor took Yuuri’s cover of ‘Stay Close to Me’ as a dance-off challenge, felt that Yuuri has won, and hence flew to Japan to be his coach (banquet-Yuuri’s ask).

The Signs as Things People at My School Have Said

Aries: “I had a dream last night about a pig walking around a potato. Nothing interesting happened it was just a pig, walking around a potato”

Taurus: “Ah yes, the Paleo diet. We have everything except carbs, if you eat carbs hahahaha you’re a fucking fatass ”

Gemini: (Guy drops purple marker) “ROGER NOOOOO!”

Cancer: “I’m so energetic! I just want to punch a bear in the face!”


Virgo: “On a scale of one to Jim Parsons how gay does this look on me, I’m going with Tyler Oakley”

Libra: “Who’s James Madison, is he an actor?”

Scorpio: “Roses are black, violets are black, everything is black, fuck you”

Sagittarius: “I Thought Argentina was a State”

Capricorn: “This is a heckin’ good birthday card"

Aquarius: “Everyone has an inner sassy black woman”

Pisces: “He’s my lil munchkin cinnamon roll pumpkin spice patty cake”