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so i was rewatching 12x12 and sam was talking about relevant stuff, like "I can't view any of the files to look at lore because the internet sucks" but then dean interrupts him by FAKE SNORING, says "nobody cares", then turns to cas and starts talking about a waitress?????? that's so irrelevant but way to change the topic deano

Dean is about as subtle as a hammer these days and I love it :D

Imagine what he will be like after 12x22 and after he gets Cas  back?!

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okay okay okay but

pregnant!omega!cas hates being away from dean during the day and alpha!dean hates having to be away from cas during work all the time and especially now that he’s pregnant

but he’s saving up his time off work for later on in cas’s pregnancy when he knows cas will need him there more

so in the meantime he works on a very special present for cas

dean is (secretly) good at sewing (he had to be, taking care of sam so much when they were younger and sam grew so fast it was rough on his clothes)

and one day he presents cas with a hand-made big soft bee plushie with green eyes and freckles named bean ( “it’s because it’s me as a bee. bee dean. bean. because you love bees…and me //flustered freckles alpha blushing//”) for cas to cuddle while he’s away from dean during the day and missing him 

dean had even made sure to very covertly cuddle it in advance so it would be covered in his scent to give his pregnant mate extra comfort during the day <3333

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SPN usually doesn't just leave loose narrative ends. Like, the issue/question might be resolved subtextually, textually, etc, and it might take a while, but they do eventually come back to everything. Full circle. Dean and Sam have pondered life with someone "in the life." Dean has pondered "experiencing things differently." We have the love and love thing, we have he's in love with humanity, we have Cas textually saying i love you. I gotta wonder where it's all going. What full circle is.

(full circle anon) Sorry, forgot this: *sarcastically inserts we just don’t know bird gif*


I like to think of the show more as a spiral. Yeah, it seems to keep getting back around to the “full circle” moment and then just misses it by a hair enough to loop the spiral back around again.

Each go-around is bringing it ever closer to the center, and they make a little progress on each successive loop. It’s never exactly the same, and each time seems to have a (mostly) progressively better result… but the loop continues.

This is why I’m having such a time with s12. The loop has now wound so close to the middle that it’s like we’re seeing EVERYTHING from the previous loops all at once. Like we started the show circling the equator and we’ve been getting progressively closer and closer to the north pole where you can stand in all the time zones at once and theoretically tug bits of the story from any point around the entire loop.

(this is terrible because I’m now picturing Andrew Dabb in a Santa Claus costume running in circles around a candy cane pole shouting HO HO HO and throwing references to the entire series at us like Christmas presents and now I can’t even take myself seriously anymore)

But yes. Who can say where any of this will eventually end.

(oh no now Santa Dabb is pole dancing on the candy cane pole please someone come save me from my own terrible imagination)

interesting how the thing with benjamin’s vessel wasn’t really explained? like the main reason to bring it up was just to say that angels don’t have genders, but they also made it a point to say that benjamin was “””””friends””””” with the vessel. that whole part was weird to me. it seemed as if there was something other than just friendship going on between angel and vessel, and i thought for sure they’d confirm that benjamin was actually in love with the vessel.

but then they didn’t. but u know what did happen.

“these are my friends”

“my friendship with sam and dean”


f r i en d s

are they really cas are they really just your friends

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I think with the spin off announced the ending of spn will be: sam and dean together and Cas moved to wayward sisters. If there is anything we know for certain its that spn never changes and never learns, regardless of how much time passes or where the story points. Sam and Dean will drive of into the sunset and Cas will not join, they will never seperate the brothers or upset the "2 brothers on the road" dynamic i thought that meant Cas' death but now the spin off gives them an out.

I -

I’ve been trying to come up with some kind of NO THAT’S COMPLETELY WRONG STAY OFF MY BLOG AND QUIT RUINING MY LIFE answer for a couple of days now, but you know what? Sadly, this actually makes a lot of sense. As I said in other posts, I no longer believe in a ‘true’ happy ending for this show, but it also seems unlikely Sam and Dean will die, so this is the perfect and awful compromise: the show ends as it began, nothing is actually resolved (maybe there’ll be a movie for that?), what character development we had (which was a lot) goes nowhere because of reasons, Crowley is no longer a problem or a threat to anyone’s morality or sexuality, and as for Cas - his arc always pointed to Cas becoming human, but even if he does, yep, I can imagine some kind ‘I need some time on my own to get to know the world through my new eyes’ bullshit, cue heartbreaking moment between him and Dean and hints of an offscreen kiss (and of course, the general audience will notice nothing amiss and the fandom will tear itself apart trying to prove or disprove the thing actually happened), Cas disappears on some bus, Dean is AN EMOTION, Sam pats his shoulder and says something vaguely comforting like, ‘He’ll be alright’, Dean stares into the distance a moment longer, then turns around, tosses the keys to Sam (comedy moment ensues because Sam fumbles with them, tension is broken, Cas is forgotten) and ‘You know what? You drive’ and this will be Highly Significant because Dean will pretend it’s not big deal and he just wants to sleep, okay? but we all know what this means - that their relationship is now Good and Fixed and Balanced because Dean knows Sam is all grown up and Sam respects Baby is important to Dean so he won’t crash it into a Hellhound or anything, how wonderful, sunset, instrumental and slowed down version of Carry on my Wayward Son, screen goes black.

Season 13 leaked

*because the finale is the reason I can’t sleep… ever*

Dean kneeled next to Castiels body, looking up at the sky. It was the first time he has seen Castiels wings when he died. For some reason this felt real. Cas wasn’t coming back. Dean didn’t know what to think anymore. He had no words. He couldn’t be angry or sad. He felt complete shock. He didn’t even tell Cas how he felt.

Dean looked down at Castiels dead body again before finally feelings years build up into his eyes, “I love you” he whispered before kissing him on the cheek. He hoped it would be like the movies and that his kiss would revive him but it never did.

“About damn time” a deep voice said from behind Dean. Dean looked behind him and saw Chuck standing there. “That’s all you had to do, literally.” God said before reviving Cas.

Cas sat up quickly breathing heavily. “What happened?” He questioned before looking at Dean. Dean didn’t answer but instead pulled Cas closer to him and kissed him.

“YES BITCH MY SHIP!” Sam screamed causing both Dean and Cas to pull apart blushing. “This was all a set up. Literally nobody died, we just wanted you two to kiss” Chuck said. Dean looked shocked and slightly terrified. God was an obsessive fangirl and it was horrifying.

Sam, Jessica, God, Metatron, John, Lucifer, Bobby, Charlie, Gabriel, Jody, Claire, Alex, Mary, Kevin, Crowley, Rowena and all the rest of the supernatural cast was cheering because Destiel was finally real.

“Wait, are we missing someone?” Sam asked.

“No, I don’t think so?” Dean said.

– meanwhile –

“I AM STILL HERE!” Adam screamed, being forgotten for the billionth time.

Poor Adam.

The end.

They’re checking out at the grocery store, and Cas places a hand on Dean’s shoulder and rests his head on his hand while Dean swipes his credit card.

“You two are a lovely couple,” the cashier says, and Dean smiles awkwardly down at the keypad.

They’re walking into a gas station, and Dean reaches his hand back for Cas to take. Cas hooks his index finger around Dean’s pinky, and a woman walking out of the store smiles down at their hands as she holds the door open for them.

Dean feels his face flush.

They’re at the movies and Dean wraps a hand around Cas’ waist and rubs his hip while the guy prints their tickets.

“We have a rewards card if you’d like one. As a married couple, you’d only have to sign up for one,” the guy says casually, and Dean chokes on air.

They’re at a restaurant and their feet are hooked under the booth. Dean unconsciously reaches over and wipes mustard from the side of Cas’ mouth. 

“Would you two lovebirds like to share a dessert tonight?” their server asks, and Dean hides his face in his hands.

Cas watches her as she walks away, and then he turns back to Dean and leans forward. “We’ve been married for a year, Dean,” he whispers with a soft smile. “You’re going to have to get used to this eventually.”

don’t steal my line, you ass.

o49 - video gaming destiel! there were a lot of requests for this one tbh so yeah there you go~ this is definitely au (roommate? hs? college?)… i drew them waaay too easygoing. dean’s still in red bc it’s still february lol plus i like this color combi ;n;


badges lovingly crafted by myself for this year’s @destielcon a few months ago! i was so honored to get to do these and they were super fun to come up with!! i was so giddy seeing them in action! ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

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HELLO I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST ONE (1) FIC PLEASE, IT GOES LIKE THIS: Your window was open and you live across from me so I saw and heard you in your underwear, singing and dancing ridiculously and I really wanna get to know you cause you’re pretty hot and I might have a crush on you. - with Destiel obvs 💙

I hope you like Moana, I’m a huge fan of Disney-enthusiast!dean okay… this turned out pretty random and weird I maybe need more sleep

When finals are close, Castiel likes to spend his free weekends in his room, studying. There’s nothing else he does except for the necessary things like groceries and dinner, and trying to get Gabriel out of his room. He uses all the silence he can get to concentrate, and his family lets him.

He is in one of his study sessions, books and notes spread out all over his desk when a sudden sound makes him jump up. At first, he thinks it’s Gabriel listening to music again, but he soon realizes that can’t be. First of all, it’s coming from outside Castiel’s window and not from the hallway. Secondly, Gabriel doesn’t listen to Disney songs.

Castiel puts his pen down. It doesn’t make sense, but he’s sure it’s a song from that movie his little sister Anna likes to watch. That new one, Moana.

He pushes himself away from his desk and gets over to his window.

Across from him is Dean Winchester’s room- Castiel can’t say he doesn’t know. He’s been trying to sneak a glimpse of the guy for as long as he can remember. Now his curtains are wide open and so is his window. Castiel looks again and almost dives away when Dean suddenly appears, but he doesn’t see Cas. He’s dancing through his room, arms widely spread and jumping onto his bed and down to the floor, singing along to the lyrics Castiel only vaguely knows.

The worst (or best) part is that he’s only wearing boxers.

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Ok so I haven't actually watched all of season ten but what happened in those two episodes that show that dean and cas know that they love each other? Sorry I just really wanna know and I don't have time to catch myself up right now

Hi, Nonnie! In 10x07, Dean said “the people who love me pulled me back from that edge” referring to Sam and Cas. That was the first time that Dean textually admitted that he’s loved and not only by Sam. ;)

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And in 10x22, Cas not only stated that he planned to stay by Dean’s side but also included himself as the people that Dean himself loves. 

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It’s now canon that Dean knows Cas loves him and that Cas knows Dean loves him, but as I said in another post, the nature of their affection hasn’t been textually said yet.