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you would not believe your paws if ten million santa claws

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B33< mew already said that

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From plot holes to bad makeup, hilarious editing, garbage special effects (except some scenes) . Did they got high. Really a series which made editing and cinematography an art..what the hell was all those? I remember watching the clip before s4 about the baby joke. Sherlock’s face was orange. And some of us thought he must be sick. Turns out it was orange for most of TST and is actually bad case of foundation. God what was the whole thing. And I am not even starting on TFP’s special effects.


Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

i found a corkboard for $3 and ive wanted one for a while and this is the first thing to go on it

the background is pale blue, its just really bad lighting i might edit this in the morning

(based off this except i messed up the eyes)

ask : ❝ 2P! italy college au headcanons. ❞

1. wakes up super early every morning.

• tries to cram in extra study time before he has to get ready for class. gets out his notes from yesterday, any study guides, reads the material online, uses the flashcards he made, or finishes up any homework he didn’t do the night before.

• he’s always at the local coffee shop during early hours. he tries to stay away from well-liked places, though, because a lot of people he dislikes goes to them. but, he always keeps a couple coffee machines in his dorm, just in case.

• hardly ever eats breakfast, only eats when he is actually hungry which makes for him having a really messed up eating schedule. when he does eat, though, it’s usually just a bagel or scone. that and a hot, black coffee. that’s his “usual”.

• never bothers waking up his roommates or anything. they might wake as his alarms go off. he sets 5 or 10, just depends on how little sleep he got the night before. they are always really loud because he can be quite the heavy sleeper.

• he doesn’t need to wake up as early as he does, though. usually, he’ll wake up at either 4 or 5 AM. he just likes to have a head start on the day and have some time to himself, honestly. you know what they say, “early bird gets the worm.”

2. always early to class. 

• the first one in there, probably. so, he has to wait just a tad before others get in. usually, he takes that time to go over notes, send any emails, finish any last-minute homework, or edit an essay. he doesn’t like to take any breaks, truly.

• if he’s not early to class, he’s super, super late. there’s no in between. even if he is way late, he’ll still come to class and sit down during the lecture like it’s not a big deal. he’s not going to let that keep him from getting an education.

• always takes either the really early classes or the night classes. between class time, he usually just stays in his dorm and studies. he’ll take a break to nap or go for a coffee run but, other than that, he’s not one for going out all that often.

• pays super close attention in class. honestly, he tries his very best to not get distracted or anything. always taking notes on everything his professor says. it’s a little over the top, actually. but he’ll do whatever it takes to pass, truthfully.

• he might doze off in class once or twice. he hates when that happens, though. so, he always brings a large coffee with him to class. everyday. in fact, he usually finishes them before the lecture is over. it’s become a bad habit of his.

3. he’s in a few clubs. 

• on the debate team so he spends a pretty good amount of his time prepping for the debates. most of the time, he wins. he’ll stay up all night if he has to, he hates losing. literally hates it. actually, he would rather not try at all than lose. 

• gets super, super bitter when he loses against someone and he definitely won’t hesitate to hold a grudge. it’ll be even worse if he spent extra time/effort to help him win. he thinks that hard work = the right to win. which, it does not.

• actually tried to be a part of the student council. he even ran for president. but he ended up losing to someone else. that really put him in an awful mood for the longest time. so much so, he would not leave his dorm except for classes.

• in the math club, as well. because of that, he goes to a few competitions every year. actually, he’s really, really good at math. in fact, his teacher invited him to the organization personally. this comes as no surprise but that boosted his ego.

• also, helps write the school newspaper and edits the yearbook. super, super good writer and he sure knows it. in fact, a lot of students look to him when it comes to bettering/improving their essays or other homework that’s similar. 

4. believe it or not, he’s a really bad student.

• sure, he gets straight a’s in all his courses but he has an awful work ethic. like, he might study and whatever but he doesn’t put a whole bunch of effort into his assignments. he cares more so about having them done on time than accuracy.

• everyone says time and time again that he’s a great student but ? in reality, he isn’t the best. he just assumes he is, basically. that being said, he has a huge ego and literally hates being told the truth; that he might not be all that amazing.

• that and he puts far too much work into his studies that he forgets to keep up with some of his club duties. and, because of that, he’s been threatened to be kicked off a massive amount of the teams he’s on but … he never actually has.

• none of his teachers actually like him, actually. they all wish they could fail him because, honestly? that’s pretty much what he deserves. he is constantly giving them a difficult time, never stops correcting them or making snide comments.

• that being said, none of his classmates really like him either. i mean, sure, he has a couple of friends but he hasn’t really met anyone new since he came to college. he just sort of always hangs out with the same few people, you know?

5. not social, at all.

• well, since he literally stays in his dorm all day ( aside from classes. ), he does not waste his time trying to meet new people. in fact, he could care less about making friends or “getting out there”. to him, that’s not what college is all about.

• actually, he has a good amount of contacts in his phone, though. but most of them are just people from his classes. he only really gets in touch with them for emergencies, for all that. just in case he forgot when the homework was due.

• his friends always push him to join even more clubs than he is already in or run for student body president, again. but, no matter how pushy they get, “no” is always the answers. he doesn’t need anymore work piled on top of him, honest.

• does try to talk to others, at least. he might tell someone one to have a good morning or engage in really awkward small talk. however, it usually ends up failing. he already has such a bad rep, no one is really up for a chat with him.

• although, that in no way means he’s shy. because, trust me, he isn’t. he is way more than willing to speak his mind and he does. a lot. if someone’s wrong, he won’t hesitate to correct them or give them the truth. he’s almost never wrong.

Useless suggestion: The Drama Club except nobody is copying anyone and they all have a good colour scheme that doesn’t necessary portray who they are, and not all of them are snobbish bc one tiny part of the club doesn’t mean all the parts of the club

last night i had a dream about a b99 episode where it was really loosely based off charlie & the chocolate factory except instead of a golden ticket there was a golden limited edition of a die hard dvd and jake was in a massive panic trying to find it like there was no prize if you found it he just wanted it so bad anyway he couldn’t end up tracking it down anywhere so he went home all sad and complained to amy about not being able to find it and then amy opened her bag and pulled out this golden copy of die hard and jake was in shock for like 5 seconds before he literally cradled amy’s face and kissed her like there was no tomorrow and then i woke up but what a beautiful idea for an episode


Here it is, guys! :D

For all my mythical beast friends here at Tumblr, I put together every moment I could find where something not really safe for children happened! Of course the title is ironic and of course I don’t intend to point an accusing finger at them for this at all, this was made entirely for fun!

Forgive my awful editing skills, I wanted to use a good software and I ended up downloading Sony Vegas Pro and holy crap, that was hard at first *Link Neal mode: ON*

There are a few exceptions where what they said wasn’t really NSFW, but there you are! Hope you enjoy and let me know if I missed any other moments (I know I left out a couple words they said which might be considered bad words, I focused more on the adult conversations and comments). And also ask away if you want the link to any of the episodes corresponding to the clips!




Author’s note: As always, “ideal” types are stupid and don’t really do much except make a lot of people feel bad- this is just something that I think he’d think was cute and will really look good on any sort of body type. -admin tal


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ok lets get serious. i think we all know that the supercorp fandom is very over the top like 90% of the time and sometimes i feel as if we are just as bad as the person most of us hate the most(mon-el). whoever did this to rudhraigh is honestly such an idiot. its called boundaries people. what were you hoping to get out of this?!?! all youve done is create a worse situation. this is why katie is so private and not on social and media and frankly, ive see all the hate and issues that she has been through since she joined supergirl and honestly, im beginning to wish that she didnt because we are toxic. we hate mon-el when we are almost as bad as him. i really have no words except that the idiot who did this better watch out because people are gonna do some hunting and things are gonna get out

edit* they both have literally been nothing but amazing to us. no words honestly. what a shithead

Okay!  So I’ve had this thought for a while, and after that ask I’ve decided to take a shot at it.

I’ve written three books in the last three years, and edited two of them.  And because of that I’ve posted nearly nothing writing wise.  That annoys me.  On the other hand I can’t really just post works I’m planning to offer commercially.

However my first book is, honestly, not quite commercial quality.  I like it, but it’s got pacing issues, and it’s a bad starting point for the series.  If there was strong interest, I’d be willing to Amazon publish the book for around four dollars.  That way people could get a sneak peak at the series.  (Though of course the later books will be better!)

The reason I’m only going to do this if there’s considerable interest, is because the only thing worse then “writer with nothing to their name” is “writer who failed at self publishing.”  If an agent googled my name and saw a book with a whopping 100 sales, they’d trash my query fast.

So we’ll see what this post gets in terms of responses.  If I get a lot of interest I’ll take a chance.  If (more likely) I get just average replies, well, don’t lose hope.  I’m still sending out queries.

Book info below the readmore for those who are interested

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Just trying to make some sense of what I feel

Warning: this is not an eloquent post. 

I am so confused, I don’t know what to think about the last series.

I love the acting, yet I think it’s OOC.

I love many quotes, yet I think the writing is childish.

I love some really thrilling scenes, yet I think the show has lost all its unique atmosphere.There are scenes and cinematography I adore (eg the Sharks scene) and then I come across unfathomably bad CGI and editing in the next minutes.

I am not that much a fan of the secondary characters except Lestrade, yet I needed more scenes of them all. Badly.

I love the music of this series (especially the TST ost) but all my favourite music tracks are about scenes that made me sick to my stomach.

I love Mary, but the foul use of her character especially after TST ruined everything for me.

I expected John to get mad at Sherlock but what I saw scarred me.

Moriarty is my favourite character and he was fabulous, but his superficial role disappointed me. 

Mycroft is my second favourite character and I enjoyed his screentime, yet I disliked the way his character was treated in all this screentime. 

I hated the Eurus background story, but I loved kidlock.

I liked Eurus as an one-time villain as she was depicted in TST and TLD, yet I hated the twist about the super evil powers of the madly clever sister in TFP.

I love the emotional journey Sherlock goes through, yet I think it’s for all the wrong reasons since Sherlock was already a good emotional man since ASIB and, actually, even earlier.

There are indeed links of the plot with the previous series, but most of it seems like a different show, not the one I loved, yet still that one, distorted and disconnected. Familiar and foreign at the same time.

I was promised a Sherlock and John show and that’s not what I got and this goes much much further than just the shipping aspect of it.


There’s a tree of events that start back in 2007 when I got hired for The Force Unleashed. I started creating this character called Starkiller for that video game series. And that caused Dave Filoni to hire me for a character called The Son in these three episodes in the third season [of Star Wars: The Clone Wars]. […] I guess he liked what I did. He said ’there might be something down the road for you’. And that lead to Darth Maul. - Sam Witwer on how he got his various roles in the Star Wars franchise

What’s making me a bit mad is how the YOI staff basically said “fuck it” to their diverse cast of characters and is releasing official art of literally EVERYBODY in traditional Japanese clothing like, of course the anime itself is Japanese, but canonly, none of the skaters except Yuuri and Minami are actually Japanese and considering how much effort originally went into making the characters’ nationalities part of them, it’s getting on my nerves a little.

Edit: I don’t think foreigners wearing yukatas is bad, but I’m sad that they aren’t using their diverse characters flexibly. Coming from a small country, it would be cool to see other smaller countries being represented in such a medium as anime is, wearing their own traditional clothing if it’s already representing its Japanese characters like that in, for ex, holiday art.

Ma DUDES! Hi! SO like I’m going through my calendar and it occurred to me that I LOVE doing stuff for birthdays! Although I don’t really talk much, with anybody, except like 3 people, I would love it if y’all told me you’re birthdays as well as your fave character(s) and color(s)! All I can do for now are edits since my laptop screen does not work and drawing takes me a billion years to finish haha so yeah (also really do not hesitate to talk to me I’m bad at starting conversations which is why I don’t talk much haha but I do my very best to continue them so please come and be my mutual)

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samxrafe for the ultimate edition 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Who was the one to propose: I go back and forth on this one. I typically think it was Sam, but I like the idea of Rafe taking Sam for a fancy dinner and slipping him the ring. 
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Oh shit, man, it was definitely Rafe.
  • Who decorated the house: Honestly? Rafe. Rafe’s a super neat freak, imo, except for when he just has really bad months and stops giving two fucks.
  • Who does the cooking: Usually it’s Rafe but sometimes Sam’s generous and offers to make the food arrangements for the night (like his dick)
  • Who is more organized: definitely Rafe. As mentioned a few bullet points ago, Rafe is a bit of a neat freak imo.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: lmao they both really like their bedroom fun so it’s pretty much 50/50, but I think Sam’d be more likely to get really needy.
  • Who suggested kids first: definitely Sam. He’d have to calm Rafe down enough to be comfortable with getting a child at first, but Rafe would want kids.
  • Who’s more dominant: SAM. DADDY SAM.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Sam is literally such a teddy bear, don’t even get me STARTED on this, I could go on for HOURS.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:. Sam is a total big spoon. Rafe’s the angriest smol so he’s the little spoon.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Sam likes to draw in quiet, really peaceful places, and Sam has a thing for playing the guitar :3
  • Who cooks: Definitely Rafe. I have a headcanon that he likes to cook n bake n stuff.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: LMAO either of them, tbfh! It depends on whose day at work was shittier.
  • Who kills the spiders: Sam does; I imagine Rafe’d get squeamish around bugs.
  • Who falls asleep first: Usually Rafe. He tends to be a lot more tired after work than Sam.
  • A head canon: Rafe llikes to kiss Sam’s stomach, around his bullet scars and such, and it always makes Sam super giggly, whereas Sam has a thing for kissing Rafe’s thighs (whilst making direct eye contact with him, of course).
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: lmao I got no idea what to put here.
  • Do they have any “rituals”? Mmmmm, if by rituals you mean, like, shit they do before bed and stuff? Sam and Rafe shave together, 10/10. They also shower together.
  • Who is louder? Rafe; he knows Sam likes it when he moans so he always gives him as many sounds as he can.
  • Who is more experimental? Probably Rafe. Sam isn’t…not experimental, he’s open to things, Rafe’s just more active in seeking out interesting things to do with their sex life.
  • Who takes more risks? Rafe. Definitely Rafe.
  • Do they fuck or make love? Shit, fam, they make love, but it looks a lot like just fucking.
  • Lights on or off? Lmao, both (assuming this means what I think it means).
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? HAHA SAM. Everyone knows it’s Sam.
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Neither, tbh. I think they’d be too protective/easily made jealous for threesomes. 
  • Who comes first? Rafe, most definitely Rafe.
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Rafe’s better at oral than Sam, and Sam prefers to receive oral.
  • Who is more submissive? Rafe’s more submissive, but he definitely has his dominant moments.
  • Who usually initiates things? both of them do, really. As stated in a previous bullet point, it’s 50/50.
  • Who is more sensitive? Rafe. RAFE. RAFE.
  • Who has the most patience? Honestly, I like to imagine that they’re really patient with one another, but I think if I had to pick one of them to be more patient, it’s probably Sam.
  • Which kinks do they share? They share a kink for scratching and biting, both giving and receiving.
@gross-samtrash ik you sent something in for this too lmao

“All part of the plan, yes?”
“That is not a compliment.”
“I don’t really agree to that.”
“You’re killing him.”
“I’m a bad man.”
“There’s the [name] I know.”
“I understand everything… except that wig.”
“We’re doomed.”
“You were drunk.”
“I’ve actually never been that drunk.”
“Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again.”
“How can you say I used you?”
“If you had a sister and a dog, I’d choose the dog.”
“Admit it. You still love me.”
“If I don’t kill a man every now and then, they forget who I am.”
“How is it we can never meet without you pointing something at me?”