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I have a confession

I’m really worried about Martin Riggs’ background. We haven’t gotten any of it yet except we know he hadn’t seen his family in 10 years when he met Miranda and like, it doesn’t bode well. If it turns out it’s like Daryl Dixon’s or Peter Quinn’s I’m going to cry myself dehydrated and you’ll probably will have to bury my dried out body. 

Edit: Wait, he said he went to El Paso High in 1.04. So he is from El Paso, he lived with Miranda in El Paso but never visited his family? Bad vibes.

I’m gonna go with a Martin Blank story. It’s not super painful, just sad.

teen wolf femslash week

¬ day four - polyamory

allison’s a girl who walks around in bright clothes no matter what the season and dyes her hair various shades of purple. erica’s the bad girl, always seen wearing a leather jacket, who likes to speed around town on her motorcycle. and kira? kira’s pretty normal, except for her strange obssession with the foxes in the forest next to her house.

these very different girls are paired together for a school project and they really don’t expect much joy out of it. however, after multiple meetings in cafes and libraries, the feelings of annoyance start to change and suddenly students are whispering about the strangest couple they’ve ever seen: the pastel girl with clothes of all colours, the bad girl who wears tight skirts and heels while kicking ass and the normal girl who sits in the back of class all by herself, as quiet as a mouse.

Service with a Smile CH 3

A/N: I’m back home! Oh, god, it’ll be so great to sleep on my own bed. Without further adieu, chapter three- otherwise titled ‘Oh My God, That Fucking Boy, I’m Going To Fight Him, Except I Can’t Because He’s a Technical Client.’

I’ll do some minor editing and post CH 4 later tonight! This one is composed of a lot of dialogue and conversation, but I think it’s pretty bearable. I’m just super excited to actually get to the wedding business, oh my gosh. 

Note: Heather’s a super minor character. She’s essentially just Astrid’s go-to gal for bad advice/ranting, because Stormfly isn’t with her.

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“Wait, hold on,” Heather queried from the other end of the line. “His name is really Hiccup?”

“Apparently, but the name ‘Total Sarcastic Douche Bag’ is much more fitting,” Astrid grumbled in response, threading her fingers through her bangs as she lay sprawled on her hotel room’s bed. “He gave me a business card–”

“Classy,” the other girl drawled, stifling a laugh. “You’re into that, right?”

“–that had his number and an address on it. Then he invited me to hang out with his friends tonight, but the weirdest thing is that–”

“You have to go!” Heather interrupted, for the umpteenth time since Astrid called her in the first place. Astrid groaned, loudly, though the other just kept talking. “I mean, you literally have to. A number and an address? Talk about major score!” Astrid groaned and dropped a spare pillow atop her face in exasperation. She loved Heather; she was her closest friend, except sometimes… Sometimes she made assumptions- assumptions that got her into trouble. Trouble with Astrid.

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Vote for Natalie for Americas Favorite Player. Every single person (except maybe Glenn) talked major crap about her and CBS gave her one of the most undeserved edits in a really long time. Also her game was screwed over by the jury battle back and by James. Then she was really excited to meet Julie Chen and got so nervous she forgot to tell her how beautiful she was only to have Julie call her a psycho. She’s been called fake even tho the only houseguest she bad mouthed was Zakiyah (it was mutual). Basically she’s had a really bad hand given to her and she still made it to f6! Also she’s going to have a really hard time when she comes out because 1) she doesn’t have a job 2) there are people who are already planning a hate campaign about her weight even tho she talked about having an ED. 3) also she along with Bridgette flipped the house on Paulie 4) she truly is a sweet heart and even tho she’s made mistakes along the way she’s apologized for most of them, which is something the majority of the houseguest have yet to do! Also let us not forget that she needs the money and vets are already getting paid over 50k if they make jury (what Nicole and Frank both said)

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