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sorry, i gonna have to come back to this moment because it was such a good moment

bakugou is an angry mess. anger’s a secondary emotion; it’s a defensive reaction to another emotion, e.g. you feel angry because you are hurt, you feel unsafe, etc. bakugou feels angry because he has guilt and self loathing in spades, and anger is the only way he knows how to process it. 

this panel could be seen as bakugou’s typical bakugou-ness – a la “i don’t need your help” / “i want to (have to) be perfect and i have to do that on my own, you absolute cannot and are not allowed to help me” – but this time it feels different. the context is different. this isn’t bakugou trying to achieve everything on his own; this is bakugou feeling like everything is his fault. 

getting kidnapped. all might’s fall. chaos descending on society. his friends nearly being expelled. if he had just been stronger, then none of this would have happened. bakugou’s always been a proud little shit who thought he was better than everyone else, and yet here is all the incontrovertible proof that he is a total failure. that kind of thinking so easily leads to self-hatred, and here bakugou has been marinating in it for days. 

and at that point, when you hate yourself that much – when all you can see in yourself are all the failings, all the bad things, all the ways in which you weren’t good enough and thus the scum of the earth – when you get to that point, someone genuinely caring about you feels like a slap to the face.

it feels like knocking all the breath out of you. it feels like adding salt to your wounds. bakugou isn’t just being frustrated with izuku here. he’s hurt. how can izuku ask if he’s okay? how can izuku still care? 

bakugou’s in such a terrible mental state that he can’t accept any help right now. at least, nothing but a way to vent his feelings and punish himself at the same time. 

i mean, just look at bakugou’s expression here, the way his snarl almost seems like a grin: izuku has just landed a good solid hit on his face, and he’s not even mad about it. he’s getting exactly what he wants. 

throughout the series bakugou has expressed himself almost exclusively through attacks (verbal or physical) or by destroying things. it may be the only way he really knows how to give voice to his emotions. izuku shows talent and power during the quirk apprehension test? attack. todoroki doesn’t fight him full power? attack. bakugou is a failure? … 

attack himself – or find someone who will do it for him. 

i’ve always thought he had something of a self-destructive streak, and here it fucking is. 

send me a (horribly cliched) au + a pairing for a drabble/ficlet/fic!
  • Soulmates au
  • Coffee shop au
  • Roommates au
  • College au
  • High school au
  • Doctor/companion au
  • Celebrity au
  • Lab/crime/whatever partners au
  • Boss/coworker au
  • New neighbours au
  • Superhero au
  • Hogwarts au
  • Fake relationship au
  • Share a cab au
  • Mistaken identity au
  • Private detective au
  • Immortal au
  • Doctors au
  • Bakery au
  • Star Trek au
  • Sharing a cab au
  • Got each others bag au
  • Wrong number au
  • Cops/police au
  • Teachers au
  • On the same train au
  • Disney-movie-of-your-choice au
  • Magic au
  • Reincarnation au
  • AU of your choice

i’m sorry like i ltierally have so many thoughts about the whole season but i’m so weak for klance and i just want to say… klance is fucking real we are literally watching a slow burn klance fic

there are some respects (especially as regards worldbuilding) in which LOTR is a lot more nuanced and detailed than many later users of the genre conventions it helped popularize and so there’s some stuff that Tolkienesque fantasy gets criticised for that Tolkien himself doesn’t actually tend to do

there’s obviously plenty to criticise in LOTR itself, but it’s not always what seems obvious based on later examples of the genre, and it’s fascinating to see how those tropes have mutated

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you would not believe your paws if ten million santa claws

B33: more like santa CLAWS hahaha

B33: wait no

B33: mew already said that

B33: dang


moodboard: fiona

for @lunarian-sim because i didn’t initially plan on making this one (do u know how hard it is to make aesthetic moodboards for kids? i tried my best)

You ever wonder that maybe Dammek is pushing Xefros a bit in hopes he’d be able to survive when he is not around? if you think about it it would make some sense because of how things are on Alternia. But it doesn’t explain the fact on why he has security cameras in Xefros’s home. I hope we learn more on that and Dammek himself.


always glistening, olli maatta

Inktober day 8

the mp100′s manga is such a wild ride


Some spewns I’ve carved recently! 

I’m in a non-timber forest products class where we’re learning how to make all sorts of stuff, like maple and hickory syrups, soaps and salves, honey and beeswax products, and carved items, to sell at our open house tomorrow. I’ve always loved woodworking, so carving especially was right up my alley :D

interesting how much of the western left’s “state enemies” always happen to line up with the enemies of the u$a,,,,,such a coincidence,,,,such a mystery,,,,

paired with this is the defense of “poor people joining the military for the benefits” (the frequency of which is massively exaggerated [it’s often hard as hell for the actual poor to get into the military]) which funnily enough doesn’t seem to ever apply to people who become cops for the benefits,,,,you always notice the “some western soldiers had to aid the killing machines used to maintain imperialism to Survive Under Capitalism” crowd rarely seem to take the same stance when it comes to vast swaths of the population supporting, with many joining, al-Qaeda cells or the Taliban as they are often the primary form of resistance to imperialism in their respective besieged countries, regardless of how more or less reactionary these groups are compared to the Approved™ candidates for anti-imperialist support, these jingoistic leftists just discount them as Evil Wahhabi Terrorists That Need To Be Killed without any real analysis of said groups

it’s a more commonly accepted version of “condemn these people under imperialist siege because They Did Bad Stuff” except the MLs are aligned with the anarchists in such cases

what the MLs will apply to the DPRK or SAA they never seem to be able to apply to “wahhabi terrorists” who are often the last line of resistance to imperialism in their respective countries, and the same applies to those who support states in an anti-imperialist context which they’d otherwise condemn were it not for the besiegement, they can never apply this to Islamic groups because of past western collaboration (as though Assad hasn’t had a long history of blatant collaboration with the West, including but not limited to the CIA, as though many Palestinian orgs [not limited to Hamas] aren’t pro-Saudi) or because “they’re partially descended from the militias that fought the Soviets 30 years ago” as though the Afghan (u$ puppet) government isn’t largely comprised of former Muj as well

many on the left should consider how much imperialist propaganda influences their views of non-socialist (and/or reactionary) anti-imperialist movements

I played my first game of laser tag today. It was really fun, even though I thought my score was going to be higher than it was.

there’s a long weekend coming up and guess who has so much homework that there will be literally no time left for anything else

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tbf couldnt you see people getting legitimately confused by google chrome as far as "what is a browser" is concerned?

I phrase it a number of ways. And most of them don’t even know what chrome is. Like I can say the name and they’re like ‘what?’

I even describe the icons of common browsers and they’re still like ‘what’? They don’t even know or remember what icons they click or press on to get to websites

Apparently half my customers don’t actually use webbrowsers, they just connect to facebook apps and never like, do anything else. (also, the google app, not to be confused with chrome, is the DEVIL for confusing them. and me)

‘the program you use to visit websites?’ ‘how do you normally get online?’ ‘what do you click on when you try to go online?’ ‘what do you do on the internet?’

and I get ‘huh?’

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