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Andi, don’t you know anything about women? You can never tell one you don’t like their hair.


Top 10 Outlander Episodes as voted by my followers: 05. Je Suis Prest

If I go back, then it will just be like lying in that ditch again, helpless and powerless to move, like a dragonfly in amber except this time it will be worse, because I’ll know that the people out there dying alone are people I know. People I love. I can’t do that, Jamie. I won’t lie in that ditch again. I can’t be helpless and alone ever again. 

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the girls and their partner having a playfull argument about what to eat, who ever wins the staring contest can choose what to eat

As a reaction, right? I wasn’t sure, but I’ll just do it as a reaction :)

f(x) reacting to: a staring contest to decide what to eat!

Krystal: Would probably play bored and annoyed, but secretly takes the situation very seriously. She doesn’t share your taste in food at all, so why would she waste this opportunity?

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. This is so childish, (Y/N)” *still wins*

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Victoria: Intentionally loses, so you can decide what to eat. She’s a sweetheart afterall!

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Luna: Takes it WAY too seriously and stares into your eyes,  tears slowly running down her cheeks and eyes reddening, until you eventually give in, so she doesn’t hurt herself. She’s very competetive, you know…

“I won’t give up, (Y/N), not when I’m so close to winning!” (imagine this with epic music)

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Amber: Uses some foul tricks like subtlely blowing into face, so you lose. Still let’s you decide because she feels bad for cheating.

“Let’s just order pizza, right?”

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everyone - on the show - is always so hung up on the fact that House only has one friend, and they blame it on the fact he’s a jerk, but, Wilson, “Dr. I’m sweet with everyone I meet” only has one friend too. But, the thing is, it’s noticable that House only has one friend, sure he has Cuddy and he has the ppl on his staff, but he’s never been attached to anyone like Wilson, execpt from Stacy. For Wilson it’s not so noticable, because he doesn’t push everyone away, you can’t see at a glance who always stays. But the only person who stays and the only person he what to stays close to, is House. Except from Amber.
It says alot about who Wilson is as a person, it’s almost like he’s identical to House, he just hides it better.

side note - this is real short but i have a lot pf thought abt this. it’s a bit to early for my brain to write properly but i wanted to write it all the same


   [25 Days of Outlander]
   [Favorite Scene Not in the Book]
   [2x09 | Je Suis Prest]
   [Combat Nurse Claire | The PTSD Arc]

Smart. Positive. Funny. Scared. Guilty. Brave. Broken. Determined. In just one episode arc, we see Claire go through all these attributes, and get Claire!Backstory and the origins of Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! 

I will never not love Matt B. Roberts for finally expanding upon how Claire’s WWII experience affected her, especially in the midst of yet another war. Though we know her background, it’s gratifying for Claire to finally have room to speak about it. Best of all, we get to see Jamie learn that bit a about Claire he’s never known before and have their relationship strengthen because of it. Because, like Claire said, “My husband and I share everything,” including the ghosts of past (future?) lives.

“Listen to me, if I– if I go back then it will just be like lying in that ditch again. Helpless and powerless to move like a dragonfly in amber. Except this time it will be worse. Because I’ll know the people out there dying alone are people I know. P e o p l e  I   l o v e. I can’t do that, Jamie. I won’t lie in that ditch again. I can’t be helpless and alone ever again. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you. I promise, whatever happens you’ll never be alone again.”

Matt Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter: 
In the book, this section for Claire is very internal. She’s thinking a lot… We thought that it wouldn’t be going off book so to speak if we were just to tell part of that story, when in fact we know this all happened… I wanted to incorporate all these little exchanges and moments from all the different books into a script somehow, and so I did it with these flashbacks. 

What I like to do is when our couple comes together, they solve problems with their connection. Bad things happen when they’re apart and good things happen when they’re together.


Jaded ll

For @mischievous-fairy and @skymoonandstardust (via comments).  A continuation of this imagine, enjoy! (f/c means favorite color).

Y/N slowly crawled toward the bed in the cabin. After what had happened in New York, she thought it best to take a vacation. She understood now that her soulmate had caused all that damage. At the same time, however, she wished he had taken her with him. Unfortunately, more solace meant more time to think of him and all that had happened.

The woman slumped under her covers, desperate for some relief of this pining. She wasn’t sure how long she could act like it didn’t affect her. Then again, she still didn’t entirely understand how soulmates existed. It had been a general superstition, nothing concrete. Apparently, she had been dead wrong. How else could she explain that light coming out of her chest?

She curled inward, shutting her eyes. Thankfully, she was dreaming before she knew it.

Y/N walked through a large museum. Her eyes shifted from exhibit to exhibit as she strolled down the hall. She was paying little attention. She glanced up, looking at the gala guests. All were dressed in fine clothing and jewelry. Y/N glanced down at herself to see she was wearing the nicest dress she had ever seen. It was even her favorite color…the same color as the beam inside of her.

“You look beautiful,” a strangely familiar voice complimented.

Y/N looked up with a smile. She gasped as she saw the familiar green eyes. Instead of his armor, he was wearing a suit and overcoat. His hair was slicked back and his features seemed oddly lighter.

“Loki,” she mumbled, “But…the Avengers. They arrested you. This can’t be real.”
The man smiled, brushing some hair behind her ear. “Only physically.”

She knit her brows, clearly confused. Gently, the man guided her hand to wrap around his arm. The pair continued to walk through the museum. Y/N didn’t even bother looking, afraid if she did, Loki would be gone.

“It seems that once you find your soulmate, that connection cannot be severed by anything external,” he explained, “Which is the reason why I can visit you in your dreams. So, yes. This is real.”
“Why did you leave at all?” she asked, a lump rising in her throat.

Loki stopped, keeping his gaze low. He swallowed, hurt by the quivering tone of her voice.

“You saw what I did,” he muttered, “They weren’t going to allow me anything if I asked.”
“You could’ve taken me with you,” she whimpered, “Instead, you leave me with this giant hole in my chest, with no idea how to sort any of this out, nothing but knowing you exist.”

A few tears slid down her face. The trickster had felt her pain the moment he entered her dream. Loki gripped her hands, facing her. He raised his glassy eyes to meet her own. She couldn’t help but notice her favorite color mixing with the green of his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he choked, “I never meant to hurt you so deeply.”

Loki pulled Y/N into his chest. He smoothed his hands up and down her back. He slowly rocked her back and forth. She sobbed as he held her.  After some time, he realized she was attempting to say something.

“What was that?” he cooed.
“I want to see you again,” she mumbled, “In person.”

Loki smiled down at her. His thumb gently wiped away the shine of her tears. He placed a small peck on her lips.

“I’ll find a way,” he agreed, “In the meantime, I’ll see you every night. Just like this.”

She nodded. She moved her arms around his neck before giving him a stronger kiss. While she did, Loki shifted a shiny piece of metal into her hand. She gripped it as she pulled away. Seeing her dream pulling away, she waved goodbye.

Y/N shot up in her bed. Her breath was heavy as she tried to make sense of everything. Was that real? It was still early morning; the sun had yet to rise. Feeling something in her hand, she opened her fist. She sighed with relief. In her hand was a silver chain necklace with a pendant. The pendant was made out of amber except for the exact center. In the center was a two colored raven in flight, seemingly made out of silver. Y/N smiled as she saw the colors of the raven were green and f/c.

She put on the necklace before cuddling back under her covers. It was a dream, but it was real.

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13 DAYS OF OUTLANDER ~ 2.09 Je Suis Prest | Favorite Moments

“If I go back, then it would just be like lying in that ditch again, helpless and powerless to move like a dragonfly in amber. Except this time it will be worse, because I’ll know that the poeple out there dying alone, are people I know…people I love. I can’t do that Jamie. I won’t lie in that ditch again! I can’t be helpless and alone ever again.”

The Hand That Feeds - NSFW Negan Fic

This is my contribution for @grab-my-boner‘s 1k Writing Challenge. The song I chose was U + Ur Hand by P!nk.

This ties in with my fic “Through The Valley”, but can be read as a stand-alone. Obviously, Lilly and the wives except for Sherry and Amber are OCs. The events of this little story take place between Chapters 6 and 7.

Category: Shameless smut! And some angst I suppose?

Word Count: 2027

Warnings: Negan being a HUGE dick / Negan having a huge dick, heh / Negan’s filthy mouth / Smut (Oral with a sprinkle of objectophilia) / Mention of BDSM themes

Forever taglist: @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts @kinkozan @redisunamused @lupienne @embracetheapocalypsewithme @lovingzombiechaos

The door to the empty penthouse swung open and Negan waltzed in with his wives following, albeit less enthusiastically. He made a mental note of the clothes, books and dishes cluttering the room before he was swarmed by hands, tits and various other body parts, dutifully rubbing against him and he braced himself for what was coming. Sure enough, the five women started bombarding him with a stream of “What did you get us, Negan?” and several variations thereof and it took all of his mental strength not to roll his eyes and just flee into his room.

“A whole lot of food, water and warm clothes that are going to benefit ALL of Sanctuary.”

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Looks like honey-colored cloudy amber, except people usually polish amber and don’t bother with frankincense. Makes sense, since they’re both just pine sap. This stuff is dry and hard, and it isn’t sticky unless you get it wet. Like most pine resin, it has a sharp, dry, bitter scent, which is stronger if you rub it between your fingers. This stuff doesn’t have the fresh green scent of Christmas trees; it smells more like the sun-baked pine forests of hotter, drier climates. The pieces we have range from coarse sand and bean-sized rough pebbles to cherry-sized lumpy blobs, and many of them have the bulbous shape of something that obviously dried in drips and blobs, like candle wax (because it did - you literally just poke a specific kind of pine tree to get this stuff out). If you store it somewhere humid, it will ooze out sticky yellow droplets that look bright and not as cloudy as the rest.

You can’t just set it on fire - it will belch out thick black awful smoke. You need a little cup-shaped incense burner, and you have to put a little puck of charcoal in there and light that, then put the frankincense on it. It bubbles and oozes and lets out white acrid smoke that still smells very much like the dry pieces. A little goes a very long way. It makes me cough, like most musky smells. It’s an overpowering scent, and it stays on things it touches forever - you can even taste it on your lips afterwards if you were near the smoke, or on your fingers if you were handling the pieces/holding the censer - wash your hands or you will be in for a surprise next time you make a sandwich. I know someone who holds a cloth over frankincense smoke and then lays it over her cookies to give them a faint taste of frankincense (it’s not edible, do not use it as an actual ingredient.) I don’t much like it, since it tastes medicinal.

Uncanny Part 2: My Turn To Protect You

Okay, so this request was given to me back in November when I initially posted Part one. Almost six months later, HERE IS PART TWO.

If you haven’t read part one, click here to read it and then come on back and read part two! 😊

The ride back to the sanctuary was more agonizing than you had anticipated. All you’d been thinking about up to this point was that you needed to be by your brother’s side. Now that you were, what you had done was starting to sink in. What would Negan even do with you? Seeing the cuts and bruises and the black eye on Daryl made it even more terrifying.

You’d done your very best to memorize the way from Alexandria to the sanctuary but you doubted that you would ever remember it all. The looks Daryl gave you out of the corner of your eye made it obvious that he didn’t approve and he would’ve spoken up but he couldn’t, not now. You were surrounded by Negan’s men and Daryl wasn’t going to risk getting himself or you hurt by talking to you. But you knew the moment you were alone, you were gonna hear a mouthful.

You drove for several miles before arrive at what looked like an abandoned factory. But it felt more like a prison as the truck drove through the gates and they were slammed shut and locked. Daryl placed his hand on your leg to keep you from getting up as Negan’s men hopped out of the truck.

Negan came around the back of the truck with Dwight, his right hand man, right beside him. He rested his bat on his shoulder with a playful smirk, “Welcome to The Sanctuary, darlin’. You like?”

You leaned outside the back of the truck, watching some of Negan’s other prisoners off to the side wrangling some walkers, “You want me to be honest with you?”

Negan burst into laughter, throwing his head back, “Got quite a mouth on you, girl. Dwight, take Daryl back to his cage, I’ve got some things to discuss with Y/N here. Come on out you two.”

Daryl climbed out of the truck and Dwight grabbed him by the back of his sweatshirt, dragging him into the building before he could turn and help you out of the truck like he normally would have.

You reluctantly climbed out of the truck and followed Negan, who didn’t say another word to you as he walked ahead of you. He led you inside, passing by the grungy hallways with some music faintly playing over the speakers. The two of you eventually reached the nicer parts that had bedrooms instead of disgusting, stuffy cages.

“Right in here,” Negan said, stopping at the end of the hall, opening up the double doors to what you assumed to be the master bedroom, Negan’s bedroom. You took a step into the room and froze as Negan shut the doors and set his bat down against the wall.

“What’re you gonna do?” you murmured.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Negan said, “Not what you’re thinking, Y/N. Take a seat right over there. I just wanna talk, that’s all.”

You sighed in relief as you sat down in one of the plush, leather chairs, sinking into your seat as Negan circled around you for a while. You grimaced, “Well then talk.”

“Got a fire in you,” Negan chuckled, the chair crinkling underneath him as he sat down. He leaned his bat against the side of his chair and leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees, “Got a lot of balls, comin’ here willingly just for your brother.”

“I’d do anything for my brother,” you said, “And I wanna make sure nothing bad happens to him.”

“Well, he did already try to escape,” Negan replied, “So, he’s on some pretty goddamn thin ice as it is.”

“Fine,” you said, “What’s it gonna take to keep my brother out of harm’s way?”

Negan’s lips curled into a smile as he leaned back in his chair, crossing one leg over the other, “What’re you offering?”

“I can only imagine what you have in mind,” you muttered, “So, why don’t you just spit it out so you can stop killing me with the suspense?”

“Well, I wouldn’t go and hurt a member of my family.”

“So, I have to play housewife to keep my brother safe?”

“Play?” Negan laughed, “Marriage a big game to you?”

“No, but seems like it is to you,” you countered, “How many women have you played this little game with?”

“Well, there’s a few others,” Negan said, “Why limit myself to just one wife?”

You mocked his laughter, “Yeah, why do that when you can manipulate people and turn it into a big game? So, I agree to ‘marry’ you and Daryl is safe?”

“Yep, you marry me, Daryl’s safe,” Negan said.

“One condition,” you said, “I wanna see him. Right now. I wanna talk to him. And then I’ll do whatever the hell you want.”

“Ya know what, I’d normally say no to that but what the hell,” Negan said, “I’ll have my man, Dwight take you to him. Then we’ll clean you up real nice, Y/N.”

The grungy hallways Dwight led you through gave you the chills. You could hear a few people behind each door you passed by crying while some just cursed and shouted. They were difficult to hear over the agonizing and irritating song blasting over the speakers. You were never going to get that one out of your head.

“I don’t know how you can live with yourself,” you remarked, “Knowing you’re torturing people like this.”

“Hey, I’d be careful if I was you,” Dwight argued, “You’re on Negan’s good side for right now but that can change really fucking quick, girl.”

“Same goes for you,” you retorted, “So, just shut up and let me see my brother, alright?”

Dwight snarled under his breath as he stopped in front of one of the doors, pulling his keys from his pocket. He unlocked the door and pulled it open with a slight grunt. Daryl was curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, peeking at the two of you through his thin hairs hanging in front of his eyes.

“Y/N,” he said, “What’s goin’ on?”

“Give us a minute, Dwight,” you said. Dwight narrowed his eyes at you, folding his arms across his chest. You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “I’m not gonna take Daryl and run with you standing right here, Dwight. I have no weapons and you’ve got lots of them. I’m not that stupid. Just give us a little privacy.”

“Fine,” Dwight snapped. He backed away from the door but you knew he was still close enough to be able to hear everything you said to Daryl.

“You look like shit,” you said to Daryl, lowering to your knees in front of him, “What have they done to you?”

“Nothin’ I can’t handle,” Daryl mumbled, “What’d that asshole do to you, Y/N?”

“We made a deal,” you explained, “He’s not gonna hurt you anymore.”

“I ain’t bowin’ down to him,” Daryl snapped.

“You don’t have to,” you shot back, “I’m gonna…marry the guy and he said he wouldn’t hurt you again.”

“Y/N!” Daryl hissed, “Why the fuck would you make a deal like that?!”

“Because I’d do anything to keep you from getting hurt again,” you said. You reached out and gently ran your finger along Daryl’s black eye, “You know how hard it is to see you like this?”

“Ain’t much different than it used to be,” Daryl said, “I’m used to it, Y/N. You know that.”

“Don’t make this about Dad,” you whimpered, “Alright? That’s over now. Now, it’s my turn to protect you, Daryl. And under these circumstances, this is the only way I can.”

Tears ran down your cheeks and Daryl’s body loosened, letting out a heavy sigh, “I don’t like this, Y/N. You don’t need to protect me. I can handle whatever he’s gonna throw at me.”

“I know you’re never gonna accept my help,” you said, “But I’m giving it to you anyway. I never wanna see these bruises all over you again, Daryl. It was hard enough when we were kids.”

“I can’t stop you,” Daryl muttered, shrugging his shoulders, “Just…be careful. This guy, making a deal like this with him ain’t that simple. I don’t need you gettin’ hurt to protect me.”

“Don’t worry about me,” you said, kissing his cheek, “I’ll be just fine. I’ve gotta get back now. I’ll try to visit you again soon.”

Daryl nodded as Dwight stomped back into the room, “Alright, wrap it up, Y/N. We’ve gotta go get you cleaned up.”

“I know,” you snapped as you stood back up, waving good-bye to your big brother as Dwight led you out of the room. Daryl gave you a slight nod but he didn’t offer much more than that, lowering his head once more as Dwight slammed and locked the door behind you. Of course you were terrified of the deal you’d made and maybe it was for nothing, maybe Negan would just do whatever he wanted and he’d just tricked you into this. But Daryl had been protecting you since the day you were born and now he needed you to do the same for him.

You were given a bath, some fresh, clean clothes and a pair of heels that were extremely impractical for the world you were living in and you had nearly forgotten how to walk in them. They’d even gone as far as having you shave your legs which felt so strange now. You weren’t used to looking so normal.

Negan had at least five other wives, one of them being Dwight’s wife, Sherry. The other women were pretty friendly except for Amber who looked nervous all the time but Sherry was particularly warm to you, probably because she’d made the same deal as you had.

“It’s a sweet thing you did for your brother,” Sherry said, “You shouldn’t have to do this though.”

“I know,” you replied, “But whatever I have to do to keep my brother safe, I’ll do it. I don’t care what happens to me.”

“You should care,” Amber piped in, “You should get out while you can.”

Sherry nudged Amber hard in the ribs with her elbow as Negan entered the room. He grinned at each woman in the room, “My doting wives! Good to see you all in such high spirits. And you, Y/N, you clean up real nice.”

“Thank you, I live for your approval,” you grumbled.

“Y/N!” Sherry snapped, slapping your arm, “What’re you thinking talking like that?”

Negan held up his hand, “It’s all good, Sherry. I did say she had a fire in her. And I like it. Y/N, a word.”

You followed Negan out of the room and pressed your back against the wall while he stood there in the middle of the hallway staring at you. He shook his head slightly, “I’m not gonna make you do anything you don’t wanna do, Y/N.”

“It’s just, um, well, um, ya see, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in such a long time,” you said, “And, I just think our ‘wedding night’ would mean a hell of a lot more if I was more energetic.”

“That’s some good thinkin’, Y/N,” Negan said, “When you’re ready, it’s gonna be worth the wait.”

Negan sauntered off and you hurried back into the room with Sherry. Your heart sank to your stomach as you collapsed on the sofa. Your stomach was doing flips. The sofa shifted beside you as Sherry sat down.

“You can back out,” Sherry said, “Now would be a good time to do it.”

“I can’t,” you said, “If I back out, he’ll hurt my brother in spite of me.”

“Well, you can’t stall for long,” Sherry mumbled, “Negan always gets what he wants.”

Days passed by so slowly. Negan was surprisingly understanding every single time you denied him. It was probably because he had five other wives to sleep with instead of you. But as Sherry said, you couldn’t stall forever. You had run out of excuses and you finally gave in. It felt like you’d sold your soul and you hated yourself for it.

“You definitely were worth the wait,” Negan said, pressing his hands down on your hips so you couldn’t move from your position on top of him, “Love that fire ya got in you.”

You squirmed under Negan’s grip, “Thanks.”

The trucks that had left for Hilltop were coming back now and Negan released his grip on you, allowing you to roll off of him and get your clothes back on, “Looks like I’ve gotta get out there and see what Gregory’s got for me today.”

“Take your time,” you said, your hands shaking so much you couldn’t button up your dress, “Think I’ll just hang out with the girls for a while so you can do your thing.”

“Don’t you wanna come with me?” Negan said, “Give ya a chance to see your brother outside.”

“True,” you murmured. You hadn’t seen Daryl since the day you arrived and your heart ached at the realization that you’d been separated this long. You had to know if Negan was keeping his promise and Daryl was safe, “Guess I’ll go out there with you.”

Negan wrapped his arm around your waist and took you outside with him as his men were opening up the back of the truck with boxes full of food, weapons, medicine, and things that you knew Negan didn’t need.

“You can go see your brother real quick while I deal with this,” Negan said. He glanced over your shoulder and then grabbed your face, smashing his lips against yours. You hadn’t really pushed him away or resisted before so you weren’t sure how he’d react if you did so you kissed him back. He patted your hip and the two of you parted ways. You approached the fence while Negan supervised his boys.

“Y/N,” Daryl grunted, grasping onto the fence tightly, “You alright? He hurt you?”

“No,” you replied, “Everything I’ve done has been my own choice, okay? I’m okay. What about you?”

“I’m fine,” he said, “Negan’s holding up his end of the bargain I guess. I hate this, Y/N.”

“I know you do,” you said. You opened your mouth to continue but were interrupted by rapid gunfire and shouting and commotion coming from the truck. You stayed by the fence with Daryl as another familiar face emerged from the truck, “Carl? What the hell is Carl doing?”

“You should go,” Daryl said, jumping back to avoid a walker’s bony hands gripping onto him. A part of you wanted to run to Carl’s side and fight with him but you also needed Daryl with you before you made a risky move like that. Besides, Dwight took Carl down rather quickly.

With Carl around, Negan was distracted for the rest of the afternoon. You spent that time with Sherry, who was unusually quiet. She was pouring herself a drink when you finally spoke up, “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is just fine,” Sherry replied, throwing back her drink, groaning as the drink warmed her body, “Negan’s gonna take Carl home soon. You need to get out of here once he’s gone.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m gonna get Daryl out too.”

“How do you plan on doing that?”

“Just trust me.”

“Why now?” you asked, “What made you do this now?”

“I can’t let you do this to yourself anymore,” Sherry said, “Just wait until Negan leaves and then wait outside, where we keep the bikes. Can you do that for me?”

You nodded, “What about Dwight?”

“I’ll handle that,” Sherry spoke almost absentmindedly as she rushed out of the room. You went over to the window as Negan and Carl got into the truck and Daryl was approaching Negan’s side. You couldn’t hear what was being said but whatever Daryl said, it made Dwight drag him away while Negan flipped him off and Carl drove off.

Following Sherry’s instructions, you ran outside, waiting by the motorcycles. What would you say if one of Negan’s boys came out and saw you just standing there? You had to look like you were doing something or it would look suspicious. You searched frantically for a rag or a tool of some sort to look like you were cleaning something or fixing something. You were still looking around when a door slammed open.

“I was just um, looking for the uh…” you stuttered, dusting some dirt off one of the bikes. You looked up at the person who came outside only to find Daryl coming outside, having switched his sweatpants for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a flannel and a baseball cap. You froze, “Daryl.”

“Y/N,” Daryl whispered. He ran down the concrete steps and threw his arms around you, squeezing you tightly against him, “You know who left me that note?”

Sherry’s sudden change in attitude was too strange and you didn’t want to give her away. Whatever Sherry was planning to do, there was no need to alter them, “I don’t know. I uh, I got a note too. Someone was looking out for us I guess.”

Daryl held up a key to one of the bikes and he grabbed you by the arm, “C’mon, let’s get the fuck out of here. Get you out of these ridiculous clothes.”

You nodded eagerly as you kicked the heels off your feet. You’d rather be barefoot than trying to balance on shoes you weren’t used to anymore, “Right, let’s go.”

“Hey,” Daryl said, grabbing you by the shoulder, “You sure you’re alright? Nothin’ happened?”

You smiled, “Nothing I can’t handle.”

“Smartass,” Daryl grunted. As he hurried towards the bike, Fat Joey came out from behind one of the trucks eating a sandwich. He flinched at the sight of the two of you, dropping his food and holding his hands up in surrender. Before you knew it, Daryl was beating the poor guy with a metal pipe, splattering blood all over himself and the truck, leaving behind a pool of blood. You hadn’t seen Daryl in such a fit of rage in a long time and it was a frightening sight. But you stayed quiet as Daryl threw the pipe down on the ground, taking the gun Fat Joey had on his belt.

“Now we can go,” Daryl muttered, tugging on your arm.

“Hey,” you said. Daryl was fidgeting, already halfway on the bike starting it up, “Daryl, everything will be okay now. You believe me?”

Daryl didn’t say anything, just another small nod, patting the spot behind him. You knew better than to push him as he was moments away from a breakdown and he was trying to keep it together for your sake. In time, you’d be able to tell him everything that happened but for now, he was already upset and had been through so much. You couldn’t pile more on top of that. The important thing was you and your brother were reunited and getting the hell away from this place.

Okay, so this wasn’t the best BUT I got a few people requesting it a few months back and let’s face it, the sequel is never as good 😉 but I hope you like this sequel to Uncanny anyway! 😊 ❤


I ship the heck out of Jyrus, and I would be happy if it became canon
However, I also ship Jandi, and it just seems more realistic.
It doesn’t seem realistic for Cyrus and Jonah to be together, as cute as it would be
Jonah and Andi have this really great dynamic going, they’re learning about each other, their relationship is growing just as much as they are on their own.
Andi learned to stop letting one person rule her life and control her actions, especially when that person wasn’t meaning to
So did Jonah, except what Amber was doing was deliberate.
I want Andi and Jonah to be together because it would be a healthy relationship to contrast with the relationship with Jonah and Amber.
I want Cyrus to admit his feelings for Jonah and for Jonah to accept that (and be flattered) and for that to strengthen their friendship


“Now that it’s here, I’m not sure I’m ready to go to war again.”  You don’t have to. You fought your war. We’ll fight this one, without you. I’ll have Ross and Fergus take you home to Lallybroch. “No!”  Claire.. “I can’t do that either. Listen to me. If I, if I go back then it will just be like lying in that ditch again. Helpless and powerless to move, like a dragonfly in amber. Except this time it will be worse because I’ll know that the people out there dying alone are people I know. People I love. I can’t do that Jamie. I won’t lie in that ditch again.”


I bet if I did this regularly I’d find some disagreements with exactly which fossils this program chose, but here’s a program covering their choices for 12 of the best-preserved fossils on Earth, including eggs, insects, pollen, nerve remnants, and so on. The study of how fossils are preserved is called Taphonomy and each of these would, in their own way, be an example of Exceptional Preservation.

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Mercedes Jones in Every Episode
∟4.21 “Wonder-ful”

It’s crazy, guys. I’m going to be dealing with this the rest of my career. Everyone is gonna want me to look like Beyoncé, and no one is gonna be satisfied with me—Mercedes Jones.


Listen to me, if I go back then it’ll just be like lying that in that ditch again, helpless and powerless to move like a dragonfly in amber. Except this time it would be worse, because I’ll know that the people I out there dying alone are people I know, people I love. I can’t do that Jamie, I won’t lie in that ditch again. I can’t be helpless and alone ever again. Do you hear me?
         I hear ya, I promise whatever happens you will never be alone again.
I’m going to hold you to that James Fraser.
                         You have my word, Claire Fraser.