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Anna painting Fushimi's fingernails please. Yata's too~

Maybe this is like a cute post-ROK thing, Anna’s started going to school and she’s having a little trouble fitting in because she’s so much more mature than the other kids. One day though one of the other girls brings nail polish to school and it’s a really pretty red, she offers to paint Anna’s nails for her and it turns out looking really nice. Anna’s very thankful and she can’t stop staring at her nails. She decides that she wants to be able to paint nails too, so she can offer to return the favor to the girl who helped her. There is of course just one problem: Homra is filled with guys, so she has no one to practice on. She tries to ask Kusanagi if Awashima can come over but maybe Awashima’s away on business or visiting family or something so she’s not available. Anna’s a bit crestfallen but she’s still determined, she just needs to find someone who will let her paint their nails. That’s when Kusanagi has to go out for the night and asks Yata to watch both the bar and Anna for the evening and Yata decides to invite Fushimi to come join him because he thinks it could be like a good bonding experience, they’ve started becoming friends again and Yata really wants more opportunities to spend time with him. Fushimi’s a little uncomfortable returning to Bar Homra after all this time, like he’s stopped by from time to time since he and Yata made up but this time he’ll be there for a few hours and it feels odd to him. Anna and Yata both greet him at the door with a smile though and it helps make Fushimi feel a little more comfortable.

So Yata and Fushimi spend the evening hanging out and playing big brothers to Anna. At one point Yata heads into the kitchen to get dinner started and leaves Fushimi and Anna alone together. Fushimi notices that Anna’s kinda staring at him and he shifts uncomfortably, asking what she wants. Anna suddenly grabs his hands and looks into his eyes all intent like ‘Can I…paint Saruhiko’s nails?’ Fushimi’s like what the fuck and Anna just gives him this earnest look as she says she wants to practice painting nails and Saruhiko has pretty fingers. Fushimi tries to refuse her but of course he can’t say no to Anna and he ends up sighing and being like ‘fine…’ figuring he can always take the nail polish off later. Cue Yata walking in a few minutes later to tell them that dinner is ready, only to find Anna and Fushimi sitting there at the bar facing each other while Anna very carefully and painstakingly paints Fushimi’s nails, completely absorbed in her task. Yata starts to say something and Fushimi shoots him a glare, Yata just ends up with this goofy smile spreading across his face as he watches Fushimi just sit there all docile and quiet while Anna does his nails. Finally when she’s finished she looks up to see Yata there, Fushimi’s just like 'don’t you say a single word, Misaki.’ Yata praises Anna’s good job in doing Fushimi’s nails, Fushimi sees an opening and suggests that Anna do Yata’s nails as well. Yata starts to refuse because painted nails aren’t exactly manly but Anna’s giving him the look and finally he’s just like 'well…if it’s for Anna, then I guess…’ They do have to eat dinner first though and Anna ends up helping to feed Fushimi through half of it because she won’t let him touch anything while his nails are still drying. By the time Kusanagi gets back Fushimi has lovely lacquer blue nails and Yata has glittery red ones, Anna is very pleased with what a good job she did (Fushimi also ends up leaving the nails colored until they finally flake off, as does Yata. Anyone who mocks them for it is made to regret it because no one maligns Anna’s hard work).


THE   E N D.

DA:I Fic: Unshaken by the Darkness: Andraste (1/26)

Title: Unshaken by the Darkness: Andraste (1/26) 

the best part of an alphabet fic is you know how many chapters it will be!

On AO3

Summary: Cullen Rutherford’s past and present, from childhood through the Inquisition, told through interconnected short stories one letter of the alphabet at a time.

Eventual Cullen/Mage Trevelyan. Eventual Inquisition spoilers, but not for some time. Spoilers for Origins and DA2, too. *throws confetti*



Cullen liked the chantry. Other children complained that it was boring or stupid—even Mia whined when Ma wasn’t around to hear—but Cullen didn’t really understand that. The chantry was always warm, always cozy, always lit by candles. It smelled of incense and baking bread and the flowers some of the village girls left at the foot of the statue of Andraste. He liked the statue; Andraste had a nice face and a really big sword—to protect everyone, Ma said. (“To remind us who holds the power,” said his Da. Cullen didn’t understand that, either.)

Best of all, though, was the music. One voice, or five, or fifteen, it didn’t matter. The Chant always delighted him, and there was always singing in the chantry. Always.

The Revered Mother smiled at him, and he didn’t mind if she ruffled his hair even though he hated when Bran or Mia did it. The Revered Mother never teased him, and never treated him like a baby. She only said he was a good lad and wasn’t he clever and what a pleasant surprise to see a boy so devoted. Sometimes she slipped him sweets, but that wasn’t why he liked coming.

He never said it out loud, because Mia and Bran and their friends already teased him enough about everything, but accompanying his mother on her visits was his favorite part of the week. He liked walking beside her, his hand safely tucked in hers. He looked forward to kneeling pressed against her side, closing his eyes, and letting the music wash over him. Peaceful was the word his ma used, when he asked why she liked coming so much. He thought that sounded right. No one yelling or laughing at him. No one sneaking up and pulling his hair or stealing his share of the cookies or calling him names like Cully Crybaby (he only cried that one time because Mia yanked out a whole handful of hair and it really hurt).

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Heyo SuperCat shippers. 

So I turned the Super SuperCat Fic Recs Post into a Super SuperCat Fic Recs Page. It’s a lot easier to navigate and for me to add fics to it. I’ll only be updating the page from now on and the post will stay as is. I still have a buttload of fics to add, so please be patient with me. If you see a fic missing, feel free to hit me up. If there are any mistakes or links that don’t work, let me now and I’ll fix them. 

Lining your script AKA making sure your editor will not kill you during Post Production

If you’re someone who has never been through film school, the term “lining the script” probably doesn’t mean anything to you. However, it’s an extremely important part of production that many student filmmakers even will overlook because it’s not emphasized enough. So I’m going to take a moment to explain to you exactly what it is and why it’s so important.

To start, let me give you an example of what a lined script looks like:

At the top of each line is a shot designation. We can tell that this is scene 8 because every shot starts with the number “8″. Shots are then lettered using all lettered of the alphabet except I and O (because they look like 1 and 0), occasionally even being doubled (I’ve been on lots of sets that go into AA or AB). Each letter represents a different shot, which could mean that the camera moves or changes angles or movement, ect. As you can imagine, shot lists tend to be extremely long. The way to keep everything organized and make sure you’re getting the coverage you need is to then take the script and literally draw lines through it.

What is coverage? Well, coverage is basically the sum of all shots you have for one scene. When you have sufficient coverage, than you have footage of every character saying all their lines, probably from a couple different angles, and you have shots of every important set piece and also a Master Shot (meaning a wide shot of the entire scene).

In the script above, you’ll notice that there are straight lines and then also squiggly lines. When there is a straight line through an action or dialogue, that means that that action or spoken dialogue is being seen on camera. If there’s a squiggly line through an action or dialogue, that means that the camera is rolling while that action is happening or that line is being said, but that it’s not currently on camera (which is important for reaction shots). 

Proper coverage is extremely important. Even if, as the writer or director, you have a specific idea of exactly what shot you want at a particular moment, you still make sure you have lots of coverage because you want to give your editor options. You never know exactly what’s going to work when the footage gets to post production. You also never, ever as a writer put specific shots in your script, even if you are the director. You never want to limit yourself or your editor. 

Without proper coverage, the editor may be forced to use a shot they don’t want or edit the scene in a way that isn’t ideal. It’s important to look at the whole picture and understand that the film can change completely from pre-production to production to post-production. By lining the script, you’re assuring that everything has been accounted for.

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FAVORITE albums so far in 2011 in no particular order:

The Mountain Goats “All Eternals Deck”
The Strokes “Angles”
Bon Iver “Bon Iver”
The Weeknd “House Of Balloons”
Okkervil River “I Am Very Far”
Radiohead “King Of Limbs" 
Cold War Kids "Mine Is Yours”
TV On The Radio “Nine Types Of Light”
Frank Ocean “Nostalgia/Ultra”
Adele “21”

Notable Mentions they’re still growing on me:

The Kills “Blood Pressures”
Tyler, The Creator “Goblin”
Fleet Foxes “Helplessness Blues”
The Decemberists “The King Is Dead”
Lykke Li “Wounded Rhymes”

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“Also, what’s to stop him from getting up on his hind legs? You didn’t bind them.”
“Of course. Also, what exactly is around his forehooves?”
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written by @gryfon-spanish-werewolf    .

Greeting! Hope this message finds you well. It took longer than I thought to write the bodyguard au, what with finals coming up, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. Here’s a small piece of what I’ve been working on: it’s earlier in the timeline, for reference. May it add delight to your day :D


The two and a half year old was already having lessons, in between meal times and nap. Elsa leaned against the far wall, ever vigilant. The tutor had called for a break and left, likely on her way to the loo or whatever they called it here. To her dismay, Anna wasted no time in walking over, feet now more sure of themselves, even adding an extra, needless hop to her step that her parents no doubt found endearing. Elsa kept her eyes up, already knowing the floor was clear of dangers with the possible exception of the alphabet blocks if Anna took three steps to her left.

Anna craned her head up, blue-green eyes cheery and bright. Elsa ignored her, her time better spent scanning the area, especially if her charge was going to literally be within arms reach.

A flicker of movement caught her eye. She looked down briefly, seeing that Anna had lifted her arms up and towards her.

Elsa grit her teeth.

Anna bounced on her toes.

Elsa folded her arms closer.

Finally, Anna put her hands down, forlorn. Elsa’s sigh of relief cut off halfway; Anna had figured out the problem.

“Please?” Elsa closed her eyes in despair. The question was repeated, this time with the arms and bouncing.

“No,” Elsa ground out, searching the doorway. Where was that damn tutor?

She sensed the toddler recoil, as though physically struck. “No?” She whimpered. Elsa heard a tiny foot stomp. “No’s’a bad word, Elsa.”

The bodyguard stiffened. She leaned over the girl with impatience, eyes cold and impassable. “No, it’s not. It’s a good word, if you know how to use it correctly.”

Anna’s frown crumbled, fat teardrops gathering in her blue-green eyes. “But I said ‘please’,” she said. “A nice word.”

“Nice words don’t always get you what you want.” Anna’s face fell and Elsa quashed the guilt rising from her stomach. The girl had to learn sometime, and better now than later.

Elsa leaned her head against the wall as Anna started to sniffle. She was a guard for god’s sake! She was a highly skilled, highly trained, highly disciplined warrior who knew ten different ways to kill a man with her own cravat. She refused to be some glorified baby sitter for a sniveling, entitled little–

A wail erupted between her feet. Anna fell to the floor amid great heaving sobs, her misery echoing horribly in the high ceilinged library.

Elsa clapped her hands over her ears, staring down in white faced horror at the bawling child. Anna never had tantrums. She was stubborn and a bit rambunctious but in all her years Elsa hadn’t heard anything quite like this.

“Shh! Anna stop this!” Elsa hissed, casting a fearful glance at the doorway. “Just, just stop, I’m begging you.” The girl refused to listen to Elsa’s reasonable, incredibly compelling argument. “This is pointless, why are you crying? Look I’ll, I’ll go get Her Majesty and everything will be fine. I’ll be right back.”

If Elsa had not possessed reflexes honed by years of training she may well have bowled Anna over right then and there. As it was, Anna clung to her pant leg, face and cheeks red, inhaling for another soul rending sob. Elsa was trapped.

“Anna please.”

The girl stilled. “Please?” She parroted, getting the word out between hiccups.

“Yes, please,” Elsa emphasized, using her hands. “Please stop crying.”

“Please,” Anna agreed, sounding much more content and much less like she was attempting to be, or to summon, a banshee.

Elsa’s shoulders slumped, crisis over. “Thank you, Anna.” Gently she eased her leg out of the toddler’s reach. Anna was looking at her again. “What?”

“Please?” Anna held up her arms. Elsa held back a groan.

“Anna I… I’m not…” How did one explain to a two year old that there were people who fought and people who nursed? People who cooked and people who wrote, people who taught and people who ruled? To Anna, people were people.

And everyone could lift her up.

“No’s'a good word,” Anna reminded her solemnly, stripping Elsa of any possible defense she could have raised. “Don’t use it for bad.”

The tutor rushed down the hall, skirts bunched in her fists. A thousand different apologies arranged themselves half formed in her tongue– Hallvardurs would have her hide and the king would have her house for sure! She stopped briefly at the entryway, regaining her breath. She didn’t know which explanation of her tardiness would satisfy the cold woman, but she had to try.

Arendelle’s Royal Bodyguard stood in the middle of the room with her back to the door, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet as she swayed back and forth. That alone was enough to make the tutor pause, but as the woman turned and revealed her front, her jaw dropped.

Anna had her arms around Elsa’s neck, eyes closed in peaceful sleep, weight supported effortlessly by the strong and surprisingly caring arms of her protector. Elsa shifted her weight from foot to foot, copying with only minor difficulty the motion she’d observed the king and queen doing when rocking their child to sleep. She wasn’t smiling, but her face was soft and turned utterly towards the slumbering girl in her arms.

The tutor left without a word. She had a far better story to tell.