Marichat ‘Cliche’ Balcony Make Out Scene

Take One: Romeo and Juliette

Here it is, special dedication for that anon who specifically hates cliche marichat balcony scenes. I wrote one at least. 

Tagging @baneismydragon who apparently has a throne of Marichat cliches like wow I’m jealous. And it is also for everybody who was super sweet with me yesterday, thank you guys, I love you all <3

Side note: Juliette is the French version of Juliet so no, it isn’t a typo.

Marinette paced from one end of her balcony to the other, while glaring at the papers in her hands. It was well past midnight and she could be seeping just like Tikki was doing at the moment, in her comfortable bed. But no, she was out, repeating the lines for the stupid play. Why did she let Alya convince her she should be in it. Ah, screw that, why did she let Alya convince her she should try for Juliette’s part out of all things. Why was the school doing a Romeo and Juliette anyway? Did they run out of French plays? And even if they had to do it, couldn’t they do the modern version? Which didn’t require excentric old words no one used anymore?

Marinette groaned exasperatedly, before trying another line. Trying to sound sad she recited.

“The only man I love is the son of the only man I hate! I saw him too early without knowing who he was, and I found out who he was too late! Love is a monster for making me fall in love with my worst enemy.”

Marinette let her shoulders drop. That sounded lame even to her ears. Honestly, how was she supposed to make that sound sincere? She was a bad actress, she knew it. The only way she could pull off that line was if Adrien’s father was Hawkmoth or something. Which was ridiculous, of course. Honestly, she should just give up on this, Alya would get over it.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliette is the sun.”

Marinette turned around, startled to see Chat Noir on the chimney. With all the feline grace he possessed, he jumped on the lower one. Marinette was wonderstruck when she noticed his look. He seemed to be really into it.

“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou, her maid, art far more fair than she. Be not her maid since she is envious. Her vestal livery is but sick and green, and none but fools do wear it. Cast it off!” Marinette watched flabbergasted as Chat tip toped on the side, careful to not kick her plants while gesticulating wildly, emotion raw in his voice. Extending his hand towards her, he continued. “It is my lady. Oh, it is my love.”

Marinette almost yelled in panic as Chat Noir let himself fall over the edge, but stopped just in time when she heard his voice continuing with the lines. Her eyes trailed across the railing of the balcony as she followed the sound of his voice. And just then Chat appeared again over the railing.

“As daylight doth a lamp. Her eye in heaven would through the airy region stream so bright that birds would sing and think it were not night.” Marinette stood frozen in amazement as Chat stepped towards her. She was captivated and she wouldn’t even bother lying. It was impressive. Not only the fact that her dear partner knew the whole damn monolog of Romeo, but also the way he recited it. It truly made her feel like she was watching one of the most skilled actors putting on a show just for her.

“See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand.” Marinette looked up in surprise as Chat leaned towards her, his next words being whispered. “ That I might touch that cheek.”  one gloved finger caressed her cheek gently.

“Oh, my.” Marinette wasn’t even sure if it was her gasping that out loud. Chat got awfully close, but she didn’t mind it, not quite. Marinette realized, she didn’t quite appreciate how nice Chat’s eyes were, even with the cat-like look, they were complementing beautifully his blond hair. She leaned in without really realizing. Not until she captured his lips.

Chat melted against her. It was so much better than that kiss on Valentine’s Day. It was no rush to break a curse or run to detransform. And she could appreciate so much better the softness of his lips and the faint taste of mint. Chat wrapped one arm around her waist bringing her closer. Marinette sighed against his lips. She felt warm and it was such a simply pleasant sensation, their lips against each other.

Marinette let out a grunt of annoyance once they broke apart. It took them a couple of seconds to stare at each other before they jumped away. It finally seemed to drown on them what they had done.

“I um…er….”

“I got a little… um.”

“And you were…”

“And you just…’

They both rubbed their necks awkwardly, while glancing at each other. Marinette decided she won’t let the awkwardness ruin this night which just took a wonderful turn.

“Do you… do you want to stay for milk and cookies?” she glanced at Chat, waiting for his response.

He smiled shyly, a little blush appearing on his cheeks. “I’d love to.”


The result of some boredom, plotting, and having handsome friends that happen to ressemble some of your favourite characters from Silmarililon. Thanks to my dear friends for allowing me this excentricity and cosplaying for me. I love you, guys ;_P

Mairon: Josep M. Tortajada Blay
Melkor: Sixto Santa María

Photos, stylism and machinations:

Based in the characters designed by the divine Phobs, @melkorwashere

Kuroshitsuji Harry Potter AU
  • Ciel: The boy who lived. After his parents died in a fire the most evil dark wizard in the world found Ciel and tried to consume his soul. Due to his late mother's love that also rescued him from the flames the dark lord couldn't touch Ciel tho. Yet the enounter has left the boy with a purple pentagram mark in his right eye. Slytherin.
  • Sebastian: The most evil wizard in the history of magic. 3 years ago he had tried to consume the soul of a scared innocent child, unexpected circumstances caused him to lose his physical form temporarily. Now he is back for revenge, and of course the young boy's soul.
  • Undertaker: He is the headmaster of Hogwarts and the most powerful wizard to have ever lived. He can see right through Sebastian and is the only one he is scared of. For being so extraordinarily powerful he is quite the goofball and he has a myserious interest in Ciel, probably also because he had an unknown relationship with Ciel's ancestors.
  • Soma: Ciel's best friend. He is a good wizard but somehow he appears kind of incompetent? Ciel trusts him anyway because Soma has never failed him before. Hufflepuff.
  • Sieglinde: Ciel's other friend. She's very book smart and supports Ciel with data knowledge that anyone would consider completely unnecessary to know who's not in as much trouble as they always are. Ravenclaw.
  • Grey: That dumb nasty Slytherin kid who likes to cause Ciel trouble just for the fun of it. He's also (secretly) a coward who's afraid of the dark, ghosts, and snakes...which is the animal he carries on his emblem.
  • Phipps & Brown: Those two are constantly, or rather only, found around Grey. It seems they could be much better characters if they didn't support Grey's actions so much. On the other hand they're not even doing much. Maybe they just don't know how to hold him back either?
  • Finnian: A very strong wizard who everyone would favoribly strip of his wand if they could. He is very powerful but since he can't control himself he's like a walking death threat. His favorite subject is herbolgy, he sucks at it tho. He is liked by everybody, preferably from afar. Hufflepuff.
  • Meyrin: An extremely clumsy girl whose wand is at a great getting stolen risk for the same reason as Finny's. Sorting her was quite difficult since the girl herself is always all over the place but in the end she got happy in Griffindor.
  • Snake: He speaks parsel which unsettles many students, other than that he only speaks to translate them, he weirds most people out. He is very close to Finny and his pals but also gets along with Ciel in his own house. Slytherin.
  • Bardroy: Explosions. He does't seem to manage a single spell, similarily to Finny and Meyrin mentioned afore, but once it comes to brute force and the ultimate distuction he and his two buddies Finny and Meyring are the first to be called upon. Griffindor.
  • Elizabeth: Soma's "little sister" who's had a crush on Ciel practically since forever. Ciel does't trust her to be able to handle his fate though currently he is beginning to see she can, which is good since, honestly, she's so powerful, she could cast him to the moon easily. Maybe he's only been caring too much. Either way, don't underestimate this witch. She's also an excellent Quidditch player. Griffindor.
  • Edward: Elizabeth's real older brother. He is the best boy you could find in the school, sadly his skills are almost nonexistant compared to all those powerful witches and wizards around him. He's practicing a lot, but somehow he only ends up causing his teachers trouble by leaving them his messes to fix. Griffindor.
  • Cheslock: He's just weird enough to be Professor Sutcliff's favorite. Well, he could have been if he wasn't such a trouble maker causing Grell to lose more than half of her house points just because of him. Ravenclaw.
  • Frances: Head of Griffindor House, transfiguration professor, and deputy headmistress. She's strict but fair. Don't you dare be late for her classes tho, and don't wave around your wand too much! She's the winner type, she accepts nothing less than perfection. She secretly cares about each and every one of her students very deeply.
  • Will: Head of Slytherin house. He basically always looks as if he hates his job and everything else. He's not talking much and most of the younger students are scared by his face. He's the potions master and will not allow mistakes or misbehaviour from his students.
  • Grell: Head of Ravenclaw house and Charms master. Grell's excentric but accepting and her only complaint is that her house color is blue. That doesn't stop her from only wearing read tho. The nastier student's of the school like to make fun of Grell, Grell's responses do usually cause Frances having to intervene.
  • Agni: Head of Hufflepuff house and herbology professor. He cares very deeply for his students, maybe a little too much. He uses his herbology skills mostly to cook. The nastier students of Hogwarts like to make fun of him but he doesn't care, he' much too good natured.
  • Tanaka: Keeper of the keys and grounds of Hogwarts. He's basically just sitting arond drinking tea but for his lessons on magical beasts he can become quiet serious. Students who don't know how to behave learn.
Keith x Reader - Violet

*Soulmate!AU where you can’t see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until your eyes meet*

        "What the hell does purple look like?!“  Everyone looked up at you.  You were at your cousin’s wedding reception, and everyone was talking about what a pretty purple the bridesmaid’s dresses were.  You had thought that, for some reason, they were all in gray, which was really weird for a wedding, but your cousin always had been excentric.

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Prompt: Are they jealous?

1 # Tony Stark:

Originally posted by letsgetdowney

Tony is actually pretty possessive with you. Sure he’ll never admit it but there is sometimes where he couldn’t just hide it. Like this time where you’ve been in some kind of scientific convention with him and you were at the bar while he was talking with some others crazy scientist. Then here you were demanding another drink. When this random guy joined you.

‘’ What a sexy girl like you is doing in this boring convention?’’

You took a look at him for a second, yep, he was talking to you.

‘’ Sorry, do I know you?’’ you asked.

‘’ Justin Hammer, you probably saw me on tv more than once.’’ he said with a smile.

‘’ Actually no, I think I would have remembered such a smile. ‘’ That was not a compliment, truly not. But for some fucking reason the man thought it was.

‘’ Thank you, he said by become closer to you. What’s your name beautiful creature? ‘’

And with that he slowly put a lock of your hair behind your ear.

You took a step behind.

‘’ Sorry but I’m truly not interested. ‘’ you really tried to be polite, you didn’t like being too aggressive for almost nothing. But there was a little bit of disgust in your voice.

And this was the exact moment Tony’s hand touch your back.

‘’ Justin what a surprise, trying to stole what’s mine as usual. ‘’

He was really upset and this evening ended in an argument.

‘’ Seriously Tony can’t you just forget it?’’

‘’ Have you really enjoyed the flirt with this… fucking idiot?’’

‘’ Of course not! I told him I was not interested, Tony!’’

You decided to go to bed early because of that. And Tony had joined you in the middle of the night. He couldn’t sleep and woke you up.

‘’ Y/N, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean I can’t trust you… it’s just… ‘’ He tried to say.

‘’ But what? Seriously Tony I’m not the kind of girl who fuck every guy she met. I told him I wasn’t interested. Why you’ve become jealous?’’

‘’ I’m not jealous! I … I ..’’

‘’ Oh please!’’ You begun to lost patience. It wasn’t that hard to admit he was jealous and that’s all.

‘’ No, I’m not. It’s just… I don’t trust me, y/n. I’m just a mess. ‘’

That was all. And this one day you finally understood that Tony wasn’t possessive because he didn’t trusted you. He was some kind of jealous because he didn’t think he deserved you. Actually he always thought you deserved better than him and he was afraid of the day you will realise. But he never saw himself the way you saw him, and you knew you loved him with all his excentricities, all his fear and all his demons. You were meant for each other and you were absolutely sure of that.

Hey guys, sorry if I’ve made mistakes I’m French so… I think there will be some strange english in here. Sorry. Hope you enjoy it anyway.❤

I need to talk about Jumin 💜

This man right here is the most precious person in the entire universe! And I’m not exaggerating!!!
Do you want a loyal friend that cares about you and protects you? Jumin is the answer!
Since he was a kid all he did was take care of V, he has this rational way of thinking but he knows how to understand others needs and he’s always willing to help!
Do you want a boss who’s a leader and does his best to make everyone succeed? Jumin again! He’s kinda weird sometimes? Yes, but it’s not a bad thing, it’s good that he’s excentric, it’s fun, and he’s demanding of Jaehee because he trusts her and believes in her potential.
Do you want a lover who’ll care about you and give everything to make you happy? You can have him again! Of course this part needed some fixing but that’s because he had some bad experiences, but once we showed him the path he was the perfect boyfriend/husband 💜

Seeing him through V’s eyes just made me love him so much more! It’s because of him that V could put his prejudices aside and be with his mother, it’s because of him that V didn’t give up on his artistic dreams, he was so young and so sensitive to other people’s needs, he’s amazing 💜💜💜

Protect Jumin Han forever, he’s an angel 😇😇😇

Lgbt ?

M-am gandit mult daca merita sau nu sa scriu asta si sa imi dau cu parerea, avand in vedere ca de obicei nu fac lucruri de genul. Multa lume discuta despre ce a fost ieri in Cluj. Despre pride si despre contra manifestatie. Am fost la pride. Si o sa o spun clar si raspicat indiferent cine ma intreaba. Am vazut oameni frumosi si am inteles de ce Romania nu ii poate accepta. Pentru cei care nu stiu intalnirea comunitatii lgbt a avut loc intr-o zona ferita de ochii lumii, unde nu putea deranja pe nimeni. Au fost prezenti 800 de oameni si nu a fost nici un incident. Din contra, fiecare a ascultat sfaturile primite de la organizatori si a fost o plimbare tacuta cu persoane imbracate!! fara nimic excentric sau iesit din comun. Erau si familii cu copii si simpli sustinatori.
Ce mi se pare cel mai trist, in Romania secolului 21 este modul in care am fost ascunsi. La parasirea eventimentului toata lumea a fost rugata sa lase parcardele cu mesaje acolo, sa isi dea jos tricoul cu mesajul de sustinere si sa ascunda steagul raimbow. De ce? Pentru a fi in siguranta.
In acelasi timp, contra manifestatia a avut loc in centru orasul. In fata catedralei. Au fost 100 de persoane. De ce? Pentru ca familia traditionala. Pentru ca e normal sa vezi pe strada cupluri hetero care isi baga limba in gura. Pentru ca e normal sa vezi pe strada femei care primesc bani pentru sex atata timp cat o fac un barbat. Pentru ca e normal.
Am avut persoane care m-au intrebat cum o sa explic copiilor mei ca Ion se tine de mama cu Gheorghe. Sau ca Ana o saruta pe Maria. Am un raspun simplu: iubire. Esti liber sa iubesti. Pe cine vrei. Nimeni nu ma intreaba cum o sa explic ca femeia x cercesete cu copilul in brate. Sau ca barbatul y o injura pe x. Sau de ce mama isi pupa copilul pe gura. Si nimic din toate astea nu e normal.
Am fost intrebata pe strada de persoane necunoscute daca sunt lesbiana pentru ca tineam o alta fata de mana. Am fost privita ciudat din acelasi motiv. De ce? Pentru ca pentru restul sunt o fantezie. Sunt filmul porno cu alea doua care se ling in p*zda. Si cam atat. Nu am alte drepturi. Decat sa incit imaginatia barbatilor. Romania nu este pregatita sa inteleaga nimic din toatea astea. Si nici nu va fi vreodata avand in vedere ca aici credintele sunt mai presus de lege. Argumentele nu pot fi exprimate liber pentru ca nu are cine sa le asculte sau sa le inteleaga. Intr-o tara libera, ma simt mai inchisa ca niciodata.

45 de lectii de viață scrise de un om la 90 de ani

1. Viața nu este dreaptă, dar este totuși bună.

2. Când ai dubii, fă următorul pas mic.

3. Viața este prea scurtă ca să nu te bucuri de ea.

4. Nu jobul va avea grijă de tine când ești bolnav. Prietenii și familia vor avea.

5. Nu cumpăra lucruri de care nu ai nevoie.

6. Nu trebuie să câștigi toate disputele. Fii cinstit cu tine însuți.

7. Plângi împreună cu cineva. Ajută mai mult decât să plângi singur.

8. E OK să te superi pe Dumnezeu. Poate face față.

9. Economisește pentru lucruri importante.

10. Când este vorba de ciocolată, rezistența e futilă.

11. Împacă-te cu trecutul ca să nu-ți strice prezentul.

12. E OK să-ți lași copii să te vadă plângând.

13. Nu îți compara viața cu a altora. Nu ai cum să știi despre ce este călătoria lor.

14. Dacă o relație trebuie să fie secretă, nu ar trebui să fii în ea.

15. Totul se poate schimba într-o clipită. Dar stai liniștit, Dumnezeu nu clipește niciodată.

16. Respiră adânc. Îți calmează mintea.

17. Scapă de tot ce nu îți trebuie. Dezordinea te va trage în jos în multe feluri.

18. Orice nu te omoară chiar te face mai puternic.

19. Nu e niciodată prea târziu pentru a fi fericit. Dar depinde numai de tine și nu de altcineva.

20. Nu accepta refuzul atunci când urmărești ceva ce iubești.

21. Arde lumânările, folosește cearceafurile bune, poartă lenjeria de ocazie. Nu le mai păstra pentru ocazii speciale. Astăzi este o zi specială.

22. Pregătește-te cât poți de bine, apoi lasă-te dus de val.

23. Fii excentric acum. Nu aștepta bătrânețea pentru a purta mov.

24. Cel mai important organ sexual este creierul.

25. Nimeni în afară de tine nu este responsabil cu fericirea ta.

26. De fiecare dată când ești într-o situație care pare dezastruoasă întreabă-te: va conta asta peste cinci ani?

27. Alege întotdeauna Viața.

28. Iartă, dar nu uita.

29. Ce cred alții despre tine nu este treaba ta.

30. Timpul vindecă aproape orice. Dă timp Timpului.

31. Oricât de bună sau de rea este o situație, se va schimba.

32. Nu te lua prea în serios. Nimeni altcineva nu o face.

33. Crezi în miracole.

34. Dumnezeu te iubește pentru ceea ce e El, nu pentru ce ai făcut sau nu ai făcut tu.

35. Fii prezent și bucură-te de viață cât de mult poți acum.

36. A ajunge bătrân e mai bine decât alternativa – a muri tânăr.

37. Copiii tăi au o singură copilărie.

38. Tot ce contează la sfârșit este ceea ce ai iubit.

39. Ieși afară în fiecare zi. Miracolele te așteaptă pretutindeni.

40. Dacă ne-am pune toți problemele în saci și le-am vedea pe ale celorlalți, ne-am lua repede sacii noștri înapoi.

41. Invidia este pierdere de timp. Acceptă ceea ce ai deja, nu ceea ce crezi că ai nevoie.

42. Partea mai bună abia urmează să înceapă.

43. Indiferent cum te simți, ridică-te, aranjează-te și fii prezent.

44. Creează. Produ ceva.

45. Viața nu vine legată cu o fundă, dar e totuși un cadou.


Na estação de trem Gare d'Austerlitz, em Paris, Mr. Galliano apresenta sua coleção mais teatral para a Maison Dior. Inspirado nos indígenas da América do norte e nos colonizadores europeus, essa coleção está recheada de excentricidades e ousadias, marcas registradas de John Galliano! Em cima vestida de Pocahontas está Eugenia Silva; embaixo temos Silvia Van Der Clooster e a canadense Linda Evangelista e mais abaixo temos o levantar da poeira de Gretha Cavazzoni e no canto esquerdo o olhar sobranceiro de Caroline Eggert