All these pictures where taken in the subsecuent days after Hiroo Onoda was relieved from duty on March 1974.
Onoda presents himself in his carefully patched original Japanese uniform and handles  his sword, his functioning Arisaka Type 99 rifle, 500 rounds of ammunition and several hand grenades, as well as the dagger his mother had given him in 1944 to kill himself with if he was captured. (As you can see, he could have continue fighting for another 30 years if he wanted).
The thing that breaks my heart is seeing Mister Onoda in his proud and still defiant stance and comparing it with the imposture of the majority of people that appear with him in the pictures. The shocking encounter of the old values and the modern world, all that was lost after the end of 1945 incarnate in this fragile looking japanese old man who proudly still resist and believes in the old ways and traditions even if he is the only one left and encounters himself, alone, in a decadent and strange world that see him as a curiosity, an excentric.
That’s what I most admire about Hiroo Onoda, his passion expressed in his calm and quiet perseverance and loyalty.

 I guess this would have been done sooner or later XD 

Made myself into TF, I guess I would still be a artistic bot, working on designs for weapons or other stuff. TF version of me would probably be more talkative and excentric than I actually am.  

I imagine one of the weapons I’d have would be launching bombs full of ink, as a means to either blind or deter Decepticons. 

Also, I am willing to draw other TF ocs or more transformers art! Just wanted to tell that out.

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How would a Venus-Uranus aspect influence your style? I have my Venus squaring Uranus (which happens to be my dominant planet), and I'd like to understand how it's different in relation to other aspects. Thank you!

uranus makes your personal style more excentric, erratic, futuristic, unusual. It stands out and looks original compared to other personal styles. It’s on the cutting edge /avant garde and breaks the mold, and it shocks people.

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Far Harbor's Brain Dead : Rip-Off or Inspiration?

Some of you are probably familiar to the quest “Brain Dead” from “Far Harbor”, Fallout 4’s latest DLC. If not, be wary, [SPOILERS] ahoy!

A few weeks before Fallout 4’s release, Autumn Leaves, a Fallout : New Vegas Mod was published on the Nexus. It featured a colorful cast of excentric robots, in charge of a forgotten Vault where a strange murder happened. Sounds familiar ?

Maybe, to those who played Far Harbor’s “Brain Dead.”

It was only recently that a nice fellow nicknamed “endolex” brought to my attention that there was several similarities between the two. Since I didn’t play “Brain Dead” myself, I did a bit of research on Let’s Plays and Youtube. AND SOON :

Wow, there, people. I knew that Bethesda was keeping an eye out on mods and taking the best ideas to integrate them in their future installments (like they did for Wasteland Defense for Fallout 4), but this! 

Let’s take a look at it for ourselves.

The comparison :

First off, both quests begins with a discussion through an interphone with the caretaker of the Vault, a headwaiter robot with a rather distinguished persona. The big mandatory Vault Door opens, leaving the player up for the exploration of said vault.

Up till now, nothing unusual, as Vaults are popular locations in Fallout’s universe. Is all gud.


The main quest itself, which consists in investigating the murder by checking the crime scene, and speaking to every robot in the Vault :

The mysterious death of the prime financier of the Vault, who - in both cases - worked alongside Vault-Tec to build the special place. 

The importance of voice modulators in the plot, to distinguish the robots between themselves.

The sexytime moment.

And of course, the mandatory “Let’s discuss paintings with a robot.”

Then, there’s the Neural Interface Matrix in BD versus the Neuro Comp Matrix in AL, the presence (and relevance to the plot) of a robotic expert in the Vault, the feel of the central atrium, the quasi-exclusive robotic cast confronted to a murder, the misleading piece of evidence (Keith/Rolland), among others.

Now, now, truth be said, I honestly thought Bethesda’s staff played Autumn Leaves, had a blast with it (I hope) took some things out of it and made their own thing for Far Harbor. And I seriously think this is perfectly okay. After all, Autumn Leaves’ inspirations are countless (Asimov’s, Cluedo, Planescape : Torment, Arcanum, older Fallouts, etc.) and being influenced is a natural part of the writing process.

Why am I making a post of it? (With quite the big headline, at that.) Well, to raise some awareness of Autumn Leaves, really. Since I witnessed the interest that “Brain Dead” had raised from the players, I thought it would be cool to jump on the occasion to tell them that more of this kind of quests exists. (Though Autumn Leaves lasts around 6 hours vs 1 for BD.)

Since Autumn Leaves was out but a few weeks before Fallout 4, I always felt that people didn’t have the occasion to discover it by the time they jumped to F4. On another note, I also fear that people who played Brain Dead would stumble on Autumn Leaves and ignore it because “Oh, hey, it’s Brain Dead all over again!" 

So, if you liked Brain Dead, want to play a "Whodunit”, but with entirely different themes, different writing, different plot, different music (!) different voice acting (!!) don’t hesitate to download Autumn Leaves.

                             [LURID DOWNLOAD LINK]

Feel free to drop by Hypatia, Autumn Leaves’ Library. You will be welcomed with open arms.

NB : Screencaps from Far Harbor were taken from Father’s Youtube Channel.

You know what i want to see about Magnus in shadowhunters season 2 (besides his past of course)?

  • I want to see Magnus working for his clients and being all excentric and sometimes annoyed with some of them.
  • Magnus defending and helping the downworlders even more.
  • I want to hear him yelling “who dares to disturb the high warlock of Brooklyn” when someone comes to knock on his door.
  • I want to see him change peoples names because “he doesn’t care about remembering it”.
  • Magnus fighting with the bad guys and being all sarcastic, powerful and fabulous with his magic.

I just want to see Magnus in general because I miss him so much.

The Signs as Grandparents

Aries- “What do you mean I’m too old to go sky diving? I’m going sky diving and there’s NOTHING you can do about it!’

Taurus- "You haven’t eaten today? What? Well let me get you some cookies..and a sandwich.. Don’t touch that. That’s ANTIQUE. Hey let’s go to Costco!”

Gemini- “Want to go to the zoo? The museum? Aquarium? Want to go for ice-cream? You’ll never guess what your aunt said to me about your cousin…”

Cancer- “I’m so glad you all made it! I made cookies and brownies and I bought chocolate and I made you a new sweater! I love you!!!”

Leo- “Look at all the new stuff I bought you! I hope you like it, oh I know you’ll like it! How about I tell you about the time I won prom queen in ‘76..”

Virgo- “ Take your shoes off please. Don’t put your elbows on the table. How’s school going? Wait! Who didn’t wash their dishes!?”

Libra- “I got this new lotion.. Would you like some? Do you like my nails? And look at my new painting.. It’s nice, isn’t it? Did you need any advice sweety?”

Scorpio- “You know I love you very much… So much.. Did I ever tell you about when I was in the war? I don’t usually talk about it, but I think you’re ready for it.”

Sagittarius- “Look what I brought you from India!! Oh my goodness and look at this lovely necklace from Spain. You should come with me to my new yoga class, you’ll love it!”

Capricorn- “I wanted to talk to you about college. Do you know where you’re going yet? You know you could go anywhere in life, it just takes hard work. You should really start investing your money.. I’ll help you get started”

Aquarius- “You know back in the 60’s, I had just gotten busy streaking back then. I’m thinking of dying my hair blue, we should go together! How do you feel about "a tofu turkey” for Thanksgiving?“

Pisces- "It’s alright honey.. It’s okay to cry, don’t worry I’m right here. Let’s sing a song, they always make me feel better. Just let it alllll out and tell me everything that’s on your mind.”

First post, I hope everyone likes it (: 

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Today I provide for the connoisseur of bizarre, experimental and phantastic flicks a little list of some recent endevours of such kind of cinematics.

All those pieces I can recommend but because of the excentric nature of such kind of movies I still advocate a visit and check on Imdb or Rotten Tomatoes ;)

El barón contra los Demonios, director Ricardo Ribelles (2006)

Coraline, director Henry Selick (2009)

Hellmouth, director John Geddes (2014)

Lost River, director Ryan Gosling (2014)

Évolution, director Lucile Hadzihalilovic (2015)

Flowers, director Phil Stevens (2015)

Circle, director Aaron Hann, Mario Miscione (2015)

The Forbidden Room, director Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson (2015)

Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, director Darren Lynn Bousman (2016)

A little older but a real fun to watch: Salome’s Last Dance from 1988, director Ken Russell.

Katy Perry has her Venus making a conjunction to Uranus. This makes her aesthetic kooky, excentric, unusual, makes her enjoy freedom, shocking things and being different,  pop and electronic music, innovative art forms . On the other hand, her venus is in Sagittarius in the second house, this signifies having religious values, being drawn to foreign cultures and religions,colours, valuying honesty, loving material excess, risqué humour, religious devotion, and over the top fashion sense.