excelsior class


For First Contact, John Eaves used the 1994 Playmates USS Enterprise-B toy (no. 6172), the only refit-Excelsior-class model commercially available at the time, to construct the golden display models of the ships seen in the display case in the observation lounge of the USS Enterprise-E. He filled one of them up with solid resin, made castings from it for additional copies, and had them all gold-plated

Ships of the Federation

Science/Exploration Classes

Ambassador Class (Enterprise - C)

Constellation Class

Constitution Class (Enterprise)

Constitution Refit Class (Enterprise - A)

Excelsior Class (Enterprise - B)

Galaxy Class (Enterprise - D)

Intrepid Class (Voyager)

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Nova Class

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Sovereign Class (Enterprise - E)

NX Class (NX-01 Enterprise)

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Dauntless Class

Enterprise J Type (unknown class name)