Headcanon #Crow

So, you know, crows remember people’s faces right? And they’re also smart enough to do stuff like play or repay debts

And our ever vigilant boy wonder spots a crow in need one day. He does the thing, because Damian. Let’s say it’s a broken wing. Damian nurses it back to health, etc.

So. The crow comes back. With friends. And this is a thing, that just kind of builds up over time. Because sometimes the crows lead Damian to other crows in need of help. And next thing you know, Damian has a flock.

And they sort of follow him around, and perch on nearby trees. And like it’s very off putting sometimes. Because there are so many. He’ll be walking down the street and sometimes this cloud of birds just form around him.

Also, come winter time, when all the branches are bare, he ends up looking like… this.

(Batgirl #5)

Except with more crows, so like

Obviously I has excelletn photoshop skillzs

Maps thinks this is THE COOLEST THING. Colin confirms. #aesthetic Also, they figure hey, you kinda have a flock following you and junk. Why not use them? and Maps and Colin combine their EPIC POWERS OF FRIENDSHIP (millet maybe and some tasty seeds) and they manage to convince the crows to carry letters. and suddenly there’s a whole system

anyways, Dick named the very first one Russell Crowe and it only answers to that name, and Damian hasn’t forgiven him for it. He wanted a more regal name like cromwell, something proper (Dick: -snerk- Crowwell. Damian didn’t forgive him for that either)

tim made everyone swear to never let damian watch the omen because then he might get ideas. jason then faithfully swore to have a horror movie night with damian one of these days.