Motz this time.

This is sort of a companion piece to this one of Schubert. These two seem to have an interesting kind of inverse character development thing going on, where Mozart starts out in a very physical/profane kind of space and is slowly developing into someone with more spiritual contact (which is sort of the plot of his opera “The Magic Flute”), while Schubert started out in a sort of sacred/unearthly/’is this guy even real’ space and is slowly coming to terms with the physical/profane world. So these pictures are about the characters coming into full contact with this thing they’re struggling with.

(#probably way too deep for this anime, but fun so why not)

An interesting thing I discovered while researching Actual Mozart - he was a Freemason, and one of the early proponents of the Enlightenment. Party on, Wolfgang, and keep being excellent.

This image kept me awake all night yesterday, so here, have some nightmares sweet dreams too.

There’s an explanation for this, I swear.