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Tracy K. Smith named new U.S. poet laureate
The Pulitzer Prize winner hopes to rekindle “the pleasure of poetry” for all readers.
By https://www.facebook.com/roncharles

“Tracy K. Smith grew up in a house lined with books, an eclectic library that included dime-store mysteries, 19th-century novels, science fiction paperbacks, Shakespeare’s sonnets and Reader’s Digest Abridged Classics. It seemed vast to her as a child, but soon she’ll have full run of the world’s largest library: On Wednesday, Smith was named the new poet laureate of the United States.

Smith, 45, is the author of three widely praised collections, “The Body’s Question” (2003), “Duende” (2007) and “Life on Mars,” which won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. She is the first poet laureate appointed by Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, who succeeded James H. Billington last fall. The poet laureate position, which comes with an office in the library, a travel budget and a modest stipend, has few official duties and no political entanglements — no required sonnets on the occasion of Donald Trump’s birthday, etc. Smith, who plans to continue living in New Jersey, will be free to define her role however she’d like.

“It’s what every artist is hoping for: time and space and support for the freedom to create,” Smith said. “I get to immerse myself in the conversation that poetry generates.”

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Congratulations Tracy K. Smith!

The Body’s Question: PoemsDuende: PoemsLife on Mars: Poems 

Some Smithsonian National Zoo Zookeeper: hey guys, orangutans are primarily an arboreal species, we should give them a massive climbing trail throughout the zoo so they can climb like they would in the wild!
Smithsonian National Zoo Exec: excellent suggestion Zookeeper Smith the tourists will love it

*cut to a crowd of horrified tourists screaming in terror as the orangutans gleefully pee on the unsuspecting masses*

Smithsonian National Zoo Zookeeper: enrichment